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18-12-2006, 08:27

I started painting some Tau FWs a while ago and then lost interest but have now found it again and started the army again. I thought id post my progression here as a little motivator for me. The army is being painted at what i think is a decent tabletop standard, not trying to win a golden deamon or anything with them.

My first goal is to paint a 1000 points army so I can start to play it sometimes, more will be added when 1k is finnished. I have made a list and chosen the units primarily on what i want to paint instead of what would potentially be the "best" units for a 1K army.

burstcannon, cyclic ion blaster, shield generator 98 PTS

Troop 1
11 FW pulse rifle, 1 Sahs'ui marklight, bonding knife, HW target lock, HW blacksun filter 153 pts

Troop 2
11 FW pulserifle, 1 Shas'ui marklight, bonding knife, HW target lock, HW blacksun filter, HW drone controller, 1 gundrone 163 pts

6 pulse carbine, 2 railrifle, 1 devilfish disruption pod, decoy launchers, 2 x seeker missile 226 pts

Sniper drone team 80 pts

Railgun, smart missilesystem, disruption pod, decoy launchers, 2 x seeker missile 190pts

stealth suits 3 90 pts

Some pictures of my army so far. Not the best ones since i stink at taking pics, might have a buddy take better ones of the upcomming units.

the Shas'el

1st FW squad, almost done, the Shas'ui hasnt had its inc wash yet.

2nd FW squad, halfpainted.

The Devilfish for the pathfinders.

Hopefully ill get the 2nd FW squad finnished before christmas, or atleast before the year ends. After that ill have to buy some new models and I'm thinking of buying the pathfinders since their transport is allready painted.
C&C allways more then welcome.

Asi the Red
18-12-2006, 08:58
Hey ya'.

Commander looks nice, and the DFish looks really good.
More pics please!