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18-12-2006, 16:12
Heyoo everyone. Here's something I was wanting feedback on. It's an ork character ship. Currently, I'm working out points for it, but It's going to be a kill krooza with the ramming rules for the gouga class.

Instead of set special rules, I'm going to be all orky, and have random rules. These are obtained by rolling 2D6 and selecting two skills from a list.

Here's the rough outline:


Special rules:

Legendary commanders: Admeeral Kork and Kaptan Spork are legendary and have the respect of their regular crew. The ship automatically has leadership 9.

Ramming speed: Same as gouga.

Roll 2D6 and pick the results from the following list. Results are non cumulative and the second result, if the same as the first, should be rerolled.

1: KHAAAAAAAAARNE!: Kork has met one of the opposing commanders before and has grown a healthy resentment. Nominate one enemy capital ship. If the Entaprowz cripples or destroys this ship, it earns double VP. However, if the opposing ship cripples or destroys the Entaprowz, it also earns double VP. If the opposing ship has a mark of khorne or is a manned by white scar space marines, the VP earned are instead trebbled.

2: Needs of the WAAAAAAAAGH!: Kork or Spork have put themselves in harms way to increase the function of the vessel. Leadership is reduced by 2 for the entire battle, but in addition roll a further D6:

1-3: The ship may use 4D6 when on ALL AHEAD FULL
4-6: The ship has +2 shields

3: Enzin Wikki: Kork has forseen a potential hazard, and sent a rookie crew member to...neutralise it. All negative leadership modifiers that affect the ship PERMENANTLY are ignored. This includes any additional abilities rolled in this table.

4: But boss, I noz dis ship like der back on my *CLUNK*: Expert mekaniks means that problems can be fixed quicker. Each end phase, one critical hit result can be ignored without rolling a dice.

5: Cry havok, n let slip deh squigs ov WAAAAGH!: Special surgery has been done on some torpedoes. The ship counts as having torpedoes of strength D6 front arc, which may make one turn of 45 degrees bper ordnance phase. These function as ordinary torpedoes. However, when hitting a target they either:

Ships with shadowfield/holofields: Ignore the additional holofield save, just roll to hit
other ships: All misses reroll to hit once.

6: Entaprowz - A: It has been refitted, and all weapons add 15cm to their range.

I was going to have a table of 11 results and rolling 2D6 per skill, but I skimmed it down. If you want I'll post my additional ideas. What do you guys think?

Inquisitor Maul
18-12-2006, 21:14
This post made me spit tea all over my keyboard :D

You owe me a new one now :p

18-12-2006, 21:21
Just exceptional, if your opponents don't like those rules and accept them they should be ashamed. I too am owed one keyboard !

Chaos and Evil
18-12-2006, 22:08
Love it. :D

18-12-2006, 23:53
Very amusing indeed :D

19-12-2006, 00:05
I'm outraged there isn't a "Ya Canna' Break da laws of Physics" rule...

Or a "If I give 'er any more she'll blow up" rule for that matter

19-12-2006, 01:16
I'm outraged there isn't a "Ya Canna' Break da laws of Physics" rule...
Red wunz go fasta? :D

Zhai Morenn
20-12-2006, 05:37
Rofl, brilliant!

20-12-2006, 06:31
Yeah it'd be great to see the rest of the ideas you came up with

20-12-2006, 10:21
Ahaha ahahahaha you are now my favourite forumer.

21-12-2006, 22:30
Ok, I relented and decided to give you the rest of my ideas. If they suck, I want applauds for not including them, that's the deal, ok?

Ok...In no particular order.

1) Jenuziz device! - The enta-prowz has acquired an Eldar torpedo of somekind. Of course, it looks like its got the potential to make a rilly rilly big bang!

The ork player must nominate a turn before the game starts. On that Ork turn, before the movement phase, they may nominate one table edge. The edge will produce a shockwave as the jenuziz device explodes (obviously the affects if it went off in the gametable would mean everything would be blown away and turned into a tree or min planet or something). The affect of the shockwave is the same as a solar flare.

2) Enta-prowz - eN eX 1 - The entaprowz is just an ork commander pretending to be the famous commander Kork! It is replaced with a standard, non upgraded kill krooza, any skills rolled are lost.

3) Da trubble wi squiggles - The ship is overun with squigs. The leadership is reduced by 1, but every bording attack, successful or unsuccessful, automatically takes 1 leadership off the ship targeted as it's overrun with squiggles, and a subsequent 1 leadership every turn thereafter as the squiggles breed until it reaches ld6.

And I've forgotten the rest :(