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Red Skullz
18-12-2006, 21:32
Well I`ve been really fortuanate with my games right before christmas. One of them was against a Dark Angels force yesterday in a omega level CoD battle.

We played the cleanse scenario, and I took my trusty footslogging 67 model strong orky horde with me (750 pts battle).
He`s normally been a very shooty player, rarely moving his troops at all but not this battle. Testing his new assault squad with chaplain he took the offensive early on. That`s putting it mildly since he took out 3/4 of my army by turn 3...

So all I had left was my warboss and Órdboyz squad. His troops stood in prime position to hold 2 quarters and contest the one my Órdboyz where in. Now here`s where the good part comes into play. Instead of taking the quarters and claiming an easy win he decided against all reason to take on my Órdboyz thus loosing his strong advantage. My boyz performed incredibly well and managed to take him out (he had a lot of crappy terrain rolls)one unit at a time.

An incredibly lucky win for me, but as we both agreed a very-VERY entertaining battle for both parts (only my warboss and Órd boyz nob left).

And after all, that`s what`s it all about ain`t it :)

So anyone else got any good "spirit of gaming" stories? Positive ones, not stories where people just play for "teh win".


18-12-2006, 21:51

I agree 150% that that's what it is all about. I haven't played at a shop in over 5 years. Now that I have Thursdays and Fridays off here in Sacramento, I hope to see some of what you had......................:D

It takes two to have fun!!!


18-12-2006, 22:07
Your completely correct on that. Any game is about you having fun. If it involves others its about them having fun too. I like to be vocal, joke alot even try risky things a time or two. Make it memorable for both parties a completely one sided victory isn't any fun. Its not like your proving who the better man is. You want that go to a tournament and even then theres still a luck factor.

Just have good times with good people, laugh, enjoy and yeah even sometimes curse the gods of rolling dice.

Red Skullz
18-12-2006, 22:09
Hehe, so true :)

The best part was when my grot boss pole bannah wavva took the last wound from the chaplain in that battle. Who said it`s not worth using all of yer lads -lol-

We both laughed our asses off out of that one :D

18-12-2006, 22:11
Couldn't agree more, fun is definitly the name of the game. :D

18-12-2006, 22:19
Most fun I had with a unit..was a unit of space marine bikes..was wiped out by tau incoming fire till a man was left. He flammerd a squad of firewarriors hit 4 killed 2. Then charged them..he held the one squad in close combat the rest of the game.

The tau player even charged in another group of fire wariors to take him down. They just couldn't get over his toughness 5. We were both laughing our ass off by the end as we wiffed each other over and over. I won the game just barely..but still ranks as one of my most fun.