View Full Version : GDI in 40k?

19-12-2006, 10:13
Just been thinking about the GDI from Command and Conquer, Tiberian Sun, and was thinking what army could be used to represent them rules-wise. My inital thoughts were Tau, and these are the things I;ve thought up so far:

Infantry - fire warriors
Jump infantry- Vespids
Hover MLRS - Skyray
Titan - broadside or railhead
Wolverines - stealthsuits or crisis suits with burst cannons
Orca fighter - Piranha
Amphibious transport - Devilfish

I'm still wodnerign about the Disrupter tank and the HQ coices, since neither ethereals or commanders fit with the GDI thing., I was thinking maybe gyard as well because of the command sqaud thing, but the seem to fit not quite as well.

Does anyone else have any ideas? This is pure theory atm, and will probably never happen (given my conversion slkills :))


19-12-2006, 10:34
Don't mix up things that don't belong together. The C&C games are nice, the 40k universe is nice, indeed. Mixing two nice things together usually ends up in a mess. (as do computer game-based 40k armies. People tend to get distracted by the next successful computer game/movie/shiny object)

19-12-2006, 10:37
My friend's Tau has a lot of stealth units and has painted them black and red like NOD :D