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19-12-2006, 14:50
Hi everyone, I'm fairly new to the game of Warhammer Fantasy, and I would like to hear your opinion about my current Chaos undivided list. Feel free to add your comments!

working title: Chaos Undivided 2250 points ;)

Lord of chaos -334 pnts.
Hand weapon, Chaos armour, The black maul (60) Gaze of the gods (30), Magic shield (10) Barded chaos steed (+24)

Battle Standard Bearer -166 pnts
Hand weapon, Chaos armour, Mark of Khorne (35), Sword of striking (20) Barded chaos steed (+16)

Exalted Champion -154 pnts
Hand weapon, Chaos armour, Great weapon (+4), Crown of everlasting conquest (50) Rides in Chariot

Bray Shaman -131 pnts
Hand weapon, Bray Staff (+6), dispell scroll (25), dispell scroll (25)

16 Chaos Warriors -255 pnts
shields (16), F.C.

5 Chosen Knights of Khorne -270 pnts

5 Marauder Horsemen -105 pnts
Hand weapon, Flails (10), F.C.

Chariot of Chaos -120 pnts

5 Warhounds of Chaos -30 pnts

5 Warhounds of Chaos -30 pnts

Beastherd - 142 pnt
9 gors, 11 ungor, gors with double handweapons, F.C.

5 Centigors 130
F.C., Shields

3 Trolls -165 pnts

4 Screamers -132 pnts

Fiend of Slaanesh -75 pnts

2249 points
11 units, 3 p.d. 5 d.d

19-12-2006, 15:20
for mounted models Flail > Great Weapon or if you want to keep the strength bonus you might want to go with a halberd.

Where is your general going to go? It seems like he is going to be out there all alone and if that is the case he will be an easy target for most people to shoot at and there is always the chance he will loose combat to units with static combat res and flee into a spawn.

Looking at how you have this list set up you might just want to make it a Khorne list with some undivided modesl in. basicly replace the screamers with furries and MoK your general.

19-12-2006, 15:30
- I thought that the hero on the chariot would get Str 7, so thats why he has a GW.
- The general would go with the warriors, accompanied with some screens to prevent him from running out of the unit unwantedly.

I'd like to keep my list undivided, so making it Khorne is not an option :)

Thanks for your reply!