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20-12-2006, 14:13
Just wondering what the most "glorious" thing that has happened in everyone's games are? The heroic charges, or improbable defenses or one of a kind shots that change the course of a game, and look really cool doing so. I'm thinking the kind of thing that might go in a movie as THE scene that blows your mind.

My favorite right now has to be my Autarch-on-bike and Shining Spears popping out from hiding and charging a carnifex which had just popped out of a forest and was inches from ripping apart my firing line of S3 eldar who couldn't hurt it in CC. The lads leveled their lances, charged, brought it down, and managed to get a 6 on their massacre roll to pull back out of range of the rest of the nids left on the table. Changed the course of the game, as it let me crumple their right flank and create some nasty firetraps for the others.

I just picture the Autarch on his fluff descriptions, piling himself into combat at just the precise time to change the battle (though admittedly he didn't do a single wound, it was all the Exarch and squadmembers)

Holy Crap! Manticores!
20-12-2006, 14:40
My Tau vs Dark templars. I was getting my D'yi handed to me for 4 turns of DT shooting... then they moved in for the massacre.

Then something amazing happened. My commander held of a DT command squad, making armor and inv saves like a Tau possessed... a 6-strong squad (including a chaplain) got whittled down to a chaplain with 1 W in the last two turns. :chrome:

Even better was my other crisis team, who took out two transports with their fusion blasters, including an immolation result which injured the debarked squad, who I took out with my broadside team :skull:

I pulled out a solid draw that game, which was one of the few non-wins my opponent had in his six months at our shop.

20-12-2006, 14:47
Gotta be a classic from a big 'ol 12-player eye of terror game the local GW was running (titans and everything!).

The objective? Most killed enemy H.Q's wins.

First time I used my shiny new (and really badly composed) black templars army. By turn 3 pretty much all that was left of it was the emporer's champion. Which just *would not* die... I must have made over a dozen invulnerable saves over the next few turns as everything in range tried to smack him up. Last turn of the game had him on 1 wound remaining and in combat with a 2-wounds chaos lord. At this point both sides had killed an equal number of H.Q. units, so this was the deciding combat.

Both sides caused 2 wounds, chaos player failed 2 4+ invulnerable saves, I passed both of mine.

Imperial side won by 1 H.Q. unit :D

Strangely, he made up for it in later games by being notoriously unlucky to the point where I loathed him being mandtory.

20-12-2006, 14:53

One more I should point out, which happened against me, when I had my Tau, playing my buddies marines. I had him whittled down to a single terminator chaplain in a 1700 pt game, while still having a little over 1200 pts left myself. Massacre right? Wrong. He absorbed a full turn of tau shooting, then hit CC, this being on turn 4. By turn 8 (we were doing variable game length), he was the only unit on the board, and my opponant won the game with a minor victory, based on the points cost of the unwounded chaplain.

20-12-2006, 14:54
Space Marine Captain (with power sword and combat shield, Term. honours and bolt pistol) versus Broodlord. Anyone who knows the Broodlord knows he kills mediocre ICs. The Lord had the charge.

They duke it out for *three* turns, my Captain dealing a wound every turn, saving six or more 5+ Inv. saves, and finally dealing the Broodlord the final blow, himself having only suffered a single wound.:eek:

Partisan Rimmo
20-12-2006, 15:06
See that's what I love. Not ridiculous 'OMG look at my probability' stories, but just really heroic epicness. Love it.

20-12-2006, 15:11
I guess back in 2nd ed when my assassin dropped that polymorphine revealing himself from the ranks of guardians and went on to butcher 3 squads single handed as the terrain forced thm into the 2" follow up zone of the day. I can't imagine the mess underfoot after you were through gutting that many space pixies but he won me the game.

Shadow Lord
20-12-2006, 15:21
My Farseer being attacked be Space Wolves' Scouts who held his ground for three turns, took 3 inv saves at the charge and killed a single Scout each turn while fending off the other attackers. By turn 5, he gets some help from my left-over Dire Avengers who sweep the rest of the Scouts under the table.
Espescially the look on my opponent's face as he was held up by one single, not very hard, model was worth a million...

20-12-2006, 16:47
This last week I was fighting a World eaters army. Around turn 4 there was a Bloodthirster that was going to attack any of a few squishy units. All of my tanks and suits were off flanking so they didn't have LoS. (City Fight game)
I had but one option, move my devilfish into range and drop out 10 rapid firing firewarriors. Anyways I rolled amazing and he rolled horribly and my 110 pt squad took out his Bloodthirster >.< Man I love Str 5 infantry rifles.


20-12-2006, 16:53
My grots killed a wolf lord in HTH. Or the time they wiped out a guardian squad by shooting at them! Or the time they charged into HTH to bail my warboss out of a losing battle with a Blood Angel Death Company(the little buggers won!). My grots are consistently the hardest charging unit in my WAAAGH!

20-12-2006, 17:10
Well I have to say the time I clubbd a bloodthirster over the head with my fire warriors. Damn, I almost cried when I sent those poor bastards out there into the meatgrinder and then my opponent cried when my fire warriors smacked his "god of blood" in the face with the stocks of their pulse rifles. I still laugh whenever I see him.

The same fire warriors defeated a charging vulcha squad (str 4 on the charge storm boys), the orc player made his waagh! test hitting in I 4 and started gleefully counting his 32 dice (there were only 8 of them and Vulcha himself was dueling my general) and then he rolled 28 ones and twos! Do u know what the probabilty of that happening is?! Its like 1x10^-12! Its crazy! 4 fire warriors died but 4 orcs also had the smaketh laid down on them so I won the combat, they fled and I ran them down ^^. Ohh the victories....

And then this one time at Shas'ui camp!

Slaaneshi Slave
20-12-2006, 17:12
The two remaining Storm Troopers (armed with Hell Guns only!) left in my army taking a knee, aiming carefully, and opening up on an Avatar, knocking all four wounds off it.

20-12-2006, 21:32
I used to run a ulthwe strike force back in 3rd ed. I loadned it to a friedn to use aginast my bloodangels...

The gate was opened turn two as my blood angels closed in for teh kill with 8 strong Death company (with chaplain(, 8 strong tac squad, and 5 man Razorbakc mounted assault squad. I thought I would wiope out the 5 man seer council an d surriound teh gate so he cuoldn't get out.
Squad held the front of the gate (leaveing back open for units to exit) for the entire game and even kciked my bloodangles back. they only lost 3 models. I just coudn't believe it.

20-12-2006, 21:54
4th edition rules were just brand spanking new:
Rhino moves up, marines jump out, rapid fire (something that was new from 3rd to 4th if you recall) and gun down a tooled up healthy tyrant. There was much rejoicing :)

More recently a shaken falcon made a full unit of marines run off the table. Same battle my banshees get totally owned by bolter fire by me failing almost all saves I'm too make, including the exarch's (mixed armour rules). One sis remains. She then charges and kills a healthy chaplain :) That made the loss of points of the squad right back :D

Both not majorly special, but I laughed :)

20-12-2006, 21:58
That farseer one reminds me of when mine held a Dark Eldar lord in CC for 4 turns before he eventually killed himself with a drug overdose. The DE player was getting so frustrated he threw 3 drugs down and rolled 3 sixes. I can just picture him frantically defending himself in the middle of raging combat(i never caused any wounds), and the snide remarks flying back and forth.

20-12-2006, 22:09
A single Space Marine Scout Sergeant destroying an entire swarm of Gaunts singlehanded.

20-12-2006, 22:21
3rd ed: Eldar on Eldar. One of those random arrival random table edge tournament missions. My Farseer gets charged by enemy wraithlord in one turn and then by enemy avatar in the next. My opponent thought he'd polish off the seer on his way to the meaty guardian core of the army. The farseer ends up lasting 6 rounds (3 turns) of hth before finally failing a save and getting squished by the WL. In that time he killed the Avatar and put 1 wound on the WL. This bought the rest of the army time to arrive and get enough on the table to get a victory. The Farseer died a true hero.

(of course in the new edition of the Eldar codex the 1 wound the Avatar got through would have insta killed him)

Arch-Traitor Horus
21-12-2006, 05:56
My Tau vs Dark templars. I was getting my D'yi handed to me for 4 turns of DT shooting... then they moved in for the massacre.

is that the same guy who's made a codex for them n put it on limewire????

mine would be when my agitator killed a broodlord

either that or the time my dark eldar wych lord walked through the majority of a nids army

Goq Gar
21-12-2006, 06:01
The look on my opponents face when I told him:

"30 slugga boys x 4 attacks each = 120 attacks where your little terminators only get a 4+ save. So hows deathwing going for ya? :D"

21-12-2006, 06:07
A massive game in the store on the cityfight release, my boys in blue were taking on all comers, Orks, Eldar, the Imperials were under siege! Plenty of marines on the field, no sign of the cowardly guard, objective was to hold firm as many key buildings as possible.

Much bloodletting went on, and I can't remember most of it, but at the last turn (with each turn taking 2 hours) Imperials were holding 1 building while the Xenos were also holding another building. It came down to whether an Ork Boss in Mega armor leading a squad of boyz can reach my marines. (Who were holding one of the enemy key buildings)

Double 1 for his assault. Imperials won, 2 buildings to 1 :P

21-12-2006, 06:11
I had a great game once. my 1500 point list against like 200 guardsmen with meltaguns in the squads. To say the least there were enough models for the entire board to be a foot deep in blood when I was done with them. Yea, I had eldar that day too, so my new fire prism tactic worked really well until about turn two. Even painted the number 168 on the autarch's shoulder thingy for the number of models in this guy's army that got killed in a three hour game :D

21-12-2006, 06:22
Most heroic moment ? Was in a 3 thousand point game. 2 players per side. I had been forced to deploy very scarce on one side. My one opponent wanted to make me pay for it. He was running 2 full units of genestealers at my tac squad holding the far left flank. Was going to take me 2 turns to get more units there for back up..and for my cc dread to aid the unit. I was trying anyways.

The first round..I lost half the 10 man squad to rending out of hand. I take out about 3 of his genestealers. The next round, I think that squad is done but ! he rolls poorly for rending. Gets none that time however I have to save for 25 armor saves. Thinking the unit far gone I just go "ehhh they tried". I roll the 25 dice..not one failed save. They kill another couple genestealers.

That next round the other tac squad show up..the dread shows up. But the one very out numberd tac squad held them just long enough. Everyone in the squad died except for the sgt..he survived till the end of the battle. No one who came in took any damage or losses as he targeted just that one squad with all the attacks. Don't know how many armor saves they still made, but by the end of the game my friend was so furious at the luck he actually screamed.

Never have had such armor save luck before that or since that.

21-12-2006, 06:32
3rd Edition. Huge squad of Last Chancers versus my last Assault Marine in their premier game. Breakthrough. He's staring down into the teeth of their guns, their having just arrived from reserves, and all his brethren but himself laying fallen on the field behind.

Suddenly, with a mighty yell, he leaped forward, chainsword buzzing, to inflict but a single hit, luckily wounding the fearsome Colonel Schaefer. Laughing, Schaeffer prepared to strike back, but his aim was spoiled- wounded more seriously than he had though.

In shock, the Penal company broke, and Schaeffer fled after them, cursing, urging them to rally. The lone assault marine, not believing his good fortune, kicked the turbo-boosters on to pursue- and overran the Last Chancers, leaving only himself standing in possession of the field.

He was later promoted.

EDIT: When I said "all his brethen", I meant he was the last Marine left on the entire table.

bram kuijpers
21-12-2006, 06:33
my most glory moment gotta be the time my demolisher took out
2 sqauds of khorne bloodletters and a deamon prince in 4 turns
without geting support from anybody

21-12-2006, 06:37
Squad of 5 termies - I fire 2000 Points of Eldar Firepower into them for 4 Turns. They pass every save and I fail to wound most of them in the first place.

Not Heroic per se - but I had this image of them slowly trudging through a storm of Firepower trusting in the Emperor and their wargear. Awesome even though I got smacked around likea little girl.

21-12-2006, 07:52
In the decade or so ive been gaming there have been plenty of memorable victories but none more than mine and my friends 'Cuprium Wars' Campaign back in 2nd edition.

It was a 3000ish battle of an imperial alliance of OM/BA/DA vs a Chaos and Ork force, and the objective was a take and hold ammo dump. Simple enough, but overwatch made it a massacre.

The Orks moved forward and using the power of ghazkull as a front managed to take the ammo dump in their last turn with some mega armoured nobz.
We had the last turn and threw everything we had at these Ork nobz but they shrugged it all off. Then came he psychic phase, which was at the end of our very last turn. I measure a distance: OMG: my inquisitor (with vortex power) is 11" away. I just need a decent dice roll and we might win.
Ultimate Force
I roll a 12 on 2D6 and swallow up the mega armoured nobz. A close draw.

21-12-2006, 18:08
Playing a 3 player game... my friend and I each commanding half of a space wolves army, playing a breakout against my third friend's tau...

Things were looking grim.. all transports were gone, fast moving troops slaughtered, but we still had enough squads hoofin' it across the board to win - but only if they all made it out.

Thats when, on the FOURTH turn, after failing all previous reserve rolls, the wolf scouts finally found the enemy's deployment zone ... jumped in, and until the end of the game, managed to single-handedly wipe out every Tau unit on that side of the board, including an ethereal, which resulted almost every single unit in his army falling back (in several cases, right off the table).

All that was left to do was walk across the board and make our escape....

22-12-2006, 07:51
Back when i played tau, i always used kroot and they some dmg most of the time but they really became useful in one game.

I was playing a mates GKs and i was getting pwned left and right.
He Deepstrikes his GKTs infornt of my kroot and open up, i had abotu 10-14 and he brought it donw to about 6 or so (was a long time ago)
My turn: I charged in w/ my kroot and the dice gods gave me the power to kill 3 of the GKTs in combat w/ about 6-8 kroot!
i lost in the end, lol :P

22-12-2006, 08:07
I don't know if this counts as "Most Glorious," but it was certainly one of the most personally satisfying:

A guy came into the 'Shoppe looking for a game. I was there for some reason or other and had my Necron army with me. He was playing Tyranids. The guy was kind of icy and more than a little arrogant. When I told him I had my Necrons, he just sort of snorted and said "Cool. Let's do it."

He started talking trash in the deployment about all the ways that Tyranids were superior to Necrons, and how I was coming into the game severely handicapped against his force.

I don't think that I was using a Monolith at this point or not... somehow I don't think so, because people tend to talk a lot less trash about the Necrons when they spot a Monolith or two in your pre-deployed army.

I usually run with a 10-base squad of Scarabs as harassers and for BMF lockdown. At one point, he starts shooting at my Destroyers with a Carnifex that I think was using either a Venom Cannon or a Barbed Strangler... I can't remember which and I probably couldn't identify one or the other if they were in a lineup.

I shot the Scarabs with their Disruption Fields out into the Carnifex.

He didn't get another shot with it - nor was he able to bring it into any semblance of CC - for the rest of the game.

I used Destroyers to snipe down the overwhelming majority of his Synapse Creatures in the next shooting phase... and the game was, for all intents and purposes, over by Turn Three... with a bunch of Tyranids running around chasing butterflies, and an angry Carnifex CRAWLING with Scarabs.

There was a bit of a humbling for said Tyranid Guy that day.

Glorious? Sure. In a sense. The world needs a whole lot of not-so-arrogant 'Hammerheads.

22-12-2006, 08:57
I think my most glorious victories tend to come from my Dark Eldar Mandrake army - an army that by all accounts, should not win the number of games it actually does.

The last game I played with them was against another Dark Eldar army using webway portals. He got the first turn, moved forward, and shot up my meagre starting troops with splinter cannons. In my turn, I poured 18 mandrakes into the warrior squad protecting one WWP and the Decapitator jumped out to maul the haemonculus carrying the other, successfully wiping out both WWPs. And that was the first turn... :D

God I love my crappy little mandrakes. :rolleyes:

22-12-2006, 09:05
Charging my Necron warriors into a squad of Chaos Terminators and actually killing some of them. I found that pretty glorious.

22-12-2006, 09:36
Well, my most glorious victory was when my 3 remainig Firewarriors killed a "Temi-Chaos-Khorne-General" in a combat.

I found that pretty glorious.
THAT was glorious!! :D

22-12-2006, 09:46
Not one of the best moments i've had but i've mentioned them before, so,
In a 1000pts game against 'nids i was using my kroot 20 strong squad, infiltrated up the left hand side of the board and the nids got 1st turn moved his army with his genestealers failing to reach my kroot the kroot charged out of cover struck before the stealers and wiped out the whole squad and consolidated onto a zoanthrope, from there on they continued to butcher every nid they came across:D :skull:

22-12-2006, 09:46
Well, my most glorious victory was when my 3 remainig Firewarriors killed a "Temi-Chaos-Khorne-General" in a combat.

I found that pretty glorious.
THAT was glorious!! :D

Others: When a Hive Tyrant and a Carnifex weren't able to take only one W form a Bloodthirster (and they were killed by the Bt). But ONE Gaunt that has attacked the Bt succeed in this. (well, he was killed too, but that doesn't matter)

Shadow Lord
22-12-2006, 09:51
Single daemonette left on the table, all she could do was charge a Space Wolf Venerable Dreadnought. She charges, rolls 2 6's, rolls another 5 and 6 for armour penetration. I roll on the damage table a 1 and a 3. My opponent insists on me rerolling the 3, I oblige and promptly roll a 6!
His Dread explodes spectaculary and takes my lonely daemonette with him...as if I cared...damn, that was funny...still makes me smile...

22-12-2006, 10:06
Early on in my LatD Dark Mechanicus army, during Medusa V. My widdle Aspiring Champion with Bionics was cornered down an alley in a Cityfight game, by two 5-man squads of Tactical Marines. They rapid fire. I make half of my Saves, and then save the rest with Bionics. Next turn, my Traitor Guard catch up , and I wipe the squads out in shooting and cc.

22-12-2006, 11:38
My Warboss and his 5 Nobz took out 2 Predators, a Landraider and a Razorback and by the end of the battle were munching through a squad of scouts

22-12-2006, 12:11
Not my game, but a marine vindicator that had had both its weapons blown off which tank shocked a unit of stealth suits 4 times in a row. they failed all bar 1, and that one all that happened was a death or glorying fusion blaster suit being crushed.

Another time, while playing as Deamonhunters, one of my death cultists held up a 5 man termie squad for an entire game. sadly, she was finished off by the last one, but killed most of them. also in the same game, all of my Deamonhosts teleporting in the same turn, landing behind a guard firing line (it wasa Carnage game) and proceeding to rip apart his entire army apart from the tanks

22-12-2006, 13:22
At the moment, a 1500pts. Battlefleet Gothic game with my Chaos fleet against a friend's Eldars. The battle went as usual, I scored an escort or two down, while he just chewed my ships into space dust.
Finaly it was just one of my last cruisers hanging on. He had about 70% of his fleet still operational. Crippled and in Brace for Impact the cruiser still managed to take down 2 escorts, which pissed him off. He poured his entire firepower in one last strike to take down the ship. That was his mistake.
The ship's Warp core imploded, taking out a good deal of his ships. Next a lonely space hulk, of the cruiser's squadron, took a critical hit from the blast and its plasma reactor breached. Another explosion and more eldar craft going down. This time one of his cruisers finaly bit the dust and went and suffered a Warp core implosion, taking the rest of the Eldar fleet with it.
So all in all he had only his crippled command cruiser on the table and the hulk of my battleship.

We had to take a pic of it, here. (http://kotisivu.dnainternet.net/juuso007/Pics/end.jpg)
We ran out of blast markers so we had to use asteroids for them.

22-12-2006, 13:40
3rd Ed.

I was using the experimental Harli list. Lone harlequin assaults a full squad of fire warriors. Kills 2. Takes one wound, saves. The FW fall back, I sweep them...

Good times.

Once I was playing against my dad(tau) with orks. A squad of ard boyz assaults a lone kroot shaper. 1 wound on him(!!!) he passes, then makes 2 wounds. I fall back. He swept me...

Not glorious for me, but still glorious.

22-12-2006, 15:06
Has to be when playing against Khorne Chaos with my Eldar, big nasty Daemon Prince about to rip apart the squishy heart of my Army, the only thing not locked in assault that could damage it one farseer mind war. Which promptley killed it taking all four wounds off. Worth it just for the look on my opponent's face, he got so demolarised he conceded.

22-12-2006, 16:02
Best "epic fight" I've had in a long time.
My GUO summoned in and charged 8 khorne terminators. He held them up for 3 turns and when it was over, 1 Khornate Terminator walked away.

Now even though I lost eventually, he definitely got his 150 pts back and held up a horribly powerful cc squad most of the game, and when he was finished 1 puny dude walked out who got rapid fired by plasma the next turn.

22-12-2006, 16:13
Jeez, what's with the Khorne-bashing!?

As a rebuttle, my favorite moments are seeing the looks on my opponent's face when my 8-man sqaud of Berzerkers charges into battle with 33 attacks.

22-12-2006, 17:43
the most glorious moment in a game for me is not too glorious for me... playing first time with a stand-in witch hunter force (i only have the codex) against a really badly composed bunch of guardsmen.

i ran a tank heavy army (as much i could get out of 1000pts). and i had spoke about the advantages with having the ability to take witchever model from the squad i shot with the vindicare assassin, and he took the light-infantery doctrine and had only snipers in his army (no heavy weapons)... he was so scared that he placed his s.commander inside a building to act as a leadership-booster... that building where the building i had selected for orbital bombardement.....

unluckily, the opponent had to leave by turn 2. another guy that where watching offered to step in for him (it where not a shop, but home at my place). he was a fantasy player and had no games of 40k under his belt. i decided to go nice with him, and tried to teach him the difference between whfb and 40k, told him good moves to do and such...

in the last turns those damn snipers had eaten through all my sisters, and his stormtrooper squad had squished my stormtrooper squad, and the vindicare assassin didnt do a point damage, but catched it up with soaking up all fire until he died. the only thing i had left where my inquisitor lord in immolator, who had taken the whole left flank himself and a rhino and an exorcist.

in the last turn, the pie plate killed his command squad, which where inside the 12"line of the objective, the rhino tank shocked a storm trooper squad out of capture range, the immolator(HB) shot a squad to below 50% strength, making it unable to capture objective, and the exorcist made the engines go 200%(not litterary) and reached capture range.....

i lost with 5 victory points:cries:
it was a glorious game with a first-timer, and a glorious defeat, first time with that army. but i think im going to go back to my starter army: eldar, so i can tailor my army to squish guardsmen:evilgrin:

22-12-2006, 19:09
Oh, another one.

I rammed a predator with a buggy, blew it up, killing 4 marines.

22-12-2006, 20:24
My most glorious moment...

3rd edition and I just added an Avatar to my Ghost Warriors force. I told my opponent that he was probably going to die quickly since he seemed to suck pretty bad(The Avatar, not the opponent).

We deploy and I start my slow walk forward. The Avatar taking shot after shot from the Emperor's Children's weapons. Once the smoke cleared from the first turn of shooting, my Avatar was still standing with no wounds taken.

Second turn, more walking and again a ton of lucky inv saves on the Avatars part.

Turn three, the avatar was finally in range of the enemy and I had him charge the predator. He tore the tank in half which caused it to do the AoE explosion. of course since the Emperor's Children were coming to aid the vehicle, they were all nearby and caught in the blast. 8 dead Chaos marines, and the Avatar took 1 wound.

Turn 4 was when the rest of my force got a piece of the action and 18 wraithcannons opened up on the Children's 6 man termi squad.

In the end I lost 2 wraithgaurd, and her army was nothing but blood and ashes with not a man or vehicle standing. After that I try to fit an Avatar into any Force I can build.

22-12-2006, 21:23
Killing a dark eldar, sevral incubi and a warriour and then talking a good dozen armour saves. With a IG captain

22-12-2006, 21:56
Not one of my most glorious, but one of my favorite times was when my squad of Battle Sisters soaked up fire from 3 scout squads, a Land Raider Crusader, and a Land Speeder with an Assault Cannon and Heavy bolter. Only Anri (Veteren Superior) and Ash (Heavy Flamer Sister) were left. One of the scout squads charged in and dispatched Ash, though that only infuriated Anri. After seeing her fellow sisters fall in battle for the Emperor she was filled with such vigor that she killed the squad of scouts to a man in the 3 turns and inflicted enought casualties on the second squad that charged in afterwards to get them below half strength before Tahariel (Canoness Superior) came in and helped her finish them off on the last turn.

22-12-2006, 22:15
I don't know if it's glorious or not, but I remember what I think was my first 40k game (it was 2nd edition) against chaos. I remember the terminator captain hammering down a tooled up chaos lord, the drednought melting a building held by chaos space marine and the Predator accelerating to Outrageous speed and ending near the chaos sorcerer on disc and shooting... the autocannon? a lascannon? no, the blind grenade launchers! Models inside a blind grenade moved in a random direction. The sorcerer mamaged to get into open ground and line of sight of a devastator squad and a multimelta-armed dread...

Shield of Freedom
22-12-2006, 22:48
In a tourny I was using my Eldar (old codex) against a Space Marine player. I was sweeping his left flank with a full 10-man squad of Striking Scorpions, thier Wave serpent getting them there by sacrificing both of it's weapon systems to glancing hits.

Needing a desparate counter charge he moved his force commander back a bit to join his 6 veterans with a plethora of power weapons.

I was down to 5 total scorpions (exarch and 4 aspect warriors), and saw the counter attack comming, he a had a good chance of destroying my squad even though they occupied the building.

I don't know how the idea came into my head but somehow the idea of taking my unarmed Waveserpent and tank-shocking the Ld10 veterans suddenly became a good idea. His troops were only 5 inches away from his own table edge....so I went for it....

.... he failed his Ld 10 roll and we both watched in horror (even I felt bad) as his force commander and 6 other veteran space marines fell back 9 inches off the table.

I didn't have to fire a shot, the enemy never rolled a save, and none of his 7 models ever caused any casualties on me...but they were gone and awarding me full victory points. Had that counter attack worked, I would have been in trouble with no left flank of my own to secure my center attack...... Came in 2nd at that tourny...losing that game would have made me 4th.

Shield of Freedom
22-12-2006, 22:49
Killing a dark eldar, sevral incubi and a warriour and then talking a good dozen armour saves. With a IG captain

WOOT! Go Guard!

Karloth Valois
23-12-2006, 00:40
For me: probably blowing up a Leman Russ Exterminator from behind with a random rear armour shot from the rokkit launcher from a trukk that had just delivered a boyz squad into my enemies front lines :)

I dont think either of us saw it coming :)

23-12-2006, 00:46
Not really glorious but very, very not statistical. I have played 2 games today and in both:

- never scored a "hit" result on any on my ordnance 3 heavy supports.
- my heavy weapons hitted around 85% (4+).
- i passed around 85% armour saves in close combat (5+).
- destroyed only 2 vehicles after numerous shooting.

Iron Buddha
23-12-2006, 05:51
I once had a tournament game against sallies using my old ulthwe black guardian army, which had 3 bright lances in it (2 on BG squads and one on a wraithlord) the sallie player had 3 land raiders (one of which was a crusader with his command squad in it) i got the first turn, and each bright lance accounted for a landraider on that turn, i really kinda felt bad for the guy :(

23-12-2006, 07:56
I have a regular opponet who loves his mechanized gaurd (4 chimeras at least and everything has a minimum 4+ save.

glorious moment 1:

my blood angels are using there brand new lascannon razor back (painted earlier that week). Thing look preety grim as reserves come badly. teh razor back however killed a tank in each of it's 5 shots.

glorious defeat in style:

same opponet bu tI'm using my new eldar in a loot game. I ran two gaurdian squads which started on the table (his ENTIRE army came on from reserves in turn 2 except 2 squads) and performed admirably. He passed a grand total of 7 armor saves that game. and lost 33 troops. leaving only 10 left in 3 decimated squads.

HOWEVER... I couldn't kill ihs tanks. my warp spiders bagged one teh turn they got on teh board, bu then I went turns before I could I could do more than roll a 3 on teh glancing hit chart. when my wraithguard finally arrived they did dmage, but by then it was too late. I suffered a major defeat. and only kept it from being a massacre by keeping him off the objectives with a falcon that waited till turn 5 to arrive.

23-12-2006, 17:03
I was playing against my nids (old codex) that I had lent to a friend, with my IG. He took as many stealers has he could so his army was dangerously low in numbers. I managed to kill pretty much everything in his army except the pimped out flying Tyrant. The thing crashed into my line and proceded to kill most of the soldiers from one squad and miraculously, they didn't flee. I used that momentum to move my other squads as far away from the Tyrant as I could. Next turn, the Tyrant finnished off the brave Guardsmen but could connect with another squad. On my turn, the Tyrant got shot by everything I had left.

23-12-2006, 17:13
It would probably be an eldar game of me (USf) vs Drk Eldar. He whittled me down to one storm guardian squad and he just had his archaon left with one wound. I charge the Archaon. I hit and wound with 3 attacks. He precedes to roll three 1's. Then he jsut kinda sank to the floor
Ah good times

23-12-2006, 17:30
Sneaking my 'pathetic little scout cars,' (BT 10s) behind Daves 'invincible' Jagtigers and disabling all three of them with my ''little pop guns.''

Or routing an entire motorised infantry company ,with 'those stupid looking firework trucks'.(Katyushka battery.truck mounted 120cm rokkets.)

I love 'ego bashing' overconfidant opponents...

Oh 40k game,right sorry..

When my runtz ,didnt run away from the teleported assault terminators,but held them in place for a whole 2 turns,(dice gods were smiling on me that day).
Well of course the runtz died but they died 'heroicly' saving my other Orks units from a sever mauling.

Bring back the shock attack gun,it scares all opponents silly.LOL.

Vandur Last
23-12-2006, 20:58
OK this is a really old one. 2nd Edition. They Tyranid codex had just come out.

There was a special scenario in the Nid codex where all the Nids would respawn automatically after being killed. The winner was to be determined by whether or not the defender had any surviving units after 6 turns of being swarmed by Nids.

Most of my Eldar made a good account of themselves but predictably died pretty quickly once the Nids got in amongst them.
By the third turn my Wraithlords had all been pulled down. By the fourth turn everyone was dead except the Avatar and a tricked out Exodite Lord (Lord level melee character riding a cold-one).
Then the Lord went down after holding his own against Hormagaunts and Genestealers for some time.

But the Avatar simply would not die. I dont know what happened to the dice that day but he made a ridiculous amount of his invulnerable saves and won far more combats than he could ever have hoped to win. In those days youd roll dice and add your WS to see who hits who then do it again for the next enemy your model was in contact with with eath one after the first adding +1 for each guy who fought before him.

With the amount of genestealers in melee with the Avatar for 4 turns he should have been ripped to pieces. Instead he somehow took down innumerable Genestealers, a Hive Tyrant, a Lictor and wounded a Carnifex. If i recall correctly the very last dice roll of the game was the roll of a 3 (on a D3) to kill the Lictor.

very nice :)

Lord Zarkov
23-12-2006, 22:20
For me it is either the GSC Arch Magus being changed by Cassius then the next turn psychically making him butcher his command squad, and then being the only survivor of a lance strike that hit the bunker they were fighting in due to his refractor field. (which oddly enough has in every game i've used him has allways managed to save against ID hits, but never others)

Or when my cultists managed to single handedly take down a daemon prince that had charge into them in one round of combat

23-12-2006, 23:15
My biggest medal of honor currently is worn by one of my storm guardians.

He started out his turn being the last survivor of his squad, in an army that was getting badly mauled by the Necrons - even his farseer was running away with the last of my aspect warriors. I never was good at dealing with Monoliths.

But this storm guardian was still feeling pretty plucky.

-He passed his all-on-his-own check.
-He spotted a fresh 20-strong unit of Necron warriors that had just walked on from reserve, 17" away.
-Successfully fleeted into charge range.
-Managed to survive the first round of combat.
-Won the moral high ground.
-Watched as the Necrons failed their morale test.
-Watched the Necrons run straight off the edge they had just walked on from.
-And then watched the rest of the Necron army phase out as a result.

It was a good day. :D

I remember calculating the odds and being surprised that it really wasn't a very improbable result. But it still makes for good bragging rights with that necron player.

Gutlord Grom
24-12-2006, 00:55
My Veteran Assault Sergeant is the last man of his squad. He has power axe and storm shield (4+ save). Attacked by two Killer Kanz, two Burna Boyz squads, and a Grot mob. Holds them off for six turns of close combat, passing all his saves. Wone me that game.

Second most glorious moment was when weaponless Razorback, charges a Command Squad that had been single handedly shooting my army to death. Tank Shock, he fails his leadership trst, and runs away. Dice are rolled..... he runs off the board. I win because I have more units.

24-12-2006, 01:52
a veteran sister superior holding up the forgeworld blood thirster for 3 turns due to allways making her invunrable saves from sacred rites. and i got a faith point back when she was eventually cut down!

sacred rites? i mean acts of faith!

24-12-2006, 07:42
This one is more inglorious for my opponent....Charging Chaplain taken out by 2, 2 dark eldar warriors in a single round of combat

Holy Crap! Manticores!
24-12-2006, 08:42

One more I should point out, which happened against me, when I had my Tau, playing my buddies marines. I had him whittled down to a single terminator chaplain in a 1700 pt game, while still having a little over 1200 pts left myself. Massacre right? Wrong. He absorbed a full turn of tau shooting, then hit CC, this being on turn 4. By turn 8 (we were doing variable game length), he was the only unit on the board, and my opponant won the game with a minor victory, based on the points cost of the unwounded chaplain.
Terminators are no joke. Railguns make a nice choice for shooting them though. That game i had none, but I've added a broadside tema and a railhead tank. Combined with markerlights, they're pretty much capable of destroying anything without a 4+ or better inv save. I play a bit more aggressively than I should, so I get my heavy hitters up close and personal. When it works, it's a beautiful thing. When it doesn't...:cries:

god octo
24-12-2006, 10:56
I was playing my second ever 40k battle and it was a three way, 6 person game. My friend Sam and me were in the middle of the board, between Imperial guard and Ultramarines. We rolled badly and were going last! By the start of our turn, my exorcist had been shaken and stunned twice and Sams Command exorcist went Kaboom. I shot forward my sister squad in their rhino towards the ImpGU lines and got out. This was the forst time i had used heavy flamers. I rapid fired and killed 7 of the 10 squad members. :D .My seraphim charged the ultramarines dreadnought and blew him up good. Next turn, both squads were damaged rather badly. The sister squad was reduced to 2 models, but they leapt into combat with the squad, the vet carving through them with her eviscerator. That squad then went on to burn and hack his sniper squad to death and start towards his 3rd platoon. The seraphim, now at 3 models, blew up a predator and then started flaming random squads.

24-12-2006, 11:22
My dreadnought gets all the glory.

My opponent's wraithlord is taken down to one wound, then assaults my dreadnought. The battle that ensues has happened twice in the history of games we've played together.

The wraithlord punches the dreadnought, destroying it. The dreadnought explodes, taking the wraithlord down with him.

Even in death he still served.