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21-12-2006, 02:13
My Iron Warriors Fleet, though not actually using CSM rules, in this iteration at least.


Warmaster Kerberos Leadership +2, 2 re-rolls

Lord Laufeia Leadership +1, 1 re-roll

The Dark Disciple Leadership +1, 1 re-roll

Despoiler Class Battleship Shadow of Death

Repulsive Class Grand Cruiser Abhorrent

-Advanced Targeting Arrays

Styx Class Heavy Cruiser Undying

Devastation Class Cruiser Nokomis

Devastation Class Cruiser Rhiannon

Murder Class Cruiser Bane


Murder Class Cruiser Path of Pain


Carnage Class Cruiser Ravager

Carnage Class Cruiser Bloodshed

Slaughter Class Cruiser Vega

Infidel Class Destroyer Dissident
Infidel Class Destroyer Impious
Infidel Class Destroyer Transient
Infidel Class Destroyer Apostate
Infidel Class Destroyer Recreant
Infidel Class Destroyer Agitator

Idolater Class Frigate Evocater
Idolater Class Frigate Magus
Idolater Class Frigate Harbinger
Idolater Class Frigate Enigma
Idolater Class Frigate Sibyl
Idolater Class Frigate Modicum of Hate

Total 3000 Points {Exactly}

Pretty much the only fleet I'll ever face [at least for some time] is my own Imperial fleet of equal size, which includes 4 Nova Cannons. Granted they're less accurate now, but I was still traumatized by having to disengage my Despoiler on the second turn because my pal hatefully aimed all 4 at it. My plan for dealing with the novas was to make it look like I've given up on my beloved despoiler and spent the points on CSM upgrades and such, feigning that I think marks of nurgle and the like will bolster my ships and let them survive to range better, and then on 2nd turn plop down the Despoiler flanked by 2 Murders right behind his Nova Cannon wall.

Here's where the discussion comes in. Do you think it is a viable tactic? I know he's got two solid turns to get into position to counter the Daemonships [that make up nearly a third of my army], but if he does react to them, doesn't that mean it was a success? They're too close for him to turn Novas on, any elements of his fleet he turns in reaction are now vulnerable to the rest of my fleet, if he just ignores them they turn solid and go eat chunks of his fleet alive with impunity, and if he does turn the Novas [mostly Dominators] toward them, they've effectively been shut off as they're no longer targeting the rest of my fleet.


21-12-2006, 16:05
looks good although I dont know if you have enough escorts..id drop a cruiser from somewhere and take a few more.

02-02-2007, 17:22
(Bump as I've updated it a bit and incorporated a new strategy.)

02-02-2007, 21:56
3000p makes a big fleet, I raise my hat to you for naming all your ships. Might I ask what kind fleet was the Imperial player wielding? Other than those 4 Novas?

03-02-2007, 02:45
Nice list... seems to be low on Attack Craft for a 3000 pt fleet, but plenty of good firepower.

03-02-2007, 04:02
Though all of my Imperial ships and escorts are named as well, I'll just list the types for discussion's sake.

Solar Admiral with 4 Re-rolls

Emperor Class Battleship

Mars Class Battle Cruiser
Armageddon Class Battle Cruiser
Tyrant Class Cruiser [with ext. range and prow Nova]
Dictator Class Cruiser
Lunar Class Cruiser
Gothic Class Cruiser
2 Dominator Class Cruiser
2 Dauntless Class Light Cruisers [with torps but I counts-as lances sometimes]

3 Firestorm Class Frigates
3 Sword Class Frigates
6 Cobra Class Destroyer

Total: 3000 Points [exactly]

I tried to make the fleets fairly even, but the Imperials have won with both me and my pal at the reins, 1 game each so far.