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11-07-2005, 09:30
Brief Back Ground:
Nichola was the son of a Yeoman. Because of his father's faithful service, he was chosen since birth as the servent of the local lord's only son, who was born around the same time. Since he was young, Nichola was encouraged to follow his father's steps to become a Yeoman one day. With the help of his best friend, a fellow servent, he secretly learnt to ride and use a sword during the dead of the night.

One day, the son of the lord became a Knight Errant and was send to join the Errant war, decleared by another powerful duke to make a name for himself. Nichola and his best friend was send along as servents. During the journey, Nichola decided that he wanted something more then being just a Yeoman oneday. One night in the forest, while the Knight Errant slept, Nichola took the knight's sword and with one stroke he hack off the knight's head. The nosie woke his friend, Nichola tried to convince his best friend, but he will have none of it. A fight ensued and Nichola killed his best friend.

Taking the Knight's Armour and identity, he joined the Errantry war and made a name for himselve. However, the killing of his best friend hounted his dreams every night. Now, he laid down his lance and went on a quest. Not for the Grail or the Lady. But for the forgivness of his dear friend. He hoped that if he do enough good deeds, kill enough foul beasts that he best friend will one day forgive him.

Nichla Makivalin count as two hero choices and must be fielded as listed.


-Questing Vow
-Virtue of Empathy

-Quest for Redemption:
--Nichola can not have the blessing of the lady. In addition, any unit he joins loses their blessing of the lady.
--Nichola and any unit he joins becomes stubborn. Nothing can stop him from seeking redemption. If being killed in battle is what it takes for redemption then so be it. Being a brilliant speaker, he can convince any man to fight along side him.

-Barded Britonnian Horse
-Armour of Redemption: Crafted by a Dawrf who empathise with his tale to aid him in his search for forgivneess.
--1+ Armour save that can not be changed and a 6+ ward save.
-Cursed Sword: The sword that killed his best friend. It always bring back painful memories of that dreadful night in the forest when he uses it.
--+1 to Strength, Killing Blow, On every roll of 1 when wounding, nichola loses one attack the next round.
-Dog: His only friend, Dog, the dog.
--One model in base contact chosen by nichola suffers a Str 3 hit.

What do you think?
A stubbron Knight unit at Ld 9 too powerful?

Comment, suggestion, ideas?


11-07-2005, 09:36

Interesting, but he sounds like a complete psychopath. Not very 'Bretonnian'. Is he going to be turning to Chaos any time soon?

Hideous Loon
11-07-2005, 17:01
Agree. Taking it from a fluff perspective, a mere Peasant would never (and I mean never) do anything whatsoever to harm a Knight, since the Knights are like demigods to the stupid and downtrodden farmers. Also, how could a Peasant be an 'excellent speaker'? Or have Ld 9?

From a rules perspective, (and that is if you ignore the huge fluff gaps in it) I think he's a bit too 'non-Bretonnian' for my tastes. He's having both a +1 AS, a 6+ ward, Killing Blow, a Warrior Familiar (sorta) and far too high stats to be a Peasant, and all that at 250 pts! Remake, I tell thee!