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21-12-2006, 14:01
gonna have a tournament soon and I am planning to bring O&G.
I haven't played a 1000 pts game with the new O&G jet so I fought that I'll post my list here, give me tips and tricks:)

black orc big boss HA shield
the horn of ulrog

I just need a high leadership general + the horn is awsome and gives me some extra magic with my limitet hero choises.

orc shaman level 2
itty ring

my main magic source. I simple need some, mostly for fun and variation but it can do some dmg 2

27 orcs shield
mu banner

cheap sturdy block

2x25 night goblins ( coulnd't afford a mu)

even cheaper ranked up blocks, + there is alwais the threat of the fanatics.
not sure if it's worth to swap the shield for shortbows in 1 unit.

5 spider riders mu

5 wolf riders spear mu

some fast caf is alwais nice.

2 spear chukka's (no points for the bully's)

1 doom diver

simply need some shooting vs kngihts and other high armor saves.
and it's alwais nice when you can defend with a horde army.

goblin big boss BSB
in a chariot with the warbanner.

wanned to take a boar chariot for some punch, but than I saw that that would cast almsot the same as a goblin hero in a wolf chariot ( who has US5)
and becouse I had a hero choise left I took the goblin.
fought I might aswell give him the battlen standart then, and ofcourse a warbanner so he can really make a differance.

all suggestions are welcom

23-12-2006, 10:14
cmon guys, help me!

23-12-2006, 14:32
Alright, let's see. I'll just start making comments in no particular order.
It's not bad so don't worry too much.

You don't want your BSB on a chariot. If you want to keep the chariot, make the wizard a Goblin and put him on it. A benefit here is that he won't be subject to animosity. It is important to keep the BSB with your infantry to improve their morale.

I think you would do better if you changed a block of Night Goblins into Orc Boyz. Put your BSB here and the general in the other Orc Boyz regiment. That will give you a solid center. You have adequate support.

You want full command in your Orc units. The unit champion can protect your character from challenges.

To get points for these upgrades, you could drop the Warbanner and I guess the Doom Diver. Other viable possibilities for finding points are to drop the other Night Goblin unit, make your general an Orc Big Boss or drop some of the bound items.

23-12-2006, 14:42
im running a similar list, but i think specializes better than yours.

orc lvl 2 shaman itty ring
2 lvl 2 ng shamans

24 orcs, shields, fc
2 units of 25 ng, 2 fanatics, mu, standard
2 units of 5 wolfiders, spears, mu
3 spear cjukkas w/ bully