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21-12-2006, 14:40
The new empire book has the Arch Lector, for those of you who dont know hes more expensive then the general, adds 2 dispell dice, and gets cool neato praryers that he can cast 2 a turn.

He can also ride in a war alter, chariot with a 4+ wardsave for, that makes all friendly units within 12" immune to psycology, and gets a random free bound spell from the lore of light.

So with the empires lack of chariots, and dire need to not run away screaming. The war alter seams like a good thing.

Tatics I could come up with
Run the war alter between 2 big parent blocks of your army, IF it is blown up by cannon fire or whatnot the Arch lector just joins one of these units. If not destoyed he can support close combat & keep both units immune to psycology

-Support your low leadership battle line with 12" immune to psycology bubble
-Its a Charriot
-4+ Wardsave, for charriot & driver (this cost 45pts for holy relic)
-Free Lore of Light bound spell
-Draw fire away from your troops (getting more of them to hand to hand)
-Short of cannons, it will take lots of fire.

-Expensive (waralter is 100pts ontop of the AL already expensive cost)

Your thoughs &/Or tatics??

21-12-2006, 17:12
Hate to break it to you, but the Alter doesnt confer a 12" bubble of Immune to Psych. You are thinking of Volkmar the Grand Theogonist who confers his hatred to all units within 12".

Anyway, on to a brief tactica about this bad boy. . .

Either way it is a great unit. As has been said before its "only" 100 pts for a 5 wound chariot with T5 and a 4+ ward save. Thats incredibly cheap. The only drawback is that you have to put your general on it (unless its a 3k game).

Equipping the Arch Lector:

There are a few main ways I see to equip the Lector on a war alter; many are expensive though.

Heavy Armor, Enchanted Shield, Sword of Might (261 pts). This option gives you two S5 attacks and a 3+ save in combat (1+ against shooting). Of course the magic items could be dropped totally to save 27 pts but then you only get a 4+ save and S4 attacks, pretty sad for your general I think. Swap the Hvy armor and Eshield for Armor or Meteoric Iron for only 4 extra pts to get a better save in combat.

Dawn Armor, Shield, Sword of Might, VHS (308 pts). With a 3+ rerollable save in combat (1+ shooting) and the ability to swap stats in a challenge this guy is pretty survivable, especially since he can heal wounds up to two times (once with a prayer and once with the alter). Also consider adding the Jade Amulet to shrug off the first wound (cannonball anyone?) instead of the VHS or Dawn Armor for an extra 10/5 pts. I dont think its worth it, but it is fluffy.

Monster Killer:
Heavy Armor, Mace of Helstrum, Enchanted Shield (306 pts). Taking one S10 attack instead of 2 S4 is a great tradeoff, especially since he has hatred and the ability to reroll hits and wounds with the casting of a prayer. Against monsters d6 wounds is great especially when you have the impact hits at S5 going for your same target. For character killing consider swapping the Enchanted Shield for the VHS for a higher weapon skill and to lower your opponents stats, however most of the benefits are lost with the mace. I wouldnt do it as it costs and extra 18 pts (buy a mundane shield) and your save becomes a lousy 4+. The Speculum is there to make your enemies S6 with a GW instead of the chariot popping S7. Cool use of it and I would definatly consider doing that in a very S7 heavy environment (lots of lizzies, chaos, vampires). Against a tricked out lord with a 1+ save and 4+ ward you only have a 30% chance to wound him (that means only a 20% chance to kill with 3 wounds -- but most other combos cant kill a lord outright like that).

Character Killer:
Armor of Meteoric Iron, Sword of Might, VHS (295 pts) this gives you a solid offensive character with a 1+ save and stat swapping +1 S attacks for 'only' 295 pts. Will do about 1 wound to a 1+ save 4+ ward S5 T5 Atk 5 character per round. You also get steed attacks (shouldnt do much) and impacts hitting the regiment. The real benefit is that your enemy now has 2 chops hitting on 4s and wounding on 3s (assume S6 with GW) and must get past your 4+ armor and 4+ ward saves.

Armor of Meteoric Iron, Hammer of Judgement, VHS (305 pts). IMO this is the best offensive combo as swapping T gives your opponenet a 1/3 chance per hit of being wounded with no save (thank you T4 Speculum Swap and Hammer of Judgement). This really shines against hardcore chaos lords and vampires. Against unit champs you might as well take the sword of might because its cheaper (although the hammer is still better).

I have been using the cheap option to great effect lately. If I played games over 2,000 pts I would try out some other kits (VHS, AoMI, and Hammer is my second favorite), but simple and cheap means more bodies on the table.

Deployment Strategies:

Since the Alter is a large target you obviously want to try and protect it against armies that have a lot of S7 shooting. Shots at less that S7 are not that scary as the alter is T5 with 5 wound and a 4+ ward and the Lector has 3 T4 wounds with (hopefully) a 1+ armor save and 4+ ward. Even so, the prayers do not require line of sight and the only light spell to need LoS is the first magic missile. I like to hide him behind some terrain so its out of sight for the first turn or so. The I try and maneuver him around that piece of terrain so only half (or less) of enemy shooting can target him.

Placing him central is a good idea, since LD9 is really good. However, if you place greatswords on the flank and have the lector on the other flank, you should be able to give your LD to all units besides the swords. This places your alter in a great position (as with US6 you want to flank) and still confers your LD bubble to many weaker units.

Movement and Combat:

Like I said earlier, hide the bugger as much as you can against shooting in the first 1-2 turns. I am not saying to be overly cautious, as he can take a lot of punishment before he goes down. Play smart and only hide from real threats (two cannons on a hill) and go all out towards the smaller threats (bowmen, ha). Try and flank where you can, but unlike a griffon count you are unbreakable. If you need to charge into combat to be protected from shooting or to pin an enemy unit down then do it. Charge a scary unit (as long as they dont have S7) and watch them sit there. Then flank them next turn with some nilla knights or a parent unit.

You want to be in combat with the lector. Sitting around he doesnt do much. In combat you get 2 WS3 S3 and 2 WS4 S5 hatred attacks that probably reroll wounds (assuming sword of might or GW) plus d6 S5 impact hits. This is all after you cast soulfire to get d6 S4 no save hits and Cleansing Flare to get d6 S5 hits on every enemy within 12". Not bad if you ask me. So you kill 6-7 enemies, lose combat, stick around, flank, kill another 10, pursue. Dont forget that you can still charge 14". Hang back from your line and go barreling in on turn two or three.

Remember that you have to pursue because of hatred, so be careful of where that might take you. Also be aware that enemies will often flee from this awesome unit so keep in mind where the 7" move would place you.

Cons: This thing isnt perfect. You can still be popped by S7 and you are a large target. Your lector only has a base 2 attacks so the only way to beef him up is with expensive magic kits. I consider him a more survivable Griffon Count and I think he should be played like that. WarhammerEmpire.com has a really good griffon tactica that would help a lot in learning how to play the alter. Remember though, you dont cause terror like a griffon, which means you want to get into combat much quicker so you can actually do something.

Good luck with the Alter, its by far my new favorite unit for not only fluff reasons but gameplay reasons. Plus the conversion opportunities are amazing.

21-12-2006, 18:34
To what degree is the altar a chariot? Is it only by way of impact hits and auto-destructability? As you might want to avoid hard-carging into units containing nasty characters. A challenge (which you couldn't refuse) would mean the Arch-Lector would have to step down from the chariot, and (I assume) lose his ward save. Hatred is nice but even heavily tooled out, most empire characters are no match for some of the terrifying Orc/Vampire/You-Name-It characters you'll often face.

21-12-2006, 19:37
To what degree is the altar a chariot? Is it only by way of impact hits and auto-destructability? As you might want to avoid hard-carging into units containing nasty characters. A challenge (which you couldn't refuse) would mean the Arch-Lector would have to step down from the chariot, and (I assume) lose his ward save. Hatred is nice but even heavily tooled out, most empire characters are no match for some of the terrifying Orc/Vampire/You-Name-It characters you'll often face.

ummm Models in Chariots no longer get off of them durring challenges. And there are many ways you can make the Archlector a force to be reckoned with in HtH. Also against many of the power armies out there the free bound spell with go a long way in hurting them (Daemons, VC, and TK).

21-12-2006, 21:22
Having played against Tate's new empire list with the War Alter, I would say its a must. I would also say there is no set tactic to using it as you have to make sure you hide it against shooty armies or use it as a center to your line against horde-ish armies that lack shooting. You don't need to worry about magic because it has magic resistance. I think one key tactice would just be getting it into combat constantly. Then its hard to shoot at. For every one game you lose it, there will be like 20 games you won because its an amazing unit. Unbreakable chariots are awesome.

BTW-if the arch lecher dies, it continues to move around as normal and only loses its bound light magic spell.

22-12-2006, 13:03
thanks for the replies, your right tate, i was thinkin about the other war alter. Anyhoot theres some good thoughs up there, i am thinkin about the "cheap kit" you described as i really dont wanna invest 300 some points in my Lord at this points (ive never been one for expensive lord choices in the empire).

kilinktastic, where in the book does it say that if the AL dies, it continues to move about, i dont think it has a technical "crew"

excuse my ignorance, but being both new and an empire only player, the war alters means that i have to start looking at rules i never used before (ie chariots & charicters)

22-12-2006, 14:06
It has been discussed on warseer already and the people pointed out the various rules. The chariot may not contain any crew, but that doesn't mean that the horses can't pull it around. Chariot models are made up of a conglomrationg of things, and there are no rules for chariots being rendered useless if "crew" die because there technicially isn't any crew, just the model as a whole. I'm not gonna look up the specifics, but I believe you can find it on the forums as here, I read it a few days ago.

22-12-2006, 17:47
I want to post up another weapon combo for the alter lector:

Armor of Meteoric Iron, VHS, Hammer of Judgement - 305 pts

The ability to swap T with an opponent with the Speculum and give him only T4 is great when combined with the Hammer's special rule. Against S5 T5 enemies with 5 Attacks, 1+ save, 4+ ward you will do ~1.3 wounds with rerolls to hit with this setup. Its really the best I could come up with (as swapping the Hammer for the Sword of Might nets you ~1 wound with hatred and the Mace alone gives you a 30% chance to do 1-6 wounds.)

Again this is expensive, and should only really be used if you want to try and take out characters with it. And as always with the speculum, the bigger they are the harder they fall. . .

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