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11-07-2005, 16:35
I'm working on a fantasy list, the basis of which I'm happy with. Its not intended to be an uber-killy, tournament winner but rather a fun, balanced army. I'm trying to build it so that I can field a consistant core with interchangeable add-ons for variety.

Things I like include Marauders, Beastmen, Fast Cavalry, maintaining the Slaaneshi theme

Things I'm not too keen on include uber elites, point sinks (I start to get twitchy at the 200 point mark) and the ridiculous (i.e. Hellcannon)

The core looks like this:

2 x Chaos Sorceror, Level 2, MoS, Dispel Scroll

20 Marauders, Full Command, Flails, LA

20 Marauders, Full Command, LA + Shield

2 x 5 Marauder Horsemen, Flails, Throwing Axes, Musician

2 x Beastherds; 10 Gors (2 HW) , 10 Ungors (Spears), Musician + Foe-Render

That gives me a core force of 92 models for 1132 pts

Things I'd like to add:

2 daemon units (either units of 6 mounted daemonettes or 10 furies)
A decent general of somekind
A beastman character
A sexy centre piece for the army

To that effect some of the ideas I've had include:

Mounting the general in a chariot
Pairing the daemon units (two units of either furies or mounted daemonettes)
A Wargor battle standard bearer
A Brayshaman with the Goretooth
Another main unit of Marauders (i.e. 20 + full command)
Smaller flanking units of marauders operating a bit like Empire detachments
A small unit of chaos warriors (lets face it, you don't get many to the pound/point)

I think that's it for now - happy to answer any questions and thanks in advance for your input.


Runt Nosher
11-07-2005, 22:03
Ok at 1132 you have plenty of room to add to an already very nice looking force I must say! I would personally drop the Throwing axes, they are pretty much a points sink, 20 points for maybe a kill or two before they start Baiting and Fleeing or flank charging with S5 attacks? I would consider adding a Champion to the horsemen units over the axes but I think flails and a mus at 81 points you're saving 40 points and not missing out on anything... I would also just take two units of HW/Shield/LA marauders, the flails won't do too much and they will die too quickly. Other than that I'd leave the core as it is.

Can HoC take Mounted Daemonettes? If so I would take a unit of 5 or 6, they are incredible. They are also far killier than furies, fast cavalry makes them close to the same maneuverability and the models are ace comparitively. Consider taking one of each tho because they can fulfil different roles, the furies go for warmachines and the daemonettes go for flanks. I would also only take about 6 furies, 10 you probably won't get into base contact against most foes and they don't get any ranks or flanks so ....YEAH! that's it for the daemons I suppose.

I wouldn't take a lord lvl character personally, I would probably get a Brayshaman w/ Mark of Slaanesh, Staff of Darkoth and something else, this will make your beasts more effective and bolster your magic to the magic 8pd which is needed for magic to really have an effect. Lastly I would consider taking a unit of Ironguts as a rare choice, just convert them up to look like chaos ogres, but the extra strength attacks and decent move would make them a welcome addition to any chaos army I had. With the impact hits IMO it makes them better than Minotaurs, and they do come with a 5+ armour save... This could maybe even make it into the 'centerpiece' category, or at least a decent part of a centerpiece. I would also take a chariot or 3 on top of all that and you will have a totally solid infantry based list, you could come up with some pretty wicked formations with all of those foot sloggers. Also I'd think that 2 fiends of slaanesh working in tandem would be necessary in a list like this.

11-07-2005, 22:23
I will tend to echo much of what has been said before. The core is pretty good. Marauder horsemen with throwing axes are puke. But a quick fit with flails and a musician is a good idea.

Marauders with hw shield is the way to go for big ranks of 20+. but a nice unit of 10 with flails is a good idea.

Instead of taking chaos sorcerors, take beast shaman. They are less costly, and have much more variety to their skills. A nasty trick is to take a Slaanesh Mage lord or Great Brey Shaman and give him the sword that gives the character the battle stats of the greater demon of his type. You'll get a level 4 mage that can fight it out with the big boys.

A nice center piece would be a giant. It is stubborn on 10's, 6 wounds, and a little unpredictable in combat. It is a target for cannons I know, but for 205 pts he can take out ranks and usually take 2 cannon ball hits. Excellent on the flanks.

If you want to consider a beast lord of slaanesh then you will get the opportunity to ambush. This is a good tactic against shooty armies that will tend to shoot up your more elite troops.

Personally, I like an exlated hero as my general. Much less points and only a minor decrease in stats. The blade of blood or slaughterers blade for sure on this guy as you will want to keep him around.

Moreover, tuskagor chariots are a better deal that mortal chariots for sure. You can't put a hero in them (only the general) but they are much more worth their points.

Lastly, I would consider a wargor BSB with banner of the gods. I know it is 2K but it can hold a line. Giving your uber killy troops time to whittle down your opponent.

Good Hunting.

11-07-2005, 22:49
I would change the beast herds from 10/10 to 7 gors/9 ungors because not all the 10 gors will ever be able to fight, they will just sit there in the 2nd rank taking attacks away from the ungors with their poking spears.

12-07-2005, 08:37
Hhhmmmm! Nice balanced force will look nice. I know you said its for fun but it won't stand up to the punch. Your core units are very week and the tactics involving them are so simple. These added together means certain fruitless death for them. Invest in two hard hitting units not ones tooled to the teeth but ones that can pack a punch and combined with the herd and steeds of slaanesh with flanks and rears will brek units quickly.
Also invest in a slaaneshi character on steed of slaanesh, theres nothing better than a guy with 4 attacks with a great weapon that moves 20" :D