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23-12-2006, 02:43
Mutiple Runes in the Standard section have a mutiples of the rune have no futher effect limitation. Does this apply to any one standard of to the unit.
I.E. can a BSB with Rof Battle and a normal standard with Rof Battle add +2 to CR plus +2 for the runes? I have been playing this way as it seems that mutiples only apply to each item. Is it the case than that a BSB and a standard, both having Rof Stoicism, would be able to double up on it. Would a unit of 25 models have a unit strength of, 50, 75 or 100? Out number me now skeletons:evilgrin:

23-12-2006, 09:42

We already had that discussion a few times. As I see it:

A RoB may be on any standard, and every rune gives +1 CR to the CR Score, so the BSB and the unit standard both give a +1 for an added +2.

The RoStoicism is also applied twice from two standards, but will simply double the US, not quadruple it, as the rune tells us to double something - namely the US of the unit The US doesn't change for the second banner, it still is its original value.


23-12-2006, 13:19
The whole "multiple runes have no further effect" is just there to stop people putting loads of the same rune on the banner to stack up the CR. It only means that multiple runes of the same type on the same banner have no further effect.