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23-12-2006, 12:50
wich trait do you think is the best for an assault army, Take the Fight to them, or Trust your battle Brother?


23-12-2006, 13:11
as any assault army must be transpoted, TYBB is the ideal choice (rapid fire when you hop out of a rhino). Unles you take see but don't be seen (which you should), in which case CC weapons are recomended
so my answer is: both ;)

23-12-2006, 14:03
Trust your Battle Brother (TYBB) is best for a short-ranged shooty army. Drive up in a Rhino (or Drop in a Pod), disembark, and rapid-fire. You then have 2 attacks in close combat for any counter-charge. The down-side is that if you assault in the next turn, you don't get a charge bonus.

Take the Fight To Them (TTFTT) is better for an assault army. Drive up in the Rhino, pop smoke, next turn jump out, advance, single-tap pistol, assault. Single-tap plus 3 CC attacks can be potent. The downside is that if they pop the Rhino, you will be entangled.

Anything that give Furious Charge is great for an assaulty army.

Cleanse and Purify is also great for an assault army as you can fire 2 assault weapons and then assault. Same downside as TTFTT.

23-12-2006, 16:03
I give my Marines TYBB for fluff reasons, and I've found TG/CA to be perfect CC skills, as you can Rapid Fire and then get charged with two attacks per Marine. However this is not really an assault tactic, it's a counter-attck one.

As for TTFTT, it's good but you need to tailor your Squad entirely for CC, that means a flamer/meltagun, tooled up Vet and preferably an accompanying IC.

TYBB has the advantage of thinning the numbers of the enemy with firepower, but TTFTT grants more attacks on the charge. Both are best combined with Transports/Infiltrate, though TTFTT needs them more that TYBB. I myself don't see Tactical Squads as specialist assault troops, therefore, TTFTT alone is not enough in my eyes (of course it can be combined with FC with the trait No mercy, no respite).

It's your choice, both are viable.

23-12-2006, 16:47
Well, Be Swift As The Wind would be great - who doesn't want a 24" movement..? :D

Umm...Out of the two, I think ATM I would use TTFTT. It's more assaulty while TYBB is more defensive...Why not try something that gives you loads of Assault Marines or Infiltration?

IMHO, I don't think assaulty Marines would work...Even with transports, you have to have a turn in the open, either in your tank or disembarked...

Then again, TYBB would be handy for a close-ranged force, jumping out and shooting and then letting your enemy assault, and to their horror finding that you have 20 attacks back...Could be good! :p

Out of the two? Pass. Choose the one you like the best.

Post 100! Yay!!!

Lord Marshal Reinhard
23-12-2006, 19:46
For a purely assault army, TTFTT combined with NMNR. TYBB would rather be for a mid range shooting army.

10th clancannach rangers
23-12-2006, 20:16
I would take TTFTT as it doesn't cost 3 pts a model which is quite alot seeing that TTFTT is almost as good.