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24-12-2006, 11:41

I'm trying to sett up a 2000 army list for a small tournament we are having so here i go

Alter Highborn 287pts
Gw, La, Sh, Bow of Loren, Arcane Bodkins, Amarathine

Spellsinger 140pts
2x Scroll

Branchnymph 90pts
A Cluster of Radiants

10 GladeGuards 120pts
10 GladeGuards 120pts
8 Dryads,champ 108pts
8 Dryads, 96pts
8 Dryads, 96pts
5 GladeRiders, Musician, 129pts

5 Wild Riders, Full Command, War banner 191pts
5 Wild Riders, Full Command, 166pts
3 tree kin, 195pts
8 Wardancers, 144pts

5 WayWatchers, 120pts


Total 1992pts

The Army is mostly independent, one dryad unit guarding the GG and the rest of the army all over the place.

The opponents i know of that i can meet its Chaos(beast,nurgle) Chaos(beast,Khorne), Skaven, Empire(6th ed,), OaG, High elf's and at least 1 more opponent that i don't know what are playing.

We are doing 3 battles.

god octo
24-12-2006, 15:09
Alter Highborn 292pts
Gw, La, Sh, Bow of Loren, Arcane Brooch, Crystal Mere

This model doesnt need both the stone of the crystal mere and the amaranthine brooch. I would instead give him the amaranthine brooch and arcane bodkins.

Spellsinger 140pts
2x Scroll

A scroll caddy, ah......

Branchnymph 90pts
A Cluster of Radiants

A perfectly fine and cheap set up for a branchwraithe. If you need more dispell dice, make her level 1.

10 GladeGuards 120pts
10 GladeGuards 120pts
9 Dryads, Champ 120pts
8 Dryads, Champ 108pts
8 Dryads, Champ 108pts
5 GladeRiders, Musician, 129pts

These are all fine choices, but i would remove all the champs from the dryads- they are really a waste of points. That would save you 36 points. Also, drop 1 dryad from the 9 strong squad.

10 Wild Riders, Full Command, War banner 321pts
3 tree kin, Champ, 215pts
6 Wardancers, 108pts

The unit sizes here are a bit odd. 10 wild riders is pointless, as they cannot get a rank bonus being fast cav, and the unit is unwieldy. I would sawp the unit for 2 units of 5, with a banner. Thses can be used as tactical missiles and will save you 25 points. If you get rid of the champ for the treekin, you save another 20. With the points from the dryads, get 2 extra wardancers. This unit is then viable as a combat unit.

5 WayWatchers, 120pts

As you have a free rare slot, why dont you get a Great Eagle?


Total 1991pts

I'm thinking of trading the GladeRiders for a Alter Noble, GW, La, Sh, Helm, HOaD 133pts

I wouldnt bother, as then you have quite a few points tied up in heros that are an easy target for your opponent.


27-12-2006, 20:25
Oki done some changes to the list (just edited the first post)
46 points left
Im wondering if im going whit a lighter lord :

Alter Higeborn:
GW,La,Sh,Helm,HoDA,Amaranthine brooch. 277pts

or just keep the one i got ???
This is the only way i see to get the needed points for the great eagle.

Or keep the bow lord and get the 2 extra wardancers.

Dont got the extra wardancers, so dont count on it but im going to try to get them befor the tournament.

Feal free to say som tactics that you know will work whit this army too
Any comments are more then welcome(more like needed).

28-12-2006, 13:29
1. Like the 25 +4 shots per shooting phase. This more or else determines your tactics.

2. Suggestions: a) Try to separate the carriers of Bow of Loren/Bodkins and HOD into 2 separate characters - e.g. Highborn (BOL, AB, GW, AB) and Noble(Alter, HOH, HOD). It will give you greater flexibility and keep you pts low. Each character will have specific functions.
b) 8 Wardancers will allow for 1 or 2 to be slain befor they engage in combat. 6 will work but you have the task of maintaining them at 6 before etheir 1st charge.
c) A treeman is far more effective than 3 Treekin, surprisingly!

Tactics: Deploy the Wardancers slightly behind your frontline. Use your Wild Riders to cover 1 flank. Combine the treeman/dryads in 1 wood. Treesing so that you can set up ambush zones. Use the Alter Noble/Highborn to distract Frenzied infantry and destroy warmachines. Move your glade guard every turn (even if it is simply angling the unit slightly), moving forward initially and then retreating out of charge range in later turns,

pinball wizard
28-12-2006, 13:40
i find that with the new edition you can pull a clever trick,

step 1: whilst deploying terrain, dut a big hill or a woodjust outside either deployment zone

step 2: choose your side, luckily because you've deployed a wood/hill on either side it dosent matter which side you have

step 3: put your free wood alongside the hill/wood so your make an alleyway

step 4:deploy all your shooting stuff at your end of the alley, use you other troops to cover the flanks and force them down the alley, use treesinging to use your wood ot slow them down , ideally put a treeman in the wood!

6 turns later your pretty much intact and you've munched your enemy

WARNING: dosent work very well on skirmish based armies like beastman

works for me so give it a go

hope this helps

pinball wizard

28-12-2006, 21:04
Drop the champs from the dryads and wildriders, except for the unit of dryads you put the branchwraith in.

Take 8 wardancers with full command. how do your two units of wildriders cost different points and have the same equip? You cannot have TWO warbanners. Give your alter Helm of the Hunt.

28-12-2006, 21:07
how do your two units of wildriders cost different points and have the same equip? You cannot have TWO warbanners.

Because he forgot to remove warbanner from one of them, its 25 point variance.

He doesn't, typo.

28-12-2006, 22:52
The last edit did not work i see,
New Edit now.

Its a army for a tournament so i dont get to deploy the terrain, but il try it in a nother game. Or ho knows maby one of the tables got this setup:p

where am i going to find the points for this new hero ??
The chepest i can get him is at 128 points