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Snow Viper
24-12-2006, 19:54
Dogs of War Army [2000]

Mercenary Captain, General, Barding, Lance,Heavy Armour,Shield,Warhorse; 74 Pts

5 Heavy Cavalry, Barding,Lance,Heavy Armour,Shield,FCG; 150 Pts

Hireling Wizard, Magic Level 1, 2x Dispel Scroll,Lore of Beasts; 110 Pts

23 Pikemen, Pike,Heavy Armour,FCG; 283 Pts

24 Pikemen, Pike,Heavy Armour,FCG; 294 Pts

Paymaster, Heavy Armour,Shield,Sword of Might,Talisman of Protection; 96 Pts

19 Paymaster's Bodyguard, Halberd,Heavy Armour,FCG,War Banner; 245 Pts

5 Light Cavalry, Spear,Normal Bow,Musician; 95 Pts

5 Light Cavalry, Spear,Normal Bow,Musician; 95 Pts

8 Duellists, Pistol; 72 Pts

8 Duellists, Pistol; 72 Pts

4 Ironguts, Great Weapon,Ogre Club,Heavy Armour; 192 Pts

Giant, 205 Pts

Casting Pool: 3
Dispel Pool: 3

Models in Army: 105
Total Army Cost: 1983

Comments are welcome. This is my first Dow roster.

25-12-2006, 17:24
If you really don't want to field and regiments of reknown, at least make sure you get the leadership to hold your troops ( You need that Merceneral General ^_^)

For a rock solid unit, field a unit of dwarves. They are extremely tough, and can hold their own without having the general around.