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24-12-2006, 20:59
What next for me?
i have recently been painting a couple of test pieces for my forthcoming DA army (as you can see i simply can't wait) i.e. i did a Rhino test piece which came out nicely IMO. and i have just painted my HQ (why, when there will be more models when teh DA come out?) well, because it's a chaplain, and one which ought not to have insignia on. so i did him and he has actually come ut as my finest work to date for pics hit my photobucket like then "warhammer 40k" it's there.

so, i'm a bit stuck, what to do for two/three months?
i have whittled it down to:

a Death korp thing, cool models but slightly monotonous and at the moment everyone is doing DK.

a Daemonhunter thing - cool inquisitor Torquemada and vehicles and stormtroopers (just awesome!) plus i can start to aquaint myself (further) with the SM range

A space marine chapter other than DA. but what chapter? i'm thinking Blood Ravens

so it's an opinion thing, what should i do, post your choice with some pros and cons, i would be eternally grateful, i am a typical half-arser but i think i might get somewhere if i choose between these three.
Thanks a lot, i really am grateful

24-12-2006, 21:03
I would go with the gaurd. That way, when you have finished, you can play against 2 opponants single handed by yourself using your own "allied" armies. It will also give you different play styles and allow you to cover one another's weaknesses.
Failing that, just have fun and do what you want rather then listen to our opinions as its YOUR fun that counts.
Good luck.

evil space marine
24-12-2006, 21:08
the guard are handy but there troops die quite fast

24-12-2006, 21:43
Another marine chapter. Everyone needs more marines.

24-12-2006, 22:14
I'd go with the Demon Hunters. Not only will you get more used to playing in a Marine Like style, once you make DA your main army, you can still use Inquisitors as allies. Unless the DA have some kinda anti Inquisitor ally rule.

In the long run I figure you end up buying less models with Demon Hunters...

24-12-2006, 22:47
Personally, i would go for the IG. I would suggest giving them carapace armour, which increases their survivability, and the rough riders are cheap.

However, if you are considering IG, i have heard that tallarn raiders can be good fun to play with.

As has been said previously, it is your army, your money and your fun, not ours, so at the end of the day, make your own decision.

My personal suggestion would be to write up an army list for each army, then decide which list is better.

25-12-2006, 00:56
DH are hard to play with, espically if you go pure but very rewarding. If you go Marines do anything but BR, unless your chapter killed the heretical captian gabrial...b*****d. but i didnt say that if you havent read thier book series :rolleyes:

Do some lesser known marines they are fun and different, or chaos :evilgrin:

25-12-2006, 01:16
Blood Ravens are weird...I never really liked them

25-12-2006, 01:23
Although I dislike the Death Korps Miniatures ( I'm different, that I see ), I have to recommend Guard. One of the most versatile armies in 40k, against most peoples thinking of pure static gunline or maxed tanks... and the best about guard is you can have them as allies for your demon hunters should you reconsider your solution.

I don't recommend marines. Its the most field army, and everyone is annoyed about that.

25-12-2006, 02:28
As I myself am obsessed with the DKoK line and am collecting a DK army, I'd say go with them, alot of people are doing DK, but not as many as are doing Marines or other armies. Another IG suggestion would be Elysians, interesting force, cool models.

25-12-2006, 04:54
Death Korps. Breathtaking models, and IG require a good deal of experience to play, making the experience of winning substantially more rewarding than a MEq force.