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Runt Nosher
11-07-2005, 19:51
Alright I need a lot of help because Conflict Vancouver is a month away and I'm recieving my Dark Elf army in the mail in a couple of days... I have a lot of models extra than what is in the list but I am trying to keep the force relatively small because of time constraints with building an army in a month :S... All criticism helps so please pick this to pieces. I was trying to build a small compact force that hits like a ton of bricks.

Mabus - Manticore, SdC, GW, Heartstone of Darkness, Blood Armour - 395 (H)
Sorceress - Darkstar Cloak, Dispel, Lvl 2 - 175
Sorceress - Seal of Ghrond, Dispel, Lvl 2 - 180

12 Spearmen - Mus - 101 (S)
12 Corsairs - R/M - 125 (C)
5 Dark Riders - Mus, RxB - 127 (D1)
5 Dark Riders - Mus, RxB - 127 (D2)
6 Shades - 84 (Sh)
2 Cold One Chariot - Spears - 194 (CC)
6 Cold One Knights - FC, Soul Shadows Standard - 269 (CK)
Warhydra - 220 (W)

I always try to get at least one decent piece of terrain off center in the middle for my shades to hide in. Not only that but one quick hop and my Highborn can be safely hidden behind a forest or rock and be ready to charge or go behind enemy lines in the next turn.
I was planning on using a refused flank deployment with the shades and the Dark Riders slowing down one half of the army using the terrain piece in the middle to bottleneck or split the opponents forces if it's a horde (or they are just bad generals). Put the Dark Riders fairly central so that they can redeploy to either flank in a defensive or offensive manner in the first turn my Riders are nowhere near where they deployed in most games. BnF is obviously the most common tactic in warhammer these days and with enough speed from all my units, combined with a few that can do dmge and a few that can die well, I shouldn't have too many problems choosing my fights. With my Cold One Knights' Soul Shadows Standard to set up combined charges between my Knights and Highborn on Manticore I should be able to pick his most powerful units apart a couple times a game!
I also try to play random infantry tactics with guys on foot, sometimes I'll screen everything with my Spearmen, sometimes I set my spearmen up 4x3 to pump combat res and allow a combined frontal charge with a chariot against certain units with wide frontage.... I figure that I could do fairly well at this tourney if I play sneaky like a Dark Elf :evilgrin: . The main thing I'm worried about right now is what to do with my Sorceress... they won't be in range very much to cast spells. If I drop one and change the other to a Lvl 1 scroll caddy that gives me 215 more points, I could maybe get another Hydra, or some more foot troops like Witch Elves, Execs or Black Guard! or like 2 more units of 12 Spears.... there are a few options...

11-07-2005, 20:15
The Hydra is a big points sink, personally I'd rather have another pair of chariots. Far scarier in my opinion. Your army now is very mobile with little for enemy infantry to really get their teeth into, at least unit you want them to. I'd recommend staying like that, and Dark Magic rocks.

Runt Nosher
11-07-2005, 23:22
If I drop the Hydra I could possibly get a small unit of BG... I really love those fricken models, I'm just not too sure how well they would do at the Conflict and I really want to start play testing my list so that I can tweak things up a bit.

12-07-2005, 00:10
BG are not a very good idea. Stubborn on leadership 9 yes, but T3 and 5+ armour with the insane points cost means they'll have every archer on the field pointing at them, and they are a heavy cav units dream in small units, as they'll very quickly lose their rank bonus. Whatever you sacrifice them to destroy will almost certainly cost less.

Runt Nosher
12-07-2005, 05:00
okok. So lets say I just want to forget the Karond Kar and screw the beasts entirely. Should I still take a High Born? I'm not sure. I would obviously have to paint more but I'm not too bad at getting this done quickly when I set my mind to things. Here is the revised list...

Sorceress - Lvl 2, Dispel, Seal of Ghrond - 180
Sorceress - Lvl 2, Dispel, Darkstar Cloak, Dark Steed - 187

5 Dark Riders w/ RxB, Mus - 127
5 Dark Riders w/ RxB, Mus - 127
12 Spearmen w/ Shields, Mus - 101
12 RxB w/ Shields, Mus - 149
12 RxB w/ Shields, Mus - 149
12 Corsairs - R/M 125
12 Executioners - DMstr - 144
7 Shades - 98
6 Cold One Knights - FC - 219
2 CoC - Spears - 194
2 RBTs - 200

I kind of ended up tagging the Spearmen on at the end. I was thinking about dropping them though and taking a Noble w/ Armour of Darkness and GW. Same PV but could bolster my Ld with a survivable Ld 9 that I could mount in a chariot or something like that. I need to think of some creative Infantry tactics to use tho with the 60 Foot Sloggers any thoughts?

12-07-2005, 06:22
Talking about the new list, I would defenatly but in a noble or a BSB in the list. A chariot would be a great way to support him. A BSB will give you rerolls, a banner ina chariot (good save) and better comp if you play with it.

In order to get these points I would probably sacrifice a unit of crossbows.

@samw: A Black Guard unit isn't that bad; 10 with a Champ is 174pts. A very good and price worthy unit for what it does.