View Full Version : 1750pts of nids in 3 weeks

25-12-2006, 11:22
Ok so basically I have 3 weeks to finished 1750pts of nids.

The models I have to paint are as follows

56 Genestealers
2 carnifexes
1 lictor
1 broodlord

So no that many models in comparison to other nid armies, but still a few models.

And now for some pics


Bases galore, 10 bases for my first genestealer squad, only 10 cause I forgot to add the ohter 2 in the pic, nothing overally special, but a bit different from the norm. Urbanly inspired of course.


Pic number one of my test model. Comments greatly Appreciated on how to improve it. This particular model doesn't have extended carapace on it, cause I got pissed off with trying to glue it on so left it off on this model. I suppose if I leave extended carapace off some models inthe unit it will vary them up a bit.


Another picture but under different settings in psp. I have since added static grass to the base and it sets it off nicely.

So comments appreciated, and lets see if I can do this army - Now time to go and assemble about 2 squads worth of genestealers. Family Season 5 here I come.

25-12-2006, 11:25
Best of luck then... Will keep an eye on this


25-12-2006, 13:49
Got to love more 'nid projects.

Good luck and I will look forward to see how you do with this.

25-12-2006, 15:03
I am offically over removing damn mold lines and i have only done one squad worth.

Whats on the plate for tomorrow, well today seeing as its 2 in the mornin, gonna build my first squad and get it undercoated, and then I have beers to drink for boxing day lunch or something. Then hopefully not be tooo intoxicated and paint the squad in the night. Pictures to come when the squad is done.

The Laughing God
25-12-2006, 15:57
Sounds like fun:D Looking forward to seeing the army done.

08-01-2007, 01:05
Ok time for a bit of an update, haven;t really got that much done at all really only a squad and a lictor done and they still need work, touch ups, static grass etc.

So here without rambling for much longer PICS.

New Colour scheme, I think its better then the first one, do you?

At a different angle

The whole squad of stealers.

And finally the lictor

So thoughts and comments would help.

Now I somehow have to build a whole squad of stealers tonight and a carnifex, damn work. Oh and I have about 47 models to build and paint before cancon so like 20 days - Doubt it can be done and doubt I am goin to cancon either at this stage. But I will still keep painting them

08-01-2007, 06:53
I think you can do it!

Anyway, lokking at your pictures, they seem to be similiar to the ones here
so maybe you can talk to HF Moloch (new member) and he might be able to give you some tips in how he did it.