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27-12-2006, 02:14
As a counterpart to the many "your most stunning victory ever!" threads, I'd like to look at something different:

What was the worst mistake an opponent has ever made while playing you?
(I'm talking errors in judgement here, not unlucky rolls).

I was playing a fairly fresh Eldar player a few days ago. My Thousand Sons were advancing on a unit of his wraithguard, and he felt like he needed to lend them some support.
So his falcon flew over from behind a nearby forest and stopped 10" from my marines, turned it butt towards me, and laid a golden egg: a full squad of dark reapers complete with exarch. 8" away from my rubrics and right next to the wraithguard.

I explained to him that he might want to drop the reapers a bit farther away, or at least behind the falcon with the falcon facing me, but he felt that they'd support their comrades better up close. :skull:

Anyone else have similar experiences?

Quin 242
27-12-2006, 02:58
Worst choices I've seen were to assault a 15 strong unit of zealots which had 5 hidden eviscerators in it with 5 terminators. I lost like ten 6 point guys and he lost a whole unit of termies :)

but I've also played many an opponent who forget stuff. Most of us have fallen prey to that tho...
forgot a reserves roll or to move this unit in the heat of wanting to shoot "right now"

27-12-2006, 03:34
i'm guilty of some howlers. once, i moved my ork trukk with warboss and tooled up retinue to assualt range. i moved everything else, proceeded to shooting, then in the assualt phase relised i forgotten to get the warboss and his boyz from out of the figure case and deploy them from the trukk. he was left facing 1500pts of heavy weapon tooled up imperial guard. nobody made it back from that one!
an eldar player deployed all his infantry bases touching in the face of my battle sister immolators and heavy flamers. i did point out i had template weapons, but he was most insistant.

27-12-2006, 04:12
In the middle of a game, my opponent got an important cell phone call, and he told me to get on with my turn while he took it. So while he was talking, I moved all my units, and as soon as he hung up, I started firing.

It wasn't until halfway through the shooting phase that we both remembered that I'd _finished_ my turn just as his phone rang...

27-12-2006, 04:56
I remember playing in a tournament and my opponant was a fellow chaos player. Only differrence is while I was undivided, he played an all khorne army complete with bloodthirster.
He only had a single aspiring champion and a army leader champion. He kept his army leader in the back in safety :wtf: and sent his unit with aspiring champ out at me. I killed that entire unit and the very next turn rolled for his bloodthirster to come in. He replaced a berserker in one of his units near me with the bloodthirster and was mightily surprised when I told him he couldnt do that, he had to replace a character model. The only one left on the table being at his table edge and the bloodthirster was too far away to get to my lines in the 2 turns left in the game. LOL
(This was 2nd edition)

27-12-2006, 05:16
I've done some big goofs myself, the funniest being when my banshee's charged into some grots. I didn't have much choice of targets so I charged the grots assuming the Banshee's would tie them up for a few turns and such block a large part of the ork shooting; this was a very large squad of grots.

The grots were so close the banshee's didn't need to fleet, so I thought it was a good idea to get a few pistol shots in; bad idea. The grots broke from the pistol shots and went to ground, leaving my Bashees stuck out in the open right infront of the entire ork firing line. I don't think they lasted much past the second squad of sluggas with big shootas.

Don't even ask me why I took Banshee's against orks. :cries:

27-12-2006, 05:21
I was playing once with my Dark Eldar Wych Cult against a local Ork player and I'd deployed heavily on one side, with a unit of Reavers almost all on its own in the middle nearer to the other side. He deployed heavily on the other side of the table. It might not be so bad.. but.. my force was entirely mounted in raiders and his only form of long range firepower was a Battle Wagon that was swiftly dispatched. The whole of the game was his force being peppered by Dark Lances, Disintigraters, and Splinter fire from the Reavers whilest he trudged up the board longways. About fourth turn his meager amount of remaining orks were dispatched in one quick sweep by my Wyches.

In another game with my Cult though against Eldar I had a tremendous brain-fart that nearly cost me a flank on the board when I hopped a Wych squad out of a weaponless Raider infront of a Wraithlord first and went along with everyone else in my squads. I figured the Succubus with an Agoniser and Combat Drug Dispenser could take the 'lord out with ease. I did however forget to charge.. In his turn her squad was immolated in a tremendous inferno when he opened up on them with two flamers. The only saving grace I had was that the succubus of the squad alone survived, he charged, and she dispatched him in the same round. The only thing sweeter would have been to capture it.. (I no longer use dispensers on all of my succubi. ^_^)

27-12-2006, 06:02
My Tau versus my friends Inquisition army. He had an Eversor infiltrated 12 inches away from my Fire Warriors. He rolls and gets first turn. Moves his guy out of cover, 6 inches away. Fires his pistol, wounds but FW saves. Goes around and shoots with all his other stuff. Looks around and say "Ok, I'm done". I ask "Are you sure?" because this is his first real game. Says "Yup." My FW turn left, raise their pulse rifles up, and makes sure that that particular servant of the Emperor sees his god that day.

27-12-2006, 08:16
Ah, that would be virtually every action taken by a singularly inept World Eaters commander I once played. He was fairly young (14 or 15 I think) so I tried to take it fairly easy against him, but, unfortunately, I didn't really need to do a whole lot.

He started off by running his commander far ahead of his main force. Alone. And without any upgrades (demonic stature, etc.) to negate or at least reduce the odds of instant-kill, yet somehow managed to sing a ton of worthless wargear into him. One anti-tank squad fired and killed him on turn 1. Subsequently, he moved his terminators into 5+ cover, about 18" from my men, then proceded to shoot it out with me. Never mind the fact that 5+ cover doesn't do anything for terminators, they were all armed with combi-bolters and were shooting it out with my entire left flank, which was something like 750 points of Guard.

The rest of his force advanced piece-meal and was cut apart in short order. The game ended on Turn 4 with the complete annihilation of his force. I took about a dozen casualties (chiefly normal guardsmen, plus some rough-riders). In any case, the suicidal advance of the commander and the complete waste of the termies stand out in my mind as being particularly serious errors.

27-12-2006, 10:52
Not me, but the best I ever heard. A friend of mine was playing Black Legion against Blood Angels at the UKGT about a year back. The Black Legion start by placing their two defilers, both only with direct fire, good firing lines, but there are still, obviously, areas on the board they can't see. The deployment continues, and the Blood Angel proceeds to place his entire honour guard in a tightly packed formation in plain view in front of the two defilers.

My friend, on seeing this, was so concerned with not, for example, jumping around with glee at this mistake, and thus tipping off his opponent who was still umming and aahing about whether this was a good idea, ended up getting a nose bleed and had to leave the table to clean himself up.

He came back, to find the honour guard in the same place, won the dice roll for first turn, and proceeded to lay down template doom, wiping the squad out instantly.

When asked later, the opponent explained that, due to the stubbiness of the cannon on the defiler models (not converted at all), he thought they were Demolishers, thus only 24" range, and his honour guard were safely out of range.

I'm guessing he'll never get that wrong again...

27-12-2006, 12:59
Well, I ave made some really dumb mistakes over the years..One that springs to mind now is a tournement I went to not long ago..My guard against eldar. At the time I had just got my first hellhound and was looking forward to trying on the skinnies. With all this exitement I, of course, forgot my entire movement face, and I had first turn..despite this gakk-upp, I managed to pull off a draw in the last second :p

My opponents worst gakk-upp would be his grey knights againt my chaos marines..He is about to charge his über-termie-unit of doom into my chosen squad that included my lord..in all this he forgets to fire his termies weapons first, and thus leaving my lord to survive the combat with 1 wound! After that he turned into a KoS and dispatched everyone of those shiny gitz :evilgrin:

27-12-2006, 13:52
Hmm.. back in the days of 3rd Edition (but after the latest version of the Chaos Codex had come out) I asked an opponent whether he wanted to play my Worldeaters or my Iyanden.

He picked the Worldeaters.

Lord Merlin
27-12-2006, 14:02
500 pts of my SM VS Nids the fool put aton of points in a warrior brood that was decimated in 2 turns. Deep Striked his lictor into cover tied my tac squads until my librian crushed it from behind but he didn't even bother to get his brood lord into combat just surendered

Captain Micha
27-12-2006, 14:24
one of the worst mess ups I've seen was a guy whose poor scout marines were too close to my Tau stealth teams.

27-12-2006, 16:10
A friend of mine decided that his 700pt warboss and retinue squad needed cover, so deployed it right on the edge of the board behind an impassable factory. Cue him only getting half way up the board and me taking out three leman russes and not shooting his mob (he'd intended them to draw fire - two doks!). They didn't even reach combat. Ha.

Another bad one was when I was fighting Marines and my opponent decided the best place to deep strike his 6 terminators and commander was in between my Russ, a forest, and the board edge. He duly scattered and was wiped out.

Some of my mistakes include bringing on both my land raiders near to wide open spaces. Two IG Veteran squads deep strike in and melta them both to death. I think I angrily fired just about everything in range at those two squads. I did win after all that, mind.

Another of mine, I didn't notice that there were two IG Veteran squads nearby when I emptied my 7 terminators and chaplain from my LR. I thought they were normal guardsmen (so much for WYSIWYG). They wiped out the squad with their 3 meltas and 3 plasmas, leaving just the chaplain who charged in and took a whole squad by himself. I won though.

27-12-2006, 16:26
A tau player I was facing didn't realize that Fleet-of-Foot happens in the Shooting phase and not the Assault phase. He left his command squad of suits just a little too close to my brood of spinegaunts. My 80 points of gaunts tied up his 400 points of suits long enough for my genestealers to wrap around the board and finish them off.

27-12-2006, 18:27
I was playing in a tournament several years ago (3rd. Edition), and I had a squad in hand to hand with the enemy squad. I won the combat and was clearly going to wipe out the survivors in the following round....but my opponent forgot to make a break test and we moved on to the next combat (things were moving fast). I didn't say anything for his gaffe, and it saved my unit from being caught in the open in his following turn.

That was probably a minor game turner there, as I'm sure the unit went on to do other game-winning actions.

27-12-2006, 18:39
I was playing aginst dark eldar, First I assaulted with my 200 point chaplain(with 8man tactical) into squad of warriors and lord(2+ inv), well lord soloed all my marines(including chaplain). then he killed EVERY infantry unit, I had only my land speeder typhoon and whirlwind left, lord attacked my whirlwinds rear and penetrated it, well it was ahnilated of course and he took a wound. then he said me that this will be easy (he rolled about 10000 saving rolls before this) and rolled that dice---> he failed it and lost 1 wound AND hes invurnereble save :)
then my speeder shot missile and killed lord :)

Stormtrooper Clark
27-12-2006, 18:42
Necron player charged a 10 strong Necron Warrior squad into my five scout, i killed 6 *Evil laugh*

27-12-2006, 18:46
Back when I used to play Tau, I made a real doozie of an error. I was playing a crisis suit heavy army against my buddy's World Eaters. I was doing the classic "shoot and scoot" with them, blowing away berzerkers like lint. That is until one trun where I forgot to jump back in my assault phase. In the following turn, I lost about 2/3 army to charging berzerkers and fire-frenzy dreadnaughts. Not a good day.

The worst move an opponent ever made against me was in a tourny back in 3rd ed. I was playing Space Wolves, my opponent was a static gunline Tau army, lots of fire warriors and a broadside unit joined by an ethereal. Needless to say, my rhinos didn't make much of an impact and things were looking pretty grim until my scouts showed up.

I'm not sure if he was unaware of their "behind the lines" ability or whether he just didn't feel it would be that effective, but it cost him dearly. I charged the broadside firebase with my tooled up scouts (Wolf Guard leader with PF included), and proceded to mop the field with him. By the end of the game, my 160 point scout unit accounted for over 900 points of Tau, either dead or driven off the table. Ah, sweet memories.

27-12-2006, 19:17
Several ones my rather inept Necron friend has done (bless him...)

- Played a cityfight game and discovered in turn 6 that he'd been firing one shot all game for his rapid fire gauss weapons...
- Several games he left his destroyer lord with Warscythe at the back of his army 'to keep it safe' (he doesn't learn from mistakes...)
- 'Accidently' merging his two warrior squads against an equally inexperienced Blood Angels player, then removing casualties from the one not in assault...
- Leaving his immortals in a trench on the wrong side of a river until turn 5.
- Forgetting to take and hold until the last turn of a take and hold game.
Other ones I've seen;

- A Space Marine player grouping his Command Squad, Marneus Calgar, Devastators and Tactical squad as close together as he could in front of my Vindicator.
- Same player, same game, moving his Landraider to within 6" of a 6 man wraith guard squad...

I really wish I had some more experienced opponents to play with, most don't even know the rules of their own codex :(

27-12-2006, 20:30
- A Space Marine player grouping his Command Squad, Marneus Calgar, Devastators and Tactical squad as close together as he could in front of my Vindicator.
- Same player, same game, moving his Landraider to within 6" of a 6 man wraith guard squad...

Team game?

27-12-2006, 20:42
Yes, 2000pts Marines (me) and 3000pts Eldar (ally) vs. 3000pts Marine and 2000pts Dark Eldar. The marine player started crying after not only those two mishaps but also my attack bike shooting down his land speeder, my predator blowing his dread up and my command squad tearing through an assault termie squad and assault squad in CC (all in the first two turns).

27-12-2006, 21:04
- A Space Marine player grouping his Command Squad, Marneus Calgar, Devastators and Tactical squad as close together as he could in front of my Vindicator.

You know....I tried something like that.

I was playing against Eldar and caught in the open in front of some D-cannons. Rather than spreading my unit out, I bunched them up close together. The crazy thought I had was, if they are close together, and his initial shot missed, the other 2 shots in the barrage had a greater chance of missing my guys. I was counting on his first shot missing the whole group and the other two deviating far away.

It failed, he got a "HIT".

27-12-2006, 21:40
A couple of the worst off the top of my head. A Tau player setting up his Stealth suits in a wood in the middle of the battlefield. I kindly pointed out that he would be within charge range of my Assault marine squad (led by a Chaplain). He assured me that he had a plan. I won roll off to go first. First turn charge his Stealth suits and wipe them out. Consolidate deeper into the wood. Next turn bounce out into my oppnants battleline (got a charge due to the fact he forgot to move a squad of Fire wariors back)

The second was in a game with my Space Wolves. I set up my Terminator Wolf Guard squad in my Land raider and hid them behind a wood. My opponant responded by dashing his three Land speeder Tornado forward and hiding them behind the other side of the wood. A little bemused at this, I move the Land raider round the wood (keeping it between me and the vast majority of his firepower). Then dump out the Terminators. The look on his face was priceless; I don't think he realised that I wasn't simply going to rush forward and let him have a go at rending me next turn. Lets just say the combined firepower of the 'raider and the Terminator squad wiped out the Tornadoes and removed the only real fast moving threat his army had.


The Song of Spears
27-12-2006, 22:30
yeah, i got one of the guys who DS a squad of Grey Knight Termis and their HQ in front of my Vindicator AND 6 obliterators....

27-12-2006, 23:07
Hmm, one of the silliest things done against me was in a 4 player team game. 1000 pts of Marines (me) plus 1000 pts of Imperial Guard vs 2000 pts of Orks (2 1000 pt Ork armies played by 2 players)

My Dreadnaught is in roughly the centre of our deployment zone, armed with Assault Cannon, Close Combat weapon + flamer. We get first turn so it moves foward, and with nothing in range activates its smoke launchers. Alas, a lucky rokkit hits and gets a 'weapon destroyed' and there goes the assault cannon. Hmmm.

Next turn I continue to move it foward, and the same player fires another rokkit at it in his next turn, hitting, penetrating and getting 'imobilized' .. darn, dreadnaught did nothing but at least it is still central and might be lucky enough to flame a few orks, I think.

Well, he decided that wasn't enough, and despite two Russes and a chimera full of storm troopers being quite valid targets, proceeds to launch ANOTHER 7 ROKKITS into my dreadnaught, one of them being a combi-rokkit from a nob. Most of them miss, one glances and gets 'crew shaken' .. I was stunned as one after another he just kept shooting at what was basically a useless vehicle.

But this wasn't the end of it. On the next turn he assaulted the dreadnaught with a unit of 16 slugga boys. The nob DID NOT have a PK.

So the dreadnaught that I thought was dealt with without accomplishing anything actually absorbed about 9 rokkit shots, and a squad of slugga boys that couldn't hurt it. He didn't realise that the orks were absolutely incapable of hurting it.

The look on his face was great when he started rolling attacks, worked out hits and then said 'Okay, what do I need to glance and penetrate?' and I responded 'You need a 9 to glance.'

Then the dreadnaught would kill 2 guys and they'd have too many Orks present to break :)

This was only his 3rd game or so of 4th ed 40k, but his grip on the rules was usually pretty good and he doesn't normally make such mistakes but this was one of the exceptions :)

Ahh, good times.

27-12-2006, 23:43
My opponenet (orks) taking two massive stormboy (20 each, I believe) units and deploying them together insight of two of my Leman Russ tanks. Then trying to scoot for cover rather than advance. Then, when he finally did advance, clumping everyone together in frustration, under the presumption that if I scattered, I might miss everybody. But I didn't. Messy.

We stopped that game at the beginning of my third shooting phase.

28-12-2006, 00:23
my 1000 point all infantry IG army versus 1000 vanilla marines
my opponent decides on his 2nd turn to jump his 10 man assault squad out between some buildings, hoping to charge in turn 3....Big mistake

my turn 3, moved 45 guardsmen into rapid fire range....so 78 lasgun shots, 4 krak grenades and 2 flamers later......no assault squad.....

see...everyone underestimates the power of the lasgun....

28-12-2006, 01:53
I had a couple of good ones from 3rd Ed. both involving Hellhounds.

A Dark Eldar player, having bushwhacked and gunned down an infantry squad with a unit of five Reavers, left them in a nice flame template shaped formation, failing to notice the Hellhound lurking behind the storage tanks to their rear...

Even better were the blind gargoyles. The 'Nid player flew them into my forward picket line and swept them away in close combat. The survivors ran off, were pursued and eaten. However, I'd deployed a Hellhound behind a large LOS-blocking hill that was anchoring my line, facing backwards (towards my own table edge). My opponent didn't notice it- it's camo merged with the green tablecloth. In my next turn, it flames his unit. Being out of synapse range, they broke, fled directly away from the nearest enemy (the Hellhound behind them) and fell victim to crossfire!

The only one I've really seen in 4th was a Tau player's howler against my Chaos Marines. He'd massed all his battlesuits (eight Crisis, including two characters, six stealth and three Broadside deployed high up in support) on his right flank for an oblique advance on the Take and Hold objective in the mddle of the table. All I had facing them was one CSM squad (rapidly depleted), one Defiler (nailed on turn 1) and a unit of Raptors deployed out of sight. There was too much open ground to jump to CC without them being shot to pieces. Or so I thought...

My opponent was trying out some new FW Heavy Gun Drones, using them as pickets to shield his battlesuits from direct assault. He moved them out in front of his 'suit force, but got them an inch too close...

Out came the Raptors, smashing them to pieces and overrunning into the lead Crisis team behind them. In my next turn, a Bloodthirster burst out of the Raptor AC and proceeded to hunt down and destroy all but one of his 'Suits (a crisis shas'el nailed after he jetted away from the carnage and set down in front of a concealed lascannon- it shot him in the back) while the leaderless Raptors and a summoned unit of Bloodletters split off and slaughtered a unit of Pathfinders and three squads of Fire Warriors between them. The Raptors were eventually decimated, but these three units destroyed four fifths of the Tau army's points value between them.

Always pay attention to your tape measure.

28-12-2006, 14:50
In third ed, we fought an ambush between space wolves and tau. On the penultimate turn, a rhino full of grey hunters was dashing towards the table edge, got hit by missile pods and was immobilised and stunned just inches from the table edge. On the last turn, the tau fired a rail gun at the rhino, destroyed it and the wreck scattered off the table, giving the wolves the win! Hard to believe but true. One utter clanger I dropped a few months ago still has me wondering. In a mainly chaos undivided army I deployed my Nurgle daemon prince at the centre of a huge concentration of marines. The daemon prince (poo monster) had nurgles rot. 27, yes 27 rolls later I didn't lose a single soul. Won't be doing that again though. I wish I hadn't said that now.

Ravenwing gunner
28-12-2006, 15:35
How about deepstriking a large treminator command squad with chaplian leading into the hood of one of my speeders.

The next turn he deepstruck a 5 man hq squad 8 inches from the front lines of my army.
only 3 lived and were assaulted by my assault squad with chaplian leading :)
good times

28-12-2006, 16:00
My recent big error

Space Wolves vs. Snakebite Orks. We're near the fifth turn, everything of his that can hurt the front of my Venerable Dread is dead. Venerable Dread finishes the squad of Mad Boyz it was stomping, then turns to start trudging across my battleline (not much left of it at this point) shooting AC goodness at his Warboss and retinue the whole way. Leaving his back wide open to the Hunta sqaud with 3 big shootas, pop goes the venerable dread, and the rest of the game.


28-12-2006, 18:52
A Tau friend of mine, still new to the game, during a 4-way Carnage game.

He decided he wanted to play aggressively, and deep struck just about everything into the midst of my Tyranid swarm. I still think it's a minor miracle that he didn't lose any units to scattering into my broods. He moved up a pair of fire warrior teams to support all his deepstriking suits and drones, and the whole mess opens up on my tyrant and carnifex.

They did one wound to the carnifex, and killed a tyrant guard. The next turn the Tyranids assault and kill off the vast majority of his army, and used the consolidation moves to get into position to threaten the Thousand Sons nearby next turn. Changed the course of the game and put me in a much stronger position than I had been.

28-12-2006, 19:06
My most recent Opponent Error was, when facing my tank heavy Guard army with his Black Templars army, he suggested we deploy on the short table ends. I can't remember what the scenario was but he didn't concede until turn 5.