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11-07-2005, 23:46
Arch Lector of Sigmar 224pts (Lord)
Great Weapon; Armour of Meteoric Iron; Holy Relic

Battle Wizard 145pts (Hero)
Level 2 Wizard; Seal of Destruction

Battle Wizard 155pts (Hero)
Level 2 Wizard; Van Horstmann's Speculum; Doomfire Ring
Mount: Warhorse

Battle Wizard 120pts (Hero)
Level 2 Wizard; Dispel Scroll(x1)

20 x Halberdiers 145pts (Core)
Hand weapon; Halberd; Light Armour
Musician; Champion; Standard Bearer

10 x Free Companies Detachment 50pts (Core)
Two Hand Weapons

8 x Handgunners Detachment 64pts (Core)
Hand Weapon; Handgun

6 x Knights of the Inner Circle (White Wolf) 233pts (Core)
Cavalry Hammer; Full Plate Armour
Musician; Champion; Standard Bearer; War Banner

20 x Spearmen 165pts (Core)
Hand weapon; Spear; Light Armour
Shield; Musician; Champion; Standard Bearer

10 x Free Companies Detachment 50pts (Core)
Two Hand Weapons

8 x Handgunners Detachment 64pts (Core)
Hand Weapon; Handgun

20 x Swordsmen 165pts (Core)
Hand weapon; Light Armour; Shield
Musician; Champion; Standard Bearer

10 x Free Companies Detachment 50pts (Core)
Two Hand Weapons

7 x Handgunners Detachment 56pts (Core)
Hand Weapon; Handgun

1 x Great Cannon 100pts (Special)

1 x Great Cannon 100pts (Special)

12 x Flagellants 132pts (Rare)

I was thinking of an Empire army reprenting the militant wing of the colleges of magic, deployed to recover lost books or artefacts from whomever may steal them and seek to unlock their secrets. (And defend the colleges against the occasional pitch-fork wielding mob) The Arch Lector will be a Librarian type figure. His duty is to guard the darkest and most destructive of magical tomes from the grasp of even the most senior of wizards, who, as Egrimm van Horstmann proved, are all too easily corrupted. The cannons are gonna be modelled as sort of magical missile devices (three wizards gathered around some kind of lodestone perhaps...) The flagelents will be various warior familiars of the wizards. The Knights will use the WW rules (cause they rock) but will be my own order.

I wanted an army that could project destruction but also handle the (hopefully depleted) enemy when it got near. The Arch Lector fits perfectly, giving me both the ld9 I need so badly, and the boost to magic and dispelling of his two bound spells and 2 dispel dice. The wizards I think I'll mix and match with depending on how I feel which lores they pick, but they'll always be three different types. Heavy cav of the enemy will be forced onto my flagellants, enemy infantry neutralised with detachments.

So, what do you all think?

12-07-2005, 09:42
I commend you a very nicely balanced army that fits with the background of the army and is not overly cheesy in any area.
One question about tactics where is the wizard with van horstman speculum (did i spell it right) going because you could swap the horse from the other one on to him. Thats my only thought otherwise very nice army that i would ove to pay

12-07-2005, 11:03
Note that detachments of 10 are illegal where the main unit is only 19 strong. Characters joining the unit don't count.

Those big blocks with their detachments are going to be hard to move around easily.

Presumably you are going to be mainly a defensive/counter-attack type army. Can work well but a fast moving army will be on you in turn 2 & if they go first you will have problems.

Note detachments are very good & can work well. The downside is that nearly everyone knows that & there are many counter-strategies.

You are also going magic heavy, fine nothing wrong with that. However you have no fighter. It would have been nice to see some pistoliers/hunters.

Flaggies are OK too but you've only 12, a charge by Chose Khorne Knights could take them out in 1 turn (with only a little bit of luck).

Still, it should be fun to try out. Good luck.

12-07-2005, 11:35
You dont let your flaggelants get charged by knight you position them to go in flanks or receive charges that they can survive so you can countercharge.
I'm sure he can bumb his units up to 20 its not hard to tweak.
If he wanted to go magic heavy he would incude a wizard lord then it would be magic heavy.

12-07-2005, 12:17
Flaggies given their movement value don't often get the option! With this army the enemy is going to have the initiative as to where he hits.

No doubt he can bump up his units but at the moment it is illegal.

He is relatively magic heavy and not even moderate combat heavy, falling between 2 stools.

12-07-2005, 12:25
Empire are not supposed to be combat heavy there strength lies in numbers, movement and shooting. The army will work well as long as he takes time and consideration when setting up his army

12-07-2005, 20:18
Ok, I made it legal :p

8PD and three bound spells is hardly magic light, and fighty-wise an arch-lector is just as good in combat as an elector count. Would people suggest trading out the flagellants for pistolliers?

12-07-2005, 21:01
Ok, a couple things, first, halbediers are NOT worth their poins when used in big units, but are one of the better detachments (after FC) I would suggest swapping this unit for swordsmen or more spearmen. Second, i would take out one cannon, and add a mortar. A mortar does not always work (good AS opponents or high toughness) but is the bane of any toughness 3 army (elves, skaven, goblins, gnoblars, skellies/zombies etc...) Lastly, most people do not realize that the VHS ONLY ONLY ONLY works in a challenge. So your wizard will have to be in a unit for it to be really effective, and even when he is, it is a really easy item to get around. It seems a little fishy for a wizard on his own to charge a big bad unit containing the enemy general and then issue a challenge. So, the champion just steps forward and vaoila, you lose to CR. I would suggest putting it on the AL, at least then it wouldnt be so obvious what your plan is.

13-07-2005, 09:32
Personally yes, I would swap Flaggies for Pistoliers if I had to make a choice. Still as a basically defensive type army they might be worth keeping.

However, it isn't an army I would persomally create/use. The Arch-Lector may be reasonable but I would certainly prefer an EC. You can get an extra standard with him which can be useful. Properly tooled up an EC can stand up to quite a lot.

Regarding another response, yes an Empire army can definitely be made combat heavy, magic heavy or anywhere in between. One of the delights of the Empire