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crouching lictor
27-12-2006, 14:27
Greetings! I was wondering if anyone had any general tactics that work well against Demon Legions, especially taking down Greater Demons. I play DoW and have never fought an army like this. I'm not sure what flavor the army will be but if I had to guess I'd say either Slaanesh or Khorne.

27-12-2006, 15:19
With DoW, that might be hard, since you have no good characters on your own, and no nasty magic items. You can however try some general things:

Get enormous amounts of static combat res, so that you get them to roll instability tests a lot. Flank and have a lot of ranks and banners.

Get as much immunity to psychology as possible. Leopolds Leopard Company and Long Drongs Slayer Pirates for example. Also take High Leadership units.

Against the greater daemon: Kill it with combat resolution, or cannons. The cannons require more luck, but might work.

27-12-2006, 15:23
yeah a few cannonballs should see off a greater daemon, they can only have a 5+ ward at best, so only 1/3 of your shots will ping off it

27-12-2006, 15:30
Most greater daemons fear ranks more than anything else. The bloodthirster has enough attacks to have a chance of overcoming 3 ranks+standard+unit strength, but just barely. Ranked-up units who can overcome the fear/terror would be useful. And of course, as others said, nail them with war machines. Concentrate fire.

Duke of York
27-12-2006, 22:42
Cannons are the way to go against greater daemons... as for the rest of the army lots of ranks and crossbowmen can deal with their lightly armored easilly disipated freakish units well.

crouching lictor
28-12-2006, 03:25
I got crushed...bad. He had a Bloodthirster, 10 chosen Khorne knights with the Banner of Rage led by an aspiring champ, 2 sorcerors, 25 bloodletters, 10 furies, 25ish marauders and a 20ish strong beast herd.

I set up in somewhat of a refused flank formation with my cav and ogres on my left, infantry in the center and xbows and guns behind a wall on my right. He deployed the BT, knights and a sorceror opposite my cav and his infantry, screened by the beastmen opposite my infantry with the furies on my right. I got the first turn and shot for all I was worth and managed to kill 8 beastmen and two bloodletters. The cannonballs both stuck in the bloodletters they hit (a trend that lasted throughout the game). The BT charged my lines and terror wreaked havoc amongst my lines with the light cav fand duellists fleeing, which caused a panic amongst the cavalry and my left flanks collapsed with only my ogres and a unit of knights remaining.

To make a long story short, the chosen knights and BT crushed my army through a combination of terror and massive amounts of S5 and S6 attacks. My marauders, duellists, and dwarfs made a valiant effort to hold up those two terror units for two turns while my xbows, pikes and paymaster guard attacked his infantry. The guns failed to do much before they were overwhelmed by the furies. I killed 14 Bloodletters before they overran my xbows while a unit of pikes and paymaster guard routed and destroyed the marauders. By that time, his knights and BT had finished off my sacrificial units and were in my backfield so I conceded the game. My lines were mangled and I had nothing left that could significantly threaten his knights or BT.

Very disappointing, but when I saw what I was up against I knew it was going to go badly for me.

28-12-2006, 04:01
how many points where you playing,and that wasn't a daemonic legion that was a chaos horde. If you could have concentrated on his BT and chosen knights then his army was toast. you just were unlucky with terror tests.

28-12-2006, 04:03
oh an top of that he was so cheesy and really not fluffy using sorcerors with a BT

28-12-2006, 05:09
The only way that my bloodthirster really gets beaten is when it gets suckered into a combat with big units that can win through combat resolution. On average, it will cause maybe 4-5 wounds per turn under optimal conditions, so it can be worn down that way. Remember that the big guy has to charge when you can bait it, and it's charge range is twenty inches. Warmachines can do it, but it can be tough to hit them with huge movement, if there is terrain. Remember to that he can only have the benefits of a daemonic legion, if he plays a pure daemon army. If he has mortals in the army, his bloodthirster's morale is only 9, which makes those instability saves a lot tougher. Have to add that sorcerors with a bloodthirster is just bad taste.

28-12-2006, 12:39
Oh my, two sorcerers in a Khorne army? That's low...

And yeah, how many points? That's a LOT of characters...

*edit* 'cause that is 4 heroes and one lord, I pray to the powers that be that you were not playing 2000 points?

crouching lictor
28-12-2006, 13:43
It was a 2500pt game. I am not really up to speed on the Chaos rules so I just took his word for the most part on what he was telling me. He is my usual gaming partner, although this is the first time he has sprung this list on me. Typically, he plays dwarfs and I have yet to lose to them. This was his first victory. I pointed out that he was being rather unfluffy with the sorcerors, but he didn't seem to be bothered by that.

My cannons never had LOS to the BT since he was able to hug the terrain and hide fairly well. I am happy in the fact that I managed to survive five turns and still have some combat power on the table, although that would have been short lived once his knights and BT came around and hit me in the rear.

My LC actually managed to win a round of combat with his BT but he made his instability or whatever it's called and ate the LC the next round.

I told him after the game that his list wasn't much fun to play against and he agreed. I don't mind losing but that was just awful.

Parka boy
28-12-2006, 14:24
double bubble sorry

Parka boy
28-12-2006, 14:28
Try out the manflayers there great vs demons and slow moving greater demons are just sitting ducks to their multitude of poisonous attacks.

crouching lictor
28-12-2006, 15:19
Good suggestion. I may have to try them out. It was also recommended that I use some Maneaters in the list and maybe a unit of lead belchers and a giant.

28-12-2006, 18:22
A giant seems like a good choice but it's more likely that the Bloodthirster will charge the Giant than the other way round and the Giant will fall in probably 2 rounds of combat without inflicting any wounds.
Stick with Finnigan's tactic of luring the BT with small cheap/fast units.
In fact use these units to lure and ambush all his expensive units. Chaos Knights charged in the flank will probably lose by CR.
Being Frenzied can be a liability.

On the rules - a reminder: Mark of Khorne does not work in the same way as normal frenzy

crouching lictor
28-12-2006, 18:53
I think a big part of the problem was that I am not familiar with the rules for Chaos and I think my opponent exploited that. At one point I was able to hit his Chosen knights with three of my units and I still lost the fight. I think that my plan was relatively sound but my units should have been flip-flopped. The cavalry would have been more than able to deal with the marauders and bloodletters. Had I known those things were only T3 my guns would have been deployed on the other side of the table. My best bet is a large (30+) unit of pikes and then a flank charge by the paymaster and his guards w/war banner would work out nicely and if it didn't win, at least it would be a nice tarpit for the BT.

29-12-2006, 09:27
oh and he technically cheated you ecause he had too many characters, the number of characters only goues up at 3000 pts. not 2500

29-12-2006, 12:41
if this is all thats in his army it is completely illegal, for starters as said above the BT takes a hero and a lord meaning that he has exceeded his character limit and also if the bloodletters were in one unit he has too few core choices as three are needed for a 2000pt game don't forget