View Full Version : 750pts tree spirit force

28-12-2006, 00:23
Alright, what i am trying to acheive here is a full tree spirit army, ive had practice with the all spirit force at 2000pts+ and i have found it works wonders, but with the local campaign coming in at a measley 750pts i am not sure how to make it work, any help would be appreciated

the list i had in mind would be this
Branchwraith-lv1 cluster of radiance 140
Branchwraith-lv1 115

8 dryads 96
8 dryads 96
8 dryads w/branchnymph 108

5 wildriders with full command and warbanner 191

total: 746

28-12-2006, 20:45
do u think it would be a good idea to lose the riders in favour of treekin?

28-12-2006, 21:01
drop one branchwraith for another unit of something useful.
drop the champion on the wildriders.
make sure you put your general in the unit w/ the branchwraith.
try to get a unit of 3 treekin as they are uber rad.

28-12-2006, 21:07
with the most basic unit of treekin coming in at 195 it woulf be difficult to fit them in along with the wild riders, what would you say would be best between the two?
should i lose the branchwraith in favour of another unit of dryads?