View Full Version : my mixed greenskins

Col. Dash
28-12-2006, 00:37
Well i broke down and bought the codex. Adding what I already had and the boxed set i came up with a quick list just to get the army going. Mostdefinately isnt permanent but I have alot of painting to do so it is set for a little while. Total list comes up to 1000 points.
Black Ork Big Boss Martog's Best Basha, Iron Gnasha, eavy armor, shield 141

Ork Shaman Staff of Bedlam, Sword of Might(fills up his points). level 2 150
Goblin Big Boss BSB w Rowdy Grots Big Red Raggeddy Banner 110

Night Gobbos x20 with spears M S B 100
Night Gobbos x20 with Spears M S B w/ 3 Fanatics 175
Night Gobbos x20 with short Bows M S B 77

Spider Riders x 8 S, B all w/ short Bows 142

Stone Trolls x2 120

The models are pretty much set in stone as that is what I have available. As to what they carry, that is possible to change as long as I still end up with 1000 points. Here are my questions.
I am used to playing very precise armies such as Dark and Wood Elves, this whole straight forward thing will take getting used to. I am also going to have to figure out the whole leadership thing because in the elven armies I play army leadership is not near as important as each unit is pretty much independent of each other aside from team charges. Where should i position my characters?

As for magic wargear, I just grabbed what looked good at first glance, what are some more optimal set ups?(note that I havent played this new edition yet although I have the rules)

Is there an ork/ gobbo specific forum out there?