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28-12-2006, 15:29
Hi there all, hope you had a good Xmas.

Does anyone know if there are or has ever been a set of official or non-official ship design rules for BFG. There are a lot of fan-made ships on the net with points costs and I was wondering if they are simple estimates as to the approximate cost or if there has ever been a list as to the cost of a lance battery, a weapons battery, shields, turrets, hull cost etc?

Many thanks in advance.

28-12-2006, 15:40
OK, Imperial/Chaos cruisers should be able to give and recieve the same ammount of damage at 30cm range.
Eg. Gothic Class has 4 lances abeam averaging 2 hits, the ship has 2 shields so can absorb 2 hits a turn.

Heavy/Battle cruisers up the damage dealt by 1.

Battleships double the shielding, but only have about 50% extra firepower.
NO multiple nova cannon.

Escorts are more variable but generally rely on numbers.

Light cruisers only have the shielding of an escort but can deal out at least half the firepower of a cruiser, Don't stick a Nova cannon on these.

Grand cruisers have battleship scale armament but cruiser scale shielding (or worse).

There are several formulas for working aproximate costs out, the most widely known is the Smotherman Formula;