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28-12-2006, 15:33
Id like to know what you guys think of the Dwarf special character. The book is not infront of me I apologise but I believe his name is Thorik the rune lord with the Anvil of Doom.

I will be using him in my 2000pt army. I think he is the best character to take for the dwarves.

He insures that elven archers (aka wood elf) become an easy target. Never have to worry about them. He also decreases movement (aka Bretonnia) and flyers.

I believe he is a real big help for Dwarf armies. He is 505 pts a little expensive but for what he can do is totally worth it.

He can also make your dwarfs move more and give them a chance to charge in the shooting pahse.

Id like to hear what other people think about him cause so far he's in my 2000 pt army.

Prince Sairion
28-12-2006, 17:42
I don't ever play with special characters as for the most part (sincerely not wanting to open a big can of worms here) they are designed to either negate an armies main weaknesses or improve upon their strengths.

In the case of this one, it's make a mockery of playing Dwarfs. I tried using an anvil for a time. I liked it at first but then got sick and tired of depending on it all the time.

The way to go with Dwarfs is either a dwarf lord or a thane, if you need to rely on special characters to win games then you really don't take enough time over your army selection.

505 points in a 2k list, you can get two nice-sized units of stunties for that!?!

28-12-2006, 18:15
I'll go along with that. Thorek is too costly for 2000pts. In bigger armies (3000pts) he will be formidable.

28-12-2006, 19:52
Point well taken. This is actually my first time playing the dwarfs, kinda putting togeather a quick army.

But against armies such as WE without something like that the Dwarfs would have an almost impossible time taking them down. Mind you I still need to play but units that can move and shoot without penelty will hurt the dwarves.

and things like Bretonnia, they are all on horses very easy to attack slow dwarsf from behind.

maybe more play testing. But I like that special character he is pretty cool.