View Full Version : chaos lord on dragon

28-12-2006, 20:33
hi all
am thinking of doing a undivided chaos army. and i would like to have a lord on a dragon.

would like some advice on what eqipment to give him

28-12-2006, 20:40
I've not had much sucess with an undivided dragon rider, I usually make him tzeentch so he can use the golden eye.

I think gaze of the gods, berserker sword and armour of damnation works well, along with a shield.

28-12-2006, 21:17
I am really enamoured by the Helm of Many Eyes on undivided characters. The Hellfire sword goes well with it for ruining characters, monsters, chariots etc.

28-12-2006, 23:26
Having anything on a large target that does not have a ward save is just asking for all warmachines to target it. On a dragon a chaos lord's best save is a 3+. For the 600+ points that are going to be spent on him and his pet you are better off taking Gaze and a chaos rune sword. Or even take Gaze + Enchanted Shiled + Rending Sword for some better duleing power.

29-12-2006, 00:04
Lest you build your army to either support or be supported by the dragon, you will loose