View Full Version : What do you want in the DE redo?

29-12-2006, 14:13
Just wondering what people would like to see when Dark Eldar are redone. Also please don't just say new models say what you would actually like to see in the models.

I for one would like to see sharper cut on the warrior sprue and scourges reduced in points as well as changes to hellions. Most important for me though would be acodex that actually has some info in it like the new Eldar one.

29-12-2006, 14:27
New models! Sorry, couldn't resist. :)

To me models are the most important bit as they are stopping me buying Dark Eldar as is. A more cohesive look to the line, that they belong to the same army, is what i want to see.

29-12-2006, 14:51
I would like to see an extra vehicle added but not anything super heavy. Maybe a viper type vehicle. Better vehicle upgrades too and more wargear and extra units. I don't think many of the models needs redoing just more plastics would be nice.

29-12-2006, 14:57
I like the models. I would just like to be able to buy them at my LGS. None of this "You have to order direct from GW" crap!

I think a viper type vehicle would be cool. Maybe shorten the conehead helmets a bit. Keep wyches the way they are (both ruleswise and model wise)

29-12-2006, 15:00
4+ armour save for archon.

The Laughing God
29-12-2006, 16:10
DE where my first army that I played. I want updated stats, and better wargear. Mabey a new raider model or make a whole new skimmer type thing, also the warriors they might need to get redone.

29-12-2006, 16:15
There was a list of wishes to the designer team DE players discussed in the RUles Development Forum just a few weeks ago. Maybe you should have a look at this thread.

29-12-2006, 17:15
Thanks sigur.

Acolyte of Bli'l'ab
29-12-2006, 18:10
1) Get rid of the "spikes", it makes them LOOK chaos (LOOK not ARE before someone moans about me saying they are chaos eldar)

2) Like Leonmallet I want all new models. I like their idea/concept but the models just look awful IMO, something more streamlined and thinner. Perhaps even get rid of the helmets or give them a more unique helmet design to seperate them more from their Craftworld brethren.

3) Go further in the Cenobite/Hellraiser look.


29-12-2006, 18:21
Personally I would like to see the Dark Eldar using more exotic alien technology.

And much more fluff.

29-12-2006, 18:24
I'd love to see their armoury of psychology-based weapons updated to keep the same kind of idea, but in a way so that they actually have an effect in a game of 40k. In other words, I want them to bypass Fearlessness/re-rollable Ld 10/etc.

So for example, something which previously required a failed Morale test could instead say "if the enemy rolls over their unmodified Ld value on 2 (or even 3!)D6 then [insert bad stuff here]".

The Keeper of Secrets
29-12-2006, 18:26
Agree with BloodiedSword and Asentaja, and would also like to see MORE models, there isn't a huge range at the moment:(

29-12-2006, 18:53
I'd like to see them reworked much like the Craftworld Eldar have been, by which I mean that the core ideas stay the same, but are given a really good polish in how they operate on the tabletop. That plus a couple more units, access to Harlequins, and FLUFF!

29-12-2006, 20:17
I'd love to see Elite chocseable Incubi, a Vyper-like vehicle, possibly with access to either splinter cannons or dark lance, and a Falcon-like vehicle.

the rest are but retouches in the general list.

29-12-2006, 20:18
Just thought of something else all the weapon options for warriors included in the box.