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30-12-2006, 20:49
I want to start Skaven after i'm done with my Hybrid Tau, so I formulated a little list to serve as a core for a growing army that I hope to get up to 2000 points. What do you guys think?

Hero 1: (1x Skaven Chieftain)
(Sword of Might +1 S; Heavy Armor) Total: (69 pts)
(Added strength to.. well.. slice things up.)

Hero 2: (1x Skaven Chieftain)
(Biting Blade -1 Sv; Enchanted Shield 5+ Sv; Heavy Armor) Total: (69 pts)
(He lasts a little longer and does slightly better in combat.)

Hero 3: (1x Skaven Chieftain)
(Sword of Battle +1 A; Heavy Armor) Total: (74 pts)
(Gives extra attacks to whatever he's attached to.)

Core 1: (25x Clan Rats)
(Regular.) Total: (125 pts)
(A standard regiment of rats meant to meatshield for my more important teams. They can probably do some slight damage in their masses, too.)

Core 2: (25x Clan Rats)
(Regular.) Total: (125 pts)
(Ditto. I need these guys so I can get my other teams.)

Core 3: (25x Clan Rats)
(Regular.) Total: (125 pts)
(Ditto once more.)

Core 4: (15x Stormvermin)
(Regular and shields.) Total: (135 pts)
(These are my "heavy hitters," in the sense that they'll be in melee with anyone that my clanrats can't destroy. The shields are there so that they'll hopefully last slightly longer.)

Core 5: (40x Clanrat Slaves)
(Regular.) Total: (80 pts)
(A large, expendable meatshield that won't cause panic if they die. They don't just meatshield for my Jezzails, they meatshield for other units too.)

Special 1: (5x Warplock Jezzails)
(Regular.) Total: (100 pts)
(These guys are for punching through heavy armor and most of the heavier stuff that stands in the way of my clanrat swarms.)

Special 2: (5x Warplock Jezzails)
(Regular.) Total: (100 pts)
(Ditto. These guys are broken up into two groups so that they won't get overwhelmed.)

Army Total: (1002 pts.)

vampires are cool!
31-12-2006, 00:39
Not a bad list. Those Storm vermin may be a little under weighted, only 15 strong, you may want to think about boasting that to 20 if you can find the points.

31-12-2006, 00:58
Split that slave unit into two units of 20. Slave units don't really need to survive longer than 1 turn, they just need to stop one knight charge from hitting your clanrats so the clanrats can charge the knights and break them. Also, you won't get much more survivability out of having a particularly big unit, because they still have leadership 2. Even with a chieftain nearby, you'll take LOTS of wounds due to their T 3 and no save, and break.
The stormvermin aren't going to be as good as you want them to. Simply put, they aren't much better than clanrats at killing, because if you use halberds then you cut your armour save down to a 5+, and get squashed. A unit of less than 20 is just asking for trouble. Plague monks are much better at killing, with a higher toughness and a ridiculous number of attacks.

31-12-2006, 17:38
Yep I agree, split slaves into 2 units and dump the stormvermin (for now), get a nice 20 strong unit of Plaguemonks OR 3 nice Rat Ogres lead by moulder with skavenbrew (change one of your chieftans), This gives you a nice strong counter charge unit that causes Fear :skull:

31-12-2006, 18:22
I'm against Stormvermin in any list, unless you're doing it for the fluff. In a 1,000 point army, the poor comparison between them and plain old Clanrats is even worse for Stormvermin. Clanrats are 5 points and serve just about the same purpose. Consider the numbers. This is a horde army, after all.

31-12-2006, 19:18
i would suggest changing one of your chieftains to a bsb with a warbanner, that way which ever squad he joins will start with a static combat resolution of 6 (7 if you outnumber), and also i would either drop the storm vermin altogether or boost their number to 20/25
as mentioned before slaves should be split into two units

31-12-2006, 23:04
Agree with the others. Stormvermin will be targeted and not worth the pts at 1000pts? (over by 2?)
Include some tunnellers or gutter runners or Night runners.

At 1000pts you can easily out magic most opponents with 2 WEngineers plus Storm Daemon. That plus your Jezzails will be your hard hitters.

01-01-2007, 13:26
I really like stormvermins, I would try to have 20 of them instead of some slaves or other things.

02-01-2007, 02:19
I really like stormvermins, I would try to have 20 of them instead of some slaves or other things.

May I ask why? I'm honestly curious.