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30-12-2006, 20:58
I don't have a list yet as I haven't ever played against Orge army, yet... So, I could use some tips on what to take. I think cannons and knights as strong as Orges are. Are Wizards or Priest any good?


vampires are cool!
30-12-2006, 22:54
Artillery is your friend against ogres, but beware - they can cross the average battlefiels in two or three turns so you will need to make your shots count, and then have something to countercharge them with. Haveing fought them quite a bit with my undead i can tell you now that they will own you in CC unless you take the initiative and charge them with something heavy.
I suggest two wizards and a priest [general] with some big units of swordsmen and small units of handgunners backed up by a unit of knights, two mortars and a Hellblaster. Or you could give the big fat bastards a taste of their own medicine and take the DoW giant to stomp on them.
Good luck.

Captain Lysander360
31-12-2006, 19:27
you want lots of handgunners and hellblasters they will whittle em down quite a bit and then charge em with some knights with a general or 2 leadin em

02-01-2007, 14:29
My biggest fear as an ogre player are people who have gunlines. Nothing I hate more then to charge someone who is popping off 10 shots at me before I even get into combat. Artillery and hand gunners backed up by a large block of comabat ready warriors is a tough take for an Ogre player. Our CR comes pretty much from killing and flank attacks. If you can out number us, flank us and get ranks you can break us in H2H.

02-01-2007, 15:06
Here's the list. Nothing too big of a gun line, 3 Mortar maybe a little overshoot but always liked to use them, same goes with the Engineer. Halbediers are just something to get the blow in. I don't know much about Orge magic, but just to be sure theres a caddy along for the ride. A good amount of my army is proxy, never liked it that way... I guess I could change the one mortar for Hellblaster, but let's see what the experienced players think.

Empire army


Captain w. Great Weapon and Armor of Meteoric Iron

Master Engineer w. Light Armor and Repeater Pistol

Battle Wizard of Light Order, lvl 1 and 2 Dispel Scrolls


19 Halbediers w. Light Armor, Shield and Full Command
- Detachment: 8 Freemen
- Detachment: 5 Handgunners

10 Handgunners

5 Inner Circle Knights w. Full Command


3 Mortars

Total: 1000p

I don't remember the right points but it right about 1000 point army.
Edit: Also, I'm using 6th edition Armybook...


02-01-2007, 16:15
Cannons may be better then morters, morters come in at a whopping S3 against the ogers high T. Cannons S10 and D6 Wounds may be something to think about.

Ive never liked engineers. For about the cost of your engineer you could get another squad of handgunners.

Also consider Outriders (thats alot of shooting) or DOW dwarfs, LD9, High Armour, Crossbows.... nice.

05-01-2007, 12:55
New list. More on the gunline style. The Banner of Duty was just something to take with the left-over points, I don't think my opponent will mind the 3 points of the 1000p...

Empire army


Captain w. Sword of Might and Armor of Meteoric Iron 100p

Battle Wizard of Light Order, lvl 2, Doomfire Ring and Dispel Scroll 125p


24 Swordsmen w. Full Command 193p
- Detachment: 8 Freemen 40p
- Detachment: 5 Handgunners 40p

5 Inner Circle Knights w. Full Command 170p

10 Handgunners 80p

10 Crossbowmen 80p


Mortar 75p

Great Cannon 100p

Total: 1003p

I'm not sure if I should take a cannon, but if there's something that you think I don't actually need, I can drop it and then change one of the Mortars to G.Cannon.

I don't have a Pegasus model, but Huntsmen can slow the Orges and hopefully give me the time to shoot...

05-01-2007, 15:52
Im not sure cause i dont have the new empire book yet, but i dont think you can take huntsmen in 5 man squads, i think they are 10+ (thats what ive herd about the New book) so you should double check me

05-01-2007, 16:16
Im not sure cause i dont have the new empire book yet, but i dont think you can take huntsmen in 5 man squads, i think they are 10+ (thats what ive herd about the New book) so you should double check me

I'm playing with the old book still. I know what people would sugsest for the next thing, a Hellblaster. It would be nice, but I don't have a model present it. Also as it has gone worse in the new edition, I don't think I'll be getting one anyways... I was thinking of converting couple of those new rocket-thowers, trying to make them more midevil look. But back to the topic, I'm not sure of my heroes or their magic items. And should I or should I not take a G.Cannon...?


05-01-2007, 21:05
i'd say drop the huntsment and the banner, and also the hand gunner detachment. you should field one mortar and one cannon. i think a great cannon will be better off. with the extra points, i'd say either bump your wizard to level 2 or try and get another blok of infantry, say spearmen since you dont have all the points in the world.

06-01-2007, 10:39
I don't have that much of models, everything I have is in this list, allmost.... Some archers and few heroes but that's it. So one block is what I can bring to the battle for now. Ok, I'll change the new list a bit...

07-01-2007, 19:39
I played today the game against Orges, frist ever... Firstly, I won... yay...

He had some hero dude, Bruiser maybe(?) w. only hw and Heavy Armor. 2 unis of Iron guts, 1 unit of Bulls, 1 unit of Gnoblars, Scraplaucher (the Charrior Stone-thower thingie) and some masskiller that arrived on turn 2 from my table edge (edit: Gorge, is it?).

My deployment went all over the place. Gunline got the far right side, Swordmen on the middle, mortar on other side and cannon on other. Knights where on left flank and my wizard near the cannon. He had the Scraplauncher on the midle, Iron guts on both sides and char on one. Viewed form my side, on right was Gnoblars and far right flank, fasing straight on handgunners, the Bulls.

He has the start and Orges get to half of the battlefield, also Scraplaucher misses Swordsmen. My gunnery shows the hell when cannon takes out the scraplauncher and mortar with wizard (w. Lore of Fire...) takes out the right side Ironguts unit. On second turn the masskiller arrives at just to rear of my swordsmen. Then my mortar blows all Gnoblars off and cannon tryes the same for masskiller(or what not...) but doesn't hit.
Third turn and the Ironguts with the boss charges the Swordsmen for front as masskiller charges from the rear, whole unit dies. Maskiller chase the freemen detachment to the right board edge and off the table. Also Bulls charge the Handgunners and they die. Knights charge the Ironguts, killing them, but not the boss. Turns 4-6 and Bulls charge the mortars crew, killing them too. Orge boss just pedals on place (turns and what not). Knights take out bulls, cannon kills the masskiller and wizard kills the orge boos... Fun game, I'd say.


08-01-2007, 10:47
How could you say the helblaster got worse! its now constantly shooting the whole artillery dice(unliike before when it was half for long range) and it is constantly str5 ap-dude thats minus 3 to an armour save ALL the time

08-01-2007, 13:15
But doesn't it need to roll BS for all the shots that Hellblaster does to see wich hit? As before it made automatic hits...