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30-12-2006, 22:25
This is my first attempt at a Wood Elf list, and I won't be able to try it out for a while and am just beginning collecting, so I can still tinker a lot. Here it is:

1 Highborn w/ Great Eagle. Also w/ The Spear of Twilight, The Helm of the Hunt, Stone of Crystal Mere, Light Armor, Shield.

1 Noble. BSB w/ Amour of the Fey

1 Spellsinger w/ Level 2, Calaignor's Stave

1 Spellsinger w/ Level 2

10 Glade Guard

10 Glade Guard

8 Dryads

23 Eternal Guard w/ Full Command

8 Wardancers

8 Wardancers

5 Waywatchers

1 Treeman

I know a lot of you will say to drop the eagle for the highborn, but I love the model and am making fluff for him. So he's staying.

31-12-2006, 00:37
This seems like a balanced list that has the potential to do well, however i warn you that it will be notoriously difficult to play with as your only fast unit is your your lord will not be able to venture into enemy territory alone without being shot out of the sky, plus his role should really be to support the main bulk of your army with leadership etc, since you said that he is staying i would suggest changing the list to be much more speed orientated in order to make best use of his ablities, find room for some warhawks, wildriders and maybe another eagle for a rare choice
i would also change the magic item set up of your lord, something like this i believe would be more effective:
bow of loren, arcane bodkins, stone of crystal mere and an enchanted shield, this way you would be able to threaten potentially any enemy unit on the battlefield with 4 shots a turn ignoring saves plus you would be a bit more protected from enemy fire
I would also say that your magic phase is going to be difficult to make effective due to a moderate amount of power dice plus you are lacking in magic defence and so are going to be suceptible to the enemy magic

31-12-2006, 00:54
My mains opponents are: Tomb Kings, High Elves, Vampire Counts, Dark Elves and soon Beasts of Chaos.

All of your points are well seen. I want a well rounded force, but it does seem like I need to make some changes. Warhawks, Wild Riders, and Glade Riders would be nice. My strategy was to use the Eternal Guard as a centerpiece with a unit of Glade Guard at each side. Then my other stuff would work the flanks. But I'm liking the mobility idea more now. I already bought a box of Glade Guard though, so I would like to make use of them. Also, seeing as how two of my main opponents are Undead I need some hitting power so that I don't lose combat resolution. I could drop the Eternal Guard and a unit of Wardancers (if not both). I love Waywatchers and the Treeman so I would be reluctnt to drop those. The Dryads and second unit of Glade Guard are a toss-up. What should I drop to make this force more mobile?

As I said... I would still like one big unit so that it can handle the big undead units.

31-12-2006, 02:00
If you would like a big unit that can handle itself the eternal gaurd are the way to go as these are realistically the only woodelf unit that can generate static combat resolution, and since your army is lead by a highborn why not forgo the dryads altogether, im guessing here that you want to put the bsb in your eternal guard and so i would suggest giving him an annoyance of nettlings so when you get into combat you can issue a challenge, and force the opponent to hit on sixs otherwise he will just be picked out of the squad
as to get more speed, dropping the dryads as ive suggested would save you points, you could also swap a unit of glade guard for glade riders, after that all i can really think of is dropping the waywatchers or treeman, as if your main opponents are undead the wardancers are a must as they provide an excellent offensive unit, against a five wide frontage the wardancers can throw a massive 21 attacks at the unit with the storm of blades, with luck this can crumble a unit in one turn, plus they have the added bonus of immune to psycholodgy

31-12-2006, 07:53
i like eteranl guard especially in pure WE armies with no forest spirits but if you take them then take more than 1 because these guys are the main target that the enemy will concentrate fire on.

31-12-2006, 19:13
Changed the list up a bit:

1 Highborn w/ Great Eagle, Bow of Loren, Helm of the Hunt, Enchanted Shield, Spear, Light Armor = 268

1 Noble w/ BSB, Annoyance of Netlings, Light Armor = 112

1 Spellsinger w/ Level 2, Calaignor's Stave = 150

1 Spellsinger w/ Level 2, Dispell Scroll = 150

10 Glade Guard = 120

5 Glade Riders = 120

8 Dryads = 96

8 Dryad = 96

17 Eternal Guard w/ Full Command = 214 (Noble goes here)

7 Wardancers = 126

7 Wardancers = 126

5 Waywatchers = 144

1 Treeman = 285

Total = 1995

So far the only models I have are the Highborn on the Great Eagle and the Glade Guard. (I plan on using converted Scouts for Waywatchers so I guess I have those too). I'm still tinkering with how to equip my highborn and I would like to have a little more speed because I'm used to Dwarfs and I need some protection for my general. Any ideas?

Captain Lysander360
31-12-2006, 19:29
take the amulet with a 3+ ward save it will help agaisnt dwarf artillary and shootin and if they got a cc dwarf army you want lots of dryads

Captain Lysander360
31-12-2006, 19:30
because dryads are immune to psychology and they will hold a fair bit

31-12-2006, 19:33
i have found that the bow of loren is not particulary effective without any kind of special arrows to fire from it, and i reckon you should have kept the stone of crysal mere
the glade riders should really have a musician
to get more speed i would drop both squads of dryads and take a unit of wildriders
personally i would have went with your orginal size squad of eternal guard
however as it stands now it looks a lot more solid than your original list and with a bit of playtesting and tweaks where necessary i reckon that this list would work without any more major changes

31-12-2006, 22:56
Nice list.
A few observations in addition to those mentioned:
1) You're light on magic defence - another Scroll would not go amiss.

2) Consider a Branchwraith instead of one of the Spellsingers.
3) Since you're playing Undead - HOD with the Noble, Alter, HOH is a good way to hunt the Necros or Hierophant. Don't need a BSB because Undead will force you to auto break from outnumbering.

01-01-2007, 00:55
i disagree, against undead that plus 1 combat resolution from cumulative standard and bsb is often invaluable for winning or drawing the combat where otherwise you would have lost, plus you will only autobreak if you are outnumbered by the fear causing unit and so the re-roll will come into effect from time to time

01-01-2007, 21:22
I'm going to keep the BSB because I think he'll be useful. And Undead aren't the only army I'll play, they're just the main one I have problems with. Anyways I made two changes:

1 Highborn w/ Great Eagle, HOD Arrow, Amerinthine Brooch, Enchanted Shield, Light Armor, Spear
--- instead of my previous one

5 Glade Riders
--- instead of 10 Glade Guard.. so 10 Riders total

What can I drop in order to get musicians for my riders?

02-01-2007, 00:17
since the amarinthine broach does not extend its save to the mount i believe that you would be better off going with your initial choice of the stone of crystal mere

03-01-2007, 21:25
Decent list

If there's on ehting I would tinker with, I would throw in Glamourweave. It is absolutely faboulous and cheap too!

That's just me though