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12-07-2005, 10:57
Idea for a Peasant Hero. There isn't one to the best of my knowledge. Maybe we can make the fluff to be a collective effort. Think a huge muscular German warrior look alike with a large scar across his face.

Helmbrecht The Yeoman Captain

Helmbrecht count as a Hero Choice.
Cost 180pts


-Peasant's Duty
-Hope: Helmbrecht represents what is possible to be achieved by the common men. He is a symbel of hope for the peasants. All units with the Peasant's Duty may use his Ld within 12".
-Despair: If Helmbrecht is killed, all All units with the Peasant's Duty within 12" must take a panic test.
-Helmbrecht's Regiment: He's the captain of the regiment.He must be in a unit of Men-at-Arms in the begining of the game, but can exit that unit later on. That unit can not upgrade a Yeoman Warden.

-Heavy Armour
-Helmbrecht's Halberd: A larger version of the Halberd. +2Str in first round when charging. Normal Halberd Rule after that.
-Helmbrecht's Helm: A large steel helm given to him by his lord as a reward for his bravary during the battle of Agincourt. 6+ Armour Sv and 6+ ward save.
-Heroism: Helmbrecht is stubborn. Inaddition, the unit he joines is also stubborn for the first round of combat that they loses.

Comment, Suggestions, Ideas?


12-07-2005, 11:13
Name is bit too impeial for a bretonnian peasant...

13-07-2005, 20:46
I don't think a halberd is really a weapon which improves on the charge, quite the opposite in fact.

I have to say, I was hoping the Bretonnians would get a commoner hero. He'd have to be pretty lowly, with maybe only 25 points of magic items, but it would be good to add variety and character. You've probably got that stats about right there.

Battle of Agincourt? That was real, not in WHFB!

Hideous Loon
14-07-2005, 10:18
Yeah, real-world references should only be used without the proper names! :D

Perhaps you should change the halberd's rules to: "Forces the bearer to strike last when he charges. However, in subsequent combat phases, it bestows the bearer with a +2 Strength bonus." That way, it'd be sort of a Gt Weapon, only...not. And reduce his Ld to 7, since the ordinary Ld for commoners is after all 5. And give him a French-ish sounding name, instead of the far too Imperial-sounding Helmbrecht. Just my 2 cents.

Lady's Champion
17-07-2005, 12:17
Is he a special character or an actual army list character??

Lord of Carcassonne
26-07-2005, 12:54
Hmm no bad. I have wrote half year army list for the peasants of Bretonnia.Problem is that I donīt know good Lord and Hero characters for them...

26-07-2005, 14:12
To my knowledge

Agincourts nearest equivelent is Elvincourt (Curses who ever came up with that name) It was fought A Brettonian Lord's mercanary forces against the Elves, and the mercanaries were slaughted.

29-07-2005, 22:16
Agincourts nearest equivelent is Elvincourt (Curses who ever came up with that name) It was fought A Brettonian Lord's mercanary forces against the Elves, and the mercanaries were slaughted.

I was just going to comment on that one! :D The correct name of that battle was Elfincourt, and was featured in an issue of White Dwarf ages ago, as an example of how to use real-world battles to add color to youre fantasy ones.Terrible name, I agree, but quite a nice scenario.

As for Helmbrecht, no Brettonian would ever have such a name, I'm sorry. Think French, not Beowolf! No matter how German-looking you want him, he is still a Brettonian, and as such he should have a Brettonian name.

Like the rules though. You could allow him to be the army general, but if he is, then no knights of any type might be fielded, and all peasant units are down to core, except the Trebuchet.

Anyway, nice rules. Keep them coming, mate!