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31-12-2006, 05:48
Hi, I'm still pretty new to Warhammer 40K. In fact I've never played the table top game, I'm just painting my guys right now and I wanna show them off and see if I can get any advice on how to make em look better.
The Pictures are a little blury and I'm sorry, best I could do.

This is the first figure I bought

31-12-2006, 05:48
These were the next ones I did

31-12-2006, 05:49
And this is the most recent

Yeah, I realize the crappy quality.
Also, tips to make them less blurry would rock!

31-12-2006, 06:09
make sure the camera settings are on mini, its usually a flower icon. a background helps out a bit too, I just use construction paper. as far as the painting goes, looking damn fine. your color choice is solid, as is the attention to detail. all I would say is try a bit of shading and highlights. marines don't need much, but it really stands out on the metal bits. a thin black wash would do wonders. viva la chaos!

31-12-2006, 09:20
You seem to be a very tidy painter, these look real good for the first minis you have done. Too bad the pics are very blurry, the camera focuses into the background - if your camera does not focus very close, take pictures more far (like the one with 4 models, that shows details also) and crop them only showing the model you want.

Now that you are able to paint tidily, you can start to add some shading and highlights to make them even better. I think someone else can give some URL's to tutorials how to achieve them - anyhow the point is to make "shadows" of darker colour into recesses and paint the highest parts with lighter colour.

Also nice bases add a great deal to the miniatures, some glued sand, painted brown and drybrushed with lighter brown is very easy way to make nice desert bases.

Keep on painting, that is the only way to learn more - and we all have new things to learn, all the time.

Brush your teeth
31-12-2006, 09:48
the painting in general looks very nice and clean especially for someone who's just starting.

to step the level up though youll want to start adding more depth to the colours

the easiest ways to do this are probably drybrushing (get an old brush, take most of the paint of on a papre towel and then dryly brush paint onto the model) ink washes (watered down paint of a darker shade put over the area and the dark paint will run into recesses)

or slightly harder, although gives a nicer result, methods of adding depth to a colour is to highlight and shade, basically you start with the colour lower that you generally want then paint the shade up on over the top followed by a lighter shade again where the light falls.
so for a green armour plate you would paint, dark angels green => snot green => goblin green

ok, so those probably arent the best decriptions ever but hopefully thet make some sense :rolleyes:

31-12-2006, 11:27
very clena and tidy painting, and nice clean coats on the red. i think i see a very talented painted budding here! :D

try using darker tones of your colours on the areas and then only paint the edges in the current tone, it adds highlights tot he model and adds realism

31-12-2006, 18:15
Thank you to everyone who posted and I think I'll try to shade them a little more.

I did unblur the pictures so I'ma post a few


05-01-2007, 20:48
I was going to update with 2 new figures but...I can't seem to find the cord to connect the Pc to the Camera.....hrm

05-01-2007, 21:06
Good painting, nice and clean. maybe a bit too clean. I always see chaos as a dirty, don't care about armor maintenance sorta group. I would definitely suggest some shading and highlighting. Maybe try thinning your paints too. A few spots look a little chunky like the right arm and autocannon on the top marine. It could just be the camera/lighting though. Other than that good job and keep it up

05-01-2007, 21:13
did you buy ink? i use chestnut ink mainly, i quite a neutral colour,mixing with green for example wont work, but mix it with dark tones to get a better blend wiht the basecoat.

e.g for dark metal us eblack ink, or chestnut ink + watery black

for wood (light or dark brown) either use plain brown or chestnut ink, or add somehting like a little watery brown to the chestnut ink.

hope it goes well, marko

05-01-2007, 22:13
Far better (and tiddier by light years!) than my first models. I like them; you'll have a good ground to work shades and highlights on later too, when you've gotten better. Unlike me, and supposedly most of us :).

Oh, don't worry about gaming and getting into it; it took me one year to play a semi-'serious' game and two years before I got myself to buy rules (not army) books. One'll get into it, I promise, and you're already at the painting point I was after a year's hard work!


05-01-2007, 22:31
Pretty good for first minis. Next thing to try would be taking the mould lines off. After that, try a bit of drybrushing (one of the easiest things to do, bar regular 'slapping it on') and then, if you feel ready, go onto basing. If you add these things in, your models will, overall, look alot better.

06-01-2007, 06:03
Thanks for the tips everyone, also here are 2 more guys I finished.

Kinda got creative this time 'round...I thought, I don't like this tentacle as an arm...so how about a leg? So I chopped off a leg and glued that in it's place :-D

06-01-2007, 09:45
nice. your converting even at this early stage! also, your paintings getting better again :D

well done, marko

New Cult King
06-01-2007, 09:53
Very tidy indeed, and nice choice of colours. Let me let you in on a little secret though: inks are your friend. They instantly add depth and shading, especially to your metallics. Very good start though.

06-01-2007, 10:16
Wow, that's what I call a fast progress! I second Marko's and New Cult King's posts; Black Ink (and perhaps a Brown too if you like the result?) fur the armour with a Mithril Silver highlight, and Dark Green Ink for the Marine-mutant's skin, Brown Ink for the leather straps and thinned-down Brown Ink for the red. That's at least how I'd paint it (though with a few highlights, but that you can do later on - no worries) :).


06-01-2007, 17:47
Heh, thanks guys!!! I'm most likely going to try with inks soon, I'm just broke for another week, so it's basic Chaos Painting until then :-P

06-01-2007, 19:22
I decided to give basing a try, so here's my first attempt at it, I'll post finished pictures later.

The Marines gold paint isn't done, I don't have shining gold paint just burnished gold so it takes longer to put on.

06-01-2007, 19:45
Not bad on the basing, try glueing sand on, giving it a wash of brown/chestmut ink, then if you want drybrushing it a lighter brown. That will look a lot better than just a painted base. The actual minis though for first tries are phenomenal. Nice and tidy, and I even spot a bit of freehand on one guys shoulder pad! Sweet conversion too :). Keep up the good work.

06-01-2007, 21:10
Destris summed it up I's about to say - and a bit more. Very good base. If you have any Blutac around you can use it to try different poses and mixes of arms, torsos heads etc. Just a tip :).

Ah, that freehand's good - kill count. Use it on some others too if you like it! They reminds me of the Red Corsairs, though the Corsairs are more red. I like the colour scheme anyway - keep it up.


06-01-2007, 21:37
I would say, That If you gave near enough all of the model a black wash It would make them look ten times better.

Definetly add a little water to your paints to make them less thick. A few smaller coats is always always better than one thick coat.

If you dont know what a black wash is. il explain. Its easy enough to do. Simply take your chaos black and add water to it. people say to get it to a roughly milky consitency. But Its not vital. Just get it so when It goes on the model it runs into all the crevicys and stays there.

It will take a litle practise but It will look alot better.

06-01-2007, 21:53
Good work for first a first timer. Certainly tidier than my first attempts at painting!

This colour scheme is very similar to my own Chaos Marines. There is a thread in the MPT general forum that I've just posted entitled 'Red Corsairs'.
Please take a look for reference.

The more you paint the better you'll get and always look back at your earliest attempts so that you can see the progress you're making.

Keep up the good work.

07-01-2007, 06:04
And here I thought nobody would care about a guy just beggining Warhammer minis, thanks for the emotional support guys!!!!

Here's my first finished guy with a base.


07-01-2007, 11:00
We've all been beginners (well the excitement I feel when something new comes out or when there is something enormously 'cool' someone have converted or done could put me as a five-year beginner myself :)), and it's always fun to support and give tips to others.

I second Shaw3029's black wash tip.


Nemesis Inferno
07-01-2007, 12:04
I like these...Much better than my first models as well...

With the base though, you need to get modelling sand and some PVA (available in most other hobby shops, not just GW), put the PVA over the base, then put the model in a tub filled with the sand and voila...The sand/gravel/etc. can even be painted to suit a certain area...

But apart from that, the painting's lovely and crisp, just need to start with adding the depth to them and you're well on your way...

07-01-2007, 12:09
Yeah, the models is certainly better than my first ones, my mates' firsts ones, my brother's first ones and supposedly 90% of all hobbyists first ones. :D


07-01-2007, 12:11
Theres a few things that I can probably guess at that'd help your painting -

First, did you do an undercoat because it doesnt look like it - I'd suggest you buy a tin of black spray paint and learn how to use it.. it'll soon become your bestist friend :D

Second, get a few inks. Black and brown, or flesh wash is pretty nifty. You've got skill for a beginner so using inks should start testing you a bit more.

Er... apart from that, my brain is shot to pieces but your getting there. Also good to see that your paying attention to bases at an early stage - they can make or break a mini...

07-01-2007, 12:16
Black paint spray tin - a big leap forward, since it gives you a dark basecoat to work from and some shadows in the recesses (though not all recesses as you'll cover some during painting) and I think most would agree with me that Black and Brown Ink is a must, with other Inks coming later as voluntary additions. A Black Ink over the Space Marine power fist lying at the Chaos Space Marine's base should take it a big leap forward, and if you then carefully highlighted the corners, ends and details (laurelled skull in this case) it should go a long way.


07-01-2007, 18:56
Once agian, thanks for all the tips!!! Right now I'm working on an almost finished mini, and I tried a black wash before I started painting, so hopefully you guys will like it.

07-01-2007, 19:51
Alright, heres my newest creation, I decided to make a Chaos who wasn't blasting away at his Imperial Foes. This marine has a slight story behind him of which I decided I liked to create.

-=A Space Marines Letter to an old Friend=-
"Today started out like a normal day. I was awoken by the sound of a Frag Grenade and a scream. Another brother of mine has fallen. I had to keep a lookout during the day, but it seemed today the betrayers of the emperor wanted to finish this small war. Within the hour our two forces had fully engaged each other in close ranged combat, which gave us an advantange...many of these Chaos seemed to only be carrying bolters. We quickly beat them back toward their 'base' if it could be called that.

A single shot, from nowhere to be seen had executed their commander. One of our snipers had done his job well. The Chaos quickly fell into a scramble. One lone Chaos walked right to the fallen body of his commander and picked up a medal or an insignia which he was wearing. The man grasped it and screamed with a fury of which I've never heard before.

The Chaos don't seem to be complete savages of which I have recognized them to be....it seems as if, they can still find a way to form a special bond with a commander as if a father figure. Bah, I shouldn't think such heresy towards the Holy Emperor......"

So as you can recognize this marine rallied his fellow troops after they fell into disorganization.


08-01-2007, 00:29
Start undercoating you minis before you paint! Yes its a ball ache but trust me, its the best thing in the long run. Apart from that your getting better - cant wait to see more and watch you improve

08-01-2007, 00:54
Start undercoating you minis before you paint! Yes its a ball ache but trust me, its the best thing in the long run. Apart from that your getting better - cant wait to see more and watch you improve

undercoat, like a wash of black? cause i did that in my latest one

08-01-2007, 01:22
hey looking good mate!
first off an undecoat of black means that before you start painting with any colours get some black spray paint from GW or black paint and a big brush and paint the whole miniature black with watered down paint or spray it totally black with spray paint then let it dry. This will give you a base for the rest of the paints and they will come out alot better and give you an added depth to colours and also provides some easy shading and highlights. Also known as priming a miniature. Also paint wont come off as much if it has a good under coat to attach its self to.

Ok now thats done, these guys look pretty damn good for a beginner. I'm a fan of the black and red colour scheme they look suitably chaosy with out going over the top like some schemes do in the search for a chaos look. The metallics (silver and gold trim) off sets the black and red well and adds some depth to the miniature as well as providing a feeling that the space marine had been out there killing in the name of chaos for thousands of years.

The bases on the last two marines are looking pretty good and you seem to have realised that the miniatures base is a very important thing and it can make or break the miniature sometimes as has been already stated. The powerfist lying on the ground is a very nice addition, but i second the use of PVA glue and sand (or FLOCK as it is sometimes known) as this is a very easy way to do a base and it will look good and can be painted to represent any type of terrain.

Another pointer on the use of black ink: once you have painted an area in silver, so the backpack bits, bolter, chest icons and other such assorted areas, get some black ink and paint the black ink onto the silver so that the silver doesnt look as shiny and seems a bit dirty and gritty. Also if you have flesh wash or chesnut ink you can do the same to the gold and red areas of the armour. And if you feel up to it when you have finished painting the ink onto the silver go back to it with silver paint and very carefully paint some silver on the edges of the area you inked, creating highlights and making the miniature look very cool.

SO yeah good luck with the painting and i will keep and eye or two out for any other developments.

The Emperor Protects

08-01-2007, 20:47
I'm outta minis and outta money, so when I get paid I'ma go out and buy more minis and stuff for bases, so I'll be back next week!

09-01-2007, 13:51
Improvement; mark my words. We'll await next week. What's the hobby plans for then?


09-01-2007, 21:03
;1204824']Improvement; mark my words. We'll await next week. What's the hobby plans for then?


Hehe, you wont have to wait! I got 20 bucks for an small oddjob, and I got a Chaos Terminator Champion. So I'm working on him. I already washed him with black. I also got Black Ink so He should look grimey...I hope. Also I'm unsure on the base....It's a bigger base than normal so I can fit more, I prolly wont think him finished until I get sand to put on the base...I'm thinking either, Desert, Snowy Land, or City...Not sure yet.

11-01-2007, 00:04
Alright, so It took me a long time to finish jsut the head and one gun/arm.....I've been short on time since School started back up. Anyway, I think this one arm outdoes all my other minis combined!! I Washed underneath with black, I did the gun in 2 different silvers and 2 golds...and it has been washed in black ink, so this was more work than most of my other mini's...This Champion should come out looking great!


For the Dark Gods!

11-01-2007, 08:10
I agree (and wants to be sick so I can go home painting minis instead of being at School!); that's great. Your metallics are really improving, and the deep red makes a good contrast.

Let Chaos rule! :)


12-01-2007, 03:45
I'm really liking how this guys going, I'm spending a lot of time on him. Specially this arm....since its more Arm and less gun/weapon. LET THE DOGS OF THE FALSE EMPEROR FEEL OUR FURY!


12-01-2007, 05:08
Looking good now. I can't wait for more pics. If you do need and suggestions on ur colours ask me :) For the gold try starting from brazen brass then shininggold or burnished. I normally do for gold

some dark bown :p
brazen brass
shining gold
a brown coloured wash (use a brown colour) mainly brown ink
shining gold
burnished gold

If you follow that you will be looking at ur gold and thinking that is just lovely. The silver stuff try do a black ink wash then highlight it with ur silver leaving the black in the recesses. It makes it look a bit old and gives it an earthy feel.

Good luck on more minis!

12-01-2007, 11:52
I think the gold is looking good as it is now, though later on you may want to add colours and follow tips. Don't forget to wash the metal black (the flamer head or whatever it is needs some black in the holes). Out of interest, I paint gold this way:

Tin Bitz
Dwarf Bronze
Brown Ink wash
Shining Gold highlight
Shining Gold+Mithril Silver extreme highlight

Good luck with the Terminator anyway and LET THE LORDS OF CHAOS RULE!


13-01-2007, 18:50
I feel kinda silly to post one pic, even of such a small piece of the Terminator. I'm only posting it because I'm very proud of the Impaled Marine Helmet.


It's a Salamander Marine who met this terminator in battle, poor dude.
And thanks for all the tips, once Agian I've lsot painting time to work, so I'll try to finish the Champions Body ASAP

13-01-2007, 20:57
It looks very good, as though the Salamander helmet have been feeling unnatural or Immaterial influences and suddenly the laws of physics or nature is playing bastard over it, or something. Very well anyway!


17-01-2007, 01:42
I finished the terminator and I'm quite proud! Though I'm not sure what to do with the base...


17-01-2007, 02:13
All I want to ask is what colour are u undercoating in white, black or grey

17-01-2007, 04:03
All I want to ask is what colour are u undercoating in white, black or grey

Uhm, a Black wash

17-01-2007, 04:05
i would assume he's undercoating black, the red gore seems darker. Good job on these so far though, so far things are looking alright everything is done well and neatly. The only thing i think your terminator needs is shading for his gun as i think it looks a bit bland.

17-01-2007, 16:35
i would assume he's undercoating black, the red gore seems darker. Good job on these so far though, so far things are looking alright everything is done well and neatly. The only thing i think your terminator needs is shading for his gun as i think it looks a bit bland.

His guns very dark, thats just the flash of the camera. I can't turn it off because it's dim in this room.

17-01-2007, 17:40
It's very good! As for the base I have no idea.


17-01-2007, 18:58
So you're undercoating by hand then? Well as long as the paint is thinned it does give pretty much the same effect (as I can see in your smooth and tidy minis :)) but undercoating by hand compared to spray has a greater risk of chipping, especially on pewter, so be careful! ;)

Other than that little warning, they look all rather good, and I love the paint scheme, totally ace.

20-01-2007, 17:37
I have decided on a very simple base, here it is.


01-02-2007, 00:06
Hrm, 2 weeks of down time, bleh. Sorry aboot that. I got World of Warcraft Burning Crusade, and I've been working. But I got 2 new models, a Chaos Icon Bearer, and I decided to try myself at painting an Eldar. So I'll have those two done in a week or so. Maybe longer....Work :'(

01-02-2007, 01:02
By "undercoat," we mean "prime." Primer is different from paint, and paint adheres better to a primed mini than bare metal/plastic. I suggest a can of DupliColor Black Hot Rod sandable primer; it goes on smooth and paints up so well, your work will look even better.

01-02-2007, 07:41
We'll surely have patience!

The bases are great - perhaps simple, but great nonethless. How did you do the stones? The cut-lines-in-the-base's-top-to-resemble-paving-stones trick or with some material?

Besides, recently I've run out of black spray, but I only spray batches of models and paints individual models I wants to paint with Black Ink and Chaos black as a basecoat.


02-02-2007, 03:15
;1262296']We'll surely have patience!

The bases are great - perhaps simple, but great nonethless. How did you do the stones? The cut-lines-in-the-base's-top-to-resemble-paving-stones trick or with some material?

Besides, recently I've run out of black spray, but I only spray batches of models and paints individual models I wants to paint with Black Ink and Chaos black as a basecoat.


If by stones you mean, my first two bases, that was cut up pieces of plastic, the tiles are note card paper.

02-02-2007, 13:47
Ah, simple and effective; good work.


02-02-2007, 22:54
I finished the vehicle part of my Eldar Jetbike, minus the steering mechanism, which is already painted....not glued, but the eldar should be painted by sunday.


03-02-2007, 14:46
Nice freehand! We're awaiting the finished jetbike. :)


03-02-2007, 15:00
That's great. Next thing you could do is the gems, possibly in a red.

03-02-2007, 15:08
That's great. Next thing you could do is the gems, possibly in a red.

Gems? What's that?

03-02-2007, 20:18
The gems (the big they'd be in reality would earn you a fortune if you sold it to a jeweller!) are the "half-egg" round bits protruding from the stabilisation wings, on the chassis and more. Eldar models are full of them. :)

For example, check this ranger that I painted recently (yeah, I know, on the glossy side :D):

The gems are painted red, blue or green. There's a simple technique how to do nice gems (involving lighter colours at high grades - but that can be added later. as I said before; your models are real good and you will only have to add to them later on rather than not thinking they can be used beside your later models as I. for example, thinks about my first paintings - which was all thick colours of a tin soldiers paint which I somehow managed to obscure all details and I wouldn't show if my life depended on it) where you paint most of the gem with your chosen colour, but leaves a space at the top - or, in the case of that ranger's rifle, bottom (a mistake, not intential) - black or paints it black, and then adds a dot of either white or a brighter metal colour (like Chainmail or Mithril SIvler) to the black field to represent a distand light catching the the gem. Red'd work fine on the jetbike I think, though you need not paint the gems as gems of course. :)


07-02-2007, 20:31
Thanks for the advice man, but I don't think I'll add the gem color to this bike, I kinda like it how it looks now, maybe my next eldar model will have them.


I like how this came out, it's acually a little darker blue than the picture makes it seem.

My next guy is a Chaos Icon bearer.

08-02-2007, 07:47
Good jetbike! I'd want to make the biker's suit a little darker, but apparently the picture makes it look lighter.


08-02-2007, 22:08
;1281457']Good jetbike! I'd want to make the biker's suit a little darker, but apparently the picture makes it look lighter.


Yeah, the suit is acually Enchanted Blue, so it's quite a bit darker

13-02-2007, 17:10
Yeah, the suit is acually Enchanted Blue, so it's quite a bit darker

I got really lazy and quit the Icon bearer half way through, so I bought a Wraithgaurd and a Autarch. Wraithgaurds almost done

31-07-2007, 15:28
uhm, I got lazy. Heh, I switched my army to Tau, but They bored me! I'm back to Chaos. And I've spent too mcuh money now to turn back, haha! When I get the cable for the camera to the PC I'll upload a few new pictures. My whole First Squad is finished, the icon bearer is finished, a Bike is done, and I finished 1 Deamonette of Slaneesh to see what you guys think about it. I still need an HQ though...I'm stuck on that part. Any Suggestions?