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31-12-2006, 14:26
I would like to show the people around here what my ideas are, and I would like to know what other Empire players would have liked to see in the new AB.

So I would have liked to see that the Emp. infantry ea-quells each other.
Today the swordsman are still the best choice, but i would like to see more halbardiers for instance.

I would have liked to see new weapon rules for halberd's or spears and the inf stay at 6 points. In my opinion that would have made more sense.

I would have liked to See that the General is more of an option compared to the Archlector or the Grandmaster. This could have been achieved by keeping the Griffon banner at 50 points.

I would have liked to see some new Magic items.

I would have liked to see an AB that encourages the players to field a state troop heavy empire army not only because you will save pints but because you can count on your troops.

I like to see:
Infantry has gotten cheaper(at least something happened so it strengthens at least the whole army)

More character choices (even if I think the Archlektor is a bit strong and the general a bit weak)

Still useful Steamtank and Hellfire (tough the last one now has a different use like shooting big models or units with high AS like treeman or knights)

So I think the new empire AB is still competive maybe a bit more than before, but i would have liked to see a fluffier approach, because you all are right if you say there will be more inf. because it is cheaper now, but the game will still be won by units like Knights, artillery or Steam tanks, not by the queen of battle the Infantry.

So feel free to give your opinions. What would you have liked to see?

31-12-2006, 14:41
Have to say that I've always found empire infantry to be perfectly reliable within the context of the army. Certainly they won't go toe-to-toe with undamaged units of chaos warriors but with the combination of detachments and the empire army's ability to whittle down dangerous units the state regiment blocks are good enough.
I completely see your point that they won't be the battle winners, but I don't really think anything in the empire army is nor should be, its about combined arms.

Personally I welcome the changes to the rare choices and the griffon banner. The griffon banner was a no-brainer, the steam tank seems to have regressed to being "fun and often effective" as opposed to the loathed no-brainer it was and the helblaster changes were necessary. Any auto-hitting contraptions seem daft to me.

Currently, I'm just excited by cheaper greatswords. I'm going to need to play a fair few games with the new book before I give any strong impressions. You never know, I might be back here next week with my dummy firmly spat out, complaining endlessly. I doubt it, but it could happen.

31-12-2006, 14:50
I think I will field greatswords more often now myself.
But I really would have liked so see more choice. Don't get me wrong there are plenty of them but I think the most common Lord choice will be the Archlector on war altar and so on.

31-12-2006, 15:36
I think I will field greatswords more often now myself.
But I really would have liked so see more choice. Don't get me wrong there are plenty of them but I think the most common Lord choice will be the Archlector on war altar and so on.

Nah, with empire sometimes you just need cheap Ld. You won't always be able to make room for big flashy characters.

I would have liked to see halberdiers made a worthy choice by letting them fight in 2 ranks but taken away the option for shields so that they became fighty but vunerable to missile fire. That way there would be a real choice to be made and each would serve their place under certain circumstances.

31-12-2006, 16:06
I wanted to see detachment rules change back to how they were in 5th Edition.

31-12-2006, 16:45
How did they go then? (My 5th ed book is in the attic and there's an evil monkey up there)

31-12-2006, 17:13
I would like to have an evil monkey too!

As for the 5th edition detachment rules, they were quite weak compared to 6th edition - the only benefit that the detachment got was that they could use the parent unit Ld if within 8" of the parent unit. They also caused panic like everyone else.

31-12-2006, 17:15
the main thing that i liked about the new book was the vast improvement on the warrior priests and flagellants, these things just rock, they can hit hard plus have immense staying power

The Judge
31-12-2006, 17:34
I would liked to see less cherubs all over the place, and less mechanical steeds... new magic items would really be my only request, rules-wise. I't easy to complain about the miniatures... but for the most part I am happy with them.

Mad Doc Grotsnik
31-12-2006, 22:47
I'm doing my second Empire army now, and have found the list somewhat conducive to theme tailoring, due to the low points of the infantry allowing decent sixed blocks without compromising on the more potent areas of the list! I've plumped for 25 Spearmen, with detachments of 10 Halberds and 5 Handgunners. Not too bad for 215 points a throw if you ask me.

And the characters are pretty good too, when you consider how cheap they are! Is all about having a theme if you ask me.

01-01-2007, 00:50
Personally, the only thing I really would have liked to see and was sorely disaapointed with is that they didn't do anything with the relationship between the Empire General (Count) and Greatswords. I wish they would have done something similar like with Warrior Priests and Flaggies. Would be nice if you could recruit 1 squad of Greatswords as Core if you had an Empire General as your army general. Would totally give me more incentive to use them over Arch Lectors. Everything else, I'm pretty happy with. I never really used knights nor have I been too crazy with artillery (used pretty much just cannon) or really messed too much with magic weapons (my characters are bare bones for the most part) so the EMpire army is near perfect for me.

Mad Doc Grotsnik
01-01-2007, 01:18
Interesting how people are saying that because X is more pokey than Y, they won't use X.

Have people forgotten about themeing their own armies? I've managed one almost by accident. Putting together my General, I used the floppy hat, and runefang, and decided I wanted a more dynamic pose, so pinched a Repeater pistol from the Pistolier set. Suddenly, he looked like a Witch Hunter, and my theme was born.

Will it be the most powerful force the Empire can field? Probably not. I only have a Mortar by way of Artillery, and no Offensive Magic at all. But with any luck, it will be a memorable encounter for my opponents.

The Empire book is pretty much dandy from my point of view. The Magic Items remain mostly complementary, as do the characters various special abilities. The troops are wonderfully bog standard, but have the Detachment rule to give the enemy what for.

If I wanted rock hard Magic, I'd stick with Elves. If I wanted combat nutters, I'd either finish off my Saurus army, or go with Chaos. And if I wanted Artillery up the wazoo, I'd have designed the army somewhat differently, or taken Dwarfs, and the Dwarven Army Of Numbing Inevitability! (DAONI)....... But no, I wanted a 'good' horde army, and thats exactly what I've got!

01-01-2007, 09:05
Happy new year everybody:p
Tonight something around midnight, I was remembered why I love the Empire so much.
It is because of all the Guns and all the other stuff that does smoke, smell an thunders so that the enemy must fear that judgment day has arrived(or anything else that suites they're belief).

This happens every time to me I see some fireworks or I hear a Canon been fired.
Watching all the Firework tonight made me think of the Hellstrom Rocked battery.

Imagine you(member of XY race) standing on the battlefield with little or no knowledge about science. Suddenly from the lines of the enemy there are rising 9 fireballs into the sky(but you can't see a dragon or something else you would expect to throw something like these). A few seconds after you first saw them you can hear then screaming in an awfull and strange high voice. Then you notice that these Fireballs from Hell are coming your direction.
Seconds later all you hear is a terrible thunder you see nothing but thick smoke and smell sulphur, you recognize most of your comrades are dead or wounded but you luckily survived.

Now don't you agree a hit from a Rocket battery should force the unit to take a panic check?

01-01-2007, 09:13
The AB is awesome, i m totally satisfied with it.

I agree that Halberds are weak, but i think this should be addressed in the main rules of the game. Perhaps let them have armor piercing or fight in ranks with S bonus only on the front rank, i don't know. But it's not the cost of the model, it's the rules of the item, meanwhile hand weapon is free. If anything, hand weapon should cost one each, and spears should be free (for all armies).
I think the archlector isn't all that tough, but the chariot he gets is grim.
If there's any one thing i would have wanted, is a new banner only take able by armies with the empire general, and perhaps another item or two that only he could use.