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31-12-2006, 19:19
Hi all

This is my first attempt at a list for a series of 1,500pts battles in my local store. Rip it apart if necessary please!

Pure of Heart, Ring of Fury, Enchanted Shield, Biting Blade, dragon armour

Level 2 Wizard, Seer, Dispel scroll

Level 2 Wizard, Ring of Corin, Jewel of the Dusk

12 Archers-156pts
Light armour

12 Archers-156pts
Light armour

16 Spearmen-206pts
Full command

8 Silver Helms-234pts
Shields, heavy armour, full command, Banner of Ellyrion

Repeater Bolt Thrower-100pts

Repeater Bolt Thrower-100pts

Total: 1,498pts

Cheers in advance for all help

Move Fast Hit Low
31-12-2006, 19:37
thats a lot of archers, with 2 RBTs at most you only need one group of archers, since they archers are unreliable, use the extra points to boost your spearmen

i also think your commander on foot is too weak in CC either put him on a steed or give him better magic armour

31-12-2006, 21:15
I put the Commander in the Spearmen unit, and wait until the enemy gets so frustrated they charge him, and then get flanked by the Silver Helms. The archers, bolt throwers and mages exist solely to frustrate the enemy into making rash actions

Move Fast Hit Low
31-12-2006, 22:43
ah i see, your trying to play HE like they are meant to be played, this tactic wouldnt work too well against your standard gun line army, but against O&G, Lizardmen, and a real horde of chaos this would probably work, hold onto this list, it might be more viable when HE get redone, right now i think you could do average with it, against armies with better magic tho, you will be forced to turn one of those mages into a scroll caddy

also drop the light armour on one of the archers, they are expensive enough, with those extra points you can add another spearmen and put them in three ranks (with your commander inside)

if your gonna sit back though, i would use 2k pts so you could use an archmage and really show them some HE magic fire power, as it stands i dont know if those mages will do enough damage

31-12-2006, 22:47
1. Nice to see a HE player specify which character gets Pure of Heart. Some players I know simply choose during the game. (Check other HE army lists)
2. I like the list myself.
3. Move FastHit Low is right 2 unit of 10 Archers is better and might enable you to have 2 units of 5 Helms with a little fine adjustment.

31-12-2006, 22:59
Thanks guys, this is actually the first time i've ever put together a High Elf list! I only bought them the other day with money from Christmas-and the campaign must be 1,500pts. My previous army were the Tomb Kings, and I think i'm using too many of their shooty, magical tactics judging from your comments. I shall head straight down my store when it next opens and get some more Silver Helms and Spearmen

Cheers guys!;)

01-01-2007, 13:22
Interesting list, but quick armies and dwarves won't lose a battle against that list. Well, perhaps dwarves could.