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Duke of York
01-01-2007, 00:43
Alright i have started putting together all the models i got in the new army set and decided to see how many points i could get from it. Reminding myself i had a few models i had bought about a year ago (i started to make an empire army, but quickly lost interest :cries: ) i took stock of them as well. After discovering two half put together boxes of infantry men, an unopened box of handgunners, a cannon, and an old battel wizard given to me by a friend i realized i probably had enough for a 2000 point list.

So only using what i had i made my first Empire list:

Count Elias Alptraum of Averland: 195pts.
general, full plate, shield, runefang

Captain Bernard of Tilea: 62pts
Warhorse, full plate, shield, lance

Battle Wizard Dillain: 125pts.
level 2, d. scroll, lore of fire.

Battle Wizard Allesio: 125pts.
level 2, lore of light, D. Spell scroll.

28 swordsmen (count, and Allesio go here) 193pts.
full comand

10 hand gunners(detachment for swordsmen) 80pts.

20 Spearmen 120pts.
full comand

10 hand gunners(detachement for spearmen) 80pts.

20 Spearmen 116pts.
S.B. Chmp.

20 handgunners 160pts.

5 knightly of the order (captain is in it) 155pts.
full comand, lances

6 knights of the order 178pts.
full comand, lances

2 units of 5 outriders 105pts each.

2 cannons 100pts each

Total points: 1999pts.

In the future i hope to make it resembel more of my themed Army(the previous rulers of Averland [the Alptraums] quest to take it back) but i simply do not yet have the men to do that yet.

I plan to alter the knights so that they look like regiments of tillean heavy cavalry as if my general had hired them and so on.

I would love to hear your suggestions and critiques of the list, and more importantly i would like to hear suggestions of what i can do in the future when i get more models to make it seem a bit more like its from Averland.

Thanks in advance for any and all advice :)