View Full Version : Il-Kaithe Bone Singers in battle

01-01-2007, 01:30
How do you envision they Il-Kaithe's elite battle bonesingers? If you have ever seen the cartoon show Avatar I kinda see them like the earth binders on there. Bringing up walls of wraithbone to protect themselves and conjuring then hurling spikes and big boulders of wraithbone at the enemy.

Whats your view?

01-01-2007, 02:16
have there been extensive articles about Il-Kaithe's 'Battle Bonesingers'? The entry in the Eldar Codex about Il-Kaithe suggests that they fill the same niche as the Mekboy and Techmarine, doing spot repairs on vehicles and that sort of thing. Your vision is interesting, but the art of bonesinging seems to be more delicate and time consuming than being able to simply raise a 10 foot high wall of wraithbone in the span of a heartbeat. Well, my idea of what bonesinging would look like.

01-01-2007, 02:42
That is how I envision normal Bone-Singers. But with the Il-Kaithe I just have the enclination of seeing them take a more active role

01-01-2007, 06:23
I was really hoping one would come out.

I was thinking apothecary for wraithguard.

A warlock upgrade.

Then it got complicated.

Upgrades as:
Warlock psychic powers?
D6 random roll for abilty like repair weapon destoried or immobilised?

I want a bone singer to do support role things like the farseer in dawn of war, a wraith bone thorn - enemy move restrictivity and wraithbone walls for cover save or extra toughness.

It goes really well for Eldar having supportive units.

As an elites choice, a warlock thats a techmarine/apothecary/shortseer.

If a psychic test or leadership test was part of the equation then do notice that warlocks are only leadership 8 and pssing the test is not easy, its not hard either mind you, and if you buy the powers or the bonesinger upgrade costs 30+ points then the risk of it failing will be fair at a 60% chance.