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01-01-2007, 01:47
well im just starting out in wfb my bro is goin for orcs and goblins and im goin for the dwarfs, i currently have 20 warriors, 10 thunderes, 8 miners, dragon slayer, cannon and a thane ( just what came in battle for skull pass) im looking for quite a shooty army backed up with some tough cc to defend my units.

ok first question:
quarellers (sp) or thunderers or rangers

second question:
hammers or ironbreakers.

last questions
slayers or not?

01-01-2007, 05:16
ok first question:
quarellers (sp) or thunderers or rangers

second question:
hammers or ironbreakers.

last questions
slayers or not?

I love using thunderers, but the guy I play with the most uses a lot of Chaos knights. I basically try to support the thunderers with the quarellers, and I have two units of each.

I love the hammerers. Their stubbornness is very importants, as are their great weapons. Take a Lord, place him in a hammerers unit, and kill at will.

I have a unit of Slayers, but I've never used them. I tend toward a very shooty Dwarf list with units of infantry to beat the heck out of softened up units.

Use the miners as dwarfs with great weapons. I have a unit each of great weapon warriors and hand weapon/shield warriors, and the great weapons have consistently done the best for me. I have a unit of miners, and when I play them as miners, they tend to die. They are handicapped by not being able to do anything on the turn they come in on.

01-01-2007, 10:13
1. If your looking for a shooty army then rangers are not really what your looking for. They maybe able to march block a bit, but are expensive and the points are best spent elsewhere. Quarrellers are good, but thunderers are better. The extra +1 to hit is invaluable.
2. Hammerers all the way, due to their stubborness rule. The Ironbreakers get the best save, but it almost impossible to remove hammerers.
3. I like slayers. They aren't all that tough as they get no save. But they can hold a flank if needed for several turns, which is valuable if the rest of your troops are shooty based.
The problem your faced with is just how much shooty stuff do you take. Too much and you will get overrun, not enough and you will not do enough damage to the enemy combat units by the time they reach your lines.

01-01-2007, 14:45
My current Dwarf list uses exactly what I got in skull pass minus the slayer. It's only lost me two games out of about six.

01-01-2007, 15:02
Another option for your army is to give your thunderers shields. The worst dwarf missile armed soldier is a match for most armies elites this way. Can't really complain about a 4+ save in CC.

Also, as has been said Hammerers are the way to go. Ironbreakers are nice, but all the armor save you can get doesn;t help against the insane amounts of ignore armor weapons around. I run my Hammerers with shields, and that gives me the option to hold indefinitely ny getting a nive save, or dish out the hurt with great weapons. I found my Ironbreakers tend to be fire magnets more then anything else.

Slayers are excellent to tarpit enemy units. Just avoid using them to bog down anything with alot of attacks and your WS and T should keep your slayers around long enough for the rest of the army to do it's job. Most of my opponents end up amazed at the amount of punishment my slayers can dish out and tae, but I also field them 25 strong with command, so it takes a serious effort to get rid of them.

Use miners as miners, just the distraction they cause as they sit on a sideboard waiting to arrive is priceless, and once they do, it doesn't take many war machines knocked out to earn their points back.


02-01-2007, 06:10
thunderers have a plus to hit which makes a huge difference on wounds scored on the enemy. however the crossbows have 6 inches more range which means that they can useually be targeting usefully on turn 1. I have both in my army and often take a mix but if you are starting out and working within a budget then go for thunderers.

hammerers are a great unit. stubborn and if with a lord they are also imune to fear and terror. this means they will almost always stand and fight and can also hurt high toughness monsters and dont have to worry about fear autobreaks. Ironbreakers have won me many battles by thier ability to ride out an attack and win combat rtesolution in that or the next round. I have both and tend to tailer my list depending on opponent. it is hard to field both of them because that cuts down on the amount of warmachines or slayers that you can field (they are both special choices). if you are facing fear causeing or hard to hurt opponents then take hammerers if you are facing a horde army ironbreakers are often tougher for them to hurt.

slayers are a fantastic unit. they can tie up a powerfull opponent for a whole game and are capable of beating them in melee because of the whole hit = to toughness. people talk about them being vulnerable to shooting but they still have a toughness of 4 and take quite a bit of shooring to kill. and if your opponent is laying down fire on them he isnt targeting your hammerers or war machines.

I dont often use miners unless facing war machine heavy armies like empire then can seriously hurt my infantry blocks. infiltrater units with the dwarf army usually go unsupported for the whole game because of the move 3 and therefore die. thats alot of points to generate a threat to thier back areas that may or may not be usefull.

dwarf armies are great fun, I was just in a tourney recently with mine and it was a blast watching army after army bounce off my shield walls and fall to our firepower (hehe a personal first my organ gun didnt blow up for the whole day =) ).

good luck with your dwarfs.