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01-01-2007, 20:54
Canīt really build any more (from cadian plastics), as Iīm still waiting for the weapons/arms from forge world. This is a sort of a 2 man flamer team, the other guy brings the extra ammo, or gasoline actually! The jerry can guy will get a molotov cocktail in his empty arm as soon as the rest of the bitz arrive. I painted the weird chemicals pumped into their heads with tamiya clear orange ink, itīs also seeping out from the many rips and tears of their hoods, and gives their eyes that evil glow.. :eek:

http://img375.imageshack.us/img375/1922/militia002em1.jpg (http://imageshack.us)
http://img512.imageshack.us/img512/3086/militia004nh5.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

01-01-2007, 20:58
i like those a lot, the orange really suits em. good job.

01-01-2007, 20:59
very very nice, well done,

look like they are out of a computer game...

01-01-2007, 21:10
Oh wonderful, now I can't wait for my parts to arrive so I can start making mine! These are damn nice!

01-01-2007, 21:18
Great scheme, nice use of the inks.
The jerry can is very characterful for renagades, raiding stockpiles for equipment.
Good job!

01-01-2007, 21:19
Those are really well done, especially the paint work. That guy with the buff arms needs a tattoo :D

01-01-2007, 21:42
Those are beautiful! Well, for ugly chaos guys... Seriously though, those are really nicely painted. Nice work on the cloth and skin. I'm with Fearfrost, add a tattoo!

01-01-2007, 21:50
Wow, very cool.

Maybe barbed wire for the tat? You could have it going all along the arm. Simple to paint too!

-peace out

01-01-2007, 22:04
I'm so impressed with these that im going to get some when i order my Elysians.

Inquisitor lorr
01-01-2007, 22:06
Wow they're really good.Very chaosy.

Do you mind telling me how you painted the green on the flamer and the bone cloth...?


01-01-2007, 22:13
Very well painted, I look foward to seeing the rest of your army.

01-01-2007, 23:22
they look absolutely amazing-

very original, well converted, painted and based.

If I was a chaos renegade I'd give them three thumbs up!


02-01-2007, 08:39
Thanks guys! Tattoo might indeed look real good of the other bloke.. Not doing an army of these, a squad or two just because they are so nice, but you could use these for necromunda too as they have autoguns/pistols, shotties and the like. The green flamer is catachan green highlighted with adding white to it, then a couple washes of brown ink/black ink mix and some fiery orange washes for the fresh rust. White parts are fortress grey, 5 or so glazes with black/brown ink mix, then highlight with fortress grey and white.. I´ve maxed out the use of inks on these to speed up painting, they were done pretty quick, but have a bit of a shiny finish as a result.

Acolyte of Bli'l'ab
02-01-2007, 09:53
wow, those look great...now you make me want some chaos militia myself.

old guard
02-01-2007, 10:07
Those are great, hugely impressed and at the same time a tad annoyed when comparing mine to those. the eyes are perfect (again anoyed because thats the one bit I did'nt have a clue how I was going to them)
Full credit to you sir! (and I may well pinch the eye idea)

Lex Luthor
02-01-2007, 12:59
that is awesome

02-01-2007, 15:05
Very sweet, can't wait to see more of your stuff when it arrives and gets all painted.

- Salvage

02-01-2007, 15:46
looking great the orange is really fitting and i almost forgot those were catachan arms!

02-01-2007, 16:13
Wow really interesting. I like the weathered look on them and the glow on their eyes.

02-01-2007, 17:15
These are awesome, nice work!

I painted the weird chemicals pumped into their heads with tamiya clear orange ink, itīs also seeping out from the many rips and tears of their hoods, and gives their eyes that evil glow.. :eek:
I love the way it looks, I'm going to have to try to find some Tamiya Clear Orange Ink, but I'm not sure if anyone in town sells it.


The boyz
02-01-2007, 18:19
Those are some very nice looking Chaos Militia Mika. Great paint job, I love the use of the jerry can on that model. Like Aquilla mentioned, I could imagine them raiding supplie depots and using whatever they could to make lethal weapons, like petrol bombs. I like the use of the orange ink as well.

10-01-2007, 08:03
Allrighty, hereīs one more guy finished, heīs been busy with the chainsword.. :skull:


10-01-2007, 08:31
those are hot! ;) pun intended

10-01-2007, 08:46
Beautiful painting! The idea is excellent; got to use it for a riot mob using Necromundan models along with a few Cadian and Empire Militia parts in the future.


10-01-2007, 09:08
Fantastic Painting there mika. Really like the overall look of the miniatures.

Keep up the good work.

10-01-2007, 10:09
Simply stunning, love the paint job.
What colors do you use for them (besides the funky Tamya ink? ;) )

*taking of his hat and bowing*

28-04-2007, 17:02
Simply stunning, love the paint job.
What colors do you use for them (besides the funky Tamya ink? ;) )

*taking of his hat and bowing*

Awesome job as usual Mika, I would echo this question...tell us your secrets :chrome

cheers, keep up the goood work

28-04-2007, 17:11
Very inspiring, excellently done. I'm jealous.

Tsen Out

28-04-2007, 17:16
They look horrible, which of course is meant in the most positive way.

Nicely done.

21-06-2007, 19:13
WoW! Those are amazing looking. I like the color selection and the level of details is great.

21-06-2007, 19:32
they really do look good, really nice and simple colour selection and the orange for the eyes really do bring the model out as well as the light skintone.
great job hope to see more of these finished :D

Best regards

21-06-2007, 20:22
Brilliant work!

What's your basic cloth scheme, may I ask (the green-gray cloth)?

12-07-2007, 13:27
I got transported here via aventine crusaders log. These are beautiful mate...really inspiring. Great colour mixing and unique style, love the "eyes" especially and the particular shade of grey,blue. excellent.

The Judge
12-07-2007, 13:34
Yeah, that's the kind of skill that makes people like me stop painting.

Beautiful amounts of effort gone into them, well done indeed.

12-07-2007, 14:18
I got transported here via aventine crusaders log.

And made me think Mika had updated:mad::cries:...

12-07-2007, 16:53
It's a shame this project seems to have died, those are some beautiful minis

12-07-2007, 18:10
wow man those are sweet you should post up more pictures.

12-07-2007, 18:22
wow man those are sweet you should post up more pictures.

Something like this? :D This project is still pretty much active, been doing some other stuff lately.

http://img525.imageshack.us/img525/1818/chaoswiz011gm2.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

12-07-2007, 18:36
Wowee - those are absolutely stunning. Please do tell us how you do the paint scheme (at least for the legs/grey bits)

12-07-2007, 19:26
Brilliant stuff, very Helghast-y, only a damn sight better than just 'black with glowing eyes'. Very fine choice of colours, particularly on the standard bearer, most unsettling.

12-07-2007, 20:23
:D nice man love the standard

12-07-2007, 21:06
very very very impressed

12-07-2007, 21:13
iseeleadpeople: Your username just had me in stitches with laughter! Nice work! :D

p.s. Yor militia aren't bad either Mika... ;)

12-07-2007, 21:23
Wow, the orange for the eyes looks briliant! Evil chaps you have there. Very good.


12-07-2007, 21:39
:eek: HOLY SMOKES!! Let's face it - GW has to get rid of their 'Eavy Metal team and offer MIKA a job. Right now :D

12-07-2007, 21:46
*whipes drool*, my god your stuff looks so amazing. I'm so envious.


12-07-2007, 21:51
Tell us, how did you do the grey/green and the skin? PLEEEASE!

Especially if, as you say, they didn't take too long!

12-07-2007, 21:52
those are amazing. i love 'em. i loved those militia models and this makes them even better.

13-07-2007, 06:10
Woah, looks like thereīs a definite need for renegade blogs here, eh? Thanks for all the compliments everybidy, much appreciated! OK, Since this got bumped into project logs, Iīll gather up all the old pics here. These models were finished a while back, but Iīll put them here for ease of reference. Iīll explain the colorschemes a bit later... :D

http://img299.imageshack.us/img299/8103/militia018ee6.jpg (http://imageshack.us)
http://img175.imageshack.us/img175/4452/traitor001pw0.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

13-07-2007, 06:11
http://img149.imageshack.us/img149/3159/traitor004lr9.jpg (http://imageshack.us)
http://img247.imageshack.us/img247/6886/traitor008mi3.jpg (http://imageshack.us)
http://img525.imageshack.us/img525/1467/traitor014kd9.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

13-07-2007, 07:17
Very impressive painting Mika!

13-07-2007, 08:22
Can't say much more than that, pretty awesome!

13-07-2007, 11:27
My god those are sweet, a whole army would be amazing.

13-07-2007, 12:26
OK, on the Autogun guy holding the bit of corpse, how did you do the blood and gore on the knife?

Beautiful models BTW.

13-07-2007, 12:48
Wow, now I cry when I look at what I can acheive, wicked work mate!
The colors work well!

13-07-2007, 14:20
:eek:holy ... that guy holding the body looks sweet how did u do the blood and guts. please tell:D

13-07-2007, 16:32
Great to see this log resurected, makes me want to start my own renegades

13-07-2007, 16:35
Iīll explain the colorschemes a bit later...


I don't think that would be such a wise move... ;)

13-07-2007, 16:37
fantastic paint job!! I really like your kind of highlighting ! :)

05-10-2007, 21:15
Since FW doesnīt make any renegade officers yet, this bloke is my feeble attempt at converting one. Based on the simple principle of fancy hat = rank. :D Just some tank commander pieces with a renegade torso + hand, and the vox operator is built from just cadian + FW pieces. I wanted his eyes to have an intense glow, perhaps to signal an incoming transmission? I soon have enough of these painted for two minimum sized squads! :cool:


05-10-2007, 21:22
Big hat does indeed equal importance! I love the look of these traitors, the scheme is great, I love the faded fatigues and the rusted armor is aces. Keep up the good work I'd like to see some more.

Mr Kibbles
05-10-2007, 21:44
OMFG Those traitors are awesome! I really like the light that comes from the lenses. Those bits were the first things to catch my eye!

old guard
05-10-2007, 22:41
Every time I see yours I just want to crawl under a rock with mine! These look absolutely fantastic. They are without doubt the best renegade militia figures out there. Just....paint quicker!

Blue Orphen
05-10-2007, 22:43
I'd say those be the nicest traitors I've seen. Ever.

Way to make us all feel like we can't paint =P

05-10-2007, 22:57
Great work, very nice minis.

05-10-2007, 23:23
Golden Demon material right there!

06-10-2007, 00:05
These are marvellous! The colours have a nice sombre quality, which makes the glowing eyes all the more intense.

One thing I would say, though, is that the cap looks a bit funny with part of the headphone connector still in place. Still, looks fine as it is.

06-10-2007, 00:11
Oh wow.


Those are NICE <O.O> In particular the Vox Operator - that helmet with the glowing eyes, I mean jeez... The glow effect is so well done and bright, that it actually kind of hurts your eyes to look straight at it, its convincing enough! <o.O> Wonderful job!

The UnNamed One
06-10-2007, 00:12
the look awsome, you should do the glowing eyes thing on the other guy as well

06-10-2007, 02:30
Both guardsmen are reminding me of Bioshock for some odd reason.

Your painting skills make me feel bad.

06-10-2007, 02:59
You pulled off that glow perfectly. Time to steal it for my Vostroyans.

06-10-2007, 04:08
Wonderful. More of those, please.

06-10-2007, 06:58
A joy to behold, old man! :cool:

06-10-2007, 07:12
Just lovely, just that.

Crazy Ivan
06-10-2007, 09:57
Wow, those are great! Show us more!

06-10-2007, 14:21
Wow, they look really, really great. Keep em coming :)

06-10-2007, 14:24
Those are truly well done. I think the "eye-glow" is perfect. :)

06-10-2007, 14:57
That eye-glow is beyond words.

Excellent scheme and execution, would very much like to see more of these guys.

floyd pinkerton
06-10-2007, 18:32
bloody awesome mate! ooh i love them:D

06-10-2007, 18:37
That shading all around is truly GD quality... If you had a squad like that with a scenic base you'd win 40k squad for sure!
Bioshock, hells yea! Or steampunk in general.

Ciaphas Cain
06-10-2007, 21:13
Stunning job!! Please show us more...



06-10-2007, 21:49
Great models Mika. Your Renegade Militia were the thing that changed my mind about the FW models. I never liked them at first but now need an army of them!

07-10-2007, 00:06
They really look like 54mm miniatures. Nice work!
What yellow did you use for the glow effect? Mix golden yellow/white?

07-10-2007, 07:49
Simply stunning. I agree with Bregalad, they could pass for larger scale figs, the weathering is that good. I particularly like the light sourcing around the eyes. Keep em coming

09-10-2007, 16:25
Awesome miniatures mate. The painting is really great!

Perfect Organism
09-10-2007, 17:03

Dear God, your painting is fantastic (I think I've said that before but it bears repeating).

The only minor issue I have with it is that the pose on the officer looks a bit awkward. His right arm just seems to be waving the gun around pointlessly, insead of holding it ready or in a resting position.

Xenocidal Maniac
09-10-2007, 17:06
Just adding to the chorus. Great work! Really really amazing. You are quite skilled.

09-10-2007, 17:14
Awsome skills there. Love the hat!

09-10-2007, 19:27
That vox operator is just phenomenal :D

09-10-2007, 20:06
Have not said this in some time:

"Holy crap those are great!"

But I just did when I saw these. Amazing paint and conversion work on those!

Great job.


09-10-2007, 21:16
Whoa, thanks for all the compliments guys! I guess when everybody loves forgeworld stuff and everybody loves lost īn damned as well, put those two together and you got a winner! :D The paintwork is by no means GD quality, there are many sloppy/speedpainted bits that can bre easily seen under close inpection. But youīre all too busy staring at the hypnotic eyes to notice... :chrome:
And speaking of the eyes, they are done by first blending fiery orange into the nearby colors, then highlighting by adding more and more white to fiery orange, focusing the most intense highlights around the eyes, and the lenses were highlighted with pure white as the final highlight. That was also the only spot where I used pure white, makes the light source obvious. Then I glazed the eyes and surrounding areas with tamiya clear orange, being careful not to let the ink pool, this adds all the depth and "glow" to the color. Also, I kept all the surrounding colors quite dark, as it makes the effect work so much better.

The Wraithlord
10-10-2007, 01:10
That is just stunning painting skill on display there. I am utterly jealous.

10-10-2007, 07:55
speaking of the eyes, they are done by first blending fiery orange into the nearby colors, then highlighting by adding more and more white to fiery orange, focusing the most intense highlights around the eyes, and the lenses were highlighted with pure white as the final highlight. That was also the only spot where I used pure white, makes the light source obvious. Then I glazed the eyes and surrounding areas with tamiya clear orange, being careful not to let the ink pool, this adds all the depth and "glow" to the color. Also, I kept all the surrounding colors quite dark, as it makes the effect work so much better.

Not only fantastic painting, but generous with tips as well! This is a neat little tutorial that I shall be trying out on my ad mech – thanks. I assume this is from a white undercoat?

10-10-2007, 14:00
If you mean the spray basecoat, I always do everything black. Also, the orange glow was just painted over the already finished head/mask, no white undercoat there. Hope that helps! :D

The boyz
10-10-2007, 16:54
Wow Mika, they look bloody brilliant. I like the vox caster's glowing eyes and the NMM looks good too. The dirty/grimey look to their back packs and armour looks very realistic.

10-10-2007, 17:09
Thanks a lot for the compliments, but where do you spot NMM? I steer clear of such nonsense, I donīt care if all the cool kids at coolminiornot are doing it, iīm old skool.. :D

10-10-2007, 17:46
Wow Really great but I agree with Perfect Organism that the officers pose is a bit weird but who cares? Its that kind of models that really makes my day. Love the eyes reminds of "big daddies" in Bioshock.

10-10-2007, 19:46
Thanks a lot for the compliments, but where do you spot NMM? I steer clear of such nonsense, I donīt care if all the cool kids at coolminiornot are doing it, iīm old skool.. :D

Personally, I liked them all the more because of that.

No NMM nonsense, that is... :D


10-10-2007, 21:12
What are the breastplates done with? That might be where he thought he spotted it. I at first thought nmm, but then looked again and really noticed how nice it looked that it wasn't nmm. How do you do your metals? Would be great to know.

10-10-2007, 21:16
I love 'em!

10-10-2007, 21:21
For the first few seconds as my eyes took in the picture, I thought there'd been a flare added in Photoshop to the Voxcaster's eyes, like on the gW boxes, but then realized it was just *painted* like that.


Ooh, and I saw mention that you have more of these? Are there links/pics of those as well?

10-10-2007, 21:27
Mika... FIX those Speedpaint areas you claim exist

make three more traitors, prefferably with more nice and shiny effects on something (could be a flashlight? shoulder-mounted searchlight or similar.. or maybe a flamer with scorchmarks on the muzzle... or a melta with a shot building)

Enter Golden Daemon


10-10-2007, 21:53
Yeah, I agree with the justifiably overwhelming positive feedback you have received on this and every other thread that you've posted (and I've looked at them all).
It would be an absolute shame if you didn't enter these, or any of your models into a GD comp.
I think that if you did nothing more than email some of your pictures to Forge World they would probably commission you to paint up, what ever you chose, just so they could decorate their web site etc with your creations.
**** kissing nearly over. Your photography is excellent also.

Metal Fingered Villain
11-10-2007, 01:28
wow, just wow.

Some guy (UK)
11-10-2007, 10:16
No jokes here, those will go into my mental list of my favourite minatures.

Fantastic work, the colour choice is excellent, the source lighting is just astounding, the overall quality of painting is lovely- I could go on and on.

I also back up the wish for you to enter them in a Golden Daemon!

11-10-2007, 13:37
For the first few seconds as my eyes took in the picture, I thought there'd been a flare added in Photoshop to the Voxcaster's eyes, like on the gW boxes, but then realized it was just *painted* like that.


Ooh, and I saw mention that you have more of these? Are there links/pics of those as well?

Haha, thanks! Thereīs some pics here: http://s230.photobucket.com/albums/ee53/Nsminis/40k%20chaos/

I just got a pro bucket account and was uploading pics when I had a hard drive crash earlier this week. Bye bye mini pics.. All I have left is there.

The pics were taken with my new camera (canon powershot a570is), nothing expensive, just good quality optics and good manual settings.

11-10-2007, 14:32
Well now it's settled.

You no longer have a choice in the matter.

You will enter those in the Golden Daemon, even if we have to mob up and carry you there! :p

Astounding work, you'd be cheating yourself if you didn't.

25-10-2007, 01:58
amazing quality, this might have just inspired me to go back to me lost and the damned army

25-10-2007, 20:55
Wow these are fantastic! Nice work!


28-10-2007, 18:07
Right, Iīll add the commander and vox pics here too, and from now on any chaos renegade related updates will go straight into this (old) blog. There should be a new update pretty soon... :D


28-10-2007, 18:11
That vox guy is simply amazing, really love the eyes, the commander is brilliant too. This is a log of extremely high quality paint jobs.
Awesome stuff :)

28-10-2007, 18:39
man i love how this army is turning out! id love to see maybe a converted chimera, or a spawn?

28-10-2007, 19:56
Spawns eh? Your lucky day... :D Hereīs two made from the recent plastics. There a huge amount of gribbly bits in the box, and I had to put a bit of thought what kind of theme to run with each guy. The other guy is a bit more humanoid with a face, lots of spikes and claws, while the other is a mess of eyeballs and tentacles.. yuck! I also gave some finishing touches to an old metal spawn, he still looks the business among all the fancy new plastics!


28-10-2007, 19:57

28-10-2007, 19:58

28-10-2007, 20:16
Love that skin tone. What colours?

28-10-2007, 20:17
Awesome as always, your work never fails to impress me.

28-10-2007, 20:21
your work is awesome, the weathering and skin tones are very nicely done.

looking forward to seeing more!

29-10-2007, 02:32
Nice work Mika! When I thought all you had were the co and the vox man the traitors were cool, but now they are actually leading r&f painted to the same quality. Very nice work indeed.

I'm sure your sick of requests for painting info, but how did you do the faded green for the fatigues? It is the bee's knees to quote my sainted aunt.

Also pic 3 in post 63 looks kinda obscene and nasty doesn't it? Nice spawns, blood and gore is very well done, as are those slightly creepy eyes.

Keep up the good work!

29-10-2007, 21:17
The green on the fatigues is coat īd arms green grey basecoat, shade with a mix of bestial brown/black ink, and highlights by adding rotting flesh to green grey, and a bit of white added into the mix for extreme highlights.

29-10-2007, 21:38
This log gives me nightmares, your miniatures are so scary! :D

29-10-2007, 22:30
So how'd you do that brown I saw a little while back?

And awesome job with the spawns!

The Judge
29-10-2007, 23:05
Right, the guy with three eyes is AWESOME. Enough said.

30-10-2007, 00:18
He reminds me of a big daddy from bioshock. Brilliant work here! Your blending is so seemless but still gives that gritty real look. How much paint is on the brush when you're working up the highlights? It almost looks like you've super accurately dry brushed everything.

30-10-2007, 00:30
I think it's amazing how well you've done this with just a minimum of work.

Lesson learned for the day: Glazes are my FRIEND!

30-10-2007, 02:49
Um, wow Mika. Just wow.

Great work on those spawn. Very....juicy... :D


30-10-2007, 08:05
I can't help me but to think of Silent Hill when I look upon your renegade militia.
These oil over the armour, the rusted parts and the overall dark feeling about them (the pale skin adds a lot to that-they look like corpses-).
I would be against tatoos as it would make them more 'human'. Right now they look like chaos infected humans out of a nightmare and I love that.
I can't give you an advice as they simply look stunning but would recommend to have a look on the silent hill games/ movie for more inspiration.

Other than that I demand a tutorial about the eyes and the matallics! :D

30-10-2007, 16:30
Cheers, glad yaīll like the spawnies, and sorry about the dangly bits... Couldnīt resist! :D

Every lost īn damned log should have some mutants, right? Hereīs my first concept. Iīm terribly slow at converting, so I need something quick and easy. Ork bodies have a nice hunched over stance that fits the deformed look nicely, the ork hands are a bit too huge, so Iīll change them for zombie hands, and I think the beefy catachan arms will be quite useful here too. Chaos mutation sprues should offer a nice amount of extremely ugly faces. I wanīt to arm these guys with sledgehammers, wrenches, chains and rusty pipes for a real low tech scum look. I might get some necromunda scavvies to add variety (in size especially) among the squad.. Right, hereīs a pic too!


plague man
30-10-2007, 16:51
this great almost makes me wish i hadn't sold my lost and damned army.

30-10-2007, 18:01
Wow, the mutant is top notch. All the figs just look amazing. I love your painting style. If you get a chance I would really like to get some info on how you paint these guys.

30-10-2007, 19:40
Ok.. so what colours did you use for the spawn's skin?

30-10-2007, 20:01
Thanks for the painting formula on your greens Mika, they are a great faded fatigue look which I will try to replicate on some of my models.
Your mutant laborer looks suitably downtrodden and well scary looking. That will be one tough looking unit. Keep up the good work!

old guard
30-10-2007, 21:30
chap you've done it again, the mutie looks great, idea filed!

30-10-2007, 22:15
these mini's are fantastic! great work dude, i love them!


30-10-2007, 22:31
I've never been a fan of the Chaos Spawn, but yours have sold them for me. The gore and skin is awesome!

31-10-2007, 16:25
Cheers for the compliments! Right, the colorschemes, hereīs the lowdown on all colors used, if you do not recognize the colors name, itīs coat īd arms stuff. You can buy them from gladiator games (webstore).

Spawn skin:

Basecoat: snot green + tallarn flesh + white
Shade: wash with snot green + flesh wash
Highlight: basecoat + more white for layers
Glaze: snot green + flesh wash and red ink + purple ink + black for bloody parts

Uniform green:

Basecoat: green grey
Shade: wash with bestial brown + black or scorched brown + black
Highlight: green grey + rotting flesh + white

Field grey:

Basecoat: field grey
Shade: wash with bestial brown + black + field grey
Highlight field grey + white
Glaze: brown ink + black ink

Dirty white (armor plates or uniform)

Basecoat: uniform grey OR astronomican grey + white
Shade: wash with black + brown ink OR Bestial brown + black
Highlight: basecoat color + white
Glaze: Black + tamiya clear orange

Pallid skin

Basecoat: tanned flesh + blue ink + white
Shade: wash with tanned flesh + blue ink + black
Highlight: basecoat + more white
Glaze: purple + blue ink (optional for bruised parts)

Greasy metal

Basecoat: chainmail
Shade: wash with tamiya clear orange + black (keep it very thin the alchohol base tamiya will dissolve metallic colors easily), followed by chestnut ink + black.
Highlight: chainmail
Glaze: tamiya clear orange + black OR flesh wash + black

Blued weapons:

Basecoat: black
Drybrush: codex grey + black,
Drybrush: unifrom grey
Drybrush: uniform grey + white
Wash (optional for rusty gear): bestial brown + black OR mig pigments vietnam earth + black
Glaze: chestnut ink + black

Looted cadian weapons:

Basecoat: cadian green
Shade: wash with scorched brown + black + cadian green
Highlight: cadian green + white + rotting flesh
Glaze: fiery orange + black (optional for rusty parts)

Dry leathers:

Basecoat: scorched brown
Shade: scorched brown + black OR chestnut ink + black
Highlight: scorched brown + rotting flesh + black (only a hint of black to kill the ruddy flavor)
Glaze: flesh wash + black OR brown ink + black

Black uniform:

Basecoat: black
Highllight: black + rotting flesh OR black + bone
Glaze: brown ink + black


Red ink + purple ink + black ink OR Tamiya clear red + purple ink + black

Shining eyes:

Basecoat: macharius solar orange
Highlight: basecoat + white
Glaze: tamiya clear orange (donīt let it pool in the recesses and keep the glazes super thin)

I never measure anything when mixing paints, so you gotta go with the flow, if it looks right, it is right. Thatīs my slogan.. :D

31-10-2007, 18:14
Awesome, thanks. I came so close to buing the tamyia clean orange yesterday, I guess I need to go back and pick it up after all. :D

Captain Brown
31-10-2007, 20:31

Beautiful work on the Militia, really nice subtle little conversions, and the glow effects are fantastic.

Please keep us updated on your progress.

5/5 from me.

Great colour guides there as well.

Captain Brown

31-10-2007, 22:54
These are very inspiring. Amazing work.

01-11-2007, 03:01
Good stuff.

01-11-2007, 16:16
The way that you use the colour makes the minis look spectacular!

I hope that you paint a massive army.

Congrats on your paint-skills !


02-11-2007, 20:28
Cheers for the feedback guys! Today, I did some minor touch up work on this mutant boss I had converted and painted a while back. I realised he would make a perfect leader for the unit, since he is standing up right among all the hunchbacked muties (and looking almost intelligent), and the wires running to his head might suggest some crude augmentive surgery to boost his meagre brain powers.. :D I just added a spooky shiney eye, and some orange tamiya slime dripping out from his mouth and tongue to tie him to the colorscheme, as well as some adjusting on the base colors.


02-11-2007, 20:32
That guy looks amazing! Great work as usual.

02-11-2007, 20:41
Please post a group shot. Those are so amazing!

02-11-2007, 21:22
An amazing mini...

02-11-2007, 21:59
Stunning, your painting really make these minis come to life, excellent work.

Now post more pics!!!

Heru Talon
03-11-2007, 00:44
http://img512.imageshack.us/img512/3086/militia004nh5.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

You'd think it would be unwise to grab the ass of someone wielding a flamethrower wouldn't yah?

03-11-2007, 12:34
Excelent painting, will be great to follow this blog.
Keep it going, its looking amazing.

03-11-2007, 13:08
Mika, this is shaping up as the coolest and best looking army I ever put my eyes on. Thanks for the recipes, I'll take my time to try them all :D

You'd think it would be unwise to grab the ass of someone wielding a flamethrower wouldn't yah?

This made me fall off my chair :D


03-11-2007, 14:36
Awesome work as always.

03-11-2007, 15:28
I can’t find the words to describe how much I envy your skills when it comes to models.
Please keep up the good work. (you bastard:p)

03-11-2007, 17:06
What mini is that?

03-11-2007, 20:31
wow, these look great! cant wait to see squad level pictures.

03-11-2007, 20:54
Your mutants are great, good conversions and a great paint scheme

03-11-2007, 21:27
Awsome, consider me subscribed.

04-11-2007, 09:09
This guy is called goggles, quite the handsome devil, eh? :D Iīm trying to churn these guys out considerably fast, so no time for any super blending or anything, while they might look a bit naff on these close ups, group shots should be quite nice! The mutant boss is based on a space marine servitor, with hand & head swaps.
Also ordered one of those big forge world ogryn berserkers bosses. Canīt wait to paint that one up..


04-11-2007, 09:13
Awesome as usual. Love the medi-pack strapped to his arm... Hope that Ogryn arrives really fast!

04-11-2007, 09:42
Your mutants are putting GW's to shame not only in the modelling, but the painting department too

04-11-2007, 09:43
Awesome stuff Mika, I particularly like the guy with the glowing eye. Goggles is nice too. :)
Anyway, how's about that group pic, or will you wait till you get the squad done?


04-11-2007, 12:06
Fantastic painting and modelling, great to see them coming a bit faster

04-11-2007, 12:16
Truly Amazing!
I really cant wait to see mroe
Some of the best painting i have seen just about anywhere

Heru Talon
04-11-2007, 13:08
while they might look a bit naff on these close ups, group shots should be quite nice!

I should kick your ass, that model is still leaps and bounds better than most people (including me) can achieve!

Red Scorpion
04-11-2007, 13:41
I love the Mutants. Absolutely brilliant. I'm on making Necro Skavvies at the minute, an amazing inspiration. I disliked GW's attempt at making muties from the plastic sprues but these are absolutely perfect! I love the first one!

04-11-2007, 13:46
Really like the model, just like an insane inventor who wants to create some machine of destruction.

04-11-2007, 14:05
these models are amazing! Conversions are great, painting is spot-on and your spawns are covered in well-detailed eyeballs. You have made my day. Keep fighting the good fight. And tell me, could you perhaps show us some WIP pics?

Richter Kless
04-11-2007, 15:13

But seriously, these are the best renegades I have ever, ever seen. You ought to head right away towards the nearest Golden Daemon award. This is gold you got in your hands.

Metal Fingered Villain
04-11-2007, 18:08
Man, those ork bodies for mutants works really really well and looks to be a good base for quickly built mutants. The painting helps too. ;)

04-11-2007, 18:30
Wow. Just awesome. Mika:


Why does he win, you ask? Quite simple:


Your painting puts me to shame. Keep up the awesome work!

general trooper
04-11-2007, 18:40
Those look awsome! They somehow remind me of the locust, from gears of war. good job.

04-11-2007, 18:49
the colour on these is awesome.

06-11-2007, 03:05
The muties are rgeat. Can't wait to see a whole squad all together. Can we say "BRAAAAAAAINNNNS"?

07-11-2007, 15:22
Allrighty, I have a third mutant all converted up, nicknamed "smiley". Gonna add some strong yellow to the colorscheme with this fella.. to his teeth that is! :D But, before he gets any paint slapped on him, hereīs a traitor armed with a looted cadian vape gun. Somehow, he looks shorter than the rest of the guys, probably a bad casting.. Iīm thinking about some good ideas for a bit of variation with the leg bits, since fw donīt do any whole traitor models (except the artillery crews). Iīm thinking about GS kneepads, but what else..?


07-11-2007, 15:30
Again another great looking model. Im loving the blending on the cloth and the...well everything =) The painting skills I've seen in this log is way above standarts, I hope you're proud !

A question though, are the models matt varnished before taking the picts? The metal parts look really realistic and well used, Im not sure how to achieve that effect without the varnish.

Keep up the excellent work!

Crazy Ivan
07-11-2007, 15:43
Those are the most beautiful traitors I've seen. Wow! Can't wait to see more of them!

07-11-2007, 15:52
Yeah, I brush on some watered down vallejo matt varnish, it just helps a lot with the pics, as tamiya clear inks leave an extremely glossy finish.

07-11-2007, 16:11
Lovely, lovely painting... and lovely photography too. May I ask some hint on how you take photos? Approximate distance and power of light source, exposure time used... I'm guessing you're using two light sources (since I spot two shadows behind the minis), am I wrong?

Thanks in advance,


07-11-2007, 16:18
Another amazing mini, excelent work!

07-11-2007, 16:53
great stuff as usual Mika, looking forward to some big muties;)

yeah i think kneepads wil work, what about some catachan legs and stuff for variation aswell?


07-11-2007, 17:08
This stuff is fantastic! Really great, I'd strongly advise you to head your way to the nearest golden demon event.

08-11-2007, 17:18
Cheers for the feedback guys! James, oh Iīm certain a couple muties will be carrying some very old orky tools around, for sure.. ;) And a good idea with the catachan legs, although you need to remove the belt, but it sounds easy enough for some variety.

My pics are taken with two 11w desklamps as lights (my painting lights), using an old t-shirt as the background. I go use the lowest ISO setting, 80 I reckon and then the usual stuff; tripod, macro on, no zoom, no flash (naturally), distance about 4" and always use timer. Camera is a basic canon powershot a570is.

Captain Brown
09-11-2007, 18:05
First off, more fantastic work. I have to say that your Officer has inspired me to do something similar as simply using a regular Renegade torso or an Enforcer torso did not appeal to me and I never even considered the hat from the Tank Accessory Sprue.

Iīm thinking about some good ideas for a bit of variation with the leg bits, since fw donīt do any whole traitor models (except the artillery crews). Iīm thinking about GS kneepads, but what else..?

Well I have done some tinkering and I used a file to smooth out the greaves on the front of the Cadian Boots and then made indentations to represent puttees.

I also trim off the bottoms of the jacket to create a ragged appearance or remove it entirely and bring the pants right up to the belt.

Filing off the pouches also creates a slightly different look, much more subtle. You could even remove one pouch and not the other for a more ragged appearance.

I would also recommend you check out this thread (http://warseer.com/forums/science-fiction-project-logs/79120-my-savlar-chem-dogs-log.html) by The Super Haggis. He has done some fantastic simple conversions with Cadian and Catachan legs.

Hope that helps,

Captain Brown

Hasan ibn Sabbah
09-11-2007, 18:51
Looking at this thread makes me want to order some traitors to play with them :D Brilliant painting.

09-11-2007, 19:02
Having some running ones would be awesome. Also, try the Catachan legs.

Oh, and where is the head on Goggles from?

Rikka Rakka
11-11-2007, 01:36
I been thinking of ordering some CM parts from FW for a play Mika. Youve convinced me to do it!

You really show the potential of the models off, they look amazing. Keep it up fella!

11-11-2007, 03:18
Mika, I'm a little curious about something. Do you use glaze medium in your highlights? Because I'm scratching my head as to how you can get that lovely green painted quickly with such smooth highlights without using any glazes on those areas.

Also, I noticed something in this picture:

Is it just me, or are the legs and the armor on the middle one different colors? And same for the skirt and hood on the one to the far right.

Edit: Holy crap, I just realized that those are grey. The amazing thing is that because you use mostly whites, blacks, and greys, the use of that grey-green tints the appearance of the whole model.

13-11-2007, 21:14
First off, thanks for the ideas guys, especially capnīBrown! I think Iīll tinker around with the cadian legs a bit, gonna remove some thigh pockets, and maybe try to paint the trousers a faded greenish blue, with very pale worn stripes, like very old jeans. Maybe try a semi-trenchcoat look by adding some more length to the jackets with GS? This got my creative juices flowing...

The head on "goggles" is a chaos mutation head, the lenses are two pieces cut from a WFB skeleton speartip and greenstuffed into place. As for the colors in that pic, I used white instead of rotting flesh to highlight the uniform green color at first, but since it turned out a bit too much like the field grey used on those trousers for example, I changed highlight color to rotting flesh for a more greenish flavor.
That said, I really donīt like any paint schemes etched in stone, so Iīll sometimes use the pots of color I have open at the moment, change and swap different highlight and shading colors around, etc.. Makes following (and indeed remembering) my colorschemes a bit hard sometimes! :D But itīs the best way to learn how different colors work together, and trying new and sometimes weird combinations is the only way to discover new techniques, IMO.
Right, updates without pics suck, so hereīs the wip on next muties. Spikyjames was kind enough to send me some ooold space ork tools, which will be put to good use on the muties. These could be some sort of mutie forced/slave labor group "liberated" by the renegades and eager to turn their improvised weapons against their former oppressors! Really like how the smiling mutie turned out, the head is a chaos mutation bit, but everything in the face from nose down is greenstuffed, heīs all smiles for sure! One good tip for anybody else building mutants from orks is to use skaven hands, they are so oversized they fit beautifully into ork arms, most have bracelets too, which nicely hides any joints between the pieces!


13-11-2007, 21:28
Those muties are lovely and wretched looking at the same time.

"Come 'ere I wanna crack you wit' this 'ere spade"

13-11-2007, 21:33
With those tools, I suggest you cast them and reproduce a few. That way you can equip all the little blighters.

13-11-2007, 21:53

subscribing now...

Subscribing complete

Seer Drakon
13-11-2007, 23:37
Mika great work on these guys. I have seen your work on warhammer.org but don't have an account over there. I can't wait to see a tank painted. Do you have one planned?

14-11-2007, 07:33

Just wow.

I am really really impressed with your militia, mutants and spawn. They look incredible mate. Keep up the good work :)
Can I put in the request for a unit of Chaos Squats? lol... Worth a shot at least.

14-11-2007, 09:09
I must say, these Renegades are amazing! Mainly the different greens (how did you..) and the impressive source lighting.

May i draw a secret from you: what colors did you use for the green on the first three guys?

14-11-2007, 18:54
Check page 5, although if you mean the greyish-green (not the more saturated bluegreenthing) I'm not 100% sure.

17-11-2007, 02:25
Those look awsome! They somehow remind me of the locust, from gears of war. good job.

Thats what I thought.

Well done Mika, those guys are awesome and somewhat disgusting, in the best way possible of corse.

Keep it up!

Light of the Emperor
17-11-2007, 02:59
Wow. I'm really impressed with the muted colors you've achieved. They look amazing and full units should just be out of this world. Kudos to you!

17-11-2007, 04:20
I like that melta-gunner. Even though he has a bag over his head he still looks kinda shifty and nervous. Like hes thinking "I hope them cadians dont realize I jacked one of their meltas..."

17-11-2007, 14:48
Smileyīs all done, and I decided a group pic with all three handsome devils would be in place. Say cheese! :D


Chaos squats, eh? That would require some serious rummaging around in my old mini stash.. They could be traitor midgets! :lol: Iīm pretty sure Iīll add some necromunda scavvies to the mutant brood, but pickings on ebay have been slim lately. If anybody has some for sale, let me know! Othervise Iīll have to throw some money at gw mailorder.

17-11-2007, 15:04
Great stuff, one of the best choas militia army I've seen :eek:

17-11-2007, 15:30
I second the request for the color recipes for this army!

Would you be willing to post all of the recpies in one spot?

Great work! :)

17-11-2007, 21:27
Cheers, and check page five for all the colors!

17-11-2007, 21:38
Thanks, don't know how I overlooked that! :)

Beautiful work!

17-11-2007, 21:50
Have to be the best mutants I've seen sofar on the entire net for the past 5 years, damn you keep impressing me Mika, stop doing it.

Mr Kibbles
17-11-2007, 23:38
Your mutants skin colour realy reminds me of the locust from gears

18-11-2007, 00:44
God damnit. Those are just too pretty, I really like how you've combined ork parts with chaos mutant stuff, and made them look completely human, albeit a bit hunched and mutated... :) I know I'm asking this question quite a lot, but could you post a group shot of all your Chaos militia boys? A group shot would be nicely demoralizing to look at.

As always, awed by your stuff.


Heru Talon
18-11-2007, 11:59
Smileyīs all done, and I decided a group pic with all three handsome devils would be in place. Say cheese! :D


Very Silent Hill / Horror movie style, cool :D

Mr Feral
18-11-2007, 13:00
All your models are amazing, pure inspiraton for a Reneage & Heretics player like me ;)

Those Muties remind me of some conversions I saw in an old WD. I must use this idea when the new Ork Boyz sprue is released and I can afford it..)

Keep it up!

18-11-2007, 14:59
What an awesome army, you should get a shot of it all together!


P.S. I'm stealing the blood idea for my army

Dark Apostle
18-11-2007, 16:20
Your mini's are nothing but amazing! Brutal conversions and very suiting colours and smoth painting. Superb mutants. And the orange glow effects are stunning.

20-11-2007, 00:19
im loving the spawns and the mutants, this is a great project log full of inspiration-i cant wait to see more!

20-11-2007, 00:37
amazing job, more more i say!

21-11-2007, 10:16
Good grief this is an awesome project! I really love your colour scheme and your modelling work is choice!

*Subscribes to the thread!!* :D

21-11-2007, 16:25
Fantastic work! Any chance of a group shot of everything finished so far?

21-11-2007, 17:25
Fantastic work! Any chance of a group shot of everything finished so far?

I second that request! Also, what kind of stuff did you use on your bases? Thanks.

Keep up the great work.

21-11-2007, 20:08
http://i230.photobucket.com/albums/ee53/Nsminis/40k%20chaos/mutieboss001.jpgNow this is inspiring, never even considered using servitors until now^^

21-11-2007, 21:13
We definatly need a group shot

21-11-2007, 21:52
Had to join, can't wait for more. :eek::eek::eek:

22-11-2007, 21:04
Simply amazing !

I really admire your paint/skills !

Do you may include vehicles on this army?


22-11-2007, 22:37
It's difficult to say something different to everyone else when trying to say how awesome these guys look.

I think what i like best is the glowing eyes. Especially since their uniform is quite drab. For some reason i see them on a dim and rainy battlefield, with their eyes glowing through the gloom

keep em coming! i can't wait to see the ogryn

22-11-2007, 23:17
I wanted to chime in and say how fantastic these guys are. I'm particularly impressed with how restrained and natural the models appear – the mutants, in particular, are entirely believable.

Amazing source lighting; and overall, just a fantastic army. I'm looking forward to what comes next – and I hope that it stays fairly low-tech. I much prefer infantry to tanks!

25-11-2007, 03:53
so did you ever give the renegade with the jerry can a molotov cocktail?

captain rekez
25-11-2007, 09:33
One word, Amazing! keep up the good work! subscirbed.

26-11-2007, 01:09
You continue to be a golden god, Mika :D

Your blood and waaay subdued scheme are awe-inspiring and lends a real touch of horror to the models. The plastic spawn are really amazing, and the modeling behind the mutants is fantastic.

- Salvage

26-11-2007, 02:03
Looking fantastic as always. I would like to put in a request, though. If you could oblige me, I would love to see some photos of your Chaos Militia with the 40k/Necromunda terrain you've been working on. Seeing all of the amazingness together would really be quite the treat.


26-11-2007, 14:39
Thanks a lot for the compliments & feedback, I really appreciate it, as it keeps me motivated. The mailman indeed dropped this off last week;


A perfect cast, no warping or airbubbles, etc.. And it went together like a dream! Very little mould lines too. Might take a bit longer to paint, since I really wanīt to do a great mini justice. Updates can slow down a bit, since Iīm also trying frantically to build a car (putting in new axles & air suspension right now), gotta take advantage of the still warm weather, got no heating in the garage.. :D

Groups piccy will be taken also, worry not!

Dark Apostle
26-11-2007, 15:05
Looking forward to se this brute painted, take your time, I'm sure we will all be rewarded for waiting patiently (but still eagerly)! Group shot sounds nice too.

26-11-2007, 15:16
I am stumped! May I be impudent enough to steal those glowing eyes for myself? :D

26-11-2007, 16:01
i love those mutants! the paint work is very good indeed! lookign forward to seeing a whole unit of the guys :p

captain rekez
26-11-2007, 16:46
i love that ogryn, and i think i may just make a traitor guard army using the FW renegade models...you have inspired me to do this or mabey even dust off my old LatD! i hope to see this project advance even more! Also, with your permission may i use the orange eyes effect?

26-11-2007, 20:25
Can't wait to see that ogryn all painted up. I've never seen chaos militia even close to this great. Can't wait to see the gore you whip up for that jack hammer hand :D.

26-11-2007, 20:28
sweet! that ogryn is gunna look really nice painted up

are you planning on doing just the one?

26-11-2007, 20:41
These Mini's are incredible, I have the same ogryn boss for my death guard demon prince and it is indeed an incredible sculpt. You've indeed inspired me to dabble in glazes and washes on my afformentioned death guard.

26-11-2007, 21:04
So, Mika, did you use Glaze Medium in your glazes, or just heavily diluted paint?

03-12-2007, 22:07
looking at the new ork releases there is a burna boy who has goggles that would look good with your muties.

i want more pictures!!!

04-12-2007, 03:58
That Ogryn should be mind-blowing when it's done. They all look astounding.

Do you have pictures of any of your other work? I'd really like to see whatever you have to share.

09-12-2007, 14:51
Allrighty, back to work! Been busy with the car project, and also not much light here in Finland this time of the year. I prefer at least some ambient light from outside when Iīm painting, but we only get a sort of a gloomy light for a couple hours a day, and other than that, itīs pitch dark (no snow :( ). Not the best lighting for mini painting. But, hereīs a few WIP pics of the boss.

I havenīt gone crazy with any fancy new colorschemeīs, I chose a bit healthier color for the flesh, so that the bruised and infected parts around the cybernetic arm implant would stand out more. And as you can see, I managed to snap the drill piece while scrubbing the mini prior to priming. Down the sink she went, dammit! Might put a regular pic vice drill bit there as a replacement. Seen it done before and looked great. There will be so much gloopy blood and guardsman bits on the drill when Iīm done, no-one can spot the difference! Glowing eyes were a must because of popular demand..
Iīm just doing this one ogryn for now, but Iīm loving this mini soo much I might do the rest too. As for washes, I donīt use glaze medium, just some dish soap every now and then.


09-12-2007, 15:09
truly amazing!!! superb painting style... I LIKE :D

09-12-2007, 15:18
Superb, best one I have seen sofar and probaly never will see a better one.

floyd pinkerton
09-12-2007, 15:24
wow, that ogyrn is very sexy.

very realistic looking as well

keep it up;)

09-12-2007, 15:28
Mika, do you have a photobucket account where we can see all of the pictures in one place (maybe even some of your other mini painting) ?

The Ogryn is amazing- truly great work.

09-12-2007, 15:31
wow loving the modeling and the painting there both amazing
cant get over how awsome the orange glow looks

this painting puts gw to shame

09-12-2007, 16:21
sooo good, the bruised beaten up purple flesh is done very well

09-12-2007, 16:42
Amazing painting as usual, Mika!

I really like the skin tone you did on this mini. I'm working on the Ltd Edition Ogryn Berserker with Power Weapon at the moment, do you mind giving a tutorial about what colours you used?

Mika, do you have a photobucket account where we can see all of the pictures in one place (maybe even some of your other mini painting) ?
I think this is the link to Mika's Photobucket:
Mika's Photobucket (http://s230.photobucket.com/albums/ee53/Nsminis/)


Captain Brown
09-12-2007, 17:00
Damn Mika, that is another really fine example of fantastic painting.


Wolf Scout Ewan
09-12-2007, 17:36
Wow thats the best berzerker I have seen in... well... ever!

09-12-2007, 17:42
is the zombie with the torn out arm supposed to be part of the lost and the damned chaos militia? it looks pretty sick

09-12-2007, 18:30
Mika, do you use glaze mediums for your glazes, or just extremely thin washes?

09-12-2007, 18:52
Blow my mind some more why dont cha. I wasn't even prepared for that one, just opened the thread and had my brain go pop. Ogryn Beserker = AWSOME. Keep it coming, ever model you add to the thread makes my more anxious for my own renegades.

Crazy Ivan
09-12-2007, 19:29
Still going strong! I really love the glow effect you continuously achieve.

09-12-2007, 20:07
I love that limited color palette you use...
Skin, clothes and metal and everything look so good together

Jinja Ninja
09-12-2007, 20:10
Really nice ogryn I love the palid skin around the impants