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01-01-2007, 22:52
I am wondering if I should get a Slayer unit for my Dwarfs. I know I need to get another Special unit as right now all I have is Miners. The Slayers look good and have cool spiked hair but no armor save. Are they worth it? I've never seen anybody play them.


vampires are cool!
02-01-2007, 00:12
Their a nice shock unit, and very characterful for a dwarf army. Against stuff like orcs and goblins their fine, but i'd hesitate to use them against chaos as they have no armour vs a high strength.
Its a shame that they dont have the rule they did in SoC where they get 10 vp for everyone likked by a strength 5 model. It would make them a more vible choice certainly.
However i digress; Slayer will hurt big monsters such as trolls and giants so armies containing lost of them will have cause to fear slayers. Armies that dont, like empire, will laugh pitiously in your face and blast them apart with glee.

02-01-2007, 01:31
Slayers are great. They will die to shooting, yes. Use them as a tarpit. Get lots of them, don't worry about command, and just throw them infront of a something that scares you.

02-01-2007, 01:32
A big chunky unit of slayers is one of the best units in the game in my opinion, and I'm not terribly worried about armour as t4 is better than a 5+ save any day of the week.

02-01-2007, 03:38
I'd rather the 5+ save myself, but that's beside the point.

Slayers are my worst nightmare. Unbreakable is good. T4 is good. The fact that slayers can also fight well means you need to have a decent combat unit against them, lest you break. Arguably the best tarpit in the game, and perfect for holding flanks on a slow dwarf infantry line.

EDIT: Before anyone points it out - Organ Guns are actually my worst nightmare, and my opinion on them has been expressed on these boards before. Slayers are second. Dwarfs are a good army to fight, despite these two elements.

03-01-2007, 00:06
Is slayer a good choice ... my answer is .... OF COURSE !

I never leave home without slayers , really and even if im facing HE or WE ( which i am frequently ).With the new rule ( slayer axes ) they can even fight great weapon to crush those normal foes ( anything with t3 and save ).
no save so what? you still got toff 4 and normaly your army got more fire power then the one you face .Slayer WILL NEVER RUN so you can face any kind of monster without problem.Your facing undeads ? slayer are worth their weigh in gold against those pesky skellys army.

i always used slayer ( they are my favorite warhammer fantasy unit ) so for me it's a must unit .

I normally use a slayer unit of 21 in a 7x3 formation with 1-3 champion and the banner .
they are also good in a tarpit ( 20-25 slayer no command at all ) as mentionned by another forum member above .the fact that they are on the table is a problem for your opponen , he need to kill them all or avoid them at all cost :P

try them out they will surely save your game someday ;)

03-01-2007, 00:52
Personally, i'd prefer take hammerers as another special unit...
Stubborn, armor save 5+ or 4+ immune to fear and terror if there's a lord in the unit.
Of course the slayers are unbreakable and way cooler loking than the hammerers, but the way they tend to be shot to pieces before reaching the action is a turn off for me.

03-01-2007, 10:00
Two very good options used often:
1) Dragon Slayer on its own - cheap and cheerful and used to protect Warmachines etc
2) Dragon Slayer with a small no. of Slayers - also cheap but greater flexibility in 'clearing up' any unit going pass/behind the dwarven line

They should not be used in front of the other dwarves.

Varath- Lord Impaler
03-01-2007, 10:23
I dunno, people rarely waste firepower shooting at the Slayer. They think they are being clever shooting around him.

Then they charge him with knights

And he challenges

your unit is mine!

vampires are cool!
03-01-2007, 11:35
What? When i play dwarfs the first think to go is the slayers! I play vampire counts so as soon as i can i res a unit on their flank and dance it in. after that its al a matter of keeping them tied up.
I really love slayers and if i were a dwarf general i'd get a massive unit of them. But as an evil player in good standing, I cackle manicaly when i slay them [generaly taking them out as soon as possible].

Varath- Lord Impaler
03-01-2007, 11:45
hmm...odd, must be about the area.

Oh well, you cant really cackle maniacly when you kill slayers...they want to die.

I think to be evil you have to let them live. THAT would make them tear out their beards in anger

03-01-2007, 11:52
Are they worth it?

Yes. They are most effective against close combat reliant armies, though. A small unit of slayers will be run over quite quickly since the enemy can reliably charge them with their heavy units. However, if there are enough bodies in the unit they won't go anywhere. At this point you can thrown in some of the oh-so-reliable armoured Dwarfs and break the enemy in return.

Incidently, they are very fun to use against Hell Cannons.

I assume you will want a Dragon Slayer character in there as well. The no-brainer way to equip them is with the Master Rune of Swiftness and two of those +1 Strength runes. Try that out. :)

In combination with this, note that you can upgrade any number of Troll Slayers to Giant Slayers, meaning that the Dragon Slayer doesn't have to get tied down in a challenge until you run out of champions...


03-01-2007, 11:55
They are worth it and cause fear on enemies, because they completely shut a flank, unless attacked by an impressive unit.

04-01-2007, 00:41
hammerers are nice 2 tough i will still take slayer first , they got a more powerfull effect on the mind of your opponent :P

04-01-2007, 00:59
Personally I usually run a unit of 25 Slayers with Standard and Musician. Normally #25 is a Dragon Slayer with a big old rune axe. Unit always performs well, haven't lost it entirely yet to shooting. You see, when the Slayers are advancing paralell to rest rest of the heavy infantry, they don;t look as scary :) Then they tie up something for the rest of the game, or if your lucky chew through it.

Also, just to mess with your opponent, name each of your Slayers, and get a few of the older "no rear armor" models to flesh out the unit. Then, when they kill your Slayers thank them for "x" Slayer, and say he had the trousers leg ritual performed on him. Show mini, relish the ensuing silence.

Sorry, way to much thought went into that....


heretics bane
04-01-2007, 16:47
lol!, slayers are great hitting every thing on 4+,t4,unbreakable and cool hair best unit ever just put a dragon slayer or deamon in there with master rune of challenge on him to get rid of that terrible movment !!

04-01-2007, 22:12
I've been carrying Slayers in my box for about 2 years, assembled but unplayed. I finally put them on the field last week. They took a charge from 14 Chaos Knights (not chosen) and took three turns to die to the last man. The Giant Slayer in the front rank even killed a couple knights during that time. As a result, they single handedly held up a whole flank of my friend's army, which got shot to pieces. By the time the knights were free of the Slayers, they were looking at 2 Dwarf cannons and 10 Glade Guardians at close range, and it would have taken two turns to get in position.

Let me note, Dwarfs and Wood Elves fought together in a allied army from the rules found in General's Compendium, and I scored a Massacre victory.