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02-01-2007, 01:04
Ok, so this army is pure cheese IMO. I've built it as an exercise in stupidity and need the fine lads here at Warseer to pick it appart.
First and formost in the dairy section is Grimgor with a big unit of 23 blorcs. the central core of the army. (although you will quickly notice it's about all there is.) I've taken a fat unit of boyz with choppa & shield to protect my BSB whos only purpose is to stand around a look tough while the other stuff does all the work (he will look tough as hes got T6 thanks to his Armour of Gork).
A level 1 scroll caddy to back up the Spirt Totem on the blorcs. I really don't want the enemy to get much magic off so 6 dispell dice and 2 scrolls should help with that. The shaman will take the #1 spell if I roll anything higher than a 3. If I get Fists (#4) I may keep it depending upon the situation and opponent.
I took 2 minimum size units of spider riders to march block and redirect. No command for these units...not even a musician. They will ride up the flanks ignoring diff. terrain and get in the way of what needs getting in the way of. When they die I will shed not a single tear.
Same goes for the snots who will start the game spread out infront of my unit of blorcs or boyz to soak up any shooting in the first few turns. 4 bases wide will block LOS. I know they can't keep that up for very long so once they serve no use any more they shall be sacrificed ASAP to make room for the fighty units.
I've got 2 spear chukkas, a rock lobba and a doom diver to pound my enemy with. The plan is to hang back with my two fighty units and make the enemy close with me. The artillery will ensure that my enemy will have to go on the offensive. With all this I should be able to cause some panic checks and reduce the effectivness of a few units. At least datz da cunnin' plan!
Once the enemy's crap is close enough, I'll Waaagh! with Grimgor and attempt to charge his biggest, toughest unit with the Blorcs. The boyz will engage whatever else there is.
The Giant and the boar chariot will protect the flanks of these units with the giant providing some much needed terror.

Please note the games will be played on a 4x4 table (ick!). The last army I took had a lot of big units of boyz and it was just too difficult to maneuver on such a small battlefield. So I've opted for a tight killy army...and I really wanna give Grimgor a whirle 'cause he's such a pig!

So here's the list.:cheese:


Grimgor Ironhide: 375
Gitsnik and the Blood-forged Armour

Black Orc BSB: 164
Armed to da Teef, Armour of Gork

Level 1 Orc Shaman: 115
Dispell Scroll, Dispell Scroll

Total: 654 points


29 Orc boyz: 204
Choppa, Light Armour and Shield
Boss, Standard and Musician

5 Goblin Spider Riders: 65
Hand weapon, Spear & Shield

5 Goblin Spider Riders: 65
Hand weapon, Spear & Shield

4 Snotling Bases: 80

Total: 414 points (the shame)


Da Immortulz: 410
23 Black Orcs
Armed to da Teef, Shields
Boss, Standard and Musician
Mork’s Spirit Totem

Orc Boar Chariot: 85
Extra Crew, Choppa, Spear

2 Goblin Spear Chukkas: 70

Goblin Rock Lobber: 75

Total: 640 points


Giant: 205

Doom Diver: 80

Total: 285 points




vampires are cool!
02-01-2007, 01:37
Maybe drop the doom diver and take another giant. For smashy goodness.

Captain Lysander360
02-01-2007, 11:27
how can you drop the doom diver he then needs to find about another 150pts

Von Wibble
02-01-2007, 11:42
One flaw in the plan - empire, dwarfs, tomb kings (thanks to it came from below), Bretonnians (2 trebuchets plus lots of archers - who uses grail knights against orcs anyway?), and any Elf army are all capable of standing back and forcing you to come to them.

With better shooting they can then destroy the spider riders, chariot and giant fairly quickly. Leaving an army that is just asking for a flank charge (incidentally Grimgor's only weakness - cr in a fight in which he isn't attacking) from silver helms, knights of the realm, knightly orders etc.

Therefore against chaos warriors, skaven, lizardmen and vampire counts its fine. Otherwise you're in trouble.

02-01-2007, 14:16
The spiders can move up through forests so they are pretty safe from shooting until I need them in the way. I'll try to keep the chariot out of LOS and the giant, while he's a big target can also be kept in a safe place. Ya, this army will have to adapt to a gunline style army. I don't really have anything to hunt warmachines, other than my own artillery. :p
Of course I'll have to adapt my plan to fight these kinds of armies. Probably advance my two fighty units up behind a screen of snotlings and spiders. Again, the enemy will waste their shooting trying to make my gobbos run and widdle down 12 wounds worth of snotlings that never run. The gobbos will be in Grimgor's Ld range so hopefully I can keep 'em from fleeing.
With the compact nature of the army I think it will perform quite well and can adapt to any kind of opponent.
Knowing the kinds of armies people bring to these gaming nights I'm not too concerned with facing shooty armies.


Von Wibble
03-01-2007, 12:07
You are using the spiders in a forest AND as a screen? Impressive.

Shooty troops on a hill ignore the snotling screen. Thats pretty much all of my shooting btw.

Also the snotling screen can be a liability. For example with high elves I tend to use Dragon Princes and 2 chariots. If they all charged into the screen at the correct place the snotlings would break and tehn so would the unit behind thanks to combats being fought in teh same phase.

03-01-2007, 13:59
Well, I played two games with this army last night with mixed results.
First game was against a very tournament style Bretonian army with six units of KotR (6 models each), a unit of Errants (also 6), 4 pegasus knights and 12 skrmishing bowmen. He had a lord, a BSB and a level 1 scroll caddy.
I got owned. He pretty much rolled over my whole army in three turns. The worst was when I charged one of his KotR with the chariot and after causing 6 impact hits and all of them wounding, he made all his armour/ward saves. Then my crew and boars did nothing. :(. This caused me to loose the combat (duh) and he was able to set up for the flank charge on my blocs with Grimgor. I then had to endure three units of knights charging Grimgor! Grimgor killed four knights in one unit, and then the knights killed 7 Blorcs. Again, I lost combat in a big way and 785 points of black orc was run down by his knights.
The only thing that went my was was my artillery killing a lot of knights (but then he had enough to spare) and my giant picking up his BSB and stufing him into his pants, picking another and throwing him back into his unit to win the combat. Other than that...it was a lesson in humility and the glory of heavy cavalry. I did take away few well learned lessons that I put to use in my next game that went much better.
The second game was against Lizardmen. He had a BIG unit of Saurus Warriors with his BSB on a cold one. Six Salamanders, and three big units of skins with poisoned javalins.
I WON! Grimgor called the WAAAGH! on the second turn after my unit of boyz rolled a 6 on the first turn to move 13". This allowed them to charge on the second turn and Grimgor's blorcs were able to charge a unit of skinks who stood and shot at the giant that charged along with them...the giant did not live (stupid poison). However Grimgor and his boys whiped them out completly and ran into a unit of three salamanders. My orc boys caused a few casulties to the saurus, but not enough to win combat. But they passed their leadership test and stuck around for a turn. My artillery concentrated on the second unit of salamanders with the shaman and his bodyguard of snotlings did nothing but soak up javellins. BTW, snots are actually useful as a bodyguard for spell casters as they ar not fit for a fight, but are pleanty of ablative wounds to keep your caster alive.
The highlight (and turning point) of the game was when my orc boys, lost combat to the saurus with a flank charge by his salamanders and Old Blood made their leadership test (I needed a 3 and got in in one roll) and stuck it out. This allowed Grimgor and his lads to flank charge the saurus and kill 11 of them. My BSB killed his BSB with his great weapon (Armed to da Teef on BSB is sweet!) and I made them run (I made saurus run!). The game ended at this point as all he has left was 2 units of skinks and some terradons who were eating spear chukka crew. Lesson learned...poison attacks make me cry. Both my giant and boar chariot were taken down by standing and shooting skinks. On hindsight I should have not charged with my Giant, but he did allow my black orcs to not have to take the stand and shoot from the skinks so I guess it was the right choice. Also, my spider riders did nothing this game. One unit got javellined to death on the first turn and the second unit rolled a 1 when I called the WAAAGH! and took 4 wounds leaving a lone rider to run off the table the following turn.
Overall, I will be making some changes to this list. I may drop the chariot and take another pair of spear chukkas. The spider riders are useless, I may try them with short bows. I'm going to put my BSB on a pig for the extra armour save and attack. I'll be trying this army out again later this week against some dwarfs.