View Full Version : WE lord on eagle

12-07-2005, 18:59
i realy would like to field a lord mounted on a great eagle in my future list. he should be a close combat type.

there are two ideas i have. please tell me your opinion. i am really not sure witch of the two would perform better.


highborn - gr. eagle

light. ar., gw., oaken a., fimbulwinter shard, murder of spites
(+6sv, st6, regenerate, -1to hit in cc + mount, d6 st2 as in cc on ws7)


highborn - gr. eagle

light ar., shield, helm of hunt, spear of twilight, stone of crystal mere

(+4sv, +1 a - +1 ws on charge, killing blow +1st on charge, +3 ward sv + mount)

what do you think?