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02-01-2007, 18:47
I'm looking for a nice tournament army, 2250 points and it should not be to cheesy, I just wan't to have fun with this army.

Beastlord with armour of damnation, slaughterer's blade and Crown of Horns

Bray-shaman with chaos armour, braystaff, spel familiar and a dispel scroll.

Wargor of Slaanesh with the dark heart, crimson armour of Dargan and great weapon

Bray-shaman of Slaanesh with the staff of Darkoth and a dispel scroll

Beast herd with 7 gors (double handweapon), 10 ungors (spears) and full command; the Beastlord and undivided brayshaman joins this unit

Beast herd with 7 gors (double handweapon), 9 ungors (spears) and full command

18 Slaangors with full command and warbanner; they are deployed 6 broad and the wargor of slaanesh joins this unit.

2 tuskgor chariots

3 units of warhounds; 2 of 6 and 1 of 5 hounds

3 Minotaurs with great weapon

6 Chaos Furies

10 Deamonettes

1 Chaos Giant with Mutant monstrosity

2 Fiends of Slaanesh spawns

I got 20 points left to spend, but don't know what to do with them, has anybody some suggestions for me.
A few things I was thinking about were;
1) buy 3 hounds extra and divide the hounds over 4 groups of 5
2) scrap the second beast herd unit and take there for instead 2 herds; both of them with 5 gors and 5 ungors and musician and upgarde 1 unit with a foe-render
3) buy me 2 ungors and an extra Slaangor and form the unit into 5 broad.
any comments are always welcome.
thx already, yours sincerely Fearchanges

03-01-2007, 01:24
Personally I'd exchange the crimson armour for a regular suit of heavy armour then use the extra points to turn the daemonettes into a unit of 5 mounted daemonettes. Their speed coupled with their ability to negate rank bonuses on a flank charge will be of great use to your beastherds efforts at breaking infantry units. As it stands, I don't see what your daemonettes really bring to the table other than looks.