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02-01-2007, 18:52
I had been working diligently for months, getting 1500 points of Alpha Legion painted up for my birthday in February, until I started painting my nice FW AL dread ... and got seriously burnt out and not wanting to paint the vehicles & few dozen cultists that are left. Clearly the solution to this dilemma: build a totally different army?!

Besides a pretty successful summer of Catachan back when they came out, I've pretty much only played MEQ armies, and have wanted a horde army for a while now. Also, I'm getting a bit sick of giving GeeDub so much of my hard-earned cash, so this army would need to be a) comprised primarily of non-GW models and b) relatively cheap to build.

On a whim I bought a MEGA tarantula swarm (http://www.people.virginia.edu/~hdg9r/warseer/megaspiders.jpg) pack from the WarStore - I like giant spiders, and these are nice little sculpts - and saw nothing but possibility. Tyranids were the natural pick to run them in 40k, so here's the list I'll be working toward in the coming months:


Hive Tyrant - 2 scything talons, warp blast, adrenal glands (WS & I), extended carapace, toxin sacs, implant attak, flesh hooks


4 Warriors - scything talons, rending claws, leaping, adrenal glands (WS & I), extended carapace, flesh hooks


18 Hormagaunts - adrenal glands (I), flesh hooks
18 Hormagaunts - adrenal glands (I), flesh hooks
18 Hormagaunts - adrenal glands (I), flesh hooks

999 points

I really like the list and think it fits a massive swarm of big/huge/giant spiders quite well. As the construction phase of this project is so minimal - primarily just cleaning a little flash on the MEGA spiders - I'll be trying out sculpting all the bases out of green stuff. Nothing fancy at all, with every third or so spider with an Imperial bit or COD-esque rubble on their base. In fact, my first 40k army was Blood Angels, so red marine remnants will feature here and there on the bases. Oh, and I'll be painting the spiders apart from their bases, as both should be a lot easier to do seperate.

Plan is to have the swarm ready to hit Games Day Baltimore in May or so of this year :D

As of right now, I'm waiting on the WarStore to deliver my box of bugs and supplies: 1 Reaper Huge Spider, 5 MEGA Tarantula Swarms, 1 bag of 56 GW round bases, 1 bag of 25 GW 40mm round bases, some paint and a load of green stuff. In the meantime I used up the last of my putty last night and sculpted the first 9 small bases, though I guess I won't know how great they are until I get some paint on them.

I'll take pics of the bases tonight, and get the 9 little spiders I've got cleaned up.

- Salvage

Your Evil Twin
02-01-2007, 19:47
Those Tarantula seem abit hairy and not quite spiky enough to be tyranids, how do you explain the scything talons?

Best of luck


02-01-2007, 20:09
That's the beauty of it, these spiders 'count as' tyranids only, and are basically close enough to the same idea to be an easy fit. As to them not having 'scything talons,' they do have 8 legs and nasty posionous fangs, which more than work similarly to arms that end in long bone talons, IMO.

- Salvage

03-01-2007, 03:37
Tomorrow I spray on some black primer, but otherwise I've done all I can up to this point:


Spiders, more or less cleaned of mold lines.


Bases, puttied and ready to go. The one with the beam has a pin sticking out, which slots into the spider laying on his back in the group pic. The idea was to have him launching into the air for a marine-level attak, we'll have to see how well it turns out ...

Things learned so far: puttying bases is fun and fast, cleaning tarantulas of mold lines is not fun and takes about as long as the basing, except I feel like I'm trashing the nice fur on the spiders when I 'clean' them :cries:

- Salvage

03-01-2007, 03:58
Cool idea. Be forwarned though that GW is not too fond of you bringing other companies models to their events. I doubt you will be able to get into a big tounament like Games Day with an army full of non-GW models.

03-01-2007, 15:16
True, but bugger GeeDub tournies I say. I'd be looking for pick-up games at Games Day, with the less-zealous gamers out there ...

- Salvage

05-01-2007, 04:37
Thanks to Neal at the WarStore being awesome and sending me the in stock portion of my order seperate from the 40 spiders I'm still waiting on, I got a test spider done.


Spider #1, standing by his nice little base.


And now hanging out on top of his base.


Here's his underside, enormously big and showing how badly little metal models lose their paint when handled too much (or at all)!

<image below>

The rest of his friends, ready for paint. You'll notice I'm deviating from the MEGA paintjob, and frankly I'm pretty happy with what I've got going. It isn't too neat or technically advanced at all - scorched brown on all fur, then heavy drybrush dark flesh, then selective drybrush fiery orange, with some black & bone details - but my girlfriend says it looks realistic (in a bad way in her case). Also, I think I can get it down to about 1 hour painting time, though that doesn't include all the time I need to devote to inking in all the places the spray missed. Very vital step, and a pain to get perfect.

Finally, a taste of things to come toward the end of the project:

<image below>

That Reaper 'huge spider' is a mess, and is a tad too big for a 60mm base ... but have putty & random junk, will convert.

Tomorrow night I plan on getting 3 more spiders done. 55 more to go ...

- Salvage

05-01-2007, 04:38

More little spiders.


A huge spider to come.

Oh, and the base is drybrushed shadow grey with the tiniest of fortress grey drybrush over that.

- Salvage

31-01-2007, 15:34
Interesting idea - I look forward to seeing the Warriors and Tyrant compared to the Hormagaunts. Should also be interesting to play, as it's all CC. If you wanted to add a bit of ranged firepower, however, you could model some venom-spitting or silk-shooting spiders.

Though this has a very cool swarmy-choppy feel to it. Hope it's fun to play as well as look at!

31-01-2007, 19:56
I HATE spiders! :cries: however they are a really cool idea for a nid army so good work :D

31-01-2007, 20:19
People responding?!

Thanks for the replies, and yeah, I like how different the list is, though my Chaos boys are hardly loaded with firepower ... Sadly though, I've switched tracks and am building and dipping 750 points of Tau for Games Day. A little less work, and I've got other things to do before June - figuring out grad schools for one - then painting 59 spiders. Actually, only 56 more, as I got a third spider done last week :wtf:

Maybe the Tau will pop up here too, we'll have to see what happens :D

- Salvage

08-02-2007, 21:30
I'm really scared of spiders <.<

They look nice. And they'll probably look rather scary when there're loads of them :D

I'd like to see your tau so make a blog for them too.

09-02-2007, 00:18
Heresy has a really nice large spider:


Konrad_Curze II
09-02-2007, 01:18
plus theres always shelob or the other big spider from lotr

09-02-2007, 07:16
Please don't forget the spider army. I only noticed this thread now, when people started responding to it, and I really like the idea.

As Pekel said, you can always add some ranged capabilities to the force by spitting venom, shooting webbing (barbed strangler?) or stuff like that. If you want, that is. A pure close combat swarm of spiders would be pretty scary too :)

By the way, you really have to face the Tau and the spider armies off against each other. Should be a really, really dangerous game for both sides... :)

09-02-2007, 15:37
Yowza that Heresy spider is a beaut! I've seen a couple other very nice huge spiders since I bought the ones I need for this project, but I'm unsure what to use them for in the army. Maybe ... lictors? Given how thin and nasty the Heresy spider is I think she'd look good being something infiltrating and deadly, as opposed to the more burly, furry tarantulas that will bulk out the force ...

And funny thing about the Tau is they have a TON of S5 AP5 guns, which would murder the little spiders ... but then there's the big spiders and huge psy-spider to smash the little blue aliens :D

- Salvage

09-02-2007, 16:53
I really like this idea, it's a shame it won't be allowed in tournaments, but this looks like it could be a very nice force when done.

Wow, that Heresy spider is freaky! It looks like Lictor status to me.

Simply refreshing.

-peace out

09-04-2007, 22:53
Well, if you go to games day, just say their all sculpted from GS! That'd outa work.

Lord Blood the Hungry
11-04-2007, 01:23
the giant spider theme is ace.
are you doing a background for them?
you could call them the megarachnid like the armoured spider race in the horus heresy books. they would fit in very nicely and would gain some recognition from fluff nazis at games day.

i think it would be cooler if you look up the peaceful spider race that zap brannigan defeated in futurama and had a revenge strike. it would be subtle but soo cool.

11-04-2007, 19:48
the giant spider theme is ace.
are you doing a background for them?
you could call them the megarachnid like the armoured spider race in the horus heresy books. they would fit in very nicely and would gain some recognition from fluff nazis at games day.
Hey, you've really got something there! Finished that first book a few weeks ago, and I didn't even catch the possibility of a solid fluff grounding! Up to this point they were going to be a big swarm of native xenos buggers that surged up after a typical 40k all-vs-all beatdown died down, sweeping through a wrecked hive and devouring the battered winners / stragglers. There will be Blood Angel parts on every 6th base or so, with a full marine sunk into the muck on the Huge Spider's base, his auspex still blinking in warning ...

But I have to warn you Warseer, this project is not going to move for a while yet. Right now I'm finishing the last squad for my 1500 40k Chaos army, then I'm either dipping 750 points of Tau for Games Day or dipping 750 points of '''Clan Eshin Skaven''' for the Nemesis Crown. Maybe both, but I'll project log the '''Skaven''' army for you all, with proper updates and all. Clearly all those '''''' mean this will not be done with Skaven models :evilgrin:

So stay tuned, just ... not for more spiders anytime soon :rolleyes:

- Salvage

11-04-2007, 19:56
Great Work Boss, are we going to see any mini-dioramas on the bases, ie a SM wrapped in spider silk ready for lunch?

11-04-2007, 20:25
i like the spider idea. have you considered what items/upgrades your going to give your units?