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12-07-2005, 21:14
This is a short story about my WH inquisitor lord/lady. I just wanted to write about a duel with a daemon, and she seemed suitable enough. The rest just rolled out. Enjoy the read!

Duel with the wrong inquisitor:

Inquisitor Anderwell looked down the large hall. She never expected such luxury so deep down a hive city. The walls on one side, the closest one, were filled with elaborate mirrors. Most were empty, but some had shadows that danced around in them. Despite her experience, it spooked her a bit. She gestured her retinue to stay behind, activating her power-glove in the process. She slowly walked forward.
Suddenly, she saw herself in a mirror, but without her bandages. The bandages that covered every inch of her body. She saw the burnt skin, the ruin that was her face, not a single square milimeter that wasn't singed and scorched. No, she would never worry about that anymore. The fiery portal at the end of the hall looked welcoming despite what she knew lay behind it. Fire hurt her no more, and with a slightly steadier pace, she closed in, through the plain black half of the hall.
Her staff caused a loud bang every time it hit the ground. Definitely a simple stone floor. One time she touched the golden mask covering her face. She really did look like a mummy. Under the armour plates and bandages, she smiled, as she stepped through the flames, entering, where? She did not really know.
There it stood. It was truly no longer human. It spoke "Finally you have arrived human. Killed my servants, " Images flashed by, of the heretics scorched in the pyres above, the cultists shot by the adepta sororitas. "...but I don't need them anymore. Your death will be the last sacrifice needed to meet my god!"
The inquisitor held her staff as a sword as it charged. It impaled the creature. It looked semi-human, a hideous dragonhead with quite too much horns on it's shoulders. A heavily muscled body, both beautiful and disgusting, two thin pointy tails sprouting from the rear, and black-blueish claws, coloring brightly on the pale body. It pulled the staff out, melting it in deamon-fire. She wasn't prepared for this, she remembered. She belonged to the wrong ordo for this. But this was it, she was there, and she had to finish it. She held her claw out, while he showed off his.
They clashed! Claw met claw, and hand fended off the other. She jumped aside, claws grappling after her tattered cape. Fire around her. This was a deamon who enjoyed fire, unlike his troops. Clinging to a web above her, the fire raging around her, she could see nothing. She felt this web. What would a subdimension need with additions like this. Admittedly, she always destroyed them before anyon could enter it, but it felt strange.
The web moved. The deamon must've came after her. She knew where he was. "Hahah! You thought of ruining my sight?" She didn't need sight. her bionic eye took over, but it crashed right there and then. "Damnit! Damn all those machine spirits right down to the martian hell!" "Hahah!" It laughed back "You cannot escape, little inquisitor!" She did see the daemon prince, and the hook on her power weapon glowed more brightly than it ever could normally. The flames disappeared. They hung in a vacuum, the web was gone. The palm of her hand crackled, and the mummy shaped human flew passed the daemon. The daemon screamed in agony, and lightning hit it. Souls teared at it, burning it as they clawed at his muscled body.
Once more did it strike! A sword of fire clashing against the soul-forged blade of Jinn Anderwell. Her one remaining eye shed a tear that burnt her scorched face. The souls that had to be taken for this deamon, and the siouls taken for his demise. So much bloodshed, so much eternal horrors, for a soul can never be truly destroyed, and these souls would forever be hurt in places not in this universe. So much, and it all came down to nothing. Nothing was accomplished, and if anything it only got worse.
Strike, defend! Duck, thrust, evade! Slash! It was over. It took mere moments. Not even a minute passed as the two played a swordfight. Blades touched, and eventually the inquisitor won. She ran out as the subdimension collapsed. Such a fool, she thought. He even linked the subdimension to his own mind. She came ot of the hall, into the darkness of the dump town square. The hall collapsed too, as the last power that held it upright gave way.
She was too late today. She allowed the magister to become posessed by a daemon. She failed, despite winning. She destroyed the cults on this planet, she stopped the magister before he could contact his god, and other planets. But still, she had to act faster in the future. She had her servo skull record these things, and went back to her ship, to rest, tidying her cape and bandages as she ordered the pickup.

Edit: For completeness, a picture of Jinn Anderwell, my Inquisitor lord. Compare her to your mental picture during reading for once. Just a little experiment, that last bit. The pic: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v242/Frecus/Sisters/InqSoB.jpg

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Hideous Loon
12-07-2005, 22:19
Sounds good to me (heck, even the spelling is near perfect!). The composition, the plot (the wee plot that is), and everything else that is hard to get right in a short story is fine, just fine. I have but one question: Why is Jinn Anderwell scarred by fire, to the extent of having to wear bandages all the time? Was it due to some weird initiation rite of the Ordo Hereticus, or was she scorched during a fight with a hellish creature? I wonder...

13-07-2005, 10:16
Thanks for the compliments! *Takes hat off*

About a year ago, when I decided to play witchhunters, I started with an inquisitor, and a model, and in a couple of days, I had a short history for her:
(Note, it's a bit quicker, and more like fluff, and also doesn't have a very good conclusion.)

The history of Jinn anderwell:
Jinn Anderwell was a child born on a large mostly tropical planet named Archaia, living happily in wealth with both her parents and 2 older brothers. That endured, until, when she was only 10 years old, firestorms plagued the planet, and chaos was rising! After the family Anderwell had sheltered in their house for 2 days, a massive chaos assault was unleashed upon the once lovely city. Just when Jinny's father opened the balcony door to see what was happening, the house came under fire by massed plasma weaponry. Jinny herself saw green flashes, fell, felt nothing but searing pain all over her body and blacked out.
When she woke up, lying in the ruins of her house, she saw a group of women in power armour standing a few feet away. She started screaming, and even though it hurt like hell, she kept screaming until they noticed her. Her body still hurt and she closed her eyes. She heard the women come nearer. She heard them talk, just before she blacked out again: "Poor girl" "Filthy plasma weapons, I wish they were never invented" "Let's take her to the Hospitaller"
When she woke up, she was lying in a white bed, with a woman next to her head. "Ah, you have awoken!" She said. "Where am I?" Jinny asked. "You are in our spaceship, on it's way to our home planet" was the reply. "Where are mom and dad?" "I'm afraid, erm... They are gone..." "Gone where?" "Erm..." "Are they dead?" "Yes..." Was the sister's sad reply. Jinny burst out in tears, and wanted to wipe her tears with her hands, but saw that her arms and hands were covered entirely in bandages. "What happened to my arms?" She quickly asked through her tears. The sister, who was preparing to leave, answered calmly: "The plasma has burned away most of your skin" "Will I ever get better?" "No, you body will never fully heal from this..." Then the sister left. Jinny cried it out for hours, and swore an oath, to destroy who did this to her, whatever the price would be! She then cried herself to sleep.
Later, she was raised further by the adeptus sororitas, and trained to be a sister of battle. She trained, but her real aspiration was to become an inquisitor, for she believed that that was the best way to find and destroy the one who killed her family. After much hard work, she was taken as an apprentice by an old inquisitor, and took his place when, after he was hit by a stray artillery shell, he got killed. After the battle, she tried to find out exactly who had attacked the planet and killed her parents. She easily discovered that her home town was attacked by a Nurgle lieutenant named Hark. She met her foe while supporting an attack by the adepta sororitas on a chaos fuel depot on Cadia itself. With the powers she gained by training to be an inquisitor lord, she easily overwhelmed him, and burned the corpse. Yet, she wasn't satisfied, even though she destroyed the liuetenant and his army. She turned around, walked to the shuttle, went back to her ship and let the crew make a scan for the nearest loose psyker...

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Hideous Loon
13-07-2005, 12:36
Oh, I understand. It all comes together now, and 'twas a good idea to have her seeking vengeance upon those who did this to her as well. Stereotypic, but good. Kudos.

(If you wanted, you could make another version of her, still using Queen Khalida, but as an Acolyte to another Inquisitor, perhaps using the model of Inquisitor Lorr (I always imagine him to be old and wizened). But that's only if you want to 'fill in the blanks' of her background (note: I didn't use the word fluff for the first time in a month).)