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03-01-2007, 06:49

-Ithilmar Barding
-Armour of Protection
-Pure of Heart

-Level 2
-Staff of Solidity

-Level 2
-Jewel of the Dusk


20 Spearmen
-Full Command

20 Spearmen
-Full Command

10 Archers

10 Archers

9 Silver Helms
-Heavy Armour
-Full Command
-War Banner


10 Swordmasters
-Full Command
-Banner of Sorcery


2 Repeater Bolt Throwers

2 Great Eagles


Von Wibble
03-01-2007, 11:59
No Lord choice - interesting. Not necessarily a bad thing though.

I would have the silver wand rather than the staff of solidity. Since you only need 1 decent spell for any mage I would then drop seer and get Ring of Fury instead - you would have to be very unlucky not to get a good spell, and as long as the first spell in teh deck is OK you can just cast with the other mage, using 2 dice on (eg) a fireball.

Helm of Fortune is cheaper and better than the armour of protection in most cases for the commander. 1+ save with reroll beats 3+ save, 4+ ward against anything below S8 without killing blow or ignore armour. You can then afford the amulet of the purifying flame for example.

The Silver Helm unit looks too big. 1 casualty will cost them their rank bonus anyway. Lose 4 models and get a chariot.

2 units of 10 archers are going to have trouble all getting to fire. I would drop 1 unit and get some reavers or shadow warriors instead, or upgrade the commander to a prince, or buy a commander on foot to lead the swordmasters (so many choices...). Or a 2nd chariot.

03-01-2007, 15:13
Elven lords are too expensive for my tastes in 2000pts, and it's even worse for high elves as they can't garentee the Ld10 that the lord would provide (archmage would be tipping on the side of cheesy with the other two mages)

Silver wand for one more spell that I may not get to cast (variable extra spell dice) or ten more points to miss out on rolling on that very nasty miscast table.....I'm paraniod so I think I'll keep the staff, and seer lets me choose my spells anyway

True that 1+ re-roll is good, provided you get an armour save, having the ward makes me feel safer, and space marine players can egt buy on 3+ saves, so can my commander.....although the extra points may come in handy.

True 1 casulty and I loose my rank, but I need 5 to loose attacks

How can twenty men in two lines have trouble shooting on a 6x4 table, the only trouble I'de find is if I'm forced to use a 4x4 table. Yes they may not shoot every turn, but they have a ten inch march, they can hold table quarters, and other things. Shadow warriors are seemingly pointless as ym eagles can go after war machines, and/or redirect charges. Reavers seem fairly pointless as well with the eagles, sure my eagles will die now and then, but they seem to be a better buy tacticly then reavers (having two of them for instance).

Having too many characters tend to hurt elven forces who don't have the bodies on the field to be effective (atleast in an infantry list) and chariots really wouldn't be effective in this list, it's too slow they would charge out and get cut to ribbons (or shot too, damn wood elves). If I had more cavalry, then afew chariots wouldn't go astray, or the chariots were slower.....or cheaper (and not special), but as it stands....no

03-01-2007, 23:04
I think this army has too many medium strength combat units for my liking. The two units of spearmen, silver helms and swordmasters is a little too spread out i feel.

I would cut it down a bit probably by taking a big unit of swordmasters and a large block of silverhelms or spearmen. I would then use the points to get more smaller supporting combat units like chariots or small units of silver helms.

magic wise i can't see much point taking 2 seers especially when you have no rings. 1 on the guy with the jewel of dusk is a far as i would go. I also like to have a scroll somewhere. I back up von wibble about the staff of soldity it doesn't justify itself and the miscast table isn't really that bad and since you will use 3 dice tops for a spell you won't miscast very often (nowhere near as often as you will want to use a dispel scroll).

Again i would favour the helm of fortune or guaridan phoniex over armour of protection, if you can find 10pts take both that is definitely masively better.

05-01-2007, 05:51
This is a very refreshing list. I am so sick of seeing 100% magic or cavalry HE lists. This is quiet oldschool.

Although I love the idea of archers, they have never done anything useful for me that another use of their points could not have done better. So I suggest you keep one lot for fluff and the cool models, but drop the other. For max efficiency drop both.

I tend to field decent size cav units too. If you use a 5 man unit, only one has to die to make the charge unimpressive and with 2 dead they cannot do much noticable damage. If you just wanted them for rank cancelling, get fast cav. I say stick with the big unit assuming your enemy was warmachines.

What is the roll of the silverhelms? If it is just to counter charge, or attack when the enemy get close, might a chariot be a cheaper alternative? I am a fan of spearelves backed up by chariots in fairly static armies.

One thing I like to do is ask myself "why will this unit win the combat?". I would look into warbanners, cheap heroes, chariots etc Something to give your infantry elves a tiny edge in combat. I am not convinced that the swordmasters will stand up to much punishment, especially not after recieving incoming firepower. I suspect you may have to beef up that unit a bit.

Overall I like the feel of the army, it is very similar to what I often use.

05-01-2007, 07:02
Twenty archers backed up by 2 rbts plsu a mage with curse....that seems impressive atleast to me.

The silver helms are a far flanker, they will asupport my spearmen, swordmasters, but from afar, to respond to any threats they need to....atleast that is the plan, plsu to commander helps them.