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12-07-2005, 21:48
Dracil Lupine pulled his lupine pelt closer to his chest, the wind nearly taking it off as he saw the sun setting, the fifth one in the sky finally giving them two to three sects of darkness.

He glanced at his band, people he had recruited or hired for this action. Some were his personal champions, others were fools who wanted action, while others were just fighters.

Dracil's eye landed on the Sorcereress, as she was being carried by slaves on her tent, her twin sister standing close by, eyes looking round as they walked the treachorous path.

Dracil called to Leoric, one the Touched warriors that was loyal to him and told him to set up camp. It was time for rest, for three days they had followed the caravan and after all this time, they had finally got within a day's stop of it.

Dracil watched as the campfire blazed brightly, turning to the rest of the group.

'I need two warriors to scout ahead!' roared Dracil as he looked round at the bunch. 'The rest of you, eat and drink, then get some rest! For tomorrow we shall not rest!'

OoC/Right you can decide if you know each other or not, and well welcome to Oclackeon VII, the last place you want to be. The air is freezing as its winter time, but there is no snow ok?/OoC

12-07-2005, 21:59
Mace pulled his hood up and wrapped his cloak tightly around him, the wind was absolutely freezing despite being sat quite close to the camp fire. He looked around the campsite for people he recognised so far he had seen no one and was getting bored and impatient.

12-07-2005, 22:04
Vold stood, silent and complacent, off to the side of Dracil. He moved only when necessary, the blinding cold apparently not affecting him.

12-07-2005, 23:59
Illesteria reclined back against the cot her slavers carried her on, a self assured grin ghosting over her gaunt faces as her red eyes looked over the assembled group.

'Odd bunch aren't they sister?' she spoke, her voice surprisingly strong and rich compared to her withered body. One of her slaves left her side to grab food. It was a strange wretch that moved quickly.

It presented the food to its mistress as though it were some holy icon. Illesteria laughed, bony fingers grasping the food. 'I told you this one would be worth the effort!' she spoke again to her twin. She began to eat, throwning the odd scrap to her slaves. They scrambled around on the dirty for the tiny pieces gifted to them by their mistress, fighting each other for them.

Illesteria laughed again as she watched. At her command they'd eat each other. She did enjoy watching them fighting, it amused her greatly.

13-07-2005, 03:54
Chade found a large tree, close to Dracils tent. He relaxed into it's coarse bark, made himself comfortable, then he just faded out of sight. Like he wasn't even there. He removed himself from everyones perception, placed himself in the background. And people don't look at the background. It was as good as being invisible.

OOC// basically if you look really hard you would see him but it'll make your eyes water and it would be like looking through frosted class.
Xhalax, your character could proabably sense him with her powers but would have the same difficulty actually seeing him as the others.

13-07-2005, 04:14
Illesteria stopped what she was doing for a moment, something catching her mind. A shift in her sense....behind them. Her face split into a grin, she waved her and and the same slave that had brought her food scuttled off in search of the sense shift.

It scouted around but did not find much, although Illesteria's Will that was poured into this creature help her to extrapolate the strangers approximate position. But she said nothing. Such information was not to be offered freely and since she knew where this sense shift was, her slaves would be able to protect her in seconds from anything that came at her from that direction.

13-07-2005, 05:03
"careful who you call odd old woman, do it again and i will send you to the next world" Leoric snorted, his heavy pelts fluttering in the wind. He was is his usual angry mood and the slightest thing set him off. He took a large chunk out of a piece of meat and moved on to Dracil's tent.

"Why are you bothering me Leoric?" Dracil asked, obviously he did not approve of Leorics presence.

"The witch, i despise their kind, my lord, may i kill her?" Leoric asked, frustration and retained hatred in his voice.

"No, we need her, you know that" Dracil replied.

"But my lor.." Leoric was about to protest but Dracil cut him off

"Enough, you will not make any attempts on her life is that clear!" Dracil bellowed.

"Very well my lord, i will go and scout the road" Leoric sighed, and he left the tent, strapping on his greatsword and chaining his blades to his wrists Leoric glared at the witch and began to head up the road, roaring with pent up rage up the road he began to punch a tree, he continued till his hand was bloody but the tree had fallen, Leoric relished in the pain as he continued to scout the road.

13-07-2005, 07:13
Lerik sat next to the fire, pulling his legs close to his chest. Though he would not admit it to anyone present, he was cold, however the promise of battle and the thought of seeing his beloved again warmed him up inside. With these new thoughts in heart he smiled up at those assembled around the fire.

No one seemed to pay him any mind, so his smile quickly melted off his face. How boring, when do we get to the fighting? Lerik thought as he began to unpack a bedroll.

That's what I want to know echoed a voice in his head. Lerik's eyes widened and he looked around quickly.

You must not be here now, the witch may hear you, Lerik thought, eyes darting from side to side, looking for Illesteria.

The voice chuckled, Alright Lerik, but remember, you are never alone. I am always here, watching what you do, and if you do what simple tasks I ask of you, you will be greatly rewarded.

Lerik smiled oddly as he sat on his bedroll, looking at the men gathered around the fire.

13-07-2005, 12:54
Airetselli glared at the back of the retreating band, her hand sliding down the shaft of her weapon, if he tried anything she was ready. "I dont think he likes you sis" she said in a scowl, while keeping her eyes fixed on him. As he vanished from sight she walked back over to her sister and stood near her.

The hairs stood up on the back on her neck and her palms started tingling (OOC/Im cain :p) "Do you sense somthing?, Somthing is amiss"

13-07-2005, 13:56
Mace looked up as another warrior came and sat by the fire.
"your a little short for a warrior aren't you?"
he grinned at last someone who was as cold as he was to talk to.

13-07-2005, 16:14
"It has come in handy on occasion." Lerik said, stretching out on his mat. "Aren't you a little young?" Lerik smiled up as he looked up at Mace then, frowning, at the rest of the warriors. "Actually, there seems to be a lot of young warriors in this band, I wonder why that is?"

13-07-2005, 16:49
"because none who are foolish enough to fight live long" Ruben piped up, he paused as he saw somthing from the corner of his eye [he has great senses]. he looked back to the road and carried onwalking.

Hoshi No Koe
13-07-2005, 18:18
Sugatai walked past the campfire towards Dracil. As he passed by the warming flames, a cold shiver ran down his spine. He knew it was cold but he felt some kind of presence nearby. He instinctively stopped and siftly put an arrow to his bow and stretched the string, the arrow tip pointing downwards. He stood still for a few moments, scanning his surroundings to detect anything that was amiss. He didn't see anything in the shadows around him so he put back the arrow in its quiver but kept the bow in his hand and walked on uneasily towards dracil.
"Lord, with your leave, I shall scout ahead as well." He said to the chieftain.

13-07-2005, 18:45
"youth has it's advantages, but just because I'm young doesn't mean I'm not experienced" He pulled his Warhammer out from his pack and weighed it in his hands.

Commander X
13-07-2005, 18:56
"We're here because we won't be complaining about long travel and the like as the older tribesmen would."

Giroi suddenly stopped as he saw one of the women's slaves being sent towards a group of trees. He couldn't help but laugh when the slave came back, his task still uncompleted.

"Fool, if you're going to serve her, atleast do what she says properly. She told you to look exactly there."

He raised his bow, and shot an arrow in the exact tree the women had pointed at, and the tree Chade was hiding behind - although he didn't know the latter. Giroi didn't bother with the arrow, Satyrs had plenty of teeth to make them from and the tree probably stumped this one.

Lord Setra
13-07-2005, 19:58
Borik approached the fire. He pulled his geatsword from its scabbard on his back and he placed it at his side.

"Less of the babble you fools, if the enemy are close they will here your voices. Not that I would not want to join the battle, but I would rather here the chiefs words yet"

Borik then pulled out his rag and began to clean his blade.

13-07-2005, 20:36
Lerik was confused by the way the others were acting, almost like the enemy was near. He shrugged, simply dimissing it as paranoia. "Now that isn't Giroi, I've seen some of our elders chase an enemy for miles and then still have enough strength to cleave them in half."

Commander X
13-07-2005, 20:45
"Why would they run after one for miles in the first place? That kind of enemy is too low to touch, so why bother chasing it? Doesn't sound that smart to me. But I guess I'd better shut up now, I think the Chieftain will tell us all about why we're here soon."

13-07-2005, 20:53
"Agreeed, i dont even know why im here, hahahahah" ruben raised his drinks pouch and drank the ale inside.

13-07-2005, 21:02
Lerik shrugged and turned his attention back to the fire. He watched the flames flicker and dance with the wind. AS he stared blankly at it he could of sworn he began to see figures appear in the flames. Lerik blinked and then looked again, it was nothing, just his imagination running away with him. He sighed and then layed back on his bedroll.

13-07-2005, 21:34
Illesteria just shrugged at her sister. 'Be that as it may Air......but do you see it bothering me?'

Again her gleaming red eyes played over the group. Reading all of them easily from the way they held themselves, the words they spoke and merelyevery tiny gesture their bodies made. In truth she didn't like or trust any of them. But as always, she was needed by them.

She grinned. 'As for something being amiss....there is always something amiss in this place.' She sighed. 'Someone not where they should be, doing something they shouldn't. The wind blowing in the wrong direction, bringing with it the scent of something unfavourable. The higher powers battling over what's left of our souls for their own reasons.'

She stretched out and took an offered drink.
'Many things are amiss here. But they must be sorted and prioritise. As to what you are feeling my dear sister......I will not tell you. Find it out for yourself.' she grinned coldly at her Sister.

Lord Setra
13-07-2005, 22:28
Borik picked himself up from the fire, his bones warmed enough for now. He put his greatsword to his ear a walked over to the sorceress.

"So you are the great and powerful sorceress I have heard so much about. Pfft you look so scrany I could use you as a toothpick."

"And who is this, your faithful sister and bodyguard. Yarr we will se how useful you are at protecting our sorceress here in the heat of battle"

Borik turned and headed to the chieftains tent, he was growing impatient and wanted to know what was happening.

13-07-2005, 22:47
As soon as his back was turned Airetselli struck, a thunderous kick caught him right between the legs, there was an audible squeak then he collapsed to the ground face down, before he could get back up she brought the tip of the sword staff down to rest on the back of his neck. "Dont you ever insult me or my sister again or next time I wont show restraint" She lowered the weapon and turned to walk away, taking a few paces she turned round and kicked him in the side.

13-07-2005, 22:51
Illesteria laughed out loud.

'Come come Sister.....Borik here as had a hard life. After all, Daddy wasn't gentle with him over mummy's fate.' she hissed malevolently. She knew it would get to Borik but she couldn't resist it. 'So he doesn't know how to handle women properly or how to treat people with the respect they deserve.'

Lord Setra
13-07-2005, 22:53
Borik growled,


He raised himself and raced towards her. He raised his arm and back handed the women across the camp. He went to follow it up but he was caught by the witchs powers.

"tut tut cant have you fighting already can we"

The bitch raised herself, wiping the blood away that was trickling down to her lip.

"I will get you for that, mark my words, I will get you for that!!" She slinked away to the witches side.

He turned to the witch, hatred flamed in his eyes.

" Watch your back witch, you will not always have your wits about you, abd your precious slave will not always be there to protect you"

"I may look slow of mind, but a life in this tribe has sharpened my mind and you know it dont you, I can see it. You use my past to affect me, for you know that is all I have troubling me. Well now I know the way you play on peoples anxieties and fears I dont think I shall be worrying anytime soon!!"

13-07-2005, 22:55
Lerik's hand instinctively went to the hilt of his sword when he heard the shouts from the men. He jerked his head up and looked around and saw Borik right before Airetselli kicked him in the side. "What the hell is going on here!" he shouted with some of the men. He stood, hand firmly gripping his sword. He watched as Borik charged the woman, eyes wide with rage and shock.

13-07-2005, 22:57
Standing and tasting the blood Airetselli drew her sai, "I dare you to try that again", looking to her sister she nodded who released him, as the man charged. Airetselli glared at the new comer with cold eyes and shook her head before turning back to the matter at hand

Lord Setra
13-07-2005, 23:00

He drew the greatsword and ran into the duel. Only the gods would know the fate of this and he left it to them.

"You will die at my blade, begging for mercy!!" He bellowed.

13-07-2005, 23:10
Leaping back to avoid the lunging sweep of the great weapon which imbeded itself in the ground, Airetselli jumped forward landing on the weapon before bouncing into the air again and sending out a thunderous kick to the mans head, he recoiled slightly but wasnt effected by it, pulling the sword free again he lunged forward charging his shoulder into her while she was still in the air and off balance, sending her sprawling to the ground.
She recovered her feet quick and rolled through landing back on her feet, the great sword swung again, arcing towards her head, a combination of a dodge and bringing the buckler up deflected the sword just above her head leaving his side wide open to attack, the kick landed winding him and forcing him to his knee's. "That the best yoiu got" she laughed and spat blood at him, walking round him, "you are not worth my time" she said walking away.

A knife wizzed past her head imbedding itself in a tree a few feet away, she turned to face him as the onlooker stepped in between then, "Lerik my fight is not with you" she said, "nor mine" said the other fighter.

13-07-2005, 23:13
Illesteria cackled again with glee. She pointed to Borik's blade. It was strange..but she was sure she could manage it.

The hilt was the weakest part of the blade and it turned hot, buring his hand to the point where he dropped it.

'You many be quick, but my wits are quicker. And you must obey the laws of nature here. Fire burns and I have mastery over it. Remember that fool!' she hissed.

'Sister.....now is not the time for such things.' she scolded her younger sibling.

13-07-2005, 23:17
"I have no need to waste my time on this poor excuse for a raging bear" she laughed, turning and taking her position near her sister again, keeping her gaze fixed on Borik

13-07-2005, 23:18
"I'm not looking for a fight, just looking to stop one." Lerik said, glaring at both of them. "Borik the Chieftan brought these women along becuase he believes they will be indispensable(sp?) in our efforts, do try to treat them with some respect." He then turned his eyes upon Airestelli, "Try to develop a thicker skin around camp, there will be many things said before our journey is done and I don't want swords crossing every time someone says something about your figure."

Without another word Lerik stepped back and went back towards the fire, breathing slowly in and out. He sat on his bedroll and again stared into the fire. He had no idea whether or not the fight would continue, but he had done what he can.

13-07-2005, 23:20
'i know little one....but still, the other needed to hear me say such things to you.' she shrugged.

13-07-2005, 23:21
"my figure was not in question, he insults my family and I will have my vengance, as has been the ways of the clans of this mountain for generations, you nor anyone here will deny me that right" she spat at the interloper, "and I would thank you to keep your nose out of what does not concern you"

13-07-2005, 23:28
Kill her the Voice whispered in Lerik's ear. He closed his eyes, trying to shut it out.

I am in no mood to... Lerik began to think.

I do not care what you think or feel! the Voice cracked like a whip in Lerik's mind, causing him to flinch.

No... he thought, staring blankly at the fire.

Tch, so weak and pathetic, no wonder your wife died. Probably wasn't even the arrow that did it, just the shame in knowing that she was married to a.... the Voice continued insulting Lerik for five minutes until, seeing that Lerik would not budge, it faded away back into the back of his mind.

13-07-2005, 23:30
Leoric heard the sounds of combat and returned at full speed, he was back in a matter of seconds, the witch and her body guard were aruging with several of the warriors of the tribe and some were bloody.

"What in the name of the gods is going on here" Leoric shouted, "Who is responsible for starting this quarrel?" no one spoke up, "Very well, if that is the way it is going to be"

"And who are you to ask such questions?" a young woman asked, she stood next to the witch. Leoric glared at her before walking forward, he looked down on her and growled, she went for her knife but he had grabbed her hand the second it began to move.

"I'm someone who wiser and a better warrior then you could ever be and i will not hesitate to kill you if you attack one my my kinsmen again, i hope i have made myself clear" Leoric snarled before returning to the fire alongside several others.

13-07-2005, 23:34
OOC/ btw, the witch, isnt old read her profile

Airetselli burst into laughter and sank to the ground, "Thanks for that, I needed a good laugh" She said through the laughter, Then abruptly stopped, "dont forget im part of your clan too, and just because of my gender do not suppose you are the better of us, and do not presume to lay a finger on me or next time I will remove it"

13-07-2005, 23:37
Lerik let out a long sigh as he layed back onto his bedroll. This is not going to be a simple trip he thought as he closed his eyes and attempted to sleep with all of the shouts, laughter and other comotion happening around him.

13-07-2005, 23:42
OOC/ Illesteria doesn't look old...just rather thin, pale and pasty....I posted a profile on her for a reason people!/OOC

Illesteria's slaves all pounced on Leoric, too many for him to fight off and pinned him down.

'The same goes for all those with the bare-faced cheek to lay one finger upon my own twin. My blood kin. My other half, my equal and opposite, my very own flesh.'Illesteria's voice was merely a whisper but it carried as if she's screamed it down a wide mountain valley.

A silent order made the slaves pull Leoric to their mistress. They held him there, his face to hers. Her red eyes flashed. She bent forward to him and whispered something in his ear. The man's face paled and Illesteria laughed, she liked it when that happened.

13-07-2005, 23:53
Leoric laughed for a moment, before tossing a severt off of him with ease, turning, he decapitated one with his wrist blade.

"i don't think you can't match me because of your gender, i think you can't because i am touched by the gods" he laughed, "and witch, don't test my patience, you may burn my flesh but before i die i will look upon your dead body and smile" both women glared at Leoric and he returned the glare.

"Be silent or i will run you through" Airetselli spat.

"Give it your best try, one swing, i will not deflect it" Leoric smiled. Airetselli lunged and Leoric side stepped it, grabbed her wrist and put his sword to her throat, "Much to slow, shame your so pretty though, makes it hard to kill you" he smiled before releasing the woman, "Im faster and stronger then you will ever be, please, before attacking me again, consider that" he said, turning to leave he kicked a servent in the face as he left, the servents face was smashed into his skull.

14-07-2005, 00:22
'Enough!' roared Dracil as he looked at Leoric and drew his axes, both hands holding them. 'You will not challenge my Advisors or her slaves once more! Do you understand Leoric?'

Dracil had been watching the whole event and allowed things to unfold. He had to test this warband, to see if it would hold and now after the third day of freezing cold, testing winds, low food rations and water, their brutal nature was coming to a head. They needed a fight or soon they would fight amongst themselves. Something Dracil knew the Touched ones would start, they always did.

Dracil turned to the Sorcereress, ignoring her twin with a glance that could only show his rage as he addresses the witch.

'Sorcereress, I would kindly ask you do not use your magics on my men, as it unnerves them,' Dracil requested, supresssing his rage. He hated her as she was the only aspect of this warband he did not directly control. She was his advisor but the two worked on a mutal agreement more than anything esle. He would give her a place of power, food, wealth and anything else, while she would use her magics for the Tribe and her knowledge of the world and her visions of the future.

He stood there and did not await her reply, instead he looked Leoric right in the eye and snarled.

'I have kicked your beast of an **** before in unarmed combat, do you want me to show you why I am the Chieftan and you are my minion?' roared Dracil Lupine as he hit the man with the hilt of his axe around the head. 'Now go get some rest and cool off!'

Dracil turned to the Sorcereress.

'His punishment is in your hands, as long as it is not death,' growled Dracil as she looked ready to speak now.

14-07-2005, 00:29
Illesteria nodded to the cheiftain. She had to keep herself on his good side. 'If I were not not use my powers, I would be useless to you. So this group should just get used to them. After all, it benefits all of them....they should be glad I am so generous for my prices such such things are high.'

She sighed and looked at her twin, their sisterly bond stretching beyond the need for words to pass between them. A malicious grin spread across her face.

'You!' she pointed a bony finger at Leoric. 'Obey her to the letter!' she pointed the same bony finger at her Sister.

14-07-2005, 00:36
"Since you have deprived my sibling of two of her servants, you shall be filling in for them and while your at it, you can be my servant aswell" She smirked at her sister then at the chieftan who was standing watching with a look of anger and barely contained laughter.

She smiled, "oh servant, fetch me somthing to eat please"

14-07-2005, 00:39
Illesteria sneered. 'I don't want him....you can have all of him. He's next to useless to me and you couldn't pay my enough to keep him as such! I only pick slaves that have some worth.'

She glared at Leoric. 'What I told you is true.....think on that!'

14-07-2005, 00:41
"So I get stuck with him.." she sighed, "well.. I suppose he could have his uses"

14-07-2005, 00:42
"Yeeeesh," Lerik could say when he sat up, watching the sisters relish in their new hold over Leoric. "They'd better watch how hard they push," he siad, warming his hands by the fire, "A dog can only take so much before it bites." He laughed hard and smiled at the other men gathered around the fire.

14-07-2005, 00:42
Dracil looked at the twins and nearly smirked. These two were evil and if he had not already had eight wives and had sword an Oath, he could have at least kissed them on their hands as a sign of respect, but alas such things could not be. These two had to remain pure, or so the Sorcereress had claimed.

Also he despised her anyways, she was a burden, but a useful one.

Suddenly Dracil had the urge to lash out and kill her, as if her entire existence was a disgrace to his honour, but he supressed it quickly.

'Leoric, you heard the women-folk!' roared Dracil. With that Dracil turned, his lupine fur catching the air as he turned and he went back to his tent. He sat there and awaited for any tribesmen who felt disheartened or unnerved as that was the other part of his role as Chieftan, to listen to their pitiful whims.

Kensai X
14-07-2005, 00:52
"Cheiftan, you sent for me?" a voice whipsers on the wind.... Those around the campfire look for the person amongst the shadows, but see nothing.

Jax stood in plain sight to all, but it seemed only the cheiftan and those....women saw him him. Dracil turned toward him and said....

14-07-2005, 00:54
"Dracil, your father knew better then to consort with witches" Leoric snarled, "and if you would want to see why i was used to be your fathers bodyguard i can gladly show you" Leoric and Dracil stared intesnly at each other.

"I'm still waiting for my food" the woman gloated, she assumed that Leoric would even stoop to such a level as to serve someone less then chieftan, Leoric spat on a piece of meat and threw it at her feet.

"Witch, your words are nothing to me, and to you, you arrogent girl, i will never serve you, you are beneth me" Leoric spat, "you hide behind your sister because you are a coward"

14-07-2005, 00:58
OOC/you're putting words in other characters mouths again GK Please don't!/OOC

'Yes Sister....you're lumbered with it.' she grinned and looked over to Lerik.

'Yes a dog may bite....but as long as you teach it obedience, it won't. And this mutt needs to be taught a lesson in that! Especially in humility.'

14-07-2005, 01:00
"I am not beneath you, in honourable combat I would prove it. I do not hide behind my sister I am her protector, her guardian, I put her life before my own"

14-07-2005, 01:04
'Honour....something you would know nothing about since you have not gotten of the high throne you think you sit upon and got down to the real level of your kinsmen.' Illesteria growled.

'You.....' she pointed at Leoric. 'You think you are more than you are! Believe me, you are not!'

14-07-2005, 01:10
"I will not hear any more of your blashphemy's witch, twist your words in my cheiftans ear but not in mine" Leoric spat, returning to the fire he was in a very bad mood for the remained of the night, refusing to speak to anyone.

14-07-2005, 01:12
OoC/Okay wil leveryone check out my latest post in the Recruitment thread, as I have some more goodness to chuck at you./OoC

'Leoric, I will save you this disgrace. However, when i call upon something you will abide by it no matter the cost,' Dracil said knowing he had the man trapped. 'Women-folk, I am sorry, but your toy is now mine.'

With that Dracil went to his tent once more and then Jax approached him.

'Yes, we are planning an assault on a caravan. Care to take the venture?' Dracil asked not caring if the man agreed or not.

14-07-2005, 01:13
Illesteria shrugged. 'Before this is over, you will beg to hear my words. BEG! And the price for such words will be high. For information costs.....though you have to wonder if you have the currency to pay me for it!'

Illesteria was growing bored with this and lent back against her cot. The slaves covered her with a blanket and lay down on the ground around her, like a group of loyal dogs.

14-07-2005, 01:18
Jumping across the slaves she crouched down next to her sister, resting the sword staff against her shoulder.

14-07-2005, 01:37
'Get some rest Sister....tomorrow will be more trying than the last few days. Especially after what had transpired here. I see blood and anguish ahead.' she paused and stroked her sister's face.

'And I can't have my protector weary and vulnerable. That would mean that I would have to step in at sort matters out. And it would appear our leader has no taste for my talents.' she sighed.

'Sleep little one!' she kissed her twin in the forehead and pushed her away.

14-07-2005, 02:24
Chade watched the rest of the tribe settled down to sleep. When he was sure none were watching him he plucked the arrow that had very nearly pierced his throat out of the tree, and slipped it inside his cloak.
Then he was still again, a piece of the scenery, waiting in the background.

Lord Setra
14-07-2005, 09:11
Borik raised himself from the dirt. The sisters were truelly an advantage to the clan. He ribbed his hand as the searing heat faded. He had heard of the magic before, but never had he been affected by it.

He looked at the pair of them. They stood gloating over their victory over one of the senior warriors. Borik had many times thought of challenging him, but out of respect and realisation that he was no where near his prowess in combat he had restrained himself.

He walked to the chiefs tent, wishing to talk to him.

"Chief, why must we put up with these bitches. They brought up something that has remained buried for many years that should never have been brought up again. I wish vengance!"

14-07-2005, 16:31
Ruben had been whatchin everone bicker and fight. "These people wont last long, how will they survive wounds if they cant hadle insults and threats" ruben stated loud enough for the camp to hear.

Commander X
14-07-2005, 16:44
Giroi was lying near the fire, pretending to be asleep. Instead he was judging those still around by looks.

In front of him Leoric, he looked like the standard lots of muscles, little of thinking person. Giroi didn't like him for that, what good could someone like Leoric be to them?

A bit further away the tent of the Chieftain, one of the Touched walking towards it. He was still unsure if being 'Touched' was something to be proud or to be ashamed of, for now he would just avoid them.

To his left the twins with the long names, their slaves in a circle around them. So far he had liked the ways they were acting and looking, but he had decided not to tell them that anytime soon for the sake of his health.

Suddenly his thoughts were interrupted by Ruben stating the wrong obvious behind him.

"Atleast it shows they protect themselves well, perhaps they won't get injured in the first place." Giroi responded to him.

14-07-2005, 17:37
"Ha, only a novice fights on others terms and alows him-self to get angry. Angry warriors lose all techniqe, they should learn to ignor insults, fighting isnt all brute strength you need to have the right mind" Ruben explained his comment.

14-07-2005, 19:24
"you sound like a jackass when you laugh ruben and show respect to your elders if you would be so kind" Leoric snarled, pulling his pelts over his body for warmth. He glared long and hard at ruben before he looked at Giroi, "You seem like you have enough brains to think about more then one thing at a time, if you do not know it, my name is leoric, one of the touched of this tribe" Leoric took a piece of meat out of the bowl he had set on the ground and began to eat it, he was hungry, cold and angry. 'dracil is a fool for consorting with witches, they will bring nothing but trouble' he thought to himself before looking an giroi again, "What brought you along on this raid?" he asked, taking another mouthful of meat he awaited his answer.

14-07-2005, 19:40
"what bought me along on this raid?, well i havent the slightest clue, i supose i came along for the fighting" Ruben said with a glint in his eye, "And no one here is my elder" ruben corrected with a glint in his eye [ruben has a secret!].

Commander X
14-07-2005, 19:41
OOC:Grubnatz, he asked that to me;):OOC

"Not a very hard decision, I was given the choice. Either I'd die right there, or I would join the raid and be rewarded. But what made you decide to join, Leoric?"

14-07-2005, 19:46
Illesteria listened intently to the conversation going on between members of the tribe across the camp. Her eyes were shut but her ears were sharp. As were those of her slaves.

She heard them talking and sotred every word they spoke away in her brain for future reference and for use later....if the opportunity arose.

14-07-2005, 19:47
"I protect Dracil, my life is in his hands and i would follow him to the ends of the world" Leoric explained, "Though of late i have had my doubts of Dracils judgement, he consorts with the lowest scum in the form of the witches, and he even commanded me to be their servent for killing two who had attacked me... his rule is waining i fear.." Leoric stared at the witches and sighed, "How easy it would be, to kill them both right now"

Commander X
14-07-2005, 19:55
"Almost impossible," Giroi answered, "that pale one is listening to us right now, she will wake up the other before you even reach her. Better wait untill both of them sleep."

Giroi looked at the women again and sighed. As the internal relations had been messed up good already, this was going to be a long journey.

14-07-2005, 20:02
"i know she does" Leroic said, "the worst mistake my enemies make is thinking me a mindless brute" he smiled for a moment before laying down and going to sleep.

14-07-2005, 20:11
'If you were mindless.....you would be lying, curled at my feet right now!' Illesteria's voice wafted through the cold air like bird's wings. 'But as you are not, that suggests there's something of a brain in that head of yours.'

14-07-2005, 20:16
[i apologise xhalax]
ruben is now asleep

Commander X
14-07-2005, 20:23
OOC:Xhalax, by your reasoning your sister is mindless :p :OOC

'That was a suprise.' Giroi thought, before following the example of the others and falling asleep. The last thing he noticed was that the arrow he had shot in the tree had disappeared, but that would wait till the morning.

14-07-2005, 22:04
ooc/ I wasnt curled at her feet ;)

Waking up she looked at her sister who was staring intently at the group around the fire. "Your turn, ill take over the watch" she smiled

14-07-2005, 22:09
Illesteria smiled 'I'll sleep when I die!' she said jovially even though she knew that there were many about who would happily comply with such a request.

She sighed. 'Alright, alright....I sleep!' She knew her twin would be less than pleased if she didn't get any sleep at all.

Illesteria settled down and closed her eyes.

14-07-2005, 22:20
Sitting up she looked across at the rest of the group, straining her ears to hear what they were saying, though it didnt need much effort sound carried easily in the quiet

14-07-2005, 22:23
Illesteria fell quickly into a dream-filled sleep and she moaned quietly at the things they showed her.

14-07-2005, 22:47
Lerik was reluctant to sleep, but eventually he could not keep his eyes open any longer. His dreams were filled with images of combat and bloodshed, as they always were. People fell left and right, their heads coming off and rolling towards the center of a large field in which a mountain of skulls was being formed, the shadowy form of a demon standing atop it, roaring at a blood red sky.

14-07-2005, 23:28
Gracefully Set dropped form the tree that he had been for most of the night and walked over to the fire looking at it as it flickered in his dark eyes. He sat and crossed his legs and put his Glavie across his lap and contuined to look at the fire and wacthing over his vrother bears as they slept

15-07-2005, 01:10
Chade ghosted around the clearing, less than a fleeting shadow cast by the flickering fire. When he reached the far side he found the Kironesh. An oversized rat with the head and tail of a snake. He quietly drew one of his throwing knives and almost gently ran it along the creatures back. It turned and snarled at him, preparing to leap. Then it just collapsed, dead.
This will be a long night, he thought.

15-07-2005, 01:45
Dracil was not asleep, he was alert and awake.

He headed out on his own, nodding to those still awake and waving them away if they got up to go with him or anything.

Dracil walked to the edge of the cliff and looked out upon the peaks. He could make out the fires in the distant that marked the caravan's rest stop. A smile crossed his thick set face and he nearly laughed. It was all so close, his plans were nearing fruitation. To bring the Bear tribe back to its once greatness, to bring it all under one Chieftan, to bring the Tribe back together as it once was! That was his mission, here and now.

Suddenly a shadow formed beside him and Dracil did not even flinch.

'It is as you said,' Dracil said without even turning to great the newcomer.

As I promised, the newcomer said without moving his lips. He was clasped in a thick set cloak and nothing of his features could be made out.

'I will fulfill your last wish, Master,' Dracil promised as he then turned his back and went back to the camp. The shadow disappearing quickly as it had came.

I have trained you well. I have read it in the stars, you will not fail, it said as it was then gone.

Standing enar a tree, Dracil removed his axes and trained hard into the night, for while the caravan was still under the OverBear's control, he would never rest.

15-07-2005, 01:56
though the cheiftan was miles away Set saw wacthed over him. Why Set was allways conccted with the cheiftain allwasy puzzeled him but he took it as a blessing of the gods and took it for what it was as the fire begun to die down and eventual go out set put his glavie down and picks up the ashe's with his bare hands and puts it all over his body and with the cold coals he marks and make many markings all over his body. for some reason just like his connection to the cheiftan if he doesn't cover his body in ash he is weak and weak is something taht cannot exist on this world

15-07-2005, 04:03
Leoric woke in a cold sweat as he had done so many nights in a row, the nightmares were worse then ever and his dreams haunted him of deeds from his past, he looked at the woman that was awake next to the witch, he walked over and outstreatched his hand, "I appologize for my conduct earlier, i do not get along well with witches but what i did does not befit me" he sat next to her and held out some meat he had left from his meal, "if you are still hungry you are welcome to it" he said, the woman was looking at him confused, and it must have been confusing because earlier they were ready to tear each others throats out, "I am leoric, what is your name?" he asked, pulling his pelts tight as the wind was picking up and chilling him to the bone, something was not right at the camp.

15-07-2005, 13:09
"Airetselli" she smiled taking the meat. Awake sister She thought, knowing her sister would pick up on it. "So whats with the change of heart?" she asked pretending to eat the meat but stopping just before she did and started speaking again

15-07-2005, 14:33
"Though your sister is a blasphemy to all things living, you are not, and therefore deserve to be treated with the same respect of the rest of the tribe" Leoric said, "Oh, and incase you think i somehow poisoned the meat" he continued, taking the meat and taking a bite out of it, "Then you are smart, however i am not trying to kill you at the moment, and besides, isn't poisoning the meat a bit smart for a brute like me" he smirked and handed the meat back to Airetselli

15-07-2005, 15:40
'I wouldn't put it past you!' Illesteria sneered. Her back was to the others, but she had been listening ever since her sister had stirred her.

'An interesting ploy, though one wasted upon me. You're far from the mindless brute you'd have us all think you are. As I said before, if you truly were as mindless as you claim to be, then you'd be my slave. They're not too bright.....and my will is strong. That's why they serve me. And in so doing serve the tribe.....As I do myself. Despite all that you may thinkof me.'

She sat up and stretched her skinny form. The Slave stirred to and began to move but then stopped upon Illesteria's unspoken command and lay down once again. She looked at Leoric, her red eyes glistening and a ghost of a smile passing over her thin lips.

15-07-2005, 15:55
Ruben awoke, he was tired and did some streches to wake himself up. he walked over to his pack and ate some meat. He heard wolves howling in the distance and sighed

15-07-2005, 17:03
Leoric sneered at the witch, "You continue to insult me when i attempt an appology, you stoop so low as to call my honor into question in even hinting towards me poisoning my own food!, if i wanted either of you dead i would challenge you, not resort to such low devices" Leoric was infuriated that they would even call his honor into question, a warrior without honor was not a warrior, just a murderer. Leoric stood up, tossing the meat into Airetselli's lap he walked off murmering to himself, sitting back by the fire.

15-07-2005, 17:13
"whats his problem?" laughed Airetselli

15-07-2005, 17:44
Ruben aproached airetselli. "you witch, you know nothing of warriors. You have damaged his pride, he has made an apology and you still insult him, you have claimed his is without honour and i doubt he will ever forgive you" Ruben walked away in hnis mysterious fashion.

15-07-2005, 18:02
Illesteria shrugged. 'Maybe he is witless then......I did not insult his honour. But he's a fighter and subtlety is never their strong point. In fact, i don't think I've ever met a subtle fighter.' she mused out loud.

'As to his problem.....well I could let you all know what it is, but I'm sure his ego has taken enough of a beating today.' Illesteria shrugged.

'Plus, please stop calling my sister a witch. She's as blant as the rest of you lot, we only have a special bond because we are twins, a relationship that started even before our birth. I am the witch. I am what you fear and I love the fact that you all hate and fear me.' She grinned again

Commander X
15-07-2005, 18:06
OOC:Is it a good or a bad thing Xhalax her character reminds me of myself?:OOC

"So being one of the halves of a split souls is no longer witchcraft?" Giroi asked.

He had been woken by the angry Leoric walking past him. Now Giroi knew that he wasn't as mindless as he first thought, he started to wonder if there was indeed something wrong with the two women.

15-07-2005, 18:19
OOC/"So being one of the halves of a split souls is no longer witchcraft?" - What? Explain, me and xhalax dont understand..

"Haha, he thinks Im a witch too, thats cute" Airetselli laughed, "and what was that nonsense about split souls?"

Commander X
15-07-2005, 18:23
OOC:Tssk, learn your history.:p Centuries ago, it was believed that if twins were born, each of them would only have half a soul, this was supposed to be a bad sign, and the twins were later often accused of witchcraft or wizardry. Therefor I thought it would be appropriate in this situation.:OOC

"The two of you are twins, right? That means each of you only has half a soul, complementing eachother. Those bonds could easily be called witchcraft." Giroi explained.

15-07-2005, 18:25
OOC/ oh right, I didnt get the wording but knew the part about the twins soul thing.. anyway

"Ok, so were twins, so we have a link, so what, got a problem?"

15-07-2005, 18:27
'Such things are thought only but the stupid, idiotic and uninformed.' Illesteria laughed. 'So which are you then?' she grinned evily at the one who had spoken.

'Such nonsense! No wonder you are all so terrified of us. No wonder you're all so hostile against powers that can benefit you and save your miserable existances.' she sneered again.

This time her slave finally roused and some slunk away and returned with food and drink for their mistress and her twin.

Commander X
15-07-2005, 18:33
OOC:*Music*Anything you can do...:OOC

"You're both putting words in my mouth. I never said I had any problems with you, nor that I was terrified of you. In fact, it appears to be the two of you to be afraid. Afraid because I won't fall for the tricks and lose my self-control. Isn't that true, Illes?"

Giroi got up, and looked at the twins, waiting for the next response.

15-07-2005, 18:40
'I have enough slaves to bend to my will and I'm not here to take over this tribe. I'm sure Dracil would have something to say about it if I did. All that bothers me is the extreme stupidity I see around me.....as I said, only the stupid, idiotic in uninformed have a problem with us. And I try to set that right, but they refuse to be helped.'

She sighed and took the food and drink that was offered to her.

'I have power, of that I know...it's just some people do not like that fact that I, a mere woman and a witch to boot such be gifted such things. That and your pride and ego get in the way of all your true victories in life.'

She took a drink.
'I have glimpsed the threads of fate. I have heard the words of your pasts and secrets. I know!' she spoke onimously.

15-07-2005, 18:44
Lerik's eyes slowly opened at the sound of even more arguing. He groaned, his head was swimming still with nightmareish images. As the arguments and bickerings insued, he opened his small pack and withdrew a small hunk of dried meat. He bit into it, savoring its hearty flavor. He closed his eyes and thought of his wife and how she used to cook, a smile played across his face, but only for a moment. The continued shouts of his comrades was beginning to get to him. He sat back down on his mat and stared into the fire again. "Its getting a little low." Lerik said, getting up and grabbing his sword. "I'm going to get more wood."

With that he strapped his sword around his waist and proceeded into the relative quite of the forest.

Commander X
15-07-2005, 18:48
OOC:We're not shouting, just 'debating.':OOC

"You're doing it again. I'm fine with you having those powers, and I never stated different."

Although he tried not to let the women notice it, Giroi was getting a bit nervous as the sorceress seemed to know about his secrets.

"By the way, what makes you think you know about my secrets and history?" he asked, hoping she was just bluffing.

15-07-2005, 18:53
A knowing grin spread widely across Illesteria's thin face, her red eyes flashed in the fire light.

'Do you really want to be tell everyone you're deepest, darkest little secrets and fears?' she hissed at him. 'Because I can, and I will.....your humiliation in front of the group would be payment enough for such information to be gived.'

Commander X
15-07-2005, 18:58
"I don't see any harm in you trying, and besides, even if what you're telling is the truth, the only ones here to hear what you say are your sister, who you will probably tell it anyway, Leoric who I don't mind hearing it, and your slaves, who I suspect to be to brain-washed to talk."

He paused for a moment.

"But if you wish to wake up all others just to humiliate me, so be it."

15-07-2005, 19:02
'When I give information, I speak to be heard.....so yes, I would wake up all here to let them know what a filthy little liar you are for claiming to have achieved something you had not.' Illesteria spoke plainly.

She raised an eyebrow and cleared her throat. She looked at Giroi, the smile on her face clear.....it was up to him if she woke up the whole camp.

Commander X
15-07-2005, 19:08
"Go ahead, perhaps we can see who of us is lying here."

Although he was getting increasingly nervous, he was not going to back down and let the women be victorious over another warrior.

15-07-2005, 19:11
Ruben sat whaching the petty bickering. he let out a long sigh. "The first thing a warrior should learn is to ignor insults and petty squablles" he spoke.

15-07-2005, 19:13
'Not right now....I'll let you sweat first. Grow more nervous that the fact that all your secrets are about to be aired for all to hear. To see that you're not the great warrior but a lying little cheat.' she hissed.

'And don't even think about breathing a sigh of relief, for I will not forget to tell them all about you. Remember, I know and soon whatever favour you may have thought to had amongst these people will be gone.....no doubt you'll be the first to be slaughtered when the fighting starts. Fodder to block up the enemies weapons since you're no use to anyone.' she grinned.

'After all, who can trust a liar? If you've lied about such things, how can others know if you've ever spoken to truth.'

15-07-2005, 19:21
Leoric sat up and growled "Witch, you try to play mind games with us, but i say you are the liar, you cannot tell my secrets as much as you can tell his" his tone was angry and frustrated, "You speak so much of knowing my secrets and that of others, well, now i am calling you out, what is mine, what is my darkest secret" Leoric glared at her defiantly, knowing full well that she could not know his secrets, for he had none.

Commander X
15-07-2005, 19:23
Giroi softly sighed of relief, the women was just working on his mind like she had done to Leoric. She didn't know anything, she was just guessing and looking at his reactions.

"Leoric is right, you know nothing about us. After all, we saw your might was with fire, not with our minds and memories. It is you who is the liar, you who claims to know all."

15-07-2005, 19:26
Illesteria waved her hand and a slave trotted up to Giroi. It whispered all his dirty little secrets into his ear to show that she wasn't joking.

Commander X
15-07-2005, 19:39
"So it can talk after all. And it appears you know more than I expected. Too bad you're not so credible anymore after you have been getting in arguments with most of us. It would be a very obvious plot to thrive us apart. Divide and conquer isn't it Illes?"

15-07-2005, 19:42
"why should we seek to divide and conquer our own clan" she stated matter of factly, "why would we be sitting here if we wanted to kill you all, why not ally with one of the other clans and wipe you out?"

"No my friend, we are as much apart of this clan and it is your own fear and beliefs that make you see us as different"

15-07-2005, 19:43
'I have no reason to drive you all apart. You are all doing fine yourself through your ignorance and lack of respect. Such thing are needed in a group. I have respect for all of you...though you may not see it.'

Illesteria took a bite of her food.

Commander X
15-07-2005, 19:51
"I doubt that, or else you are very good at hiding that from us. But to be honest, I don't really understand how spreading lies about others who you claim to respect can be a good thing. Care to explain?"

Giroi looked at Illes for a moment, noticed he was hungry himself, so took a piece of meat from his bag and started eating too.

15-07-2005, 20:00
'I never lie. There is no point in lies....though you seem to think there is. Lies are a nasty character flaw that should be cut out.' She shrugged.

'As to respect.....I could expose all of you, but as I have said, I have glimpsed the threads of fate, as fickle as they are....and there are some amongst you that show promise and power. Something that such always be respected.'

One of her slaves clawed at Illesteria.

'Kill mistress?' it hissed at her.

She shook her head. 'No....its useful' she shot a glance at Giroi 'Lamentably'

15-07-2005, 20:16
The forest was dark and cool as Lerik picked through leaves and small bushes for suitable sticks to feed the fire. The smell of the wet dirt and the sound of his feet brushing along the ground calmed him. As he bent down to pick up a rather large branch something caught his eye, a movement in the bushes to his left. His body stiffined and, after dropping the sticks he had been gathering, his reached for the hilt of his blade. He closed his hand on the cold metal of the hilt and slowly began to draw it, creeping towards the bushes.

When he was in striking distance he raised his sword high and brought it crashing down on the bush, cleaving the plant in half. A small creature bounded from bush and raced into the darkness of the forest. Lerik smirked as he sheathed his sword and retrieved the sticks. He began heading back to camp, again with the odd smile playing across his face.

Commander X
15-07-2005, 20:16
"I see your interprentation of respect for others means you can get the weakminded to do the hard things in life for you, and then you claim I am the one with character flaws. If you one day wake up with all of your slaves dead or missing, you know who did it."

He finished the piece of meet and stood up.

"Too bad the Chieftain forbade us to attack eachother. I'm curious how much you're worth in a real fighting situation. Probably not much, otherwise you wouldn't use your sister and slaves as guards."

15-07-2005, 20:29
Lerik rolled his eyes as he came back into camp. He quickly strode past where all the "excitment" was centered and dumped the sticks he had found next to the fire. One of the men grumbled a thanks and then began to tend to the dying flames. Lerik began to stroll about camp, he didn't want to go back to sleep, the thought made him shudder. He decided to content himself by sitting on a rock and listenin to the arguements of his comrades.

15-07-2005, 22:38
Illesteria snorted. 'Much in life depends on your point of view. What is one man's blessing is another man's curse.'

'As for violence, I was not born to fight, as you may have noticed.' she indicated to her wasted form. 'But the fates were kind and decided I was useful and so gifted me with a protector from the likes of you.' She pointed to her sister. 'And I would not trade my sibling for a fighters body.....nor my slaves, to whom I have given purpose.'

She sighed, getting bored of Giroi. 'Without my slaves' she shrugged 'I will get round much slower.....some would say defenseless. Without my Sister I am nothing. Merely half a person...if that.'

She grinned at the look of disbelief on her sisters face.

'However, before you start thinking how many of you can kill or touching one half on my dear sisters head, think of this! Every thing you do has a reaction and is paid back in kind three-fold. We are protected on may levels......so you have to think to yourself, what do you have to offer and lose to appease those who protect us if you even think of bringing us to harm?'

She lay back. 'Only your life would be enough....and to give that would mean that you would not get your wish. For your life is forefit already for threatening such things......the next step is death and I can asure it is neither my Sister's nor my own.'

16-07-2005, 00:32
Chade seemed to come out of nowhere, "this bickering is pointless. You all waste your energies on this round about argument, from which noone will back down. At this rate you will still be going when our chieftain orders us to move on with the rising of the sun. And what use will you be when he needs us to fight? Lady Illesteria, you may have great knowledge and control of fire but you are showing little common sense. I suggest you all forget your petty bickering and go to sleep. We will be woken soon enough as it is."
Then he turned and wondered into the treeline, disappearing with the shadows.

16-07-2005, 00:42
Illesteria shrugged. 'I like to be under-estimated at times. It amuses me. As to sleep....i have a policy on that too.'

16-07-2005, 02:24
Dracil Lupine was busy with the tree when he had heard everyone waking and headed over.

Having missing what was happening between the awake members, Dracil called everyone to the ashes of the fire they had built.

'We will assault the caravan today. Today we shall take what the OverBear has taken from us time and time again. He has left our tribe with no food, no furs for trading, no gold and even our younglings!' Dracil said with a snarl escaping his lips. 'Now we will deliver a direct blow. You all are under my command and now I wish to ask you swear your lives to me.'

Dracil paused and looked at his band. He had only 35 warriors with him, but it was more than enough to take the caravans. It would be the road ahead that would be more extreme and testing.

'This mission is not for the caravan alone. I plan on going to the Overbear's village, and there we shall kill him. He has become corrupt and is destroying our once mighty tribe with these tithes!' spat Dracil.

What he was speaking was suicide! Surely they could not get to the village and kill the OverBear! Such a thing was impossiable! These thoughts and others ran through the minds of the tribemen gathered.

'Cheiftain you speak madness!' spat Ferty, a kinsmen of Dracil, a third cousin on his mother's side.

'I know it is madness! However, don't you want to be strong again? We are weak and you know this! We need to destroy this man! He is destroying us slowly, slowly sapping our strength, slowly destroying the greatness we once held, destroying everything we once held true!' roared Dracil. 'Is not the Bear Tribe the fiercest of the Mountain Tribes? Are we not the Greatest?'

Roars from the tribesmen echoed as Dracil spoke passionately.

'While the Overbear remains we will always be weak! He is the cancer that is sapping our strength! Shall you join me and help me restore the Bear Tribe? Will you revenge your forefather's spirits and honour them with your sacrafice? I ask this of you, swear it by your fathers!' roared Dracil as he looked at all of them with a strong eye.

OoC/Right, its fairly forward, just agree ;)/OoC

16-07-2005, 03:53
Leoric was the first to speak, "I am with you lord, to the end" he yelled, "my life is yours"

16-07-2005, 05:11
Lerik stepped forward and brought his fist hard to his chest., "In the name of my father and his father, I swear my life to you until the end of this world!"

16-07-2005, 06:01
Chade spoke quitely, but all heard his words, "as always My Lord, I stand with you."

16-07-2005, 14:00
ruben drew his sword and held it to the air with on hand, "My lord i am with you, i fear not death nor pain, my life is yours" 'mabey ill find an end to my life' he thought to himself.

17-07-2005, 00:52
Illesteria reached into the folds of the cot her slaves carried her on. Her retrieved a small pouch and shook it above her head, murmurring words to which ever higher power was listening to her.

She emptied the contense of the pouch on to her cot witha flourish.

The contense was a group of small rounded, polished stones and bones with runes craved into them.. She past the no empty pouch to her Sister and studied the runes for a moment scratched her face in contemplation.

After a few moments she cleared her throat.

'For the most, the portents are good for our trip. That is not to say that we shall all return or totally succeed in out quest. But as I said, the portents are good but for whom, I remains unclear.'

She sighed and gathered up her little trinkets, shook them three times and threw them down again. She looked at them, her brow forrowed and then sighed.

'Still no clearer, only that there are trails for all ahead....as well as death.' She grinned in an evil manner.

17-07-2005, 01:21
Dracil growled at the Sorcereress.

'I did not ask for your preminisions, witch,' spat Dracil. 'All I require is a yes or no. I already know the future lies with death, it always does! And whose death? Can you tell me that?'

Illesteria paused for a minute, but Dracil snarled at her.

'I do not need to know, all that matters is now!' roared Dracil. 'Thank you Leoric, Lerik, Chade and Ruben, for you are the first of the tribe to swear loyalty! Who else? Because the only other option is death.'

17-07-2005, 01:56
'The threads of fate are many and twisting... I was curious. The signs are unclear as of yet...I have no been gifted with anything but the tiniest glimpse of what it in store. I only read the signs when they are gifted....nothing more. So do not take your temper out upon me.'

She sighed.

'As to my alligence....you know that it is yours. I never said as that would be stating teh painfully obvious. And I crrdit you with a touch more intelligence that to insult you with such a show.'

17-07-2005, 02:20
'So all you got was the slightest glimpse?' mocked Dracil. 'Our great and powerful sorcereress can oly see mere glimpses!'

Dracil silenced the laughter that began to echo with a sharp look to show he was not laughing.

'Foolish girl!' Dracil said with a snarl. 'Stating the obvious you say? When all these men are loyal to me already yet I ask them to swear this oath you consider yourself above them? I should have Leoric kill another slave or two, maybe even have your sister for his plaything for even thinking such thoughts. You are below them! You have no place expect against other sorcerers, or to protect us as I see fit. If I had it my way, we would have no need of you.'

Dracil snarled at the Sorcererss, to think she was above his tribesmen! So insolence!

'Remember I give you all that you have and I can just as easily take it away,' Dracil warned.

17-07-2005, 02:32
'Then tell me what you see? Tell my what sights, omens, portents and vision you are gifted that tells of the future?' Illesteria asked him.

'Tell me what it to come? Do you know? Do you oknow anything at all of what it to lie ahead in our path?' she sat back.

'I am merely a vessel for what is to come....to be filled and refilled when another sees fit to do so. You have a problem, take it up with the Gods....though such pig-headedness will be your downfall. Without me, you are lost, adrift for many things lie in your path. And without help or guidence you are dead.'

She shrugged. 'After all, the first step in avoiding a trap is to just know of its existance, nothing more.No grand scheme or plans of what it is or how it works for anything like that. Plus, you must be wise enough to pull the truth from the smallest of insights. For imformation doesn't have to be immense in size.'

She lay back and waved away her grasping servents. 'And do you dare to test my alligence to you? And if you do, have you any idea of what will happen because of it. The threads of fate are fickle and the slightest of waves can upset them. Do you feel brave enough to try test how well rooted your fate thread is?'

17-07-2005, 02:42
Dracil considered her words and could smell her fear of being left high and dry without her sister. Sure the she-whore could twist her emotions with words, but these words were not bound tightly.

'Ah and you see the future how? Last time you predicted I would take a perilous journey! However, you already knew I was going to take the caravan! It seems now your 'visions' are nothing more than hearsay!' Dracil spat his hands falling onto his axes. 'Maybe Leoric is right. We might get along better without a self serving whore!'

Dracil stopped for a minute. What was causing these surges of anger? He cared not for now. This Sorcereress needed to know her place!

17-07-2005, 02:50
Illesteria snorted with disgust. 'Are you stupid? I have already told you, I see only what has been gifted to me by some higher power. As to this abuse....I have no need of it.'

She clapped her hands and the slaves came up her. One held out her pouch and she took it from the slave. She bounced it upon her bony hand a couple of times and then cast is at Dracil's feet. She then spat at him.

'There.....take them and see if you can see your doom. For I will not look into them for you any longer. You are unworthy of such a gift as I, perhaps that is why my visions are slowed and clouded. It must be a warning that such a quest is lost, that you are hopeless and useless swine to be butchered where you stand.'

She grimaced as she looked upon the chief and the slaves picked her up.

17-07-2005, 03:06
Dracil grinned and picked up the bag, tying it to his belt.

'I shall be keeping this as a gift, my lady,' Dracil said with a mocking warrior's salute of banging his hand off his chest. Dracil then smiled. 'Well since we are giving each other gifts I shall have to give one from me.'

Dracil took off a skull from his belt, it was the head of a chieftan he had killed in honourable combat. He only kept it as it was etched with a sorcererous spell, said to be able to repel harpies, but it was cursed, it only attracted them.

He tossed it at her and it knocked one of her slaves out completely, more than likely shattering his skull. The skull was thick as a rock and the original owner was a Touched.

'Now then, Illesteria, you may leave my prescene, but if you get carried out farther than this gathering you will be declared a renegade and well, you know what we do to renegades,' Dracil warned. 'Oh you are almost out of the gathering, just one more step.'

Dracil scoffed Illesteria and knew her comments were meaningless.

'Oh one more thing,' Dracil said looking right at his men. 'She is apart of our tribe. I may scorn her and treat her as such, but I have the right to. You, however, do not! Any man or woman caught scorning, threatening or looking wrong at Illesteria wrong, will be sentenced to death. No excuses!'

17-07-2005, 03:16
Illesteria's slaves paused and she picked up the skull in her skinny hands, holding it up to her face, staring into it's blank orbs. Grinning it's toothy grin back at her.

Her red eyes narrowed, her pupils growing tiny as her eyes fixed on the markingds of the skull. It hit her and it felt like it would split her skull.

Her slave collapsed, dropping their mistress as they rolled on the floor wailing and moaning. So groaned and died where they lay....but Illesteria jerked and convulsed as though she was beeing shaken by a gigantic fist.

Dracil felt the contense of Illersteria's pouch grow hot and burning as it's mistress's body was wracked with whatever it as. But finally it passed and she lay still for a moment, breathing heavily.

Her slaves were less than lucky. They were all passed out from the ordeal. Illesteria sat up shakily, her face even paler than anyone thought possible. She pointed to Dracil but did not speak.

17-07-2005, 03:21
'This gathering is over!' roared Dracil reconising her spasm for what it really was. He pointined at lllesteria's sister and ordered her to carry her sister to his tent. The slaves were left where they were at.

The twin was dismissed as Dracil looked at lllesteria and awaited her to speak, knowing she usually needed a moment or two after the visions struck.

More time than usual passed on.

'What was the vision?' growled Dracil.

17-07-2005, 03:26
Illesteria got her breath back and spoke...but her voice was no more than just a hoarse whisper.

'A broken body...beaten, battered and torn. All about it lay the corpses of this tribe....though not all.'

Blood trickled from her nose but she was too weak to wipe it away. It caught on her lips and she tasted her life fluid. It did not seem to give her any more strength.

'A man stood over the field of victory.....but who it was was hidden to me. He was strong....a great warrior. And behind him....watching over him....protecting him.....was......was.....' she choked, unable to speak of what it was. Too shocked and terrifed by it.

She shook her head. 'The battle is watched. A Champion will be chosen.'

17-07-2005, 03:38
Dracil looked at lllesteria and smiled.

'Here are your totems back,' Dracil said and was about to attempt an apology but he stopped. He was not sorry, she needed to know her place. However, now was not the time to assault her anymore.

He looked into her eyes. She was once beatiful until the magic warped her body. Tainted was the popular saying or cursed. Alas, he guessed her powers were a curse, to have ruined such a face.

'You may rest here, we will not be pushing off until the sun is above the peaks. The harpies will have finished their hunting by then,' Dracil said as he began to work on his axes, grinding them with flint. His short sword sat beside him, glowing slightly catching lllesteria's interest, or so it appeared.

17-07-2005, 03:43
Illesteria nodded...her voice spent for now. She lay back breathing deeply and waited for her Sister to return to her. She need to tell her.

17-07-2005, 08:46
Lerik silently repacked his bedroll, he would not even attempt to get any sleep before they began. What was that? Lerik thought, hoping the Voice would come and shed some light on what had happened. However the thoughts that swam in his head now were entirely his own. What happened? Lerik thought again, this time attempting to seem forceful although he had no idea if that would work. The Voice, again, did not echo in his head. For the first time in many years, Lerik was alone, and this thought scared him.

17-07-2005, 10:29
It was as if all the bickering had never happened, after swearing their loyalty to Dracil everyone seemed to have a new sense of comradery, this suited Mace fine, it meant that he was alot less likely to be stabbed in the back during the attack on the caravan.

(ooc) i know it bad timing but im not gonna be able to post much during the week as ill be digging up parts of silchester so if someone could kinda babysit i would appreciate it (ooc)

17-07-2005, 10:59
Ruben packed his equipment and prepared for the jorney. he sat on a log and waited for the trip ahead.

Commander X
17-07-2005, 11:01
*Before Dracil's 'argument' with Illes*

"I too swear my live to you Chieftain." Girio told Dracil.

'Although only because I have no choice.' he thought behind it.

*After the 'argument'*

Giroi couldn't help but chortle softly, seeing what Dracil did to Illes. Although he secretly liked the women, they were getting exactly what they deserved.

Suddenly it struck him that if she knew what was going on in his mind, she knew about what he thought about them for real. He decided to hide that as much as possible, or she could use it against him...

17-07-2005, 13:28
Sensing her sister calling to her, Airestelli entered the tent again and crouched near her sister. "What is it?" she whispered

17-07-2005, 17:08
Leoric sat next to Giroi, he looked over and extended his hand "It will be an honor to fight with you tomorrow, may the gods see us through the day"

17-07-2005, 17:24
"Aye" ruben over heard and strolled over. He extended his hand "may we all find death or glory"

17-07-2005, 22:50
Illesteria looked at her sister and told her what she had seen, although she was able to manage to tell her more than Dracil.

She told her about the Daemon Prince see had seen, watching over what was to come...yet things were still unclear, even their own fates had been shrouded from her sight and she had a bad feeling about it.

'We must be extra cautious here Airestelli.' she said gravely. 'The fates are being cruel and shielding what is to come of us from my visions. I do not know if our corpses will join the pile of dead when the new Champion is chosen. But I'd prefer them not to be.'

She sighed and sat back. 'Have my slaves woken yet?' she asked.

17-07-2005, 22:53
"no" and I fear harm will come to them if they are out of our site much longer

17-07-2005, 22:58
Illesteria nodded but there was little she could do, although she tried. She tried to use her Will over them to get them moving and she felt some stir but she was too weak to get them all to their feet.

She cursed. 'I think I may be stuck here sister.'

17-07-2005, 23:06
Dracil left his tent and walked over to the gathered men.

'We move out soon, be ready as this will be the most diffcult fight you will ever par take in! roared Dracil at his men.

He sighed to himself. Dracil looked at the gathered men and smiled. They were his minions, and now they all had sword loyalty. All execpt for Airestelli.

Dracil moved towards her and placed his axe against her throat completely without warning.

'You have not sworn loyalty woman,' growled Dracil. 'Swear it to me or your sister will become an only sister.'

17-07-2005, 23:21
Leoric took rubens hand and shook it heartily. "We are now brothers of the sword" he said, out of the corner of his eye he noticed Dracil going into the witch's tent but ignored it, "Have any of you noticed how Dracil acts, it seems to be out of character" he asked the others, though he buisied himself by sharpening his swords.

18-07-2005, 00:52
"Maybe the thought that he is at the head of a mission that could cost all of us our lives is finally getting to him." Lerik said with a smile as he too brought out his blade and began to sharpen it.

18-07-2005, 01:00
Illesteria raised her hand toward Dracil.

'She did not need to speak her loyalty to you. You know that as long as I give my loyalty to you, my sister does also. She is my protector and champion. And so she it utterly loyal to me...and so utterly loyal to you.'

She looked nervously from her Sister to the Chief.

'But if you do not believe me....release some of the pressure on that axe and allow my sister to speak the words you so wish to hear. Though I still do not understand why you wish to hear them. After all, they are only words and easily cast aside. Actions are better.'

18-07-2005, 01:07
Dracil lowered the axe and looked at lllesteria.

'Fine then, I will accept your sister's loyalty. However, she is loyal to me now as well as you. As to hearing it from her mouth, she does not deserve my attention,' Dracil said swearing something fierce as he left. Why did he allow these twins to join him? His father was correct on one point, Sorcereress were not to be trusted.

As he left the tent, he caught Leoric, Lerik and Ruben sharpening their blades and Leoric was looking at him oddly. Dracil's mind raced once more and snarled. Leoric was becoming a problem.

Walking over to the group, Dracil pulled out his fighting axes, and looked at Leoric directly.

'Leoric, are you ready for the fight ahead?'

18-07-2005, 01:10
"I am lord, my blades are sharp and my arm is strong, i will serve you proudly, however you seem to be trying to say something without saying it, no one draws their weapons for no reason" Leoric said, "So, my lord, what are you trying to say?"

18-07-2005, 01:15
Dracil's eyes did not break contact as Dracil placed his hands through the tassles on the weapons.

'A guilty conscience, Leoric?' snarled Dracil. 'It would seem you have a problem with me.'

18-07-2005, 01:28
Illesteria let out a sigh of relief. Dearly wishing she had never decided she should come on this idiot mission. True she's only agreed so that her sister and herself wouldn't starve to death.

She looked over at her sister and sighed.

18-07-2005, 01:44
"My consious is clean as i do nothing i am ashamed of my lord" Leoric said, he put his whetstone down and he stood up, he was larger then dracil but he knew that they were on equal levels with dracil having an advantange, "Only a coward hides behind subtle hints, a real warrior says what he has to say, so are you a coward, or a warrior, dracil, because i would never follow a coward" a snarl escaped Leorics lips, Dracil was his lord but Leoric could never back down from such a blatent challenge, drawing his smaller blades leoric spat on the ground "you challenge your most loyal warrior, so be it"

18-07-2005, 01:56
This constant fighting is beginning to get out of hand, something is wrong with this mission Lerik thought as he quietly watched Leoric and Dracil size eachother up. He didn't like what was happening around camp and feared how all this surpressed anger would manifest itself on the battlefield.

18-07-2005, 02:31
Chade sat quietly a short way off from everyone else. He totally ignored the events happening in the campsite, instead focusing on the assortment of herbs he was carefully grinding into palp, adding small amounts of water as he did so.When he was finished he drew his swords and knives, coating each one with the virulent poisons before returning them to their usual places.
Then he calmed his mind, sinking into his meditations as he did before all his battles. When the time came, he would be ready.

18-07-2005, 02:37
Set still putting the charcoal marks on his body as he prepared for a battle that would be sure to happen today. wether it was withing his own clan or not he did not know.

The cheiftan allready knew that Set was bonded to the clan by blood.

He walked over to Chade wondering if he could read he worte in the ground

"do you need help?"

18-07-2005, 03:35
OOC// I haven't written anything in the ground Bmaxwell, I just mixed up some poisons for my swords and throwing knives.//OOC

Chade glanced up at Set, taking in the marks made in charcoal over every exposed bit if him, then he slowly shook his head. "Thankyou for the offer but no, I do not require help. Though if you care for it I would be happy to share the last of this mixture with you. The slightest cut will cause rapid death to your foes. Just be careful not to get any on you."

18-07-2005, 03:42
OoC/sorry i meant to say set wondered if Charde could read what set would wirte./OoC

Set nods his head yes and takes a small vial of the posion and puts it ina leather pouch. and sits down next to Chade.

"what are the bickering about"? Set wirtes in the dirt

18-07-2005, 13:08
OOC//So Set wrote "Do you need help" in the dirt right? just to be sure//OOC

"I have no idea," Chade wrote back, "but it seems pointless. They should save their energy for the battle ahead and put their anger to good use." Chade looked over at the camp fire, where Dracil and Leoric were staring each other down. A clear challenge. "If either of them dies or is injured then our raid will be that much less likely to succeed. And we have little enough chance already."

18-07-2005, 13:21
Airestelli scowled at Dracil as he turned away, before meeting her sisters gaze and smiling slightly, "Thanks, though I know what you are thinking, we had to take this mission or we would not be here now, I prefer death in battle to death from starvation"

18-07-2005, 14:51
Set shakes his head in agreemeant he never under stood why people fought when they where trying to reach the same goal. set just sits wacth as chade carfully mix's sweet but deadly herps and other spices for his posions.

18-07-2005, 15:31
Ruben wraped some linnen- bandages around his hand and found a strong walking stick. He was odly quiet and being his normal mysterious way.

18-07-2005, 19:05
Illesteria smiled warmly at her sister. 'I thought you might. After all you are a warrior. As for me.....I fear I would have had to resort to cannablism in the end to survive. You know how well developed my survival instincts are!'

She shuddered. The thought of having to eat another persons flesh made her skin crawl. She tried again with her Will to wake up her slaves. This time with some greater success and one or two lumbered in to see their mistress. She crawled forward to her, fingers clawing to touch her.

She dismissed them coldly. 'Wake the others!' she spat at them.

18-07-2005, 20:06
Dracil readied himself into a combat stance, staring at Leoric with a killer's face.

'You call yourself loyal yet you threaten me with words, attack my honour and still act as a friend?' Dracil asked with a snarl.

Dracil could feel his muscles beginning to relax as he began to control the blood flow within him, concentrating hard on the control he would need to best Leoric.

'I shall have to kill you, drink your blood and offer your skull to the Dark Gods! You disappoint me. Your ignorant ways and your blunt intelligence shall be your downfall!' roared Dracil as he spat right into Leoric's eye. It hit Leoric and Dracil awaited to see if the warrior would raise to the challenge.

18-07-2005, 20:13
Leoric whiped the spit from his eye and turned around as if to walk away, then with blinding speed turned and caught Dracil in the throat with the hilt of his sword, Dracil was sent the ground, spitting blood and gasping for air, Leoric stood and looked at his chieftan "remember who the gods have blessed thus far, me Dracil, persue this no further as i do not wish to fight you, i swore when you became chieftan that i would follow you untill my dieing day, that oath still stands, but do not force me to break it please, my lord, enough of this"

18-07-2005, 20:21
Set jumps up and readies his Glavie. there is nothing he would rather do then attack his own kin but if Dracil dies all order in the clan would be lost.

he could not let this happen

Commander X
18-07-2005, 20:28
Giroi was sitting next to the two that were almost fighting, looking back and forth between them for a few moments, then stood up and took a few steps backwards.

"How about the two of you cool down a bit, there's enough infighting already and that shouldn't involve the leader."

He picked up his spear and thrusted in the ground between the two.

"For as long as that stands there intact, I will not allow you two to touch each other...

OOC:Remember, none of you can break the thing, only weapons of the Over-Bear can:OOC

18-07-2005, 20:31
Lerik stood when Leroic hit the chieften. He gripped his sword hard as he stared at Leoric through glaring eyes. Although he did not like to think about it, if this continued he would be oath bound to intervine, but only after the challenge had been decided. Lerik swallowed hard, he did not enjoy the thought of dragging either the chiefs or Leorics corpse out of the camp and silently hoped this argument would not end in death.

Lerik was surprised at his thoughts, but then remembered that his usual thoughts of murder and death usually came from the Voice, who was oddly abscent during this time of possible boodshed.

18-07-2005, 20:36
"Lerik, do not interfere, i will not persue this further unless Dracil gives me no option, so put away your sword, you have nothing left to fear from me" Leoric said, he turned and walked away from the group, he hated doing that to his cheiftan but it had to be done, Dracil left him no choice, however Dracil was a superior warrior and Leoric was at a disadvantge for fighting him, Leoric put his sword away as he walked.

18-07-2005, 20:56
'Lerik, Set and Giroi back off,' Dracil said fighting the urge to choke. 'If this twisted mutant wants to fight his Chieftan, the one he claims he is loyal to, then he will do it on my terms.'

Dracil flexed his arms and readied the axes. He tested the weight of them and without, threw himself at Leoric, calling upon the skills he was taught from birth as he landed a sharp kick to Leoric's hindleg, bringing the man down.

Dracil quickly brought both axes to Leoric's neck, his arms wrapped around his head. If Leoric struggled in anyway, he would take his own head off. The x shape assault was the only submission move Dracil would use, and it gave the warrior in it the chance to either die or surrender.

'I call upon you to be loyal to me and stop with this stupid attitude. The Sorcereress and her sister are Bears. They bear the tatoo and were born into the tribe just as you and I were. They were blessed by the Gods in a different way as you were, as I was too,' Dracil said with a growl. 'Now either listen to me or be killed.'

18-07-2005, 20:58
Set lowers the glave but does not sit. the tenseion in the air is patable

18-07-2005, 21:02
"Have you no honor" Leoric yelled, "First you consort with witches, then you attack me while i have my back turned, i am ashamed to call you chieftan, your father would be ashamed of what you have become, but as i have no option i must abide by your conditions, your paranoia will tear you appart, you challenge me for no reason, right after i repledge my loyalty to you, even though you know i would die for you"

18-07-2005, 21:17
'You dare mention that weak fool! He died on a fool's errand! I have done more for this tribe than he ever did in his entire time of ruling it. I consort with the Sorcereress as they have powers that will aide us,' Dracil said with a snarl. 'Keep talking the way you talk and I will consider you falling towards Khorne, and you know that means I have to kill you as I will not have madmen under my command!'

Dracil released Leoric and knocked him over the head with the hilt of his axe.

Turning to the rest of the tribe, he merely said, 'Pack up! We take the caravan now!'

Dracil and his tribesmen all ventured out and after two hours they reached the caravan as it had stopped to allow the lizard creatures pulling it drink. The beasts were unknown to Dracil as he had never bothered to ask their names, nor did he care.

'Wait for my command to assault,' Dracil signed with his hands. Everyone in the tribe knowing the code Dracil's forefathers had invented long ago.

Suddenly the guards became visable, some were obviously drunk and Dracil smiled, the fools did not think they would come under attack. Dracil quickly asked Illesteria where the sorcerer was in sign and she pointed towards the middle caravan. Dracil smiled, it was now time. 35 men against 15, it would be a slaughter!

'FOR THE BEAR!' roared Dracil as he charged towards the caravan, the rest of the tribe following suit, while the archers took places lining themselves up for targets. This would be a quick and merciless killing.

Chade smiled to himself, he was underneath the middle caravan and slid out from underneath it. The Sorcerer was his.

OoC/Right I expect a one on one killing, and the Archers can pick off more than one, but please do not do one hit kills. This is your first time, but make the fights count as there is a chance you may level up if I am pleased ;)/OoC

Dracil ran into the nearest guard, his left axe tearing right into the man's throat as the right one gutted the man. Dracil roared a beastial challenge and the Champion who Dracil had been seeking jumped off the first caravan, landing in front of Dracil.

He wielded a warhammer and was the size of Leoric, if not bigger, with rippling muslces on his massive oversized torso. Dracil grinned like a maniac, finally a challenge.

Commander X
18-07-2005, 21:35
OOC:35-15 which way around? For now, I'll assume we outnumber them.:OOC

'They're with less than half of us, and some are drunk. Shouldn't be too hard for us to kill them all.' Giroi thought, while preparing a shot.

He fired the arrow, and another one quickly after it. They hit one of the guards coming at them in the leg and torso, but the man just ignored the pain, and kept on running towards them.

When the warrior got closer, he readied one more shot before he would have to fight the man hand to hand. The shot struck below his left shoulder, seemingly doing no real damage. But suddenly the man stopped and collapsed dead on the ground. In its way through the body, the arrow had ripped apart something that must have been vital.

'Luckily those teeth are really dangerous.'

When looking around for other warriors coming his way, Giroi noticed the lizard-like creatures pulling the caravan. He decided that if they survived, and weren't intent on killing him, he would try to get one for himself. But that had to wait untill the rest of the enemies was dead too...

18-07-2005, 21:53
Set being unable (or was it unwilling) to yell just silnetly ran done the slope jumping into the air he knew that they cowards would try to run away so he slew as many of the beast as he could he jump on each of there's backs and stabed them right threw the head killing them instanly until he came to the last one which had a metal medallion embedded in its skin. and what was wirten on it stoped set in his tracks


this could not be a concied on a place where things change due to the whims of nameless beings. he also noted that instead of pulling something it was equiped with a sadle and bite. though only haveing rode a horse he figured it couldn't be much different. jump and grabing the reins with one hand and his glavie in the other he rode into battle ontop the reptiled Beast. Into combat he charged aganist the only other mounted person in the carvan.

Armed with a sword the struck each other at the same time. he felt the blood triclke down his arm at the slight scracth the calaveryman made "he's good" he thought to him self "but he should have killed me" as he looks over his shoulder and see's the man now is clucthing his chest "time to finish the job he send the ebast as fast as it can go he then stands up on its back he jumps off the beast and with his glavie as a post he spears the man and like a pole vault flies over the man and he pulls the glavie out and cuts off the mans head and lands back on the beast and runs back to the main battle

18-07-2005, 23:25
Lerik roared as he charged down the hill, his eyes fixed on one of the men. HIs opponents hair was long and unkempt, his face unshaven and he wielded a wicked looking hand axe. The man caught sight of Lerik's charge and faced him, axe at the ready. Right when Lerik reached striking distance the man lashed out with his axe in a vicious side swing, his axe connecting with Lerik's shield. The force of the blow caused Lerik to lose his footing and fall to the side as his shield splintered from the force of the impact.

Lerik instinctively rolled to the side, barely avoiding the axe that was aimed for his spine. He felt the impact of the axe blade reverberate in the loose gravel and he knew he had to strike quickly. Lashing out with one of his legs, Lerik kicked the man in the knee causing him to stumble back. Lerik smiled as he jumped to his feet, seeing that the man had lost his grip on the axe which now lay harmless next to Lerik. He advanced on his now defenseless foe, sword held high. Of course this fet him open to the man's next move, a low charge, arms outstretched, catching Lerik in the abdomen. The force of the impact nearly knocked the wind out of Lerik as both he and the man fell to the ground. Lerik's sword clattered uselessly next to him as he began to grapple with the man.

The man's eyes were wide with glee as he tried to wrap his hands around Lerik's throat. It took most of Lerik's concentration to keep the man's grimy hands away from his neck, but he did managed to bring a leg up and give the man a swft knee to the groin. The man's momentary shock was all Lerik needed swing both feet forward and place them on the man's chest. With a great heave Lerik flung the man off of him, sending him sprawling to the drit. Quickly Lerik stood and reached down for his sword. No sooner had he wrapped his hand around the hilt did he feel the man grab him around his waist, placing a leg behind Lerik's own and attempting to bring him down again. Lerik flung all of his weight forward making the man stumble slightly, giving Lerik the precious second he needed to adjust his grip on the sword and swing back.

The blade did not strike home as Lerik had hoped, but it did cut the man just above the knee. Lerik heard the man take another sharp breath and felt his stance weaken. Throwing caution to the wind Lerik jumped backwards, causing the man to loose both his balance and his grip again as they both, again, went tumbling to the dirt. However Lerik was ready this time and was quickly able to recover. Lerik smiled down a the man as he began to scramble to his feet. In a powerful arc, Lerik brought his sword down, expecting to cleave the man's skull in two, but the bastard was quick and rolled to the side. Quickly seeing what was about to happen, Lerik jumped back as the man lashed out with his leg, clearly attempting the same trick Lerik had used only a minute before. It was only when Lerik advanced on the man did he realize that he had rolled over next to his axe and was now armed again.

Almost as if his axe gave him his second wind, the man lashed out with another vicious side swing that Lerik barely managed to block. The blow made Lerik heasitant to advance any further on the man, taking a few steps back. This allowed the man to get to his feet, blood slowly flowing from the wound to his knee. They stared at eachother for a brief second before the man charged. With lightening quickness he brought his axe behind him and swung it forward in a mighty swing, aiming for Lerik's head. Lerik quickly ducked as the axe whizzed over his head and then stood up quickly, bringing his sword under the man's arm. There was a brief second while the two stared at eachother, the man knew Lerik would be his end. Lerik brought his blade forward, slicing open the man's arm, he could feel the blood pour onto his bare shoulder. The man screamed in agony as his axe fell to the ground and he stumbled back from Lerik. Lerik's face was resolute and calculating as he advanced on the now helpless man. His sword shot out in a vicious stab to the man's uninjured knee, bringing him into a kneeling position. Then Lerik, with the practiced ease of an executioner, brought his sword around in an arc aimed at the man's neck.

The man uselessly tried to stop the blade with his hands, but they were severed along with his head, which hit the ground and rolled away from Lerik. Lerik's eyes then darted around the battle raging around him, seeing if any of his comrades were in serious trouble.

19-07-2005, 00:49
Yulises had hidden in the shadows and followed his tribesmen from a distance, as he walked,he blended in with his suroundings, his three giant weaponsheld ready for battle, he heard a noise behind him somewhere and swiveled his head completely around to see what it was,nothing could be seen though. Sneaking up near the caravan he saw leoric decapitate aman, and decided tojoin inthe fighting

19-07-2005, 01:38
Leoric roared as he charged, his greatsword schethed and his smaller swords out, as he came closer he threw out out at a man, the sword was stopped by a wooden shield, Leoric smiled and yanked on his chain, his sword returned to his grasp and the shield the man was carrying was torn from his grasp. Leoric continued his charge and collided with the man, knocking him to the ground, swinging in a downward arc with his sword Leoric aimed for his neck, though the man rolled out of the way. Rising to his feet he was a short thick man, he wielded an axe in one hand and a short sword in another. He rushed Leoric and swung his axe and sword in arcs ment to eviserate him. Leoric jumped back as the blows struck nothing but air, the man rushed forward swinging his axe in an overhead arc, Leoric brought his sword up and parried the blow, only to nearly have his arm severed by the mans sword. Leoric grunted as he threw himself out of harms way, rolling when he hit the ground he brought his sword up in time to parry another blow ment to split his skull.

Leoric rose to his feet and stabbed with one sword, the man sidestepped it clumsily and was sent to the ground by Leorics other sword, he had managed to parry it but he was unprepared for the force behind the swing. Swinging in an upward arc with his axe the man rose back to his feet, Leoric grabbed the axe with his hand, and smashed the mans elbow with the bottom of his other sword. Shrieking the man rose and swung wildly with his sword, catching Leoric off guard, he managed to deflect the blow however the blade caught part of Leorics ear, cutting the part off. Leoric yelled, bringing his sword in a downward arc, he began a flurry of overhand blows with his swords, the man managed to parry them but he was tired, Leoric threw one more overhand blow but as he did that he lunged with his other hand, the man's eyes widened as he felt the blade puncture his stomach.

Leoric yelled as he pulled his sword out and cut the mans throat with it, blood sprayed onto his chest as the man collapsed, he uttered a gurgling noise as he collapsed, Leoric ran further into the caravan to find more enemies.

19-07-2005, 02:15
Illesteria just lay back and watched her remaining slaves fend off any attacks that came her way. The odd time, Illesteria would use her magic upon the attackers...but she quickly grew bored of it and left it to the slaves.

After all that was why she had them.

19-07-2005, 02:37
Set contuined to ride on not able to do much damage but yet still helping out. a small stab with a glavie there large gash on a mans back there. "i shall pratice tonight with my glavie this is horrible form a man form the Bear tribe" then again figthing on a beast it is hard to fight men on the ground but none the least it was horrible

"Let me go and fight"

where did that come from? "from the beast below you you and me are bound some how i do not under stand but there is no time let me go and i will fight these horrible men thet tourted me they knew that I was different now go!"

weather or not he was hearing things he had not been trained to fight mounted he leaped off the beast and surpisingly he saw it tackle one of the men form the caravan and begin to tear at his chest and disembolw him and instead of eating attacking another.

frist he begun by sneaking behind a man he lunged for him with the glavie the man rasied his 2 swords and blocked it. realise that trying to get him in such a postion he then swirled the swords away and had the glavie hooked into his arm ready to attack again. that's when he saw the mans weak spot. right above his chest where his neck begun there was small but very red mark of skin. "whore's diease" for that how one got it. Set then begun to swign at the man his was a good figther and if wasn't for that diease Set would have most likey died. the man sweeped with his legs and set feel down the man was about to chop set head off but then he throw the short sword that was on his leg directly into the mans red spot a massive explions of the mans inards come out of that small hole and the man goes limp. for fear of cacthing the sickness he leave sthe sword in the man and runs off to fine his next victim

19-07-2005, 02:41
Staying near her sisters side she watched as the slaves took the brunt of the attack, keeping watch for any that might get through.

Looking round she saw the rest of the clan killing the caravans pathetic defenders, the chieftan was fighting what looked to be the leader of the enemy, nodding to her sister she turned to watch the fight too.

One of the slaves had its head cleaved in two by one of the enemy who weilded a great sword, seeing this as an opportunity for a good fight and to save any of the other slaves from a similar fate Airestelli ran and jumped over the rest of the slaves, aiming straight for her target and planting both feet squarley on his face sending him falling backwards, while she nimbly landed on her feet. "That wasn't very nice, What did that poor slave ever do to you?" Scowling at her he got to his feet and charged the sword arching down towards her.

She lept into the air again as the sword swung below her feet where her midrith was seconds before, the enemy off balance kept running forward and ploughed into the slaves again, "Get back here" she said indignantly, following after him flipping the staff from off her back and started twirling it around in front of her, he attacked again, turning aside this blow with the staff and dodging to the side so the deflected blow didn't hit her she ducked under his guard and sent out a kick into his knee, their was a sickening sound of bone breaking as he slumped forward, without stopping her momentum Airestelli rolled forward and sprang to her feet, as she did so the blade at one end of the staff pierced the back of his neck, with one fluid motion she withdrew the blade and caused his head to seperate from his shoulders.

19-07-2005, 16:24
Through the chaos Ruben picked out the biggest warrior he could find.
"You, fight me" Ruben looked deep in to the mans eyes.
"arrgh" he screamed and charged.
In a swift movement Ruben drew his sword, bought it to neck level and triped the hulk who slid underneath the sword. Ruben bough the sword down missing the head. He swung it back round and it sliced the man at the waist before bringing it round and decapitaiting the head.
"Who else will fight me" he roared, his eyes red with the rage of battle.

19-07-2005, 17:07
OoC/Right I expect a one on one killing, and the Archers can pick off more than one, but please do not do one hit kills. This is your first time, but make the fights count as there is a chance you may level up if I am pleased ;)/OoC

(OoC) im pretty sure that does mean no one hit kills, im lookin at you warlord and Bmax, also bmax, did slaz give the ok for you to talk to animals?(OoC)

Leoric looked around, there were few enemy warriors remaining, the tribe had slaughtered them, the only remaining ones were drunkards who were trying to put up a defense, Leoric would not bother with them, "There is no honor in killing defenseless men" he said to himself before looking for any of his kin in need of aid.

19-07-2005, 17:19
Illesteria clapped and cheered her sister on as her slaves kept her save. Although one did fall to the blade of one of the enemy...but in a fit of indignation Illesteria set him on fire.

She giggled as the one who had slain her slave ran, screaming as his flesh burned.

19-07-2005, 20:06
OoC/when I was on the beast i was just hitting people with the glavie not even really killing them just hitting them where i could and with the beast if slaz doesn't want to to do it thats fine Set's a little off anyway/OoC

looking around trying to aviod many of the arrows that where falling down around him. he did not know if the arrows were freind or foe it didn't not matter they would kill him just the same if he got hit. he saw one of the wagons was still some what intact and he dived under it. he sat waiting and wacthing the abttle waiting for some one to come around so he could trip or surpise. then he rembered the potion that Charde gave him he rember he said that it could kill a man with the slightest cut (OoC/ Charde said this when he gave it to me/OoC) he pulled it out and poured it on his glaive. he saw one of the men form the carvan running towards the wagon. when he got close enough he slahs him across his front leg and set keep on running past him. set looked pack and the man was chaseing him"curse's" set kept on running then quickly stoped ducks and tackled the man at his knees and sending him on his back. when set turned around the man kicked him self back on his feet and did a back flip cacthing set at the thoart with his legs. throwing to the ground and both of his weapons flung to the ground the short sword is out of sight but the glavie was sticking in the ground. the man begun to choke Set. being way stronge the then him set couldn't even get any air he just hoped that someone would see him and help or the posion would take efect

20-07-2005, 01:58
One of the caravans defenders, possibly possessing more sense than his fellows, turned and fled from the battle. He hurled himself around one of the carts and leaned against it's canvas side, breathing heavily.
Suddenly he felt an arm slid across his chest, holding him tight.
"Boo!" said a voice, right next to his ear.Tthen a short blade came up and gently nicked his throat, then the pressure was gone and a man in a dark cloak was standing in front of him, blade drawn. He swung out at Chade. Who was there anymore. Chade stood behind the man and cut him again, just lightly, on the back of his leg. The warrior turn and brought his sword down in a massive overhand slice, only to have it slam into the edge of the cart and stick fast. Chade appeared again but this time he had a twin, both of them reached out their swords and sliced across his arms. And then and third Chade appeared, and the edges of his vision started to go black.

The Chades turned and walked away.

20-07-2005, 02:04
Kraok ran up beside Illesteria, "sorry i'm late" he said chuckling to himself. He readied an arrow and fired it at a man on the other side of a cart. The arrow flew stright into his upper arm, wounding him and causing him to duck behind the cart. Kraok strafed left and fired another arrow to keep him pinned. He then broke into a sprint and launched himself onto a rock proutriding out of the hill, he fired at the man again, this time sending an arrow into his but cheek. The man looked as if he yelled, he drew his very large ax and looked around for his attacker. Kraok chuckled and then started to slowly decend the hill, drawing his bow again.

20-07-2005, 03:10
Illesteria gave the archer a poisonous look.

20-07-2005, 04:12
The assault was working as the tribesmen and the archers killed off the drunken men and the somber fools.

Dracil of course did not see any of this.

Dracil and the Champion were locked in a deadly hand to hand combat that seemed to rival anything anyone had seen. Those who were watching, watched as Dracil dodged every swing from the giant man as his warhammer came crashing into different angles towards Dracil.

Dracil felt nothing but calm inside, dodging each blow with practised ease as if he was in a mere child's game. He re-directed energy to his legs as he saw fit, giving him short boosts using Control. Something he was taught long ago, but could never remember how or when he learned, just he did.

The Champion ranted and raved about Dracil being a coward and not fighting properly. Dracil merely shrugged these insults off, hitting the man once or twice with the face of the axes, just to annoy him. Dracil was purposefully trying to anger the man, as a man without control, became nothing more than a beast.

Suddenly, Dracil went on the attack. He threw himself at the Champion, the man too tired to block as Dracil's left axe dug into his right arm, causing the Champion to drop his warhammer. It fell to the floor with a loud thud and Dracil grinned as the second axe followed in and removed the man's head.

Dracil sighed to himself and backed off. Once more he had not faced a challenge. It all had become nothing more than practised ease, and thus far he was bored. He wanted a challenge, something the Shadow had promised him. Only the OverBear would give him what he wanted, and Dracil would seek to fulfill the Shadow's wish, as it had given him more than anyone in the Tribe would ever know.

20-07-2005, 04:46
Kraok fitted another arrow into his bow, he took a longer time aiming this time. He released the arrow and it flew into the mans neck, the shaft half in through his neck, Kraok looked around for another target.

He started to whistle as he ran on towards what looked to be a cart of food, "hello?" he said to himself. He notched another arrow into his bow and looked around the side of the cart.

What he saw supprised him, it was a boy, about 9-10 summers or so. He was cowering behind the cart in a fetal poisition. "can't help ya here" he said as he drew a sword from the scarrab on his waist.

20-07-2005, 05:27
Set begun to lose sight of the world and his gaze became fuzzy then just when he thought he would finnaly have peace the man on top of him fell off. Set cacthing his breath just lied there like he was dead once he had cuaght his wind back he looked up and saw the man was breathing even harder then he was and all over his body his veins where full of some purple liqued. "better him then me" as set begun to stumble off. but when he was half way between this world and the next something changed in side his head something was different "proply just a loss of air" he thought as he walkedoff luckyly the battle was winding down but there where still a few more drunk fools ot kill as he picked up his glavie and short sword.

20-07-2005, 06:13
Leoric jogged over to Dracil "We have victory my lord, your tribe fought like daemons" Dracil gave Leoric a harsh stare "My lord, is there something troublign you?" Leoric asked, but was dismissed by a wave of Dracils hand. Leoric watched as his kinsmen slaughtered the rest of the drunken defenders, he shook his head and brought his hand up to move his hair back behind his ear as it was getting into his face. As he did so he realized that part of his ear was missing and pain flooded into his system like liquid fire. Wincing for a second Leoric pushed the pain asside as it was but a scratch, "Even the witch got one" Leoric laughed to himself and smiled, there was something about combat that always put him in a good mood.

A realization struck Leoric as he laughed and he stopped laughing instantly, walking back over to Dracil he said "Lord, i appologize incase i offended you earlier and for striking you, it shall never happen again"

20-07-2005, 06:43
tried and still recovering form the near death exprenice he finds that beast that he was on earlier OoC/forget that it ever spoke to me/OoC slapped it on its back and it lied down. useing it as a pillow Set pulled out some of the herbs he had in his pocket and chewed on them. A good's night sleep and these should help him clear his head.

hopefully they would

20-07-2005, 12:40
Airestelli walked over to her sisters side again keeping her gaze fixed on the archer who her sister was also staring at. "friend of yours?"

Commander X
20-07-2005, 13:29
Seeing there were no more enemies not accounted for, Giroi put his bow away, and walked up to the corpse of the guard. He pulled out his arrows, and looked if they were still intact. He put the two that were back in his quiver and threw the other away. After that, he took a closer look at the corpse and what it was armed with.

The man's armour was now broken at the vital areas, and Giroi decided that wasn't worth the effort of taking. He did take his sword however, as it was looking valuable and another weapon could never do harm.

'I wonder if those lizard-like creatures are usable, and if Dracil would allow me to take one.' he thought, while descending the hill towards the rest.

20-07-2005, 14:51
The last of the defenders had run or been killed, but still Chade felt that something was amiss. His feelings were proved right when an incredibly strong wind howled through the clearing, knocking everyone to the ground.
Chade picked himself up and quickly located the cause of the unnatural force, a sorceror in the service of the Over Bear. He quickly drew one of his poisoned knives and let it fly at the witch, but another gust of wind blew it off course, and it clattered to the ground. Finally using his otherworldly senses to "see" Chade the sorceror grinned, "now that is a very cute trick assassin."
"Your tricks are not so bad either. But they aren't good enough to save you from me," Chade snarled as he leapt at the sorceror, sword drawn. But yet another blast of wind slammed him to the ground.
"Oh you are wasting your life sahdow man, you should have been a jester such is the amusement you provide. My master would treat you well if you would surrender, and travel to his court to entertain him," he mocked. "Come, I shall even spare the lives of your tribe."
"Enough!" Chade growled. "I will not be a toy for you or your master's amusement. But I'm quite happy to be the instrument of your demise." He leapt at the sorceror again but this time, instead of throwing him to the ground, the wind built up around the assassin. A miniature hurricane centered on him, spinning him around and around. The sorceror was so involved in tormenting his new toy, that he never noticed the obsidion tipped arrow fly out of the swirling vortex until it lodged in his shoulder. His concentration slipped as he roared in pain, and Chade dropped back to the ground, blade at the ready. Barely had his feet touched the soil before he threw himself at the sorceror yet again. This time it didn't have time to call up the wind, it barely had time to draw its own blade to stop chade from slicing open his throat. The witch rained blows down upon the assassin, but he always deflected or dodged the magical blade, occasionally darting in behind the witches defence and scoring minor cuts. At first these seemed to make no difference, but slowly the strength seemed to slip from the sorcerors body. Finally he staggered and Chade, seizing his chance, rammed his sword up to the hilt in his opponants stomach. The sorceror roared with pain, back handing Chade and sending him flying. He ripped the sword out if himself and advanced on the stunned assassin. But barely had he crossed half the distance before the poisons overcame him, and he collapsed into a twitching heap on the ground.
Seeing his opponant dead, Chade surrendered to the blissful oblivion of uncosciousness.

OOC//If anyone feels like waking him up go for it. He'll be hurting and have some nasty looking cuts and scrapes from the sorcerors sword that might need patching. Nothing that'll cause mutations or anything, just mean cuts. Just don't go overboard if you chose to wake him.//OOC

20-07-2005, 16:10
Lerik was breathing heavily as he looked around at the remains of the caravan. He saw, with some pleasure, that they had slaughtered their enemy quite deciecively. He bent down over a corpse and ripped off a length of clean cloth from the man's shirt and began to wipe the blood from his blade. After making sure no blood was left on the blade, Lerik sheathed his sword and began tohead towards the corpse of the first man he had killed. As he approached the headless corpse, he felt himself tense up, expecting the voice to hisss and spit in his ear, telling him to take the head as a trophie.

However, the Voice did not come, there was no command to take the man's severed head. It was only at this moment that Lerik realized the gravity of the Voices absense. Without the voice, he could not see his beloved. Luckily for Lerik, his face was too covered with sweat and blood for anyone close to notice the few tears that ran down his face. Furiously he wiped them away, forcing himself to forget everything he had just thought of and to focus on the here and now. With one last glance at the severed head, Lerik turned his back on the corpse and headed towards the others.

20-07-2005, 16:30
Ruben strolled over to the unconcious chade. He grabbed a bucket filled with what looked like water and soaked the warriors face. Chade came to and stared at Ruben. You have recived injuries my freind, here" He threw chade some bandages.

20-07-2005, 17:00
Illesteria just shrugged at her sister.
'Never seen him before in my life.'

20-07-2005, 17:09
"He seemed to know you" she smiled, "and if indeed you have never seen him before, walking up behind you un announced was a very foolish thing to do, lucky you showed restraint"

20-07-2005, 17:21
Illesteria laughed. 'I have eyes and ears all over dear sibling....you know that. Plus I have the unfortunately ability to know a fellow tribesman when I witness one.' she shrugged. 'But I did show a great deal of restraint, didn't I.'

20-07-2005, 17:23
"too true, he should consider himself lucky and not sneak up on someone unannounced in future lest somthing unfortuante happen"

20-07-2005, 17:38
Illesteria nodded. 'I'll leave that amusing little task to you sister. You seen to have more of a knack for tellings off than I.'

21-07-2005, 02:38
Dracil looked as the rest of the tribe had succeeded in their killings of the men. Now it was time for the final act before they would take the caravan into the OverBear's city.

'Men, gather the emblems of the Guards! This will mark you as men of the OverBear. Now come, collect them and then of course loot the corspes as you see fit. However, only take what you can carry and nothing more!' Dracil ordered.

As his men did as they were ordered, Dracil made a head count. Only three deaths and four minor wounds. Good, these were the best of the stock he had chosen.

'Now Ruben and Set take off a little ways down the road and see if they had scouts. We will need to keep our cover,' Dracil ordered as the men looked hurt. They could not reveal in the plunder. 'Take the packbeasts, they will carry you there faster.'

OoC/Just ride off for now./OoC

Dracil walked over towards lllesteria and smiled, offering her the dead sorcerer's body carried by three tribesmen.

'Its yours to do as you see fit as we cannot deal with the sorcerer, you would now things, Sorcereress,' Dracil said as the corspe was thrown to the floor. Dracil had no idea if lllesteria would catch onto the sarcarsm or not, but however, maybe the witch could do something. Maybe not.

21-07-2005, 03:00
Illesteria scowled at the corpse and then at Dracil.

'I'm no more a Necromancer that you are, fool.' she spat at him. 'This thing is useless and you have lost the information it carried.'

She snorted with disgust.
'Next time, try to leave at least one alive so that I might interrogator him of his information.' she waves her hand lazily and the corpse caught fire, her red eyes seething with annoyance.

21-07-2005, 03:13
'Oh sorry to have displeased you,' mocked Dracil. 'With all your magical powers I thought that was something you could do. Maybe I was wrong.'

Dracil shrugged and then moved close so only lllesteria could hear.

'I want all remains of this sorerer destroyed and taken with us,' Dracil said with a serious look in his eye. 'I know full well that there are things on this corspe that could harm a normal man, but not you as you have the gift.'

Dracil sighed and looked at her.

'A glorious victory I would say, but I saw you hardly using your powers. Was there no challenge?' Dracil asked with a sigh, trying to maybe start a conversation with the woman.

21-07-2005, 03:18
'you were wrong....and if toy destroy a corpse, how can up possibly take it with you?I will see to it personally and these wretches aren't worth my effort. My slaves did well enough on their own....as they should. And if all else had failed, I had my dear sister to help me.'

A slave appeared at he relbow carrying a small cup of water. Illesteria drank it.
'I lost only one slave, who can be replaced. But these low-lives are just the beginning. The weak vanguard of a greater force. You think this s great victory? No, this is just a little practice. A warm up for the bigger stuff.'

Illesetria watchedthe flames play about the body, casting interesting shadow on the ground.

21-07-2005, 03:24
'Hmm great things?' Dracil asked with a sigh, he felt comfortable around her and decided to let off something that was troubling him. 'That Champion was one of the OverBear's best and yet I defeated him as if he was a mere cub learning how to use a weapon.'

Dracil looked uneasy and then regained his composure.

'Maybe I am stronger and faster than I think,' Dracil said laughing.

21-07-2005, 03:28
'Maybe you are...and maybe you are not.' she replied with a crooked grin.

'The Higer owers are ruthless and fickle. what they give with one had' Illesteria raised a hand to indicate the burning corpse. 'The take away with the other.' she indicated herr emaciated state.

She looked at Dracil. 'Whatever it is, you must not be complacent and be ready to loose something, if not all at the slightest moment.'

21-07-2005, 03:35
Dracil looked at her and looked confused.

'What do you see about me?' he asked.

21-07-2005, 03:37
Kraok wiped off his blade and sheathed it, he looked down at his leg. To his supprise, the kid had produced a dagger and stabed him, he winced and tryed to igrone the pain. He walked over to the corpse of the man he shot and retrived one of the three arrows he shot. He striped the man of his cloak and bear claw necklace, "this'll make a nice attachment" he said as he put it on. He looked over at the Sorcereress, "I wonder what shes thinking" he thought to himself.

21-07-2005, 03:39
Illesteria gave an irratated sigh. 'I havealready told you what i have seen. A champion is choose on a vast field of battle. And this champion is watched over by......by....' Illesteria still could not say the word at anyone but her sister.

'If had had seen more I would have told you!' she snapped at him.

21-07-2005, 03:42
'I sense you are lying, but I will leave off. Maybe you will tell me more when the time is right, or something is holding you back,' Dracil countered nearly hitting the girl for her tone of voice.

Dracil bowed slightly and looked at the body.

'Odd somethings have not burned.'

21-07-2005, 03:47
Illesteria hissed at him and ordered her slaves to fetch what was not burnt. They laid it in her lap and withdrew. Illesteria examined it.

'These will take some time to decipher. I need peace!' she dearly want to shout at him to go away but she thought better of it. Brainless oaf that he was.

But before he could snap a retort back at her, she was so absorbed in the task at hand she didn't even register his presence.

21-07-2005, 03:49
Dracil looked at her and walked away.

'See you in a few minutes, we will push off once the scouts return ok?' Dracil said with a sigh.

21-07-2005, 04:59
Leoric took nothing in particular, a few trinkets from the warriors he had killed and a chain shirt that was still useable, his ear still hurt but he made no sign of it, it had stopped bleeding and he still was able to hear from that ear.

"You won a great victory today" he exclaimed, walking towards Dracil, "Soon the Overbear will feel the bite of your axe and you bring our clan to its once former glory"

21-07-2005, 05:11
Set woke at the sound of his chief he saddled up and rode out as fast as the beast would take him.

Set rode ahead until he starting to see a small fire set avioded proply just some small hunting tribe or some low men. Set got on top of a hill and saw what was going on

the entire tribe was slowy being in circled by a massive troop movment the fire he saw was infact as massive amout of torches he saw simlar things all around

"it was a trap he thinks to him self"

Set ran back as fast as he could back to the tribe he graped the chief and quickly worte on the ground

"it was a trap! we're being sourraned by all of the over bears forces we can survie if we leave now follow me"

21-07-2005, 15:43
Kraok walked along the ridge line, he didn't relly want to get that close to the cheif. He had been late and didn't know the consequences if he said hello, of course he was the favorite.

He thought about this for a little while. Not noticing where he was going he triped on a rock and fell down the hill, he landed at the feet of the Sorcereress. Slowly he got up, "holy crap" he said not noticing the Sorcereress, "gotta watch where I'm going" he added. He looked around, finally noticing that he was right in front of the Sorcereress and the cheif :eek: . "why do I not like this?" he asked himself in his head, "uhmm... hi" he said taking a step backwards.

21-07-2005, 17:01
Illesteria looked up from the objects that had been gathered from the enemy, one eyebrow cocked in something close to intrigue except for the scowl of disgust on her face.

Her red eyes looked over the archer in front of her....the same one that had arrived late. She growled at him and went back to looking and studying the artifacts without so much as a word.

There was something, something different.....some form of shadow in this place. She wasn't sure what it was, nor could she gain much of a glimpse of it. But it was there following them. Or was it? Was it following all of them?

She turned the object around, the markings were strange but readable in some way...though somewhat inaccurately. If she had more time she might have been able to decipher them. But not here and not now. Though it was clear. This thing was centred around the specific.

'A shadow' she hissed. 'A watcher.'

21-07-2005, 17:03
Lerik bent over a corpse and began to search it for anything valuable. His first instinct was to go directly for the weapon which Lerik soon found out had been shattered by on of his tribesman. He sighed as he searchd the rest of the body, coming up with nothing. As he stood he winced, a terrible pain shot up his side and his back. It would appear that the fight had not left him unscathed. Grunting a little with pain he sat down against a rock, with a little rest he was sure the pain would fade away.

21-07-2005, 17:10
OoC/disregrad us being surrounded/OoC

the cheif ask set if he saw anything besides the overbears encampment. no

Set settled down with his beast under a tree he was still feeling theffects of the enar death exprience

21-07-2005, 21:48
Airetselli reacted instantly to the apparent threat, drawing one of her blades she moved over to the fallen man and kicked him square in the chest sending him rolling backwards, before stepping forward to interpose herself between this potential enemy and the chief and her sister, glancing back over her shoulder to the chief to check his reaction but still keeping an eye on the down man who was just now getting back to his feet. "I assume since you have no weapons out you are not a threat, either that or a very foolish assasin. I shall guess you are one of us, though I have never seen you before" Once again she glanced at the chief, who nodded.

Seeing that her assumption was correct, she stepped back and sheathed her blade "Don't you ever come near my sister again unannounced and think before you come sneaking towards a private discussion next time"

22-07-2005, 06:17
Airetselli reacted instantly to the apparent threat, drawing one of her blades she moved over to the fallen man and kicked him square in the chest sending him rolling backwards, before stepping forward to interpose herself between this potential enemy and the chief and her sister, glancing back over her shoulder to the chief to check his reaction but still keeping an eye on the down man who was just now getting back to his feet. "I assume since you have no weapons out you are not a threat, either that or a very foolish assasin. I shall guess you are one of us, though I have never seen you before" Once again she glanced at the chief, who nodded.

Seeing that her assumption was correct, she stepped back and sheathed her blade "Don't you ever come near my sister again unannounced and think before you come sneaking towards a private discussion next time"

(I take it that your talking about me...)
Kraok took a step back, "I'll try to keep that it mind" he said turning his back and walking away. He winced again as the pain from his leg shot up his nerves and into his brian. He sat down a little while away from the rest of the ground and slowly looked at the wound. He then took a large clump of dirt and shoved it into his wound, he grited his teeth and sat back closing his eyes. He lay there for about ten minutes, letting the pain absorb. The out side world melted away, and all he concentrated on was the searing pain in his leg. As the pain went away he started to hear the voices of other people again.

22-07-2005, 06:31
Chade watched the archer shove dirt into a nasty wound on his leg. Shaking his head he sttod and walked over to him, pulling some herbs from his pouch. "Here, use these instead. They'll dull the pain and help to fight infection."
Kraok glanced up at the assassin, a suspicious look in his eye. "How do I know it's not poison? That you're not trying to kill me?"
Chade squatted down, an evil grin on his face, "if I wanted you dead, there is nothing you could do to stop me. You wouldn't even feel it when I slit your throat," he snarled. "If you don't want my help fine, I will take my herbs back. But I would rather everyone was ready for whatever we shall face. Your choice."

22-07-2005, 13:36
OOC/ yes I was talking to you, and dont quote things.. "Slazton(Craig)-'See you at Wanda's House, Spawny!' says:
please tell him don't quote"

She saw the aprooving look from the chieftan and moved away from their conversation, she saw one of the corpses lying near by and went to check it for anything useful, of course the armour and clothes were of no use to her, but the weapons were. The warrior had been armed with 2 short swords with a wicked serated edge, smiling to herself she picked them off and cleaned the blood off them before strapping them across her back.

22-07-2005, 14:34
As Ruben and Set made their journey scouting down the way from the party a loud shriek was heard.

Five harpies dropped from the sky, as tore their talons into Set's left arm, ripping flesh from the arm as another rammed into Ruben knocking him off his mount.

Set grabbed Ruben with his right arm and rammed his heels into the beast's side, making it run back faster. The Harpies giving chase. Set was not a fool, Harpies were stronger and more agile than any normal human, and knew the only chance, Ruben and him had was to get back to Dracil.

'HARPIES!' some one shouted seeing Set and Ruben racing towards them.

Dracil was quick to react and bellowed for the archers to take positions as the tribesmen readied themsevles. They had no choice they had to fight.

OoC/Right, I am placing limitations! I am gone for Saturday and Sunday, so I am placing Xhalax in charge of this. Only Xavier, Xhalax, Grey-Knight, and Chade may actually kill a Harpy. Anyone else can onyl dream of wounding one. Harpies are nasty pieces of work. Half woman/half bird. They have wings for arms that end in claws and huge taloned feet. Their scream can render a man unconscious and the talons count as daemonic, so it is possiable those claws will instant wound. Also they carry diseases, so you're warned ;)/OoC

Commander X
22-07-2005, 15:48
Giroi had gotten himself one of the Lizard-like creatures, and was sitting next to it near the water. He shook up when the creature suddenly started to hiss, and looked for what it was seeing.

He saw the Harpies and softly cursed Set and Ruben. Instead of finding themselves shelter, they had lead the creatures to the others, endangering the entire tribe.

When he regained his calmth, Giroi decided it would still be the best to stay away from the creatures if they didn't notice him anyway...

22-07-2005, 16:21
Kraok jumped up hearing someone shout "harpies" he grabed his bow. "fighting now, herbs later" he said notching an arrow and then falling to his knee. "damn it, stupid wound" he wispered to himself before righting himself and drawing his bow and aiming at a harpy in the distance. "get a little closer.." he said to himself.

22-07-2005, 17:29
Lerik was jerked out of sleep by the shouts of the others. His vision slightly blurred, he cursed himself for having let his guard down. He drew his sword and rubbed his eyes and then looked around at his tribesmen. It was only then he actually heard what they were shouting about. Many had looks of horror upon their faces as they stared up at the sky. Lerik followed suit and saw the harpies swooping down upon the remenants of the caravan.

Lerik stared in horror as one of the harpies swooped down and clawed furociously at a man, flawing his face into unrecognizable strips of flesh. His heart beat fast ashe watche the harpies movements, his breath quickening as he bounced on his feet. He had never encountered the winged beasts before, but hehad heard horror stories of them bringing down even te mightiest of warriors.

With a rush of horror, Lerik saw one of the harpies turn and being to swoop down towards him. When the harpie was close enough to Lerik so that he could see her odd, distorted features, he quickly jumped back to avoid her talons. With a smile of satisfaction, this miss of her prey cause the harpy to become disoriented for a split second, which Lerik took to raise his sword high and bring it down with all his might at where the harpies neck met her shoulder. The beast crumpled to the ground and with a whoop, Lerik advanced, ready to finish it off. However his thrill of victory gave way to a intense feeling of dread as he saw that his blade had failed to even bruise the beasts skin. The harpy, in a flurry of movement, standing, facing Lerik and before he had time to reach it quickly advanced on him. Lerik did not know what happened next, but before he knew it he was in the harpie's talons and was being flown up. He hacked at the beasts legs but she only tightened her grip, and Lerik felt the talons dig into his side.

He shouted in pain as the harpy swooped low over the trees of the nearby forest. With a shriek that made Lerik's head swim she flund him at the tops of the trees. The many branches of the trees mercifully made Lerik's fall a slow, but jerky ride. When Lerik, only semi-concious, fell the final distance to the ground, he barely managed to stick out his hands before he hit the dirt with a thud. His chest ached as all the wind was knocked out of him, this along with the effects of the Harpy's scream managed to push him over the edge into unconciousness.

22-07-2005, 17:51
not good not good. set thoght to him self he couldn't kill the harpies and he didn't know if Ruben was dead or alive but if he was alive he needed to be protected he was a strong warroir the tribe would need him if they where to defeat the overbear. but out in the open is no way to protect something set looked around trying to see if there was any denfendable postion.


a cave only one way in and out he can put Ruben in the cave and he and the beast can guard the cave. so could every one esle this was a time when Set which he could talk he would yell to his brother bears to come to him so that they may live but all he could do was try to get there attion by throwing stones and them and waveing his arms around like a idot

22-07-2005, 18:40
Mace had been knocked unconcious during the raid by a drunk with a bottle, now he was under attack by Harpies, "Today is not my day" He picked up his warhammer and ran to the cover of the caravans.

22-07-2005, 18:48
Ruben ran as fast as his legs would carry him towards the rest of the party.
"Set, back to the others , I will hold them off" Ruben screamed
"you have no cha-"
"Shut up and run" Ruben drew his sword and confronted the harpies who began to circle him. one swoped down, he fended it off with his great-sword. Another slammed into his back, ripping deep wounds. He swung to atack this one but a third again slammed behind him....

22-07-2005, 19:47
Looking out from the cover of the caravans Mace could see some of the other warriors being circled by the harpies. "We are so outmatched its not even funny" he thought back to the recently accomplished raid and remembered how easily they had slaughtered the caravan guards. lucky them he thought, offering a silent prayer to the gods he set off to help his fellow tribesmen

22-07-2005, 21:44
Leoric was resting when the attack came, his body protested the sudden movements he made, the harpies came in quick and several members of the party fled "bah, cowards" he spat, drawing his swords he stood in the open, as if asking the haripes to attack him, one came darting towards him, talons angled to tear his throat out, Leoric threw out both his swords, the harpy veered off course and Leoric yanked the chains they were attached to, pulling them back into his hands. Leoric sneered as the harpy screetched, the sound hurt his head but he pushed it asside, the harpy flew at Leoric again, this time he let it come, waiting untill the last possible second leoric let himself fall the the ground, grabbing the harpies legs as he went, his massive weight sent it into the side of a caravan. Standing up Leoric snarled, the creature was up again and on the attack, it flew at head level and lashed with its claws, Leoric was hard pressed to parry the blows and one managed to land though it was luckly turned asside by his small amount of armor. Leoric grunted as the blow struck and stumbled against a caravan.

Just managing to roll away from a blow that would have taken his head off Leoric struck back, bringing all his strength into the blow he cut the talon clean off the creautres leg. The harpy wailed as it took back into the sky, "Not so fast" Leoric yelled, jumping up and grabbing the harpies stump and its leg, he again pulled it to the ground and slammed it against the hard dirt before stabbing down with his sword, the creature managed to dodge the blow somehow and kicked with its foot, sending Leoric flying, he hit the ground hard and groaned as he got up. No sooner had he regained his feet the creature rammed its head into his stomach, winding him, Leoric stabbed down as he fell, pinning the creature to the ground by its wing. Leoric gasped for a minute as the creature wailed, standing again he brought other sword out for the killing blow, but hesitated for a second and the harpy tore the sword from its wing sending it clattering to the ground. It lased out with its head, smashing Leoric in the jaw as it took to the sky again.

Throwing his sword again Leoric spat blood, this time the sword struck home and stabbed it in the breast, the beast toppled and plummeted to the ground. Leoric drew his greatsword and walked towards it, a puddle of blood was forming and the creature was screaming in pain. With a stroke of his sword Leoric severed the things head, spitting on the corpse Leoric put away his greatsword and pulled both his swords back to his hands using the chains, running to cover.

22-07-2005, 23:12
Illesteria pulled out the skull that Dracil had given to her as she heard the start of the commotion. It was glowing slightly and she cursed remembering what he had said when he gave it to her. It attracted Harpies.

She growled, enraged by the situation.

22-07-2005, 23:26
A loud screech was all the warning Airetselli had before a pair of harpies dove towards the two sisters, acting without a seconds thought Airetselli leapt into the air to meet the one aiming towards her sister and aimed her sword staff at its head, the harpy dodged aside easily, the attack however had the desired effect and the harpy turned its attention to her. Landing awkwardly Airetselli was caught off guard as the other harpy blind sided her, she saw it a fraction of a second to late and threw herself forwards to avoid it, one of the harpies claws grazed her leaving 4 scratches on her back. She rolled through onto her feet again as the two harpies came at her again.

Blocking a wild slash from a harpy with her buckler she struck out with the sword staff at the other, the blade pierced its gut but stuck fast, casting aside her weapon she drew the sai and cursed loudly, the pain in her back was starting to become an issue, turning aside a torrent of blows from the harpies, she struck out again slicing across one harpys throat, but still the beast kept coming, her guard starting to slow one of the harpys attacks got through and grazed along her stomach, leaving a light gash. The pain became over whelming and she sank to her knee's, another attack grazed her face as she dodged backwards leaving a diagonal cut from the top of her forehead to her right cheek. The harpy whos wind pipe she had cut collapsed next to her as Airetselli sank backwards.

OOC/Im like squall now :p

22-07-2005, 23:34
Illesteria let out a roar of hatred at the Harpies and threw a sheet of fire in their direction to act as cover.

A couple of her slaves scuttled forward to pull her sister back out of the way. Illesteria was furious. Furious at the skull that had been given to her, at Dracil and at the Harpies for hurting her sister.

Once her sister had been pulled back a safe distance, Illesteria gave her sister a concerned look. She was hurt, that much was certain but her heart told her that her younger sibling would be alright.

Her turned her red eyes upon the attacking creatures. A silent command to her slaves made the spread out to create a diversion. To push the Harpies into Illesertia's line of fire.

'For you sister!' she whispered to her sibling. Two slaves managed to distract one of the Harpies into the right postion. One getting torn to shreds before Illesteria could strike. The other got caught in the flame and was burnt to death.

The Harpy shreeked a horrible noise that made Illesteria wince in it's intensity. It's flesh turning black at the witch fires that engulfed it. And by the time it had plummeted to the ground, dead...a satified grin had spread over Illesteria's face.

She looked at her sister and nodded to one of her slaves that scurried forwards with things in its clawed hand to help her sister. Things were looking grimmer for Illesteria. Another slave had just fallen. Now she was down to 7. She'd need more.

6....another fell. She cursed.

23-07-2005, 00:46
OoC/ My chacter can't talk/OoC

Set left Ruben in the cave and heard the harpies desenced on him but there was no way he could help him the tribe needed to survie.

dogdeing th attacks form incoming harpies set was starting to get winded then one of them grabed him form his back and started to rise him up in the air before he got to high he cut its shoulder deep with his glavie and the harpie dropped him he hit the ground with a large thud he tried to get up but blackness over taken him

get up

you heard me get up I didn't get you this far for you to die you scum

set didn't know who or what the voice was but form some reason the soreness left his body and set lept to his feet and just blocked a incomeing harpie this was hopeless how where they supposed to kill these things!

23-07-2005, 01:35
As the harpy dived at Kraok it let our a shrill shreek, which he had never heard ever. He almost droped his bow and let go of the arrow, it went very wide and landed in the side of a cart. When he managed to look up he saw the harpys face and then blackness as it smashed into him head first.

23-07-2005, 09:31
Chade leapt at the harpy that had just attacked Kraok, both swords swinging. But the creature was faster than that and managed to avoid the poisoned blades. He cursed as he dodged attack after attack. But eventually the harpy go through Chades defences, slashing across his shoulder and down to his stomach. Roaring in pain Chade swung his sword as hard as he could and the harpy, not expecting the assassin to be able to strike back, was slashed across the face. Chade collapsed, the pain in his body overwhelming his mind, while the harpy advanced on its unconscious opponant. It took two steps, three. Then toppled face down into the dirt with a strangled scream.

23-07-2005, 15:26
Lerik, slowly opened his eyes as he rolled over onto his back. He did not know how long he had been out, but it could not have been long as he still heard the sounds of battle coming from beyond the trees. He groaned as he shakily got to his feet. His vision was slightly blurred and the pain where the harpy had pierced his side had increaed ten fold. Laboriously, Lerik moved towards the sound of battle, but the shrieks of the distant harpies and the poison that now undoutebly ran through his system was too much for him to handle. Falling back again, he felt the cold embrace of unconciousness envelop him again.

23-07-2005, 17:56
Set's left arm below his elbow was blood red due to the deep cut in his arm he couldn;t fight like this the tribe was being cut down like cattle in a slaugther house. he jumped on top of his beast and Grabed Lerik, and chade the threw them over the beast back he had to get every one away form here before they where in the stomach of a harpie.

He road as far and fast as he could away hopeing that the harpies wouldn;t follow him before he left the clearing he saw Karok and the harpie over top of him with ou thinking he grabbed on of Chades posioned blade and threw it into the back of the harpie the harpie simply screeched and rip the blade out but thats gave set enough time to scoop up karok on the beast he begun to ride away into the forest hopeing that the trees would give them some protection.

he set all of them down near the largest tree he could find he couldn';t care for them at the moment so he covered them with leaves and braches and much as he could so that the would have a chance to surive set left them and ran back to the tribe tio see if anyone was still alive he hoped they where

23-07-2005, 18:50
Getting uneasily to her feet she pushed the slave back and wiped away the blood that was in her eyes, whincing as she stood, the cut on her back and stomach were burning. She glaced around seeing the bodys of 3 dead harpy's yet still one remained, "Give me that skull, sister" she whispered, walking over to her sister, taking the skull she limped across towards the caravans, hoping the last harpy would follow her, she jumped inside on of them and waited.

There was a tearing sound as the canopy was ripped apart and the harpy decended on her, Airetselli jumped out of the whole the harpy had made, just as her sister set the wagon alight, their was a horrible screeching from inside as the harpy burst from it wreathed in flames, it landed heavily its whole body on fire. Airetselli got to her feet again, and made to finish the beast, as she aproached it let out another screech, she fell to her knee's clutching her head, the cut on her face had started to throb and burn blurring her vision.

23-07-2005, 19:27
set allmost was in the clearing and he saw the fire he stopped the beast and wacthed as the fire burned the last harpie and set vison failed him and he feel deep into the empty darkness that was his mind

23-07-2005, 19:30
'AIRETSELLI'! Illesteria screamed in some distreaa as her sister fell. This Harpy was proving more troublesome than the others. It would take some killing.

'The skull!' she wailed. 'Throw me back the skull!' The thing was attracted to the skull and Illesteria had to draw it away from her injured sister. Why had she been so stubborn and not let the slaves work on her properly.


23-07-2005, 20:19
Mace heard the witch call out for the skull, he also saw that the witches sister who was carrying it collapse to her knees with a flaming harpie behind her. Almost instinctivly mace ran towards Airetselli and kicked the skull from her hands towards the witch. then he turned to face bracing for when it hit him in a vain attempt to stop it chasing after the skull so the with could do what she needed to do..

23-07-2005, 20:38
'Grab it!' Illesertia cried at her remaining slaves. 'GRAB IT!'

She reached out towards the skull as the Harpy swooped in low to grab it, putting a ring of witch fire around it to deny the Harpy of its prize of the moment. The thing gave a terribel scream on indignation and scattered the slaves that had hustled forward. They went down but none died, thankfully.

'My sister!' she hissed at a couple and they scuttled off once more to pull Illeseteria's twin out of harms way and patch her up.

'SOMEONE PLEASE BRING ME THAT SKULL!' Illesteria bellowed at the top of her lungs, much louder than it seemed her withered form could manage.