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04-01-2007, 01:06
I am thinking of starting LotR. I thought I would check out some sample army lists here in the forum, but people don't seem to post them. I understand that it is a heavily themed game, so there will be less of the "rate my list" stuff here, but I don't see anything.

I thought it might help me get a feel for what people like to field, what people consider balanced and what points level people usually play at.

So what gives? Why no army lists?

I am a veteran of Fantasy and 40k, but I'm looking for something a little less WAAC and LotR seems to fit the bill. I seem to have meandered a bit here, but if people could contribute an informal discussion about some of the questions I've raised, I'd appreciate it.


04-01-2007, 02:26
There are a lot of options to be honest. You can go for an emphasis on Heroes, troops, cavalry or have a mixture depending on playing style.

Do you have any ideas for which race you would like to play. I'm sure at least one of the forum members would be able to advise you.

Regarding points sizes, I found a good starting size was 250 pts and then expand up to 500 for a decent sized game that will last a couple of hours. Or even go up to 1000 pts if you want to play really big games!

04-01-2007, 15:38
We're Starting with 250 points around here as well. It allows you to have a hero or two, some cavalary and some foot troops for most armies, so you can learn how each of them work.

04-01-2007, 15:50
I have hundreds of lists... The list I am currently working on is a 500 point tournament list with the following characters and troops:

Celeborn in heavy armour with a shield and elven blade
Haldir with a bow and armour (why is wood elf armour not heavy if LA armour is?)
Elven Captain with armour and an elven blade
12 Wood elves with armour and elven blades
8 Wood elves with armour and elven bows

My alternate wood elven army is this one, which I will work on sometime in the future:

Galadriel, Lady of the Galadrim
Arwen Evenstar
Elven captian with elf bow
8 Wood elves with elven blade
7 Wood elves with elven spear
6 wood elves with elven bow

On the flip side, the evil army I just finished is my Haradrim Tournament army. It is also 500 points and is made up thus:

Suladan Mounted
Haradrim Chieftain with bow and spear
Haradrim Chieftain with spear
2 Haradrim raiders with lances
3 Haradrim raiders with bows
25 Haradrim warriors with spears
1 haradrim warrior with banner
10 Haradrim warriors with bows

I will leave you with that for now, however I have lists for pretty much every available army. If you want to see a specific list let me know.


04-01-2007, 16:52
I've been playing having switched over from 40k for a few months now and I love it! The system is just so different I really like it. I currently am using the Legions Of Middle Earth- Angmar list with 500pts, waiting for ruin of arnor. Then I will probably be starting upto 500pts of Grey Company.

As people have mentioned, 250pts is where I started at too and went from there. I find taking something you like is better in Lotr more than anything else. I liked the Witch-King for example, but wanted something different so got him first and went from there really.
The Grey Company because I like Aragorn as strider, so thats gone from there as I wanted a shooting force also.

My 500pt Angmar Army:


Witch King (Allied)
Dark steed, Morgul Blade, M3/W15/F1

Wild Warg Chieftain

Wargs x3

Spectre x7

Orcs w/ Spear & Bow x6
Orc w/ Banner
Orc w/Spear
Orcs w/Shield x6
Orcs w/ 2Handed Weapons x2

My Planned 500pt Grey Company List

w/ Bow, Elven Cloak, Armour


Rangers Of The North x4

Ranger Of Arnor x8

Ranger Of Arnor w/ Spear x8

Or My alternative 500pt Grey Company Alliance with Fifedoms list

w/Bow, Elven Cloak

Prince Imrahil of Dol Amorth
w/ Armoured Horse

Rangers Of The North x2

Knight Of Dol Amroth x5
w/ Lance

Rangers Of Arnor x7

There's my lists for now, hope that helps!

04-01-2007, 17:03
I guess I could post my Easterling list. This is how it stands currently. 500pts of coolness.

King Anoushiravan 70 pts
Heavy Armour, Shield

Captain Ardeshir 70 pts
Armoured Horse, Shield

Captain Shahrbaraz 60 pts
Easterling Halberd, Bow

5 Kataphrakts 70 pts

Warrior w/ Banner 32 pts

7 Warriors w/ Spears and Shields 70 pts

8 Warriors w/ Shields 64 pts

8 Warriors w/ Bows 64 pts

I'm planning expanding the army to 700pts and eventually 1000pts but I'm waiting for the rules and models for Easterling Dragon Guard first. They are mentioned in The Legions of Middle Earth but only have points values, no stats.

As an aside, your dice rolls will be better if you name your heroes!:D

04-01-2007, 18:24
Cool guys! Thanks for the replies. Keep them coming!

04-01-2007, 18:47
I'll have to post my 250 point lists for Rohan, Isengard, Gondor and Mordor when I get home.

04-01-2007, 19:57
My 250 pt recommendation for any race would be 2 Heroes and as many infantry as you can cram in. A Troll or 2-3 cavalry make a harder hitting addition.

Unless you have Elves where you will get about 8 models...

Lord Gordonis
04-01-2007, 20:32
Heres my 250pts Gondor Army

horese, lance shield

12 Knights on Minas Tirith with Shields

I'll put my 700pts tournament force when I get a chance sometime this week or at the weekend sometime

04-01-2007, 23:16
Good to see what you will come up with, LG.

Palatine Katinka
05-01-2007, 04:41
Yeah, Elves. About 8 Heavy Armoured Warriors and 2 Heroes... Not much but sometimes does the job!

I wouldn't take a single Hero, always 2+. Better options for using Herioc Actions and larger Standfast coverage. Also, the story is about the Heroes (Good armies especially). Surely you should be chucking them into the fray.

Evil armies tend to have more nameless hordes but they tend to have cheaper models and can get away with this. Before anyone says it, I know Trolls aren't exactly cheap, I was more thinking Goblin/Orc/Uruk Hai compared to Man/Wood Elf/High Elf. Evil Armies should still try to get at least 2 Heroes because of the Standfast thing. Evil needs to hug that Courage!

05-01-2007, 12:53
Evil Armies should still try to get at least 2 Heroes because of the Standfast thing. Evil needs to hug that Courage!

Yeah i agree; if you decide to take an evil force, I suggest taking some heroes that will allow you to get stand fast coverage, evil armies being hordes tend to break before the game ends

Lord Gordonis
05-01-2007, 21:59
My 250pts Evil army which is based in Isengard

Uruk Captain with Shield

6 uruks with shield
6 uruks with pike
6 uruks with crossbows

05-01-2007, 22:07
I'd drop the pike, put in orcs with spears, and see what I could squeeze in with the points spared... Just my way of looking at it.

05-01-2007, 22:07
An army I'll soon be putting together is around 300pts of Uruk-Hai scouts.

Lurtz/Ugluk/Vrasku (I'll take turns with each)
8 Uruk-Hai scouts
8 Uruk-Hai scouts with shields
9 Uruk-Hai scouts with bows
1 Uruk-Hai scout with banner

I'll probably expand this army by adding a cavalry element of wargs. This list is not particularly designed to win games but will give me a chance to make a load of little conversions and paint up some really cool models.

06-01-2007, 12:26
My Orc/Gobbo list: 500 points, 50 models

Orc Captain (shield)
2 Mordor Uruk-Hai
6 Mordor Orcs (shields)
5 Mordor Orcs (spears)
3 Mordor Orcs (2H weapons)

2 Moria Goblin Captains (shields)
Moria Goblin Captain (orc bow)
10 Goblins (shields)
8 Goblins (spears)
3 Goblins (shield&orc bow)
2 Goblins (spear&orc bow)
6 Goblins (orc bow)

Cave Troll (troll chain)

Tactics: I split the Goblins in three groups: one consistiing of all the archers, and two consisting of a captain, and 9 Goblins each. The archers volley fire while shuffling behind the rest of the army, ready to join combat once there's nothing more to shoot at. The two other Goblin groups each take a flank and try to draw the enemy out in the open. Then the Orcs and Troll charge in, and the Goblins surround the enemy.
Two things to fear:
One: Never charge an enemy if you can't surround him (because of an anchored flank, for example)
Two: Fear the Mumak! It simply squashes the entire army. Only the Troll can beat it, and he's often shot down before doing a thing.
Other than that this army is near invincible if used correctly.

09-01-2007, 12:46
Well, I'm a beginner at LOTR as well having just picked it up after a couple years of WHFB and WH40k. This is the army list that I've been playing the past few weeks, and it has won 2/3 games:

300 point Isengard Uruk-Hai:

1x Lurtz
1x Cave Troll
3x Uruk Scouts w/ Bows
6x Uruks w/ Sword & Shield
6x Uruks w/ Pikes

I've been surrounding the Cave Troll w/ 4 Pairs of Uruks (Pair=1 Warrior w/ supporting pikeman), and Lurtz with the other two. This provides me the sort of "hammer and anvil" forces. I then will move the three archers into a support by fire position to either 1. draw enemy fire from my troops or 2. pick off enemy archers/units. As I said, it's worked successfully my first two of three games.

Lord Gordonis
09-01-2007, 22:24
Heres my 700pts Gondorian force for this years gt!

Boromir w/horse
Beregond w/ horse
Captain Of Gondor w/ horse, lance, shield

16 KoMT w/shields
2 KoMT w/ Banners
7 Citedel Guard w/longbows and horses
2 Guard of the Fountain Court


whilst reading the LoME I saw that the KoMT could take shields for so many points, and had a look at the FAQ at the back of the book, so I phoned the people who deal with rules, so I told my query about this and they it should be fine and just recently I had a look at the FAQ on the Gw website, now I am not sure wheather that KoMT can take shields or not?? My local gw told me to phone the event guys, is that what I should do next?? If I cant take the shields on the Knights I have got 68pts spare what can I do with them?
any comments?

10-01-2007, 18:57
Here is my 700pt Easterling Tournament Army

Kamul The Easterling on armoured dark steed 135pts

9 Easterling Kataphrakts with banner 151pts

2 Easterling captain with halberds 110pts

10 Easterlings with shields 80pts

11 Easterlings with spears and shields 110pts

10 Easterlings with bows 80pts

Easterling Warrior with banner 32pts

total points = 698

this army is kick ass because it has a good number of cavalry and it is good for the "hammer and Anvil Technique".

10-01-2007, 19:11
Heres my 700pts Gondorian force for this years gt!

Boromir w/horse
Beregond w/ horse
Captain Of Gondor w/ horse, lance, shield

16 KoMT w/shields
2 KoMT w/ Banners
7 Citedel Guard w/longbows and horses
2 Guard of the Fountain Court


whilst reading the LoME I saw that the KoMT could take shields for so many points, and had a look at the FAQ at the back of the book, so I phoned the people who deal with rules, so I told my query about this and they it should be fine and just recently I had a look at the FAQ on the Gw website, now I am not sure wheather that KoMT can take shields or not?? My local gw told me to phone the event guys, is that what I should do next?? If I cant take the shields on the Knights I have got 68pts spare what can I do with them?
any comments?

If you're entering the tournament then I'd suggest you model them with shields but also plan a second list that doesn't include shields. As soon as you get in go immediately to the staff/refs and get them to tell you which list is valid. Perhaps get them to sign something saying that shields are ok so that you can refer back to it if others give you problems.
I hope that would work for you. It's one of those things that shouldn't be a problem at all but that some other player will probably complain about.
Best of luck

Lord Gordonis
10-01-2007, 20:22
ok Cheers Gondorian

Heres is my 700pts Evil Force

Uruk captian w/shield, hvy armour
Uruk captian w/shield, hvy armour

6 warg riders w/ throwng wpns and shields
17 Uruks w/ shield
15 Uruks w/pike
Banner Bearer
6 crossbowmen


Any Comments?

10-01-2007, 20:29
*gets out the old opinions from way back*

Pike. Orc. Spear.

But you already know that, don't you? ;)

Here's my Evil army:
Cirith Ungol.
Shagrat with shield
Gorbag with shield
Orc shaman
Orc Captain with shield and warg
6 Mordor Uruks w. shield
3 Mordor Uruks w. 2H weapons (cause a don't have any more 1H weapon figures...)
8 Trackers
4 Orc warriors with spear/shield (what else to do with 4 points...)
16 Orc warriors with spears
19 Orc warriors with shields
3 Warg riders with shields

Lord Gordonis
10-01-2007, 20:59
Yep I very much do Pert lol!

I like the list pert!, with the exception for 8 trackers tho, I prob go with something else but not sure what to put in place for those.

10-01-2007, 22:09
The keep the numbers up for cheep points. And I can keep them out of the way.

10-01-2007, 23:15
This is my planned list for Cirith Ungol.

500 pts.

Shagrat w/ Shield
Gorbag w/ Shield
Orc Shaman
4 Uruks w/ Shields
2 Uruks w/ 2h weapons
4 Warg Riders w/ throwing spears and Shields.
2 Warg Riders w/ bows
1 Orc w/ Banner
10 Orcs w/ Shields
4 Orcs w/ 2h weapons
8 Orcs w/ Spears
6 Orcs w/ Bows

It's not real fancy, but it should do for helping me learn the basics.

13-01-2007, 10:23
this is my revised 500pt Easterling Army.

Easterling Captain with armoured horse and shield

6 Kataphrakts

10 Easterlings with shield

10 easterlings with spear and shield

10 Easterlings with bow

Easterling Captain with Halberd


total = 501 points.

this army has a good amount of archers and infantry, and if the infantry is struggling, the archers can move into combat.

13-01-2007, 22:44
Wood Elf Force I have thinking of starting soon.

9x Elven Blade & Throwing dagger
9x Elf spear
8x Elf bow & Elven cloak
1x Banner & Elven cloak
1x Captain w/ Elf Bow & Elven cloak

501 points

I equipped only the bladesmen with throwing daggers because I figured they would only be the ones directly charging in, with the spearmen would always be behind supporting, and would never get the chance to throw them.

I gave the Bowmen cloaks because I figured that terrain granted, I would always be able to obscure them and thus get immunity from archers and charges unless at extreme close range. While my spearmen and bladesmen would be in combat most of them time, plus equipping cloaks to every soldier is to expensive when I will outnumbered massively anyway. Captain basically exists as just as better archer with his handy might, and can do Stand Fast if needed, same for Legolas and his 3 shots!

The Banner is just there as normal to help the bladesmen supported by spearmen in combat to win, I figure as long as he's close I have a good chance of rolling a 6, and Elven fighting value tends to beat over everything, so I need to focus on winning combat by always getting a 6 with rerolls and maybe taking the front guy out when charging with the throwing knives . I gave the banner a cloak mostly to make up points, but I spose if I can obscure him they will be hard to be archer sniped etc.


14-01-2007, 00:03
While expensive an all cloaked wood elf force can be surprisingly effective. In a reasonably sized section of woods they can tear through other armies. This is what happened to my poor goblins. Mind you that was when the cloaks were three points a piece using white dwarf rules.
However, I think you've found a nice balance between the two especially as enemies won't be able to get rid of those devastating elven archers from range.

14-01-2007, 07:43
Well, even though I'm pretty new to LOTR, I've been collecting up the models left and right (thanks to selling a couple unused WHFB models). The lists I've posted below represent all of my models for that type. I'm also wondering what the typical point size is for a LOTR game as the few I've played have ranged from 250 points to 400 points.

This is my 500 point Moria Goblins army list. Let me know what you think.

1x Goblin King
2x Cave Trolls
26x Goblins Warriors w/ sword & shield
16x Goblin Warriors w/ spears
16x Goblin Warriors w/ bows

This is my 500 point Mordor Orc army list:

1x Mounted Ringwraith
1x Foot Ringwraith
1x Grishnak
1x Orc Captain
8x Orc Warriors w/ Sword & Shield
8x Orc Warriors w/ Spears
7x Orc Warriors w/ Bows
4x Orc Warriors w/ 2-Handed Weapons

And finally... ;) this is my 600-625 point Isengard Uruk-Hai Army:

1x Saruman the White
1x Lurtz
1x Uruk Banner
15x Uruk-Hai Warriors w/ Swords & Shields
15x Uruk-Hai Warriors w/ Pikes
3x Uruk-Hai w/ Bows

Again, thoughts are welcome!

14-01-2007, 08:20
The Goblin force REALLY needs more Heroes. You only have one Might user and his Extended Stand fast range won't cover everybody. Using the Legions rules, you may only have 50 models at 500 points so cut out some of the Warriors to fit in some Goblin Captains.

14-01-2007, 09:03
This is the 250 point Mordor army I want to give a try:

Orc Captain with shield

Orc Shaman

2 Warg Riders with orc bows

2 Warg Riders with throwing spears

17 Orcs
- 8 with hand weapon and shield
- 5 with spears
- 4 with orc bows

Any comments/recommendations?

14-01-2007, 13:20
I'd reckomend atleast adding a shamen as it will solve a lot of your courage problems in 45pts.

Wiseblood, Your list looks pretty cool. Just remember that with only four wargs you mustn't charge them ahead of the main force on their own as this will usually get them killed. Use them to support your infantry with flank attacks.
most people take an equal number of spears and shields to make shield wall formations. Maybe add a few spears here and there.
Apart from that enjoy the games.

14-01-2007, 16:10
This is my planed 700pts Uruk army

15 Uruks w/ Crossbow
17 Uruks w/ Shield
8 Orcs w/ Shield, Spear
Sharku w/ Shield
2 Wargs w/Shield, Throwing Spears
4 Wargs w/Shield

Total= 698pts

gotta love those crossbows:D

14-01-2007, 16:18
The wargs were just there to get used to cav rules and harass stragglers/flanks.

I'm thinking of getting more but I want to try them out first.

19-01-2007, 00:52
My question is why not just always play the fellowship? Can you play an all hero army? Is it competitive or just unbelievably powerful?

I am painting up the fellowship cause I love the models and from there plan to head towards elves or Rangers.

What about the Mines of Moria? Is that good place to start or should I just buy the rule book? Might be nice to have some terrain too.

I played a demo at GamesDay in Baltimore, nothing more than that. I want to try and get this system going at my local shop.

19-01-2007, 01:02
All hero armies are in trouble: They'll always be outnumbered.
In LOTR a lot is placed on how many attacks you can get into a combat. tough as Aragorn is, 3 Goblins trapping him in and supported by spearmen could possibly give him a hard time.

Of course, there's nothing to stop you playing fellowhip all the tiime if you really want to. although the full fellowship does cost over 700 pts, and tournament play has only recently gone up to 700 from 500 IIRC.

19-01-2007, 01:58
My last 700 points army list

Boromir of gondor mounted
Faramir with bow
16 osghiliat veterans with shield
16 osghiliat veterans with shield and spear
8 faramir's ranger with bow
8 faramir's ranger with bow and spear
3 minas tirith warrior mounted with shield and cavalry spear

19-01-2007, 18:49
My new Grey Company List:
Aragorn/Strider- Elven Cloak, Bow
Haldir- Bow, Armour
4x Rangers of the North
16x Rangers of Arnor
= 498 points.

This keeps within limits of LoME and alliance rules also. The potential for 23shots a turn (2from elf bow off haldir) and I also have two decent fighting heroes. Any Comments anyone?

Over and Out

20-01-2007, 14:20
My question is why not just always play the fellowship? Can you play an all hero army? Is it competitive or just unbelievably powerful?

Depends on the style of gaming you do.

From experience, the majority of LotR play in Clubs & Stores are what i'd describe as Tournament, or Pick-Up play. You're likely to use a 'standard' army list and be prepared to take on all comers in a 'standard' battle scenario. (Those in LoME are designed with this style of play in mind.)

However, pick up one of the Journey books and you're playing something very different. The scenarios are highly story-driven and will support all-hero forces through the optional Points Match play. I love these books for the terrain and modelling guides; the scenarios are a bonus!

Moving on now... I've been toying not only with LoME for themed forces, but trying to hit on themed percentages for some armies. For example if you like one style of force you can use percentages to apply this style across different lists. Of course some lists may not play well with your style, but you can find out for yourself :)

I fancy each of Heroes (33%), Infantry (33%), Cavalry (16%) and Bows (16%) in a force. If I apply this to, say 300 points i'd have Heroes (100), Infantry (100), Cavalry (50) and Bows (50).

Tower of Ecthelion force
Faramir, heavy Armour, lance & horse (90)
6x WoMT, shield + 5x WoMT, spear, shield (93)
4x Knight of Minas Tirith (52)
6x WoMT, bow (48)

Leaving me 17 points for, say another Knight! And look - only 29% bows!

Took me all of 2 minutes to work through this and I got a force that will suit my playing style nicely. (Okay, so i'd be tempted by 2x Captains at 300pts, but you get the idea ;)

You'll likely realise that Evil have a dearth of kick-ass [anti]heroes and you may not rate bows (this is a subjective example!), so you'd want to tweak your percentages for that. I'd include monsters in Cavalry, so have increased the allocation here. E.g. 300pts - Heroes (42%/125), Infantry (25%/75), Cavalry (25%/75) and Bows (8%/25) in a force.

Isenguard Raiders
Lurtz (60) + Uruk-hai Captain, shield (55)
6x Uruk-hai Scout + 3x Uruk-hai Scout, shield (75)
6x Warg Rider, shield (78)
3x Uruk-hai Scout, orc bow (27)

Leaving me 5 points for, say 2x bows for Warg Riders and 3x shields for Uruk-hai Scouts. Only 30% bows then!

Have a look at the army lists you already use and are happy with. See if there's a trend in your Heroes/Cavalry, etc. allocation in terms of points. You may be pleasantly surprised. Once you get these, you'll be able to either knock out army lists that will suit your style of play, or tweak the allocations to deliberately create lists that will challenge you and your opponent!

If it gets you more on-table time it can only be good!



21-01-2007, 15:15
It's an interesting way of doing things.

Personally, I try to make each army a little different from each other. I don't ususually have equal amounts of heroes, cavalry or infantry across the board. The exception being I usually take a full third bows.
I do this because each army is that little bit different and I prefer to have a different style for each army I use.
However, each to his own.

21-01-2007, 23:26
...and I prefer to have a different style for each army I use.

Commendable of you Gondorian and I do try something similar.

The percentage idea is just something i'm trying to see if I can affect a similar style across armies. It's out of interest rather than anything else, but I thought to share as it allows really fast army list generation that shoudl work for you. It's probably because I play against a lot of opponents who never seem to have their list with them ;)

22-01-2007, 00:21
Fair enough. I remember a while back when I used to knock up most of a friend's army lists for him a minute before the battle. Now he's into it properly, he spends hours writing up his own twisted lists. Just like I do. :skull:

22-01-2007, 20:48
500 pt Lists

Gondorian Expedition

Captain x3
- Shield

Warrior of Minas Tirith x2
- Banner

Warrior of Minas Tirith x10
- Bow

Warrior of Minas Tirith x21
- Shield & Spear

Morannon Raiders

Uruk-Hai Captain x3
- Shield

Orc x2
- Banner

Morannon Orc x34
- Shield

(I find Banners make up for the lack of spears)

Rohirrim Militia Shieldwall

(More for fun than anything - my Rohan infantry don't see enough use!)

Captain x3
- Heavy Armour, Shield, Throwing Spears

Man of Rohan x3
- Banner

Man of Rohan x25
- Shield & Throwing Spears

(Form three equal wedges, play very aggressivly - can be suprisingly effective)