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04-01-2007, 13:25
Right now in my new updated 2K Empire list (cause of the new book) im think about running 2 LVL 2 wizards. Ive never run mages before as back when i played 2 years ago or so i was running ether a middelheim or Cult of ulric list.

So i was wondering what yall though was the best offencive magic lore. I wanna cause some ranged death and destruction.

Rightnow im mainly looking at these 3.

Fire - Lots of Magic missiles 5 of 6 spells are magic missiles, if you count wall of fire, fire ball is a good base spell

Metal - Seams like it has alot of General unility spells with 2 or so magic missiles (cant remember) base spell snipes models, good for hurting strong charicters or unit leaders

Heavans - I really like the Long Range of the heavens magic missiles. The highest 3 spells are all magic missile sort attacks that have unlimited range, sure 24" on most fire spells is nice but really being able to reach out and hit that war machine crew on a hill 3-5 feet away seams really nice)

Ideas, are there any lores i missed that are really good offencivly?

04-01-2007, 20:31
I prefer death lore. Or, lore of fire. My first thoughts when choosing a lore (using High Elves) is: is the spell number 1 actually useful and easy to launch? You should ask this yourself since you are planning to use two 2lvl mages, no archmage. So you have to deal with simple spells to make some result. Heaven has no sense IMO, your comet won't start from the hands of lvl2 mages. The heaven spell number 1 won't bring any destruction. Metal is good, but spell number 1 is only effective against heavily armored charachers. Against empire, chaos, dwarves, etc is a good choice. Not against ogres, etc. Shadow is interesting, but the spell number 1 isn't good for empire. I would choose fire or death.
Remember: when you randomly choose spells, you can exchange the too difficult to launch spell for the spell number 1. This will happen more than often. So spell number 1 has to be VERY effective. Both death and fire's spell number 1 generate 1d6 hits at strength 4.

04-01-2007, 23:33
I run an Archmage as my only magic in my Empire Army, and I always use Metal or Fire, but I have started experimenting with Shadow and death as well.

Even though it doesn't seem like it, Lore of Life can be devastatingly effective as an offensive lore, as long as the elements and terrain are in your favour.