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04-01-2007, 22:05
PwrGmrGuard this is written with u in mind cuz im gonna mess u up with it.

while leafing through my new fangled orcs and gobbo's army book i began reading about fanatics. in my opinain they are one of the best options against chaos chosen knights the wwaaghh has.

with the ability to be released when the enemy unit is within 8" it can possibly break any charge, even if the Gobbo orbiting the large metal ball doesnt reach them, the knights still have too pass through it. it is also immune to charges and deals d6 S5 hits with a -3 to armor. not to mention if a unit of 5 knights loses one man, it has too make a painc test, frenzy or not.
:wtf: :wtf: :wtf: :wtf:
At 25 points these maniacly suicidal goblins are a must have

04-01-2007, 22:21
The only weakness for them is a local horde of archers

lucky for me, my 2 friends who i play against most play Khorne and ogre kingdoms:p

04-01-2007, 22:28
The other weakness is if they choose not to go through them, and the next turn they spin back towards you!

Spear Chukkas and Doom Divers are excellent against the heavy boys too.

04-01-2007, 22:32
1 of 5 is a 20% loss not 25%, how is the panic test occuring?

04-01-2007, 22:33
Frenzy or not? Frenzy makes you Immune to Psychology, thus, NO Panick

And Chosen Knights has a 1+ armoursave, meaning a -3 gets it to 4+, and you'll get an average of 3.5 hits, wounding on 3+ means approx 2.2 wounds (slightly less) which should, after saves, kill on average, 1 knight, that's still 12 strength 5 attacks... and that is also what you use Warhounds for

04-01-2007, 22:36
1 of 5 is a 20% loss not 25%, how is the panic test occuring?

im sorry i meant to say a unit of 4 nvm

04-01-2007, 22:39
but still 3 fanatics a unit?

that could potentially cause some damage

04-01-2007, 22:44
which, as said, is why all good Chaos Players fields Warhounds when facing Orcs n Gobbos to screen your Chosen from charging into Knightgoblins and leaving that to your Marauderblocks

04-01-2007, 22:50
"good" chaos players

not my friend

04-01-2007, 23:06
As a former O&G player who played a ton of games against knight-heavy Chaos, you're right about the fanatics. Also consider the O&G artillery. The spear chukkas and the rock lobba (if they are still called that in the new book) were great. Anything that negates an armor save against Chosen Knights is your friend.

Actually, I had far more luck with the spear chukkas than the rock lobba. Yeah, you have to roll to hit with gobbos, but the rock lobba always seemed to misfire horribly.

05-01-2007, 00:22
Oh my, that's really low, to call you friend AND opponent a bad player. Oh my, have you no honour?

05-01-2007, 02:03
Oh my, that's really low, to call you friend AND opponent a bad player. Oh my, have you no honour?


im just having a playful jest
(who the hell am i? olde English?)

05-01-2007, 09:36
Fanatics are good but unreliable so don't count on them doing damage, don't forget the average roll on 2D6 is 7 so none of those fanatics might make it & then there's every chance they'll come spinning back towards your own units & they're going to hurt them a lot more than they hurt chaos knights!! Another problems with fanatics is that they can get lured out by inexpensive units ie. chaos hounds. Hounds are a must in any chaos army, they cost a lot in money vs points but in game they're pretty much invaluable against any army allowing you to draw units to where you want them, draw out fanatics & claim table quarters very quickly.

Also 3 fanatics in one unit is overkill, also makes a very cheap Goblin unit pretty expensive, especially if you come against an army that has enough shooting to cause a panic test before you've released the fanatics, I would stick with one or two per unit & spread them out acroos your units.

05-01-2007, 10:38
Fanatis were too good at killing incoming Knights in the last book, since they ignored armour all together. They are still good though.

Now, if you manage to get him to charge a unit with a shaman with 'shrooms, and you have 2-3 fanatics, then it will work wonder.

To do some mathhammer:

3 fanatics causing 2D6 hits each will average 21 hits. That will cause 14 wounds. He will save 7. That's 7 dead knights. That's good. Damn good. If you like mathhammer that is...

warlord hack'a
05-01-2007, 13:31
before people fall over it: Mephistofeles uses 2D6 hits because with some planning you must be able to let the incoming knights stop on top of your fanatics, giving them not 1d6 but 2d6 hits (and killing the fanatics).

Using this method I managed to entirely wipe out a dark elf cold one knight unit 7 strong..

05-01-2007, 17:17
Fanatics are ok but everyone is right a good player will just draw them out with cheep units. Spearchukkahs are good at reducing them but the easiest solution is just to bait them with 5 wolfriders and draw them out of the battle.