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04-01-2007, 22:26
Thane (general): 65
Runes of might, Preservation, Dismay
Total: 130

Master Engineer: 70
Master Rune of Gromgil, Great weapon
Total: 99

15 warriors: 120
Shields: 15, Full command: 25
Total: 160

16 Thunderers with shields: 224

10 Longbeards: 110
Shields, Full command
Total: 135

Dwarf Cannon: 90
Runes of forging and reloading
total: 130

Grudge Thrower: 80
Runes of penetrating
total: 95

Grand Total: 999

Hey I'm new to WHFB and recentley got the Dwarf army box for christmas. I am ready to completly rewrite this list if need be. I mostly play friendly games.

05-01-2007, 18:33
id drop the thunderers to 10 or 12 and probably the master engineer to so you can beef up the size of your infantry blocks a bit. 10 is to low a number for a longbeard unit unless you give them great weapons and plan to use them for flank attacks